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<pie_> me: try to solve problem
<pie_> also me: fail
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<Ralith> standing ovation
<ivan> did I miss something?
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<Ralith> pie_ shared a very cool story
<eyJhb> He summarised a good part of my life pretty much
<ivan> ah, I see it in the logs now :-)
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<eyJhb> Wooo, Dane
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<etu> hehe
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<eyJhb> Didn't know johanot and srhb works together (or soon will again)
* etu realized again the other day that he doesn't like most web-rss-readers
<eyJhb> etu: terminal instead?
<etu> eyJhb: No, I want a web one, just one that isn't bad :D
<etu> Or works how I expect it to work
<eyJhb> Sooooo many requirements, huh? ;)
<etu> I found selfoss weird
<johanot> it's gonna happen :P looking forward for srhb to join
<eyJhb> Make one yourself :D
<eyJhb> 6 days to-go johanot !
<eyJhb> Did you work together before as well?
<etu> eyJhb: I started doing that 2015. Project was abandoned by me 2016 (when I found freshrss I think).
<etu> eyJhb: But I've picked it up again.
<eyJhb> etu: PHP?
<johanot> Yup. Apparently I managed to scare her away at that time
<etu> eyJhb: Yes :(
<eyJhb> Oh, be nice to her this time then johanot :p ;)
<johanot> eyJhb: will do my best :P eheh
<etu> eyJhb: But I already have a codebase that almost was good enough for my daily use. So I'm reusing that.
<eyJhb> Do you give guided tours if one comes to visit you at DBC johanot ? ;)
<eyJhb> Makes sense then! Does it at least support 7.x?
<johanot> of course! you're most welcome. we have coffee and sometimes cake. well.. pretty much always cake, actually :D
<etu> eyJhb: It was made for 5.5, it worked kinda on 7.3, I'm going to require 7.3 because new fancy syntax and stuff :D
<johanot> eyJhb: are you Danish yourself?
<eyJhb> johanot: uhh cake, I like that! Coffee, not so much even on 5th semester I have not started drinking it :p
<eyJhb> Yes! Aalborg University ;) Do a lot of stuff here. Are you not normally in #nixos-chat?
<eyJhb> etu: makes sense! We have a lot of outdated PHP *insert not nice word here*, and we hate it..
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<etu> eyJhb: I kinda had to remake most of the things because I wanted to update the frameworks to not very legacy versions :p
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<johanot> Great! Just wait, for me the coffee consumption reeeeally kicked in while I wrote my master thesis :P Consider joining us on one of our meetups: https://www.meetup.com/Greater-Copenhagen-NixOS-User-Group/ .. I know it's a long journey :/ we should consider arranging something on the other side of the Belt at least.
<eyJhb> Ohh, I don't think I ever will :p Most people I know who drink coffee are fresh for like, 15 minutes, and then back to being dead... Not worth it! - I might actually be able to join you there. I have a maybe meeting on the 3rd october, so I could travel on the 2nd october instead. But that would require me to find some place to stay :p
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<eyJhb> etu: do it in Go! :p
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<johanot> eyJhb: usually I'm online on IRC during work hours on weekdays. I haven't setup a bouncer yet.. srhb usually mock me with that (the missing bouncer) :D
<johanot> etu: do it in Rust! :p
<eyJhb> johanot: come on, it's NixOS, it's easy to setup! ;) I just converted everything pretty much to NixOS the past two weekends.. Two of my VPS + my router :p
<eyJhb> *pst etu Go
<emily> johanot: you might be interested in https://www.irccloud.com/ ($, though)
<emily> or Matrix which offers substantially the same functionality for free I guess
<ivan> I am learning good stuff from https://github.com/delroth/infra.delroth.net
<Taneb> I need to set up a bouncer on a machine that isn't a friend's server which gets rebooted once a month for unfathomable reasons
<johanot> emily: Thanks! many more reasons for me to feel lazy that I haven't done it yet :D
<emily> the benefit of those is you get a nice mobile app; the options for a custom bouncer on mobile are more limited/less seamless
<emily> though I hear good things about Quassel
<joepie91> Taneb: update regime?
