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<samueldr> really annoying that I can't support this phone more :( https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/09/ifixit-tears-down-the-newest-fairphone-how-repairable-is-it/
<samueldr> because of how it wouldn't work well in north america
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<eyJhb> *pst* samueldr, come to Europe
<ar> samueldr: why wouldn't it?
<eyJhb> ar: `Bad news, US readers—you're going to need a friend somewhere in Europe if you want to buy one. The company is only shipping to European countries, although the phone itself should work to some degree with most American mobile companies (except Verizon) if you can somehow get one.`
<ar> oh
<eyJhb> Also, there is a comment that goes more in-depth etc.
<eyJhb> The screen replacement part still seems rather expensive
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<elvishjerricco> How are certificates revoked? Is there a communication between the client and the issuer every time the subject is contacted? Or is it just based on expiration dates?
<elvishjerricco> If the latter, isn't that quite a risk, since a client may have its system time fraudulently set by an attacker?
<srhb> elvishjerricco: There are mechanisms for revocation, but in most systems they're definitely not checked in every communication. So yes, correct time is important.
<elvishjerricco> Good to know
<elvishjerricco> So find all the compromised certificates you can, then find any client connecting to any of those whose system time you can compromise, and you've defeated the whole model. Granted, that's not particularly easy, but the multiplicity of both factors makes it inevitable.
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<emily> is this about TLS? if so, checking for revocation was quite common in browsers but is becoming less so. These days you're meant to use OCSP stapling, which allows expiry of the hasn't-been-revoked status at much quicker pace than certificate expiry itself, and I think the long-term plan is to enforce that
<emily> (the server checks its own certificate for revocation, gets a timestamped signed response saying it's fine, and includes that)
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<srhb> emily: Yeah, stapling the status is a really nifty solution. If it becomes mandated at least :D
<emily> I think Firefox still checks for revocation by default; IIRC I turned that off
<emily> Chrome stopped doing it some time ago I think
<emily> not certain about those though
<etu> eyJhb: I've set up Jellyfin yesterday :D
<etu> eyJhb: Why didn't I do that earlier? It's really great :D
* Taneb good morning
<Taneb> I had a look why 19.09 is having trouble with "xen" and it seems to be at least 3 reasons, of which I could find patches for 2
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<sphalerite> Taneb++ for helping with ZHF (thought that sounds like #nixos-dev material, unless all you want to do is complain ;) )
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<eyJhb> sphalerite: ZHF?
<eyJhb> etu: niiice! Can you recommend it over Plex? :p
<sphalerite> eyJhb: zero hydra failures for 19.09
<eyJhb> Ah. I might still be somehow lost, but it makes somewhat sense :p
<etu> eyJhb: Since I haven't used Plex -- I can't compare it. But the website is great and the android app as well. I did set it up in a nixos container with readonly access to my files.
<etu> eyJhb: At least it's free software ;)
<eyJhb> etu: do you ahve your conf online?
<eyJhb> Did you use privatenetworking?
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<eyJhb> etu: Is your /persistent a external drive, or just a dir?
<eyJhb> *curious
<etu> eyJhb: It's a ZFS volume
<etu> Since I use tmpfs as /, I need somewhere to put my files :D
<eyJhb> Makes sense ;)
<eyJhb> WHat do you use to get docker-containers?
<etu> huh?
<eyJhb> I am reading all your files now :p
<etu> yes
<etu> It's built in?
<etu> That only lists things in the current stable channel
<eyJhb> So, unstable?
<etu> It's in unstable and 19.09beta
<eyJhb> Makes sense then. Can options.html display for unstable?
<etu> Dunno, but I use the manpage: man configuration.nix
<Taneb> sphalerite: I was mostly complaining :P
<Taneb> With some boasting and a little bit of hoping someone will help
<eyJhb> etu: I am going to steal stuff from your repo, looks so nice! :)
<__monty__> eyJhb, etu: Talking about kodi? It's pretty good. Can turn an apple tv into a device that's not completely useless. Doesn't do on-the-fly transcoding like plex though. But I don't get people who *need* their media library available at any bandwidth whatsoever and willing to drop quality as far as necessary to get it.
<eyJhb> __monty__: I have used transcoding, because my mobile couldn't playback the original without crapping out
<eyJhb> (not bandwidth limited)
<etu> __monty__: I tested out jellyfin yesterday, not kodi:)
<__monty__> That's another thing I don't get. Who watches longform content on a tiny screen? It's like people are making huge strides backwards in consumption quality while calling it "progress."
<eyJhb> __monty__: people with a 5 hour layover
<sphalerite> ^ I've watched a film on my phone on one occasion, and that was also at an airport
<Taneb> I sometimes watch netflix on my phone in bed when it's a weekend and I don't feel like moving
<__monty__> You could also try reading. Highest fidelity content you can consume anywhere.
