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<Ralith> lmao
<ivan> pie_: xdotool key Caps_Lock
<pie_> ivan: oddly enough, i tried that
<ivan> if you have something like
<ivan> # Prevent Caps Lock from behaving like Caps Lock - we can still bind it in xbindkeys
<ivan> services.xserver.xkbOptions = "ctrl:nocaps";
<pie_> and variants
<ivan> it can get clobbered if something else starts managing your keyboard
<pie_> iümihght have had confounding factors
<ivan> or if something does `setxkbmap -option srvrkeys:none`
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<clever> 504 xkbOptions = "caps:shiftlock";
<clever> ivan: i had set this when messing with things a few months ago
<clever> capslock now affects every key on the keyboard, not just letters
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<sphalerite> pie_: joepie91: I'm fairly convinced that you two are actually long-lost twins
<eyJhb> sphalerite: then what about __monty__ and joepie91 ? THere most be something there aswel :p
<sphalerite> huh?
<sphalerite> why?
<eyJhb> Always discussing pretty much :p
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<joepie91> sphalerite: lol
<joepie91> I don't necessarily disagree with this assessment...
<ashkitten> there's like a handful of very talkative people in this channel, just happens that two have pie in their names :p
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<sphalerite> it's not just the talkativeness, it's the similarities :p
<ashkitten> btw if i ask later what the song is, someone tell me it's snes mario circuit 3 please
<ashkitten> i'm going to sleep now
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<sphalerite> lol
<joepie91> ashkitten: "are you me" is a recurring comment in my discussions with pie_ :P
<ashkitten> i ask that all the time, i'm sort of on a journey of self-discovery you could say
<ashkitten> never found myself tho, unfortunately
<joepie91> lol
<ashkitten> seriously tho, snes mario circuit 3 has a tendency to get stuck in my head but i never remember what it's from and end up looking for hours
<joepie91> ashkitten: seems like a case for a sticky note!
<ashkitten> i dont have sticky notes
<ashkitten> or pens
<ashkitten> so i use other people
<ashkitten> it's 02:07 right now
<ashkitten> i need to go to physical therapy today
<ashkitten> night
<joepie91> goodnight
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<manveru> so... i'm trying to make a basic jail using bubblewrap for scylla
<manveru> anyone know a way to improve on that? from what i read this should already be somewhat secure...
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<eyJhb> 11 GB .sql file, I wonder how long it will take to import that, and the size
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<eyJhb> gchristensen: what was the size of the NixOS cache, and do you accept other people to help with it?
<gchristensen> how do you mean help? and about 190T
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<eyJhb> gchristensen: extra mirror basically :p
<hyperfekt> Where do people get all that storage from... I don't even understand how the foundation can afford that big a cache
<eyJhb> Contacts! :D
<__monty__> hyperfekt: It's not *that* expensive though. Even fully mirrored and at retail pricing, so no volume discount, it's about $10k.
<__monty__> Bandwidth is a whole 'nother can of worms I suspect.
<hyperfekt> __monty__: I mean in bigcorp terms that's not much but in individual terms....
<hyperfekt> __monty__: Do you have any guess how many requests actually make it through fastly? Especially with v2's PoP shielding.
<__monty__> No, not a clue.
<__monty__> I'm only here to take credit for simple back-of-napkin calculations : )
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<eyJhb> I really miss my third screen, not enough space for movies, chat, documentation, and server stuff
<infinisil> I'm doing just fine with a single one!
<infinisil> (.. and a lot of window switching)
<eyJhb> Trying to watch the Pokemon movie, so, that basically requires one screen :(
<joepie91> eyJhb: "the" Pokemon movie?
<eyJhb> s/the/the new/ - Don't really know if you can call it that
<eyJhb> Detective Pikachu
* samueldr wonders
<samueldr> movie, chat, documentatiion and server stuff?
<samueldr> shouldn't you... you know... concentrate on the task at hand?
<samueldr> move the server stuff and documentation stuff on another workspace!