<emily> Taneb: even though I use IRCCloud, my connection drops with my server, because I forward it through to get the hostname I want ;w;
<johanot> eyJhb: could be great to say hi on the 2nd. we have couches on DBC I you need a place to sleep. even a nice chill datacenter (more in demand during summer though) :P
<Taneb> joepie91: something like that
<emily> it's my patented "double single point of failure" system
<Taneb> emily: I love it
<joepie91> lol emily
<etu> eyJhb: I had plans for doing it in go
<etu> eyJhb: That's part of why it got stalled :p
<Taneb> joepie91: the server's running Arch and the guy running it really likes being on the latest kernel or something
<emily> haha
<emily> really liking being on the latest kernel is a mood
<emily> it *is* fairly important for security, tbh
<etu> eyJhb: But now I might complete it and then replace parts of it in go :p
<emily> especially if you have untrusted users, like Taneb
<Taneb> Oh, you absolutely should not trust me
<emily> local privilege escalation bugs in linux are kind of a dime a dozen
<emily> maybe I should run some kind of hypervisor unikernel that just keeps the connection forward up and nothing else.
<emily> and run linux alongside that.
<emily> simple solutions to important problems
<johanot> I even have a NixOS Hetzner beast running which I planned should be my bouncer, but.. look over there, they have mobile apps and stuff :p
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* emily also has a NixOS Hetzner, though in the age of Ryzen and Threadrippers it doesn't feel like too much of a beast :(
<eyJhb> johanot: Was that a invitation to sleep over at DBC? :p
<adamt> eyJhb: You can each get a couch.
<Taneb> I got a RPi 0 which I planned to be my bouncer but then I've never done anything at all with it
<johanot> emily: oh well.. only a beast compared to wimpy VPS'es I have elsewhere. :p at least at hetzner you can get some dedicated cycles for reasonable $$
<emily> yeah
<emily> I just want to run my Nix builds faster
<joepie91> Taneb: be aware that the one with wifi may be light-sensitive :P
<eyJhb> Wait, who is going to sleep with me?
<Taneb> joepie91: this is the one without Wifi, which means I currently have no way to actually get it on a network
<joepie91> ah, right
<johanot> srhb: wants a dedicated build farm as well she often complaints :p sad face
<adamt> eyJhb: johanot would need to sleep at DBC as well if you were to crash on a couch. :P
<emily> packet.net has lots of dedicated cores for relatively cheap
<emily> only $1/hr isn't cheap enough to keep running all the time and they take a few minutes to boot up i guess
<emily> probably you can do something with AWS spot instances if you want to write a bunch of code to automate it
<emily> doesn't quite have the feeling of having a lot of cores lying around though
<johanot> emily: mmmh a bunch of code.. I would really like to take _real_ advantage of spot instances some day. It's on the TODO..
<andi-> Just stick a threadripper underneath your couch? :-)
<emily> johanot: you're not the only one. I wouldn't be surprised if there's code doing it out there already for Nix even
<emily> andi-: I'm waiting for the new ones in November and then deciding whether the prices make it unreasonable to opt for a Threadripper over the 16-core Ryzen...
<emily> but apparently the 32 core one will take even longer to come out
<johanot> eyJhb adamt perhaps it's not "legal" to sleep out here, but if we can get some snacks and movies; there's a fair projector at our auditorium I heard :D
<andi-> emily: I did some math a while back and the AMD Epyc 7282 looked like the sweet spot for price/performance for me.
<emily> hm, aren't the EPYCs even more expensive?
<emily> I guess the less high-end ones might not be
<eyJhb> Ahh, sounds like it could be quite hyggeligt then ;) :p It is sheldom legal to sleep in buildings like that..
<adamt> johanot: I never heard anybody say that we can't sleep over here. So as long as you don't leave a guest unsupervised you'll be fine. Also, movies and snacks. Or VR-gaming on the projector
<andi-> that one goes for about 700€
<eyJhb> But if someone "happens" to fall a sleep, then that is just it ;)
<emily> what's the available motherboards like?
<emily> or, hm
<andi-> emily: I picked a supermicro board with IPMI
<emily> EPYC and TR use the same socket right? are they really interchangeable?
