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<pie_> something something if its exponential you graph it on a log log plot and it will look linear
<pie_> but ts probably easy to get this stuff wrong if you dont know what youre doing
<samueldr> look, it's me, don't know :)
* pie_ has analysis paralysis about stats, perhaps not unjustifiably
<samueldr> hmmm
<samueldr> I could also look at the source and see if there's logical relationship
<pie_> R makes some least squares fitting methods availible if you have some parametrized gueses, but im not sure how that orks
<pie_> probably doesnt help you though
<pie_> it could be anything :D but you need to find what apears to be a reasonable approximation
<pie_> well, if you can look at the source ,and its not just experimental data...thats probably a lot better, unless theres some dastardly effects you dont know about##
<samueldr> it could be a side effect of how it's computer, like they're not trying to make the curve, it just happens due to constants
<pie_> (though i guess thats what randomization is about in experiments)
<samueldr> and here, luckily, it's stable and reproducible
<infinisil> samueldr: So what is this exactly?
<samueldr> [19:56:46] <samueldr> that's the relationship between the size of a filesystem and the available space within
<samueldr> for a specific FS
<infinisil> What's the percentage?
<infinisil> Ah
<samueldr> the space available within, one of the line is as "data clusters", the other as bytes available in df
<infinisil> I think this is
<infinisil> It needs 2% of the space to bookkeep the space
<samueldr> all FS are different
<infinisil> For keeping page tables or so
<samueldr> here it's FAT32, and the space is all accounted for :)
<samueldr> I think the discrepancy is because of the actual root directory taking space
<infinisil> Yeah and I was gonna add that the curve comes from some fixed cost part
<samueldr> I'm not concerned about the small discrepancy, considering the first one is for a FS with only 48KB available
<infinisil> So you're concerned about why it doesn't give you 100%?
<samueldr> I have other known fixed cost parts, 32 reserved sectors, and the FAT itself, which the FAT size changes in another relationship I'm trying to figure out
<samueldr> not at all, I have the 100% figured out
<samueldr> (reserved space) + (number of FATs)×(size of a FAT) + (data clusters)
<samueldr> that graph only shows data clusters
<pie_> "Yeah and I was gonna add that the curve comes from some fixed cost part" i guess we were all wondering if this is it
<infinisil> Sooo what are you trying to figure out?
<samueldr> the amount of sectors per FAT, given a size
<samueldr> (which I didn't know that was my target when I began speaking about it)
<infinisil> I see
<infinisil> I once learned about how FAT works, but I forgot, as one does
<samueldr> great, I think I have the right location in the source, and it's not something that looks hard to follow
<pie_> https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%28x-1%29%2Fx+from+1+to+10thats the curve of the proportion of free space x-1 to total space x
<pie_> where the size of the constant factor is 1
* pie_ just playing around
<samueldr> hopefully I'll have the actual constants soon
<infinisil> pie_: Ahh good point, it would be something like that here, not exponential
<samueldr> btw, if it wasn't obvious, I never said it was a hard problem :)
<infinisil> We just all wanted a piece of it too!
<samueldr> and looking at the source makes the small discrepancy I was seeing (that you weren't) obvious, even though this is what I intuited
<samueldr> >> (sectors + clustsize - 1) & ~(clustsize - 1)
<samueldr> there's alignment
<pie_> but oppf course this is just the constant factor curve, it isnt necessarily constant factorif you disregard knowledge of fat :P
<pie_> anyway
<ashkitten> evanjs: $ echo $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
<ashkitten> unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-2vJelQAAXH,guid=114a981e72cf545a1fd72b3b5d6ca29b
<ashkitten> evanjs: from i3
<pie_> joepie91 no i dont think i know of anything openal#
<samueldr> (now thinking I need to port that to bash :/)
<ashkitten> evanjs: and setting it to the one i got from ssh lets me connect to openrazer-daemon
<ashkitten> no idea why it's being set to that
<pie_> joepie91 , i really dubnno , but are you suure its not a problem with the way wine is built
<evanjs> ashkitten: yep!