<eyJhb> Or train.. Or flights.. :p Or when I have borked up my Chromecast and don't want to undock my laptop. But mostly layovers in airports
<eyJhb> How would I magically get a book? :p
<__monty__> Devices are plenty large to fill with more books than you'll ever be able to read.
<eyJhb> So DL a book at the airport, and read on that screen? That is a hard no from me
<eyJhb> That I would die from
<__monty__> But watching intricate moving things is fine?
<eyJhb> It is, I don't need every detail, or have subtitles etc.
<eyJhb> You also have the third option, finding random people at the airport to talk with
<eyJhb> But 50/50 they think you are crazy or nice
<adisbladis> __monty__: My experience trying ot Plex was that it transcoded a ton of files that shouldn't need transcoding :/
<adisbladis> It makes it near unusable
<eyJhb> adisbladis: what did you use to stream from/to (client device)
<eyJhb> Mine doesn't transcode that often
<adisbladis> eyJhb: Mostly streaming to my TV
<eyJhb> Lets me just see if it does with Big Bang
<adisbladis> Sometimes a change in subtitle format resulted in transcoding the video track too
<eyJhb> adisbladis: it does.. It embeds some subtitles INTO the video
<eyJhb> => transcoding
<eyJhb> Direct play on that one. But depends very much on the formats you have available
<adisbladis> eyJhb: That's insane
<eyJhb> Just do .srt, then it isn't a problem as far as I remember (NOT sure)
<eyJhb> Or is it...
<eyJhb> *another test
<etu> adisbladis: You could try jellyfin, it's actually free software. I'm fairly happy with it so far but haven't tested extensively yet :)
<adisbladis> Anyway, my opinion of Plex is that it's barely even usable unless you have super beefy hardware that can do transcoding and you're ok with proprietary software
<adisbladis> etu: Yeah I'll try it out (:
<eyJhb> Eh, some subtitles, not .srt.. At least not with my Zootopia
<manveru> man, OBS is actually pretty cool :)
<eyJhb> But then again, I never notice. But I am running it on `Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2750 @ 2.41GHz`, which.. I dunno is beefy hardware
<eyJhb> But I get what you are saying adisbladis !
<manveru> now i almost wanna stream random stuff to twitch :P
<adisbladis> eyJhb: It hurts more because I like to watch 4k and those files sucks to transcode
<etu> eyJhb: I have done some work in the past to go through movies and remove subtitles of languages that I don't care about and to hunt down good subtitles and to add them to the files. Lots of work though.
<eyJhb> adisbladis: ohh, you get off my server. I normally do 720p
<eyJhb> Ain't got the time for that etu, also because I usually never watch a movie twice :p Or watch it directly...
<etu> eyJhb: I like to have things in order.
<etu> Like sorted, tagged and ready to go.
<eyJhb> etu: you however can be invited to sort my server then ;) Just keep adisbladis away with 4k files
<eyJhb> I like that as well! But I just place my energy elsewhere.. :/
<etu> eyJhb: I made a script to help me... https://git.elis.nu/etu/mkvcleaner -- last time I tried it it was broken because some dependency changed it's output.
<eyJhb> adisbladis: how much storage do you have?
<adisbladis> eyJhb: ~16T
<manveru> oO
<eyJhb> ... I want some
* etu only has 12T
<adisbladis> Weak
<eyJhb> etu: so you remove from the video files?
<etu> eyJhb: yes
<eyJhb> I only do 4TB for movies/tvshows. But then again, I got that for free :D Might look into what a new WD Red costs
* etu found 3x1T drives at home the other week, unused :D
<etu> dunno what to do with them
<etu> so small
<eyJhb> Could have given them to me? ;)
<eyJhb> :p
<etu> Spinning rust, probably some old seagate or stuff. So I wouldn't trust them that much.
<eyJhb> Oh you should see some of my drives. I have two I trust (2TB WD Red, 4TB WD Red), and then a bunch that are.. like... 8 years old WD Green whose SMART stats indicates it's failing
<etu> oooh :D
<etu> My storage drives are 4x 4T WD RE, I'm planning how to replace those :)
<eyJhb> Oh when you do, I will gladly pick them up ;) :p
<etu> I think I might use them as part of my new pool as well if I understand ZFS correctly
<eyJhb> Oh.. WD Red 10TB, for the price of the 4TB at that time..
<etu> yeah
<eyJhb> Hardware is depressing
<etu> Drives have grown a lot
* manveru is stuck with 1TB :P
<manveru> still remember how excited we were when we got our first 50MB disk...
<eyJhb> I cannot go that far down, but I remember we had a 5GB disk in our garage
<eyJhb> And also remember paying 100 EUR for a 16 GB SD Card...