<emily> I guess not
<andi-> emily:
<andi-> Supermicro H11SSL-i
<emily> in a desktop box or do you actually have it rackmounted? :p
<emily> I know people with multiple server racks at home but I'm not quite hardcore enough for that yet
<emily> ah, it's ATX
<andi-> I just habe a bunch of towers at home. Usually the more noise isolated once
<andi-> *ones
<andi-> Going for a rack would be another ballpark of noise and costs
<srhb> Someone's giving me a build farm? :3
<adamt> srhb: If you're quick you can get the old hardware running the mesos-cluster. :P
<srhb> adamt: Oh, good point. :P
<johanot> srhb: perhaps we should just build a farm? :P #careerchange
<adamt> Then you can even boast about having a build farm with fancy blade servers (aka old crap)
<srhb> I mean from an environmental perspective, as long as we're using decently green power, that is a very good idea!
<adamt> Honestly, I'm annoyed we can't easily donate spare CPU cycles for things like OfBorg, but I get the security aspect of it.
<srhb> Agreed..
<johanot> reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2F-DItXtZs :p sometimes after a bad week at work, I actually consider doing it.
<srhb> Ouch, yes..
<srhb> Why not both? Some cabin in the middle of nowhere, Sweden, and remote work. :P
<johanot> what about beer bars and concerts? :p
<srhb> ... good point.
<Taneb> A friend from uni has dreams of setting up a tech community on Svalbard, due its pretty much unique visa laws
<srhb> Cabin in the middle of work + remote + self driving cars?
<srhb> s/work/nowhere
<srhb> Brained wrong.
<srhb> Taneb: What's special about them?
<emily> old crap isn't great for power efficiency with process improvements
<Taneb> srhb: it's entirely visa-free
<emily> it's been improving a lot better than speed
<emily> Taneb: questionably; IIRC in practice you have to fly in from Norway
<emily> and Norway places a few restrictions on people transiting through it to Svalbard
<srhb> emily: That was my point with green power. At that point you're basically drawing out the environmental investment of the actual production rather than running it :)
<emily> also, you need a gun to survive, so there's that.
<Taneb> emily: details, details
<emily> don't get me wrong, I would happily become a Svalbardian witch
<srhb> :D
<johanot> :D emily .. and a flashlight for the winters. I was in Nordkapp in January. You get like 1,5 hrs of light a day. So that's fun :p
<eyJhb> srhb: I can see you habe big hopes and dreams regarding a build farm ;)
<eyJhb> adamt: Ohh, what could get wrong by leaving me unsupervised in the office, it's not like.. I am evil or chaotic ;) :p
<emily> I see no incompatibilities with the Svalbard aspect at least
<emily> although solar power may be a little hit-or-miss
<eyJhb> *brings all the small raspberryy Pis and deploy in random ethernet ports
<emily> Svalbard deserves a nuclear reactor, right?
<johanot> emily: at least when it's dark it's also cold. power saved on cooling right there!
<eyJhb> Any advice on using kexec to install on a server without access to console?
<johanot> eyJhb: hetzner? ;)
<eyJhb> johanot: AAU Server :p I can however come and complain to them, when nothing works
<emily> also, you can't do UEFI boot that way on hetzner, if that matters to you
<eyJhb> And might get console access
<johanot> you can actually get kvm access on hetzner. it's just slow and boring, since it involves contacting support and waiting for a slot. *yawn*
<emily> yeah
<emily> I used that to get UEFI boot.
<emily> I also tried and failed to use their virtual ISO thing and eventually got them to stick in a USB stick.
<emily> (runs lsusb) oh hey, they finally took it out.
<eyJhb> Stupid question, but can't I just get a nix-shell instead of using nix-env ?
<johanot> lol. yeah. I also failed on that. I think I ended up using nixops for provisioning my hetzner box.
<johanot> eyJhb: what are you trying to do?
<eyJhb> johanot: just not sure how to use emily link, regarding nixos-generators
<emily> yeah, I didn't use nix-env
<emily> nix-build or whatever works
<emily> you can just use result/bin/nixos-generate
<emily> tweak configuration.nix to your liking first
<eyJhb> emily: yeah, but the documentation says nothing about what to do basically, or where to run anything (host or target) :)
<emily> right
<emily> you might be able to piece it together from there
<emily> but basically add your ssh key to configuration.nix and whatever additional packages you need (e.g. zfs), generate the kexec tarball, upload it, extract, and run the script
<emily> not sure if it automatically includes the installer tools ><
<emily> I did it via install-iso rather than kexec so I got them
<emily> basically like it says, "kexec tarball (extract to / and run /kexec_nixos)"
<emily> you build everything locally
<emily> then upload the tarball to the server
<eyJhb> emily: but that is with Clevers repo, right? - Because so far the only thing I have done in the other is overriding my own configuration :p
<emily> no, I used nixos-generators
<emily> the last time I used clever's
<emily> you can look to clever's configuration.nix for inspiration for what to put in nixos-generators' configuration.nix
<emily> the <nixpkgs/nixos/modules/installer/netboot/netboot-minimal.nix> import and ssh key stuff
<emily> I wish it came with a couple examples
<eyJhb> My biggest concern is basically networking, which never seem to work for me initially in NixOS + any provider
<__monty__> Really? I wouldn't expect ethernet+dhcp to give much trouble.