<evanjs> Setting services.dbus.socketActivated to true should fix it!
<pie_> i mean is it one of those build time compoents that can be anabled
<pie_> well, whats the problem
<ashkitten> evanjs: do i need to re-login for it to take effect?
<ashkitten> evanjs: wait, i didn't even set services.dbus.socketActivated and logging back in worked
<evanjs> ashkitten: I believe so, as the culprit was dbus-launch, which is what starts i3 in your case
<evanjs> I’m doing xsession stuff via home-manager which is why I didn’t encounter this issue.
<ashkitten> it might be related to the systemd user session issues i was having before
<evanjs> Like what?
<ashkitten> like if i logged in after a reboot it would fail to set session variables so systemctl --user didn't work
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<ashkitten> i think someone replied on the nixpkgs issue saying it was a pam thing
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<evanjs> ashkitten: well this could be related to that, yeah. I’d set that variable to true if you’re using i3, anyway
<ashkitten> main point being, the first login after a reboot wouldn't work properly
<ashkitten> okay
<pie_> pet peeve: people not putting ome sort of ffuser over bright led lights
<pie_> cant look at the ceiling because muh retinas
<pie_> y u do dis
<evanjs> pie_: why are you looking at the ceiling so much, anyway? 😝
<evanjs> ashkitten: and maybe reboot once to ensure everything still works. Can’t wait until FRidh approves the PR so we can get it merged
<ashkitten> evanjs: sure enough, if i set that it works after a reboot
<evanjs> Oh well speak of the devil lol
<ashkitten> evanjs: are you planning to package any of the gui tools?
<ashkitten> wait
<ashkitten> it's not working
<evanjs> Yah polychromatic. Almost done but having an issue with the imports 🙄
<evanjs> What isn’t
<evanjs> Or like what’s it saying
<ashkitten> oh
<ashkitten> i accidentally git reset over adding openrazer
<evanjs> Oh phew. Don’t scare me like that 😝
<ashkitten> scared me!
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<evanjs> Yeah I’m planning on getting polychromatic up anyway. Luckily, the 1.0.0 beta had profile support (and uses meson and is wayyyy easier to package)
<evanjs> Anyway, sorta tempted to add the dbus bit to the NixOS wiki
<evanjs> Omfg. I enabled fx-sync with openrazer and now my brightness keys affect the mouse, too 😯 holy crap I haven’t used this stuff for a while
<ashkitten> it's unfortunate that the main thing i wanted out of openrazer was button remapping and that's the main feature it lacks
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<evanjs> Does it? Hrm
<ashkitten> apparently so
<ashkitten> there's some shenanigans you can do with evdev though
<{^_^}> openrazer/openrazer#167 (by mjtorn, 2 years ago, open): Keypad Keybindings (eg. Orbweaver)
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<ashkitten> yep
<ashkitten> i'll probably use something like that python script someone wrote out
<evanjs> ashkitten: Heyyyy https://polychromatic.app/docs/roadmap/
<evanjs> 1.0.0 beta is what I'm packaging now
<evanjs> "Support custom mappings for all types of devices (mice, firefly, etc)"
<ashkitten> nice
<ashkitten> is it done, though?
<ashkitten> no checkmark
<evanjs> though, including the firefly makes me wonder if it's the kind of mappings we're thinking of
<evanjs> and yeah
<ashkitten> anyways i'd be glad to have that
<ashkitten> i'm no stranger to writing my own stuff for peripherals (g933-utils, roccat-tools riir) but it's always nice to have a thing done for me
<ashkitten> i need to work on g933-utils, tbh.....