<aanderse> when my dad bought a 500mb drive we all laughed
<aanderse> he said "well at least we'll *never* need to replace it!" and we all nodded
<manveru> :D
<aanderse> i also remember downloading a 30 second music clip from the internet and being *blown* away, then thinking "that'll never catch on"
<averell> i used to have a midi collection...
<manveru> my dad is still into midi...
<__monty__> 10TB drives scare me. My backup-fu isn't good enough.
<manveru> no clue how i'd back up 10TB either
<manveru> my uplink is like 1MiB
<aanderse> onsite backup. so when you buy one 10tb drive you actually need to buy 4
<aanderse> 1 machine running a mirror
<aanderse> 2 other machines synced in realtime or nightly
<Taneb> I've never really understood why I should back files up
<aanderse> Taneb: you clearly don't have photos and home videos of adorable children
<Taneb> There's not really anything I have that I'll be too frustrated at losing
<aanderse> :)
<Taneb> aanderse: that is true
<__monty__> I'm data hoarding for when the internetpocalypse happens.
<Taneb> And any home videos of adorable me-as-a-child are on tape
<Taneb> (a few years ago my brother and I found the tape)
<Taneb> (I got a bike for my fourth birthday, I was very excited by the fact it had a bell)
<aanderse> :D
<__monty__> Get that shit off tape asap, VCRs are a dying breed.
<Taneb> __monty__: ha, it's a propretary tape we can only play if we hook the video camera up to a TV
<joepie91> Taneb: easycap it, at least
* etu doesn't backup computers because all files that matter are in git and synced around and in the cloud... oh way, that's backup enough right?
<__monty__> MiniDV?
<Taneb> I'm not sure the detail
<Taneb> s
<Taneb> It's been a few years since I've seen the tape
* etu doesn't backup media files because it's just movies/series anyways, he can get those again
<__monty__> I don't trust the internet's retention rates.
<etu> __monty__: Me neither, but I hope I can trust my redundancy of my storage enough to not have to loose all files :D
<etu> Because it's too much to backup it all.
* etu is aware of the risks though
<eyJhb> I mostly just do Dropbox for videos/photos, and then I have all of that on like.. 2-3 machines
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<evanjs> I just want to see if xz_url is available for a given extension
<evanjs> I'd ask on the rust discord but I have no clue if any channel there is even appropriate. There definitely isn't a "nix" channel 😕
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<pie_> what does the eyes emoji even mean
<pie_> unrelated: i want to rant so badly about githubs total lack of verbatim search again, even in issues
<qyliss> pie_: can't you search in quotes?
<pie_> i dont think so?
<qyliss> I think you can!
<qyliss> Try it and report back
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<pie_> i remember it not workng last time i tried but hold on
<pie_> well the number of results certainly changes
<pie_> but ctrl-f in the page doesnt find the strin
<pie_> im looking for "nix-collect-garbage"
<pie_> most of the results do seem to have it though for some reason or other
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<samueldr> eyJhb: I am going to europe later this year, but won't stay :)
<samueldr> ar: it's not only about ordering one, but the availability of bands on the device; it lacks a few LTE bands that are in use in USA an Canada (not even the same ones!)
<samueldr> so it would be likely to have bad connectivity
<samueldr> (depending on what is deployed where)
<ar> i wonder how much of that is caused by firmware supplied for the radio, and how much of it is the actual radio limitations
<samueldr> in both cases you don't control the radio enough to be able to do anything about it :/
<samueldr> I wouldn't be surprised if it's firmware only though
<samueldr> it *is* known that one of the main reason not to add those bands is licensing fees
<samueldr> (though, [citation needed] :/)
<ar> on some phones (eg. the oneplus3t i still have), someone found a radio firmware from some other phone worked and unlocked more bands, and that's now supplied with lineageos
<samueldr> hm, that would be nice if found
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<mudri> sphalerite: I'm not sure how much of the meetup I'll be able to get to tomorrow. I'll try to see how much when I plan it out. Also, is it supposed to say it's on until Saturday?
<sphalerite> mudri: yeah no worries. Not sure it's going on overnight, but people will definitely be back on Saturday as well
<sphalerite> (I won't because it's my birthday and my family is visiting)
<sphalerite> but I'll be there tomorrow
<mudri> Aah, okay. That gives me some useful information.
<mudri> Any idea how long it'll go on for?
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<sphalerite> mudri: knowing my colleagues, until late :D
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<eyJhb> If I use `let backupUser = "backup"; in { .... users.users.${backupUser} ...}` is that valid?
<eyJhb> At all?
<eyJhb> Oh, wrong chat
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<eyJhb> etu: I don't think this does any difference, because it is sharing network with the host (because no privateNetwork = true; set) - https://github.com/etu/nixconfig/blob/master/hosts/fenchurch/services/jellyfin.nix#L20
<eyJhb> Or am I wrong?
<eyJhb> Damn you etu, services.jellyfin is not in stable yet :p
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