<eyJhb> Me neither, but both times (same provider), it hasn't worked, and of course didn't work at home (I was reinstalling my router)
<eyJhb> But BuyVM and the installer doesn't play nice
<eyJhb> Hmm, seems like nixos-generators includes all the same as clever, just neatly packed up, so I should be able to use it without anything further, except maybe the networking
<__monty__> Well I wouldn't expect it to work out of the box for a router. Unless it connects to a dhcp router.
<eyJhb> No no, but I would for e.g. BuyVM
<eyJhb> The other thing would be stupid to expect if no other DHCP server is on the network
<clever> emily: all copies of nixos have nixos-generate-config and nixos-install, they arent optional!
<__monty__> Yes, unless routers get their dynamic IPs using DHCP? I've never considered it but sounds reasonable.
<emily> clever: huh, right you are
<emily> clever: the installer images still have differences like greater driver support and more utilities though, right?
<eyJhb> __monty__: the router got its ip using DHCP (external)
<clever> emily: yeah, and the netboot profile i use pulls in the installer profile, so it gets all of that
<eyJhb> Huh, yeah I switched it around, that worked
<emily> eyJhb: ah, then consider setting up networking.{ipv4.addresses,defaultGateway} etc
<emily> or boot.kernelParams = [ "ip=..." ] for max hacky
<clever> eyJhb: yeah, networking in VM's is the biggest pain, even within a single datacenter you can be playing a guessing game
<emily> clever: right
<clever> the kexec stuff i have, will reboot itself after 1 hour of uptime
<eyJhb> Can I set default IPv4 without specifying the interface?
<clever> and if you dont set the network right, you cant ssh in, so it will reboot itself
<eyJhb> Because they also change willy nilly
<clever> eyJhb: sadly, nixos doesnt support that, but you can turn off predictable interface names, then you know it will be eth0
<clever> due to the autoreboot service, you can pre-test network config in the kexec image, before you install
<clever> any failures just cost you an hour of time, then the old OS will resume running
<clever> the kexec image also includes the justdoit script, which can fully automate the install, to eliminate any other chances for human error
<eyJhb> Yeah, but I am worried that the networking will not work in the kexec image :p
<eyJhb> But that might because I haven't looked into how it works
<emily> eyJhb: yes, you can
<emily> boot.kernelParams = [ "ip=" ]
<emily> is what i have to make sure initrd networking works
<clever> eyJhb: first, you should look into how the host is configuring the network
<__monty__> Heh, when turning off "predictable" names gets you a more predictable name : )
<eyJhb> clever: I have backed up those configs, basically just static
<clever> __monty__: its more that if the ubuntu install isnt using predictable, you cant easily predict (heh) the names, enless you know the exact rules behind the name generation
<clever> eyJhb: check for things, like dhcpcd running, or read the existing host network config
<eyJhb> It uses netplan :p Disabled dhcp services :)
<clever> seeing the current IP in a config file is a strong sign that it needs a static ip config
<emily> you can just... look at ip addr/route, too
<emily> and copy those
<clever> that wont tell you if it was setup by dhcp or not though
<clever> at one datacenter i was using, i used the kexec trick to install nixos to the first dedicated machine, which had dhcp, and other then a minor hicup because of a different mistake, i got it working
<clever> then, i moved on to the 2nd machine, a vm in the same center, and it never came online
<clever> because of course, the VM's use static ip's, while the dedicated use dhcp!!
<clever> while debugging that, i realized that the error from the console, was a screenshot of virtualbox, on windows!
<eyJhb> Ehm, the nameservers config I am a little conflicted about
<eyJhb> But I guess it should work anyways
<clever> after a bit of interogation, i gave them a virtualbox disk image, with the install fully completed, and the ip's already configured
<emily> can just use worst-case
<clever> after they dropped it in, they asked for the root pw so they could fix the ip config
<clever> that was quickly followed by a "nevermind" lol
<emily> wait... their VM offering was virtualbox on windows?