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<ashkitten> need to make it a better api and some more functionality
<ashkitten> maybe i'll add lua scripting like i did with the roccat-tools rewrite
<ashkitten> sorry, thinking out loud
<evanjs> ashkitten: Especially if it's a full-blown application/service. Nah I do that all the time
<ashkitten> evanjs: the original roccat-tools has a gui i still haven't bothered to add to my rewrite, lol
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<ashkitten> guis are hard
<evanjs> Yeah especially depending on the language *cries in Rust*
<ashkitten> but seriously, the codebase sucked really bad
<ashkitten> yeah i rewrote it in rust :p
<ashkitten> at least it's slightly more readable even though it doesn't support nearly as many devices and doesn't have as many features
<ashkitten> scripting support is way better tho
<ashkitten> *way* more readable tho
<evanjs> ashkitten: haha very fu- *checks GH* oh wait yessss. And yeah. rust-qt-binding-generator is probably to most promising thing I've seen so far for GUI support. Now they just need to include a Cargo.lock upstream so I don't have to use my fork...
<evanjs> which is really the same thing with a lockfile so Nix can package it...
<pie_> i looked into thatbindinggenerator once and i thinki totally didnt get it
<pie_> or im mixing it up with something else, or theres been a lot of progress
<evanjs> the one I mentioned is being developed by the KDE team -- https://github.com/KDE/rust-qt-binding-generator
<pie_> [intrigued in haskell]
<ashkitten> i decided to rewrite it when i went bug hunting one day because something wasn't working right, and then i saw it was full of repetitive code, if/elses for returning the value of booleans, code was spread unpredictably across multiple separate libraries...
<pie_> yeah i think that was it but it looks like more now, ill have to look at it again
<evanjs> It's great, but there's a lot in qt I'm still unfamiliar with. It's also a shame QT Design Studio is commercial only AFAIK
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<samueldr> uh, I'd prefer to have a better proof, but I got my constant, and it's found in the code 512/520*16
<gchristensen> :o
<samueldr> well, it's a bit more complex... now I need to try and see if it actually helps
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<ashkitten> evanjs: close!
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<ashkitten> general question: do most "dumb" phones that include texting allow for more than one line per message?
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<eyJhb> ashkitten: as far as I remember, yes
<ashkitten> hmm
<eyJhb> Why? :p
<eyJhb> But I'm actually not quite sure, because it is so long ago. I think someone here actually only uses a dumbphone, think joepie91 is one
<ashkitten> eyJhb: i need to design a better syntax than the one i currently have for posting to mastodon via sms, and it turns out it's really hard to design a syntax that's concise, easy to write, consistent, easily explainable, robust, and extensible
<ashkitten> if it all has to go in one line that's 10x worse
<eyJhb> Do you have a length limit?
<eyJhb> And.. Can you just like, encode stuff in json? :p
<ashkitten> it should be easy to type
<ashkitten> what i currently have is this:
<etu> The limit for SMS is 160, always been and still is. But even before smartphones they managed to break it up in several messages so the receiving assembles several messages to a single one.
<ashkitten> post.visibility[[content warning]] post text...
<eyJhb> etu: yeah, but maybe the service allowed for this automatically :p
<eyJhb> ashkitten: somewhat confusing what the use case is, should it be parseable on the other end?
<ashkitten> yes
<ashkitten> it will be parsed and sent to the mastodon server as an actual post
<etu> eyJhb: From what I know, it's part of GSM and is made of dark magic and superglue and even people working with GSM at the time didn't understand how the messages got glued together in the right order.
<eyJhb> "dark magic and superglue" is the best way to solve problems ;)
<ashkitten> the most annoying thing is i've got multiple optional fields, one of which can contain arbitrary text. and the post text ofc can be arbitrary too
<eyJhb> ashkitten: I see no reason why you couldn't put new lines, and if it does work with dark magic and superglue, you could exceed 160 chars
<ashkitten> multiple lines would definitely help
<eyJhb> And just do a simple HTTP style request, headers, empty newline, text
<ashkitten> yeah
<eyJhb> You could try it, and see? :p Best way to find out ;)
<eyJhb> ashkitten: actually very sure you can, as I have a... phone I use for.. stuff, and that receives newlines from the provider
<ashkitten> i don't care about newlines on the receiving end
<ashkitten> i need to be able to compose messages with newlines
<eyJhb> So, are you sending the messages manually? /constructing them?
