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<infinisil> Huh, github now forces you to provide a "main" comment for a review :/
<samueldr> except for approvals
<infinisil> I'll just put "(github wants this to not be empty)" there, watcha gonna do
<samueldr> and yeah, kinda annoying
<samueldr> "see in-line comments"
<infinisil> I wonder if they accept a zero-width space
<infinisil> Or any space
<samueldr> last I tried it behaved as expected (rejects) all "empty" messages
<infinisil> Why did you do this github, what's the point
<drakonis> can we just move out og github
<drakonis> out of github
<samueldr> "just"
<drakonis> infinisil: generate "value"
<samueldr> most likely a misguided attempt at ensuring people explains rejections instead of just rejecting without message
<drakonis> its not so simple to move out i guess
<samueldr> let's forget the URL lock-in, this one is solvable, but is a true thing
<drakonis> hmm how do i set up wifi on my laptop
<samueldr> (the fact that the repo URL is on github.com)
<drakonis> which package do i need for it
<infinisil> One good argument for moving away from GitHub is that we'll get a lot less PR churn on another platform :)
<samueldr> first, a platform would have to be chosen
<infinisil> drakonis: #nixos for that
<samueldr> one that can withstand github
<drakonis> aight
<samueldr> oops
<samueldr> withstand nixpkgs
<samueldr> it's big
<infinisil> Is it though?
<samueldr> and if it's a service, rather than self-hosted, we're only chaning four quarters to a dollar
<samueldr> changing*
<samueldr> I swear I know how to type
<samueldr> yeah, nixpkgs is big :)
<infinisil> I mean obviously sourcehut is interesting
<samueldr> all-packages.nix alone is a good way to test the quality of the platform
<infinisil> github--
<samueldr> yeah :)
<samueldr> I would really push towards a service that allows fronting with custom URLs, and to never use a service-based URL for anything
<samueldr> that's basically how they get you to stay on platforms
<samueldr> "but all the projects referencing your github.com url will break"
<samueldr> it's by design
<infinisil> How would urls look then?
<infinisil> Something with nixos.org?
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> at one point, way in the past
<infinisil> And nixos.org would forward those to <the service>?
<samueldr> bitbucket.org allowed that
<infinisil> Ah wait
<infinisil> The service would run *on* nixos.org
<infinisil> Right?
<samueldr> not sure I follow
<infinisil> E.g. we'd host a sourcehut instance on srht.nixos.org
<infinisil> Or maybe dev.nixos.org
<infinisil> or git.nixos.org
<samueldr> I think you're saying when an organization self-hosts
<samueldr> which is another solution
<infinisil> Yeah, how would non-service-bound urls work without this?
<samueldr> bitbucket did it with cnames
<drakonis> i'd actually like a self hosted srht instance
<samueldr> cname git.samueldr.com -> bitbucket.org
<drakonis> other than the email based workflow, everything else is great.
<drakonis> not that email workflows are bad
<drakonis> but they get in the way of most contributors
<drakonis> for one off patches
<infinisil> samueldr: I see, so something like this is what I meant with "nixos.org would forward those to <the service>"
<infinisil> drakonis: Is that the only way to send patches?
<drakonis> apparently that's the only way, given that drew devault loves email
<infinisil> Meh :/
<samueldr> infinisil: yeah
<samueldr> (yeah, forwarding)
<samueldr> that's how most platforms as a service with custom domains are done, you get a cname to configure, and they handle the infra behind
<drakonis> it also does mercurial
<drakonis> it is nice though
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<pie_> something something huge bitcoin transfer
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<pie_> who is chkno and how is their very first pr a total rewrite of nixos-option xD
<pie_> or so i get the impression
<sphalerite> yup
<sphalerite> Someoen who can get shit done, apparently x)
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<pie_> well
<pie_> > MIRI
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'MIRI' at (string):264:1
<pie_> *shrug*
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<eyJhb> Github really need more roles than "member" and "owner"
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<qyliss> zimbatm: you're a Discourse admin, right? I just noticed it hadn't sent me any mail since August 16, and it errors when I try to sign in with GitHub. Any ideas?