<eyJhb> emily: more that it uses nameservers.serach and nameservers.addresses
<clever> i doubt they could have figured out configuration.nix either
<clever> emily: yes
<clever> emily: let me find the screenshot...
<eyJhb> Is there anything that says "no" to disabling the firewall?
<eyJhb> Seeing as I already am behind one to begin with..
<eyJhb> But looks good-to-go now my configuration
<clever> emily: found it, https://i.imgur.com/s23nqih.jpg
<emily> terrifying
<emily> are you sure that wasn't just for debug or something
<clever> emily: it might have been a remote access util, running on windows, but connecting to other
<clever> emily: but also, their sloppy screenshoting, they caught another window in the image!
<clever> that is very clearly winscp
<eyJhb> clever: what did they do to it?
<clever> eyJhb: i made a minor mistake when installing nixos remotely, and bricked the guest
<clever> and that is when i was working on the dedicated system
<clever> you might notice, the fact that they are taking photos of monitors...
<clever> the IPMI wasnt enabled, and even when it was enabled, it needed activex to function
<clever> i needed both a winxp and win7 guest, in different vm techs
<clever> win7 could access the remote console
<clever> but winxp was needed for the remote cdrom
<clever> and the IE in XP cant connect to any https site
<clever> so it was a major chore, to even get a nixos iso into XP, lol
<eyJhb> SSH Connection refused :(
<clever> need to wait for it to boot more
<eyJhb> Why so many disks..
<joepie91> resizing is hard, let's just add new ones?
<eyJhb> `The file /dev/sda1 does not exist and no size was specified.` what.. :/
<eyJhb> I have sda and sda2, any ideas?
<clever> eyJhb: physical? vm?
<eyJhb> vm, vmware
<clever> Disk model: Virtual disk
<eyJhb> I have done some parted stuff on it, because I wanted to format it and the ninstall (which I tought was the process), but it isn't playing nicely
<clever> eyJhb: sounds like the admin was just sloppy and didnt care to resize things properly
<clever> no 2 disks are the same size, so you cant really setup any redundancy
<clever> best you can do is lvm or zfs, in jbod mode
<clever> in either case, you want one partition for /boot
<eyJhb> clever: don't need any redundancy, currently I just want to format /dev/sda, so I can install the OS
<eyJhb> It is a short lived machine anyways
<clever> eyJhb: sda is only 25gig, and /nix cant easily be split
<eyJhb> But 25gig for only a mysql instance should be fine
<clever> zfs and lvm at least give the option to expand after installing
<eyJhb> Nothing else, and only 3 months
<eyJhb> 3 months livespan*
<clever> any idea why the vm has those other disks?
<eyJhb> NO clue at all :%
<eyJhb> So just need something to work/run on this :/ 25 GB should be OK for the goal of this
<clever> then you can just ignore all of the other things
<__monty__> Wouldn't zfs's raid 5 work?
<__monty__> *If* redundancy was desired.
<clever> __monty__: that requires all volumes to be the same size
<clever> __monty__: the machine has a 25g, 30g, 35g, and 130g
<clever> if you did a raidz1 setup, it would only use 25gig from each disk, for a total usable capacity of 75gig, with 25g of parity
<clever> and the 4th disk has an entire 105gig that cant be used
<__monty__> Really? Hmm, not sure why I thought it was space based rather than disk based.
<clever> if the disks are mismatched, zfs will use the size of the smallest one, and ignore the extra space
<eyJhb> clever: Can I really? Because I cannot mount /dev/sda1 to /mnt
<eyJhb> Because it doesn't exists, and I cannot create it...
<clever> eyJhb: you need to `vgchange -a n` before you repartition
<clever> eyJhb: the old device nodes are still open
<eyJhb> "0 logical volume(s) in volume group "data" now active" ?
<clever> thats why justdoit will disable lvm, wipe all fs signatures, and then zero out the start of the disk
<clever> eyJhb: yep, now open fdisk, and re-write the partition tables
<eyJhb> Thanks, that works now!
<eyJhb> But the DNS is borked
<clever> edit /etc/resolv.conf
<eyJhb> Have done, and does not work for some reason
<clever> $ dig google.com @
<clever> eyJhb: what happens when you run this?