<ashkitten> i know the spec allows it, but some phones probably send messages with enter and don't let you insert a newline
<ashkitten> the user types messages themselves
<eyJhb> Could could always just substitute newlines with '\n', literal. But can see when I get home, or joepie91 might be able to check
<ashkitten> so apparently ms is making exfat free
<ashkitten> which is cool and all but i still won't trust them until they make core parts of windows and the nt kernel open source
<ashkitten> until then they haven't actually given anything significant of themselves to foss communities
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<ashkitten> manveru: bookmarked some stuff to go back to, ty!
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<vyorkin> is there a way to use a more recent version of the OCaml compiler on NixOS? Currently it's 4.06.1 (in the nixpkgs master)
<__monty__> vyorkin: That question's suitable for #nixos, it's not off-topic there.
<__monty__> > ocaml.compilers
<{^_^}> attribute 'compilers' missing, at (string):263:1
<__monty__> > compilers.ocaml
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'compilers' at (string):263:1
<vyorkin> > development.compilers.ocaml
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'development' at (string):263:1
<vyorkin> > <nixpkgs>
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo
<vyorkin> > pkgs
<{^_^}> { AAAAAASomeThingsFailToEvaluate = <CODE>; AMB-plugins = <CODE>; AgdaSheaves = <CODE>; AgdaStdlib = <CODE>; CoinMP = <CODE>; DisnixWebService = <CODE>; EBTKS = <CODE>; EmptyEpsilon = <CODE>; FIL-plugi...
<__monty__> vyorkin: Talk to {^_^} in a query, don't spam the channel.
<vyorkin> ok sure, sorry
<__monty__> I can't figure it out, it's not like the haskell infra.
<vyorkin> I think I've found it
<vyorkin> > pkgs.ocamlPackages_latest.ocaml.version
<{^_^}> "4.08.1"
<__monty__> 👍 I like the haskell infra better, it's more discoverable.
<__monty__> > pkgs.haskell.compiler
<{^_^}> { ghc822 = <CODE>; ghc822Binary = <CODE>; ghc844 = <CODE>; ghc863Binary = <CODE>; ghc864 = <CODE>; ghc865 = <CODE>; ghc881 = <CODE>; ghcHEAD = <CODE>; ghcjs = <CODE>; ghcjs84 = <CODE>; ghcjs86 = <CODE...
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<joepie91> ashkitten: my experience is that almost every dumbphone allows newlines, but it's often a bit awkward to type one (emoji, OTOH, are very poorly supported)
<joepie91> 'newline' is generally just a symbol in the symbol table
<joepie91> so there's not even an 'enter key'
<sphalerite> huh, I seem to remember my nokia phone back in the day having enter on 0 together with space
<__monty__> For me it's space the down.
<joepie91> sphalerite: newline, not enter, and as an alt for the {space,dot}
<joepie91> ie. just the abbreviated version of the symbol table
<__monty__> What's the difference between newline and enter?
<joepie91> 'enter' is a key (which dumbphones almost never have), 'newline' is a symbol, and the crucial distinction is that the former can issue UI commands whereas the latter is always a character inserted into the text (which is what ashkitten asked about :P)
<joepie91> enter results in a newline in a lot of contexts, on systems that have an enter key
<joepie91> but the reverse is not true; a newline symbol will not result in an enter keypress
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<averell> wow, a vim upgrade causes 500+ rebuilds.
<averell> ah i'm dumb, it's just all those plugins
<eyJhb> :D Still rebuilds? ;) :p
<samueldr> yeah, not all rebuilds are equal :)
<andi-> "only rebuilds affecting me are valid rebuilds!" :D
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<samueldr> I was thinking more about the trivialness of the rebuilds; e.g. packing vim scripts is likely quick an trivial, we can probably chew through a couple order of magnitudes more than a ghc
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<andi-> vim ~= 0.0011 ghc rebuilds? :D
<samueldr> it'd be nice to have something like LFS has, a "factor" of build time
<samueldr> even if informal
<eyJhb> I still cry a little inside everytime there is a update for VBox/Vbox Ext Pack
<andi-> Firefox went from compