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<eyJhb> Kinda sad to see my cars exhaust like this.. I just lost my tailpipe? (næserør => nose pipe in Danish), and I think that might have happened on the highway... https://i.imgur.com/Wvl1P7y.jpg
<eyJhb> infinisil: what dose `DSEPSFNSCG` mean?
<ar> Distributed Systems End Project something
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<infinisil> eyJhb: *thinking hard
<infinisil> hmm..
<eyJhb> infinisil: YOu know what I am talking about, right? :D
<infinisil> Yeah, the github org
<eyJhb> Yes :p
<infinisil> Can't remember, it might have been some initials of our names
<infinisil> But yeah DS is probably distributed systems :)
<eyJhb> Only 8 more letters to crack then :D
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<sphalerite> mudri: alright, fair enough. I'm not there today either
<sphalerite> mudri: unfortunately I'm not free on Wednesday evening and am going off on holiday on Thursday :/
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<eyJhb> The joys, Plex doesn't want to use my cert, and I get no errors
<eyJhb> Yay
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<fpletz> ajs124: we're also sprinting today btw! :)
<ajs124> fpletz: :O you're at your offices in Laim I assume? I could be there in 1.5h or so.
<fpletz> ajs124: sure, just around! :)
<fpletz> +come
<eyJhb> Anyone have experience with Lego ACME in here? - Getting some weird certifcates from it compared to Certbot
<eyJhb> So basically, it did not like I used ec384 in my pkcs12, but worked great with rsa2048. Only three hours wasted
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<manveru> man, would be nice to be able to turn off automatic deploys in netlify :|
<manveru> oh, nevermind, there is
<manveru> why do i always need to write stupid stuff to irc before figuring it out
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<qyliss> manveru: I think #nixos-chat is a perfectly fine place to rubber duck :)
<eyJhb> manveru: well, most people still have to compete with me regarding that
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<eyJhb> Any recommendations on a opensource podcast app for Android?
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<samueldr> yes!
<samueldr> Antennapod
<samueldr> it's on F-Droid
<eyJhb> Thanks samueldr , will check it out! :D
<samueldr> I was using pocket casts beforehand
<eyJhb> Can you recommend any podcasts while we are at it?
<samueldr> and pocket casts was almost perfect
<samueldr> well, AntennaPod is even more almost perfect!
<eyJhb> What mad Antennapod better?
<samueldr> well, first off they didn't re-write the whole app in a terrible way (which made me quit using pocket casts)
<samueldr> it's open source software
<samueldr> and, for actual features, it has better filtering and auto-download options
<samueldr> e.g. I listen to stuff you should know, which has weekly a "classic" episode which is an older episode
<samueldr> I can filter them from the auto-download
<samueldr> there are some neat filters for active usage, e.g. you want to show only episodes you haven't listened to, in chronological order, you can
<samueldr> pocket casts you could, but only from new to old
<samueldr> in antennapod you can from old to new!
<eyJhb> Sounds very very promising! So far it looks great :D Lets see how long it survives on my phone :p
<eyJhb> Main challenge will probably be finding good podcasts..
<samueldr> no such thing as a fish is nice
<samueldr> if you want to get some news, global news podcast from the bbc I just discovered recently, which is often (global) news that don't even get to the main news channels here
<eyJhb> Uhh, sounds nice :D I am a little all over. - Will first try out This American Life, a friend played the begining of a episode while she was here, and I am curious now... :| - Added No such thing as a fish as well samueldr ;)
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<ivan> I have many more but they're more niche
<eyJhb> ivan: thanks! :D
<evanjs> Hrm. Re https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Accelerated_Video_Playback, if I'm prepping a config for an AMD/AMD computer, is it enough to just remove the intel packages from this list and be set?
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<averell> does it have variable playback speed without extremely high pitch?
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<emily> wrong kind of acceleration...
<emily> but mpv can do that
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