<eyJhb> Dig is not available :p
<eyJhb> And I cannot get dig, as DNS is not working :D
<clever> you can use nix-copy-closure to push storepaths up, over ssh
<eyJhb> resolv.conf -> https://pastebin.com/ZzmrWQyx
<clever> fetch dig on one machine, then `nix-copy-closure --to root@remote /nix/store/something`
<eyJhb> ,locate bin dig
<__monty__> host google.com
<{^_^}> Found in packages: bind.dnsutils
<eyJhb> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
<clever> eyJhb: can you ping
<eyJhb> Yeah, no problem. It is probably some firewall stuff... I am using the previous DNS server now
<eyJhb> Guessing some "secure" fun
<eyJhb> (previous, before kexec, which works)
<clever> youll want to make note of these issues, and correct the /mnt/etc/nixos/configuration.nix before you install
<eyJhb> Added it there as well
<eyJhb> It might not be needed to put nixos on the machine, but it is nice trying out kexec :p Sorry for asking so many questions :)
<eyJhb> Appreciate the help!
<emily> gosh, not putting nixos on the machine?
<emily> you betray our trust like this
<clever> emily: i think he means that the dns fix may not be needed
<eyJhb> Ohh, no, I meant that it was basically a apt-get install mysql-server, and that is all I needed. But I like NixOS too much, to not put it on EVERYTHING.. So yeah
<eyJhb> It is up and running now! Thanks a bunch for your help! Hopefully I can do it myself next time
<clever> :D
<eyJhb> And I should have known about the lvm....
<__monty__> #NixOSontoasterswhen
<clever> eyJhb: the lvm has tripped me up before when testing justdoit
<clever> eyJhb: it would work the 1st time, but fail the 2nd
<clever> because the 1st sets up lvm, and the 2nd auto-loads it, but tries to repartition
<eyJhb> __monty__: I like that idea! - But I just love I have it on everything now.. Even my router is NixOS :D But I still need a better way of managing the configs.. But that is just a matter of sitting down and making my repo..
<clever> eyJhb: i use nixops to manage my router
<eyJhb> clever: I can imagine that it is no fun.. :/ Should probably ( __monty__ ) get some lunch now
<eyJhb> I cannot wrap my head around it.. :/
<eyJhb> But it might be worth looking at again
<clever> eyJhb: line 10 defines a host called nas, line 14 a host called router
<clever> 12 and 16 are the IP nixops should ssh into when deploying
<clever> 11 and 15 load a file, that behaves identically to configuration.nix
<clever> 7/8 are global config, that apply to every host
<clever> `nixops create -d house deployments/house.nix` to start, and `nixops deploy -d house` to deploy
<clever> copy/paste fail
<clever> note, that hardware-configuration.nix from the remote machine is ignored
<clever> i have manually added that to router.nix and nas.nix
<clever> after that, its just ensuring you dont brick the machine by setting the wrong config under fileSystems."/" and such, but grub can usually undo most mistakes
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<eyJhb> clever: you have a TON of .nix files..
<eyJhb> You need folders
<eyJhb> But yeah, it makes sense, I still need to wrap my head around it
<eyJhb> So your initial install, is to boot up nixos installation, and enable ssh, and then fire at it?
<clever> eyJhb: that is one option
<{^_^}> nixops#1189 (by cleverca22, 5 weeks ago, open): plan for supporting custom partition layouts and custom FS's on any backend
<clever> eyJhb: but using `nix copy --to ssh://root@target?remote-store=local?root=/mnt /nix/store/hash-nixos`
<clever> eyJhb: you can skip actually having to build a dummy nixos first to fire at
<eyJhb> Somewhat confused by all this information at once :p Would make more sense if I have tried it at some point :%
<clever> eyJhb: the basic idea, is to boot the nixos installer, and enable ssh
<clever> then `nixops deploy -d house --include nas --build-only` to pre-build the nas
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<clever> and from the installer, partition, format, and mount under /mnt as usual
<clever> then `nix copy --to ssh://root@nas?remote-store=local?root=/mnt /nix/store/something`, based on what `nixops deploy` built
<clever> and finally, `nixos-install --system /nix/store/something --root /mnt`
<clever> and your done
<etu> eyJhb: I like how you browse around in peoples system configs and review them :D
<johanot> suddenly don't know if I dare putting mine on github now :D
<etu> johanot: eyJhb just like to talk about my config and link it to people in here :p
<johanot> hah. I guess I see how that can feel intimidating :p
<etu> It's fun though :)
<etu> johanot: It have happened to me that people have been like: "I know everything about this system of yours, but do you still need that option for it to work?" -- and they have been right :D
<johanot> etu: that's the happy part of open-source right there. Now all you need is people taking the next step and actually PR'ing your config :D
<clever> i also like making my config small self-contained chunks, that others could reuse
<clever> this one for example, runs the plex frontend, fullscreen, with auto-login
<clever> and it runs it with --tv, so the UI adapts to allow usage with only arrow keys and enter
<etu> johanot: There's 2 forks of my configs and 12 stars :p
<eyJhb> I took mine offline :(
<eyJhb> Also, they haven't been updated in a LONG time anyways
<johanot> the truth is, my eyes hurt when I look at my own config and I don't like hurting others eyes :p config spring-cleaning is on my todo. luckily it's autumn now :D
<eyJhb> johanot: assume that yours aren't online?