<zimbatm> : Last Emailed: Aug 16
<zimbatm> seeing the same in the admin
<zimbatm> can you send me an email to zimbatm@zimbatm.com so I don't forget to take a deeper look? I'm waiting for my plane right now
<qyliss> Sure, will do
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<zimbatm> : (github) Authentication failure! invalid_credentials: OAuth2::Error, : {"message":"Bad credentials","documentation_url":"https://developer.github.com/v3"}
<zimbatm> : (github) Authentication failure! invalid_credentials: OAuth2::Error, bad_verification_code: The code passed is incorrect or expired. error=bad_verification_code&error_description=The+code+passed+is+in
<zimbatm> it's possible our oauth2 is broken
<zimbatm> : (github) Authentication failure! csrf_detected: OmniAuth::Strategies::OAuth2::CallbackError, csrf_detected | CSRF detected
<qyliss> Was able to sign in in private browsing
<qyliss> I have a notification about my emails bouncing
<qyliss> zimbatm: do you have the bounce messages?
<zimbatm> okay so the oauth2 tokens are fine but something was triggering the csrf detection I guess
<zimbatm> looking
<zimbatm> system: Won't be sending emails to '<HIDDEN>' until 2019-09-15 19:43:18 UTC.
<zimbatm> yep I have the bounced response on 16 Aug but it's too large to paste here
<qyliss> Email it to me?
<zimbatm> gotta run, ttly
<qyliss> Thanks for looking
<zimbatm> there is a bounce threshold that needs to be unlocked
<zimbatm> ++
<manveru> always so satisfying :) `106311 store paths deleted, 83353.21 MiB freed`
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<Taneb> manveru: wait until you've freed in the multiple 100s of GB :D
<manveru> my SSD is not big enough :P
<cransom> talk about satisfying. i optimized a sessions table on a database today and freed 200g.
<eyJhb> cransom: That is actually.. Very nice
<cransom> it's not an enjoyable tale about why it got so large in the first place, but it felt real good to be able to rip that bandaid off.
<eyJhb> It is somewhat the same experience I have when I prune docker.. That normally frees around 50-70GB
<eyJhb> Just got invited to the Obama visit at Aalborg University, when I am at the worst place. Have to take a ferry to get back to mainland..
<manveru> cransom: did you also store everything as YAML? :P
<cransom> manveru: happily, no. i do see we have some json blobs in a text column (mysql) but thats all i'm aware of. i'll assume there are other atrocities somewhere but i'm blissfully ignorant currently.
<aanderse> hmm... did i do something to upset the bot? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/68417 ... didn't automatically build a package and not listening to my test command
<{^_^}> #68417 (by aanderse, 57 minutes ago, open): moodle: 3.7.1 -> 3.7.2
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<sphalerite> cransom: "optimised" = "delete from session;" ?
<sphalerite> aanderse: I think it's currently a bit "limited" in terms of compute resources, not sure what heppened there
<aanderse> sphalerite: ok cool, just wanted to make sure the bot wasn't breaking up with me :P
<cransom> sphalerite: little bit . the delete from happened last week and dropped 490 million rows, 3 million remain. mysqlndoesnt reclaim those rows though so you either optimize or copy the table to reclaim the space
<sphalerite> aah
<cransom> dropping the table wouldnt have been nice and dast but the management believes that if someone has to ever log in, they just wont come back.
<cransom> *would have been fast. Apparently I’m very reliant on autocorrect and that doesn’t happen when i type into weechat directly on the phone.
<zimbatm> qyliss: unless the emails are still bouncing it should be working again
<qyliss> zimbatm: thank you!
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<evanjs> Oh yay, qtwebkit hasn't been built yet >.> Time to turn off autoUpgrade for a bit...
<samueldr> there's a PR for that
<samueldr> #68434
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/68434 (by d-goldin, 1 hour ago, open): qtwebkit: fixing build / reducing build log size
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<evanjs> samueldr: don't forget #53079 :D
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/53079 (by veprbl, 36 weeks ago, open): QtWebKit needs to be deprecated
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<evanjs> Looks like zeal was the only package in my config that needed qtwebkit... phew
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<infinisil> Well, I think my SSD has finally lost it
<infinisil> I guess I haven't noticed it before because I didn't use most of it
<infinisil> But now I am.. so I can't even boot right now
<infinisil> Fortunately I got my backup made before this happened
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<steveeJ> ldlework: I'm curious what screen locker you're using together with qtile. also if you integrated it with systemd-logind somehow. my current setup works except for hot-plugging screens while locked
<steveeJ> ldlework: the issue is actually that hot-plugging a display doesn't do anything on my system. I resort to manually running `autorandr` when I changed it. but when locked I can't run that manually ;-)
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