<eyJhb> That sounds hard :( - I somewhat do, I just enjoy having something else in-between
<eyJhb> I actually could, I should just move my MySQL import stuff to another workspace
<eyJhb> Then I have chat+movie
<eyJhb> But seems like I won't be doing a reinstall today, BuyVMs console doesn't play well
<__monty__> samueldr: Some people prefer low quality experiences if it means they can experience "more." Like the ones who watch a concert through their phone.
<__monty__> : >
<eyJhb> Ohh, don't compare me to that scum __monty__ :p
<__monty__> eyJhb: The first step on the road to recovery from FOMO is to admit it : )
<eyJhb> Oh, that wouldn't really describe me, I just enjoy having something to watch while I do stuff
<eyJhb> You know, pretty colors and stuff
<samueldr> I can't stand actual contents being streamed to my ear and eye balls while doing something else... because I'll be missing a chunk of it and going back, and going back, and going back
<__monty__> samueldr: It's the *only* way to consume streams though.
<__monty__> Especially kmett's 10hr streams : )
<samueldr> hm? I thought it would be easier to consume them through the sockets interface--
<__monty__> Yes, the eye sockets interface.
<eyJhb> I cannot be the only one, who just fires up some random stuff, and then "watches" that?
<__monty__> It's how I consume streams and some programming talks. But it does mean the other stuff I'm doing is gonna go slow or crappy.
<__monty__> Even irc is a stretch for my multi-tasking.
<eyJhb> Same. If I need to concentrate I usually don't do anything else, besdies maybe some music
<eyJhb> But e.g. now that I am doing nixos-install, I got some time for watching and stuff
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<samueldr> I can't stand missing a few moments of the thing I'm watching, so when I do, I pause to do the other thing, and it has to be a low overhead thing
<eyJhb> Eh, I have a hard time finding any movies that I think are actually worth.. Like, dedicated watching
<__monty__> samueldr: List all the books/movies/series/content you want to consume, guess at the time each'll take you, add it up. It's not hard to come to terms with not being able to enjoy everything 100%. Especially given how many things disappoint or are just slow moving like your typical stream.
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<samueldr> the thing is I don't watch things I won't enjoy 100%
<__monty__> eyJhb: Watch some ghibli : )
<__monty__> samueldr: Do you watch any programming talks?
<samueldr> rarely will I give it my attention if the first few episodes (for a series) don't get to me
<samueldr> no, I can't stand talks much
<samueldr> WRITE A DAMN TEXT
<samueldr> LET ME READ
<__monty__> But I can't read two texts simultaneously.
<__monty__> I can listen to a presentation while reading technical blogs. And that way I'll probably pick up if I should read up on the material discussed in the talk.
<aanderse> i think ponyo is my favourite ghibli film
<samueldr> that's a thing I literally cannot do, read something and listen to something else, it's an either/or situation for me
<samueldr> enough that I can't write either if I listen to something, or else I'll start typing out what's being said or something weirder in-between :/
<__monty__> def func(x): Samuel, you wanna get some coffee? Aaaaaaargh, <C-u>
<gchristensen> I'm a one-buffer guy myself
<__monty__> You emacsers, tsk tsk 🙄
<__monty__> : )
<__monty__> The more hidden buffers the merrier, for me.
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<manveru> i really should tweak my i3 config a bit... always running out of workspaces
<infinisil> aanderse: I think my favorite one is Princess Mononoke
<eyJhb> manveru: if you can map it to scrollwhell, then you might never run out! :D
<manveru> but then i need a mouse :P
<eyJhb> True
<manveru> no, i should just start using named workspaces
<eyJhb> Unless! You have e.g. keyboard with QMK firmware, where you have mapped scroll! :p
<eyJhb> Same
<infinisil> aanderse: Or maybe it's Nausicaä in the valley of the wind, hmm..
<eyJhb> But, aren't they still mapped to keys?
<manveru> only one way to find out!
<__monty__> My personal favorite's Howl's Moving Castle but I haven't seen many.
<aanderse> infinisil: i haven't seen mononoke in like... a decade
<aanderse> i can't recall the ending of it
<aanderse> i wanna watch it again, but gotta wait until the kids get a bit older
<__monty__> No spoilers please.