<eyJhb> Same, I have so much commented out... :p
<eyJhb> Especially because I debug things on my own system, e.g. certs
<eyJhb> So I have many files that I don't need at all anymore.. :/
<etu> eyJhb: Git history ;)
<etu> I need to clean out machines from my repo that I don't use anymore
<eyJhb> You also have a TON of machines etu
<eyJhb> etu: git history on my repo?
<eyJhb> Also, I need to talk to you about your hackerspace at some point
<__monty__> I think they mean don't uncomment, just commit and remove.
<eyJhb> I want my own in AAL, which is not the current one... Want a central one
<__monty__> *comment rather
<etu> eyJhb: No need to comment things out if you have history
<eyJhb> Oh, but I mostly do it while I debug, and then forget about it
<johanot> eyJhb: no, it isn't online.. it really should be.. but.. so many things to do. It is in git though. private repo. Also partially because of secrets and me being lazy :( must be the coffee after effects ;)
<eyJhb> I don't commit for each test :%
<etu> johanot: Putting things public is a good carrot to try to get you to clean your mess up though :)
<eyJhb> Tshh... Mine was never clean anyways :p
<eyJhb> I wish Syncthing had more options to configure in the module
<eyJhb> Would be nice
<eyJhb> E.g. trusted devices, etc.
<johanot> etu: very true. the term "clean" is ... bendable though :p
<etu> johanot: For sure, things can take time. And that's okay :)
<eyJhb> God damn it clever , now I was so close to manage my configs like etu, but am now reconsidering nixops..
<eyJhb> :(
* joepie91 votes morph
* etu should learn and use nixops for things
<qyliss> i'd be extremely here for a series of blog posts about how different people manage large collections of nix files
<eyJhb> joepie91: also considered that, and I can always poke you, srhb and johanot about it ;)
<qyliss> especially if it was written by somebody who was not the author, because it'll probably be easier to understand each approach that way
<eyJhb> I should also make a mine.user.xxx as well, I have some base configs each server should have ,and it just clutters up my configuration.nix atm.
<johanot> eyJhb: well, I admit I'm probably biased there :p
<eyJhb> Haha, I wonder why ;) :p
<eyJhb> I was surprised to see you had THAT many opensource things
<eyJhb> Btw. anyone who uses Syncthing here?
<qyliss> I know spacekookie does
<qyliss> she's probably asleep right now though
<lassulus> I do syncthing
<joepie91> eyJhb: I use it, a bit
<lassulus> I also wrote the declarative config thingy in nixos
<eyJhb> How do you manage access to it? Do you specify your own user/group, and then point it into home
<eyJhb> Give me give me give me lassulus , sounds awesome
<lassulus> it should be upstream now, syncthing.declarative
<lassulus> in 19.09 it will also be in stable
<eyJhb> I really wish that options.html would display options for unstable etc..
<eyJhb> And just update every once in a while, as it is so nice looking at
<lassulus> yes, a documentation/options/packages page for unstable would be very sweet
<eyJhb> I have thought about trying to implement it into the current page, as it shouldn't require much tbh.
<eyJhb> But it looks like I might consider importing that from unstable and using it ;)
<lassulus> yeah, you basically can specify devices, which are peers and folders which to sync
<eyJhb> But how do you manage access to it? Do you place syncthing in /var/lib/syncthing, or smash it into your home folder etc.?
<lassulus> some folder options are supported, but not all of them
<lassulus> I have it systemwide in /var/lib/syncthing
<eyJhb> And then allow by group?
<lassulus> and a group syncthing for the users which want to sync something
<lassulus> and I also setup something which changes the permissions via inotify
<lassulus> its a bit hacky though
<eyJhb> Any particular reason for that?
<lassulus> well I want the files to be owned by the respective user
<lassulus> but if syncthing creates them, they are owned by syncthing
<eyJhb> It is owned by the user that is specified, right?
<lassulus> yes, if you want to run it as your mainuser only there is no problem
<lassulus> but i have lots of users
<eyJhb> I basically just want it to run, and then have access to it via. my main user eyJhb (push/pull)
<lassulus> then it should just run as your user I guess
<eyJhb> Well, it should function as well as long as I am in the same group, if it does the group permissions like I would assume
<eyJhb> But might not be doing that....
<lassulus> If I remember correctly it does not honor umask and so files always get created with 644
<lassulus> but I might be mistaken
<eyJhb> I guess it will be a joy to find out then.. :/
<eyJhb> Takes some time b uilding the homepage, did not expect that
<eyJhb> I should read up on home makefiles work, again
<Taneb> Aha! I said I'd give globin karma when the bot was working again. globin++
<{^_^}> globin's karma got increased to 6
<Taneb> You know, if I could get a full-time job fixing nix packages, I'd be sorely tempted
* gchristensen takes note
<eyJhb> Hoped it would be easier to add additional channels to options.html, it isn't that hard, but it requires some editing of how the URL things work
<gchristensen> eyJhb: maybe chat up samueldr
<gchristensen> I think he has Plans
<eyJhb> Ohh samueldr :D Come here
<eyJhb> I have the Makefile in place pretty much, and I know how I could do the other thing, but I don't know if it is the best way to go about it
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<eyJhb> Making it elegant is the biggest trouble of course
<samueldr> eyJhb: I was planning to basically re-use (through abstraction) the parts
<samueldr> I made for the package explorer
<samueldr> so it's not exactly plug and play
<eyJhb> Ahh, looks nice! That might be very useful
<eyJhb> Have you made any progress with it?
<samueldr> not at all, only thought about it :)
<eyJhb> Hmm, I might look at it and make a PR
<eyJhb> I have really missed that
<eyJhb> But first I should cleanup my configs for my servers..
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<etu> eyJhb: Haha, you found that in my config? ;)
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<eyJhb> I might have etu :p
<eyJhb> WOndering if the vimrcConfig.customRC disables the normal .vimrc file
<talyz> eyJhb: it's the only font you'll ever need ;)
<Taneb> clever: if you get a chance could you find me that blog? I'd be interested to read it
<Taneb> Thank you :)
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<drakonis_> oh man, noita is out.
<drakonis_> its a great game.
<sphalerite> drakonis_: ooh, I saw something about that, it's one of the rare games that tempts me to buy and try it
<drakonis_> its so good.
<drakonis_> there goes my day tho
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<drakonis_> oh no my time
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<sphalerite> :/
<sphalerite> maybe I hsould wait until after the release to try it ;)
<drakonis_> it also runs extremely well undeer wine
<drakonis_> there's also mod support, but someone oughta unpack the game files to access the relevant parts
<sphalerite> huh, the gog page said it doesn't run under wine
<sphalerite> even better though
<drakonis_> very little windows code it seems
<aminechikhaoui> is anyone using NixOS on a NAS ?
<gchristensen> technically it is network attached storage, but it isn't sold as a NAS
<aminechikhaoui> yeah I thought so, so just build the configuration of a NAS manually ? :)
<gchristensen> yeah
<aminechikhaoui> any recommendations for the entire setup ?
<gchristensen> what kind of things do you want to do?
<aminechikhaoui> store photos and maybe use it for backups as well
<gchristensen> so for my NAS, I just znapzend data to it, and then scp as needed. I don't mount it or anything
<cransom> my main nixos machine has a fair amount of disk in it and runs nextcloud, netatalk,pulls in rsync backups, whatever. it just happens i do most of my development on it too
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<eyJhb> aminechikhaoui: syncthing as well
<cransom> i tried to love syncthing and back when it was a thing, bittorrentsync. it all just ended up to be a way to rapidly accumulate '.conflict' files.