<infinisil> Hehe yeah
<infinisil> There are many great Ghibli movies
<manveru> eyJhb: you can map whatever workspace to any key you want, they just happen to be numbers in my config
<infinisil> A recent one, Princess Kaguya, I really enjoyed a lot too, just such a nice combo of animation style, music and story
<infinisil> Well recent, it's from 2013, but that's a lot newer than most others :)
<manveru> i like totoro and laputa :)
<aanderse> since i had kids i only watch ghibli films my kids can watch
<aanderse> i'd only seen a few before kids though
<manveru> seen totoro probably 50 times... my son wanted to watch it all the time
<aanderse> manveru: i'm right there, hehe
<infinisil> +1 for laputa
<manveru> aanderse: take em to the ghibli museum :)
<eyJhb> manveru: same, I am bad at finding the right keys to do stuff on
<aanderse> manveru: hmm... the youngest is 1.5 and the oldest is 6
<eyJhb> I normally just do.. 1 => chat+browser, 5 => email, 2 => main display, 3 => third display+movie stuff
<aanderse> manveru: yeah maybe next year they would enjoy
<aanderse> manveru: have you been?
<infinisil> There's a ghibli museum? :oo
<manveru> eyJhb: the thing is that i want to put stuff in my middle monitor when i focus on it, and have others peripheral, but not sure how to best manage that
<manveru> aanderse: jup, went like 7 years ago
<aanderse> it was pretty awesome?
<manveru> well, it's a bit strange :)
<eyJhb> Ah, yeah.. I can't help you there
<aanderse> oh wow thats pretty close to the inlaws... nice
<manveru> i kinda liked it, my son loved it, but overall it's a lot of effort and it's pretty small
<manveru> you have to get tickets like months before
<aanderse> yeah google maps says only 37 minutes by car which is suuuuper close
<eyJhb> Do any of you guys have some good recomendations debugging iptable rules, e.g. following the route of trafic? Currently using tcpdump, but it just shows `$EXTERNALIP -> srgate.plex`, where $EXTERNALIP is a placeholder, and srgate.plex is actually the text. WHich I have NO clue why it displays...
<manveru> bbl
<eyJhb> ... Needed `net.ipv4.ip_forward`
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<eyJhb> Done with the import of 11GB .sql file, the data/ is 50GB...
<__monty__> That's some decent compression.
<eyJhb> __monty__: I would expect the plain text .sql file to be bigger than the imported data, but that might just be because I have not worked with large SQL datasets
<eyJhb> So, don't think we can call this compression :p It is enlargement
<eyJhb> Only have 8GB left on my drive
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<__monty__> eyJhb: Well I'd expect at least compaction of the data when serializing.
<__monty__> Does your DB have a lot of generated tables? Indices, views?
<__monty__> Otherwise I can't believe it's not compressing when serializing.
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<pie_> i need more ram
* hyperfekt starts whispering "cloud... cloud... cloooud."
<hyperfekt> lmao EC2 now has 12TB instances. that's completely batshit
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<hyperfekt> oh nvm you have to talk to a human first to use them that's not a real cloud
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<cransom> just get 3 of the 4tb instances, no human needed then.
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<gchristensen> every time I hotplug displays and things do what I expect I let out a sigh of relief
<samueldr> this makes me think of a misadventure from past week
<samueldr> I have this micro HDMI cable, bought way back when...
<samueldr> turns out that HDMI cable is likely not compliant and likely lacks the necessary lines to transmit the EDID or something like that
<samueldr> and my TV really dislikes it. It shoes the HUD from the TV, with a "please connect cable to TV", while simultaneously showing the output
<gchristensen> oh lovely
<samueldr> with another cable it worked much better
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<batzy> And can I complain about an op in #nixos abusing power?
<batzy> where can*
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<joepie91> was that our long-time friend?
<joepie91> actually no probably not
<infinisil> gchristensen: Would you be interested in a vote-based kick/ban feature?
<infinisil> E.g. 2 or 3 people have to vote somebody to be kicked until the bot does it
<infinisil> Though, that's easily abusable
<infinisil> Yeah never mind
<gchristensen> :D
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<joepie91> sybil attack kgo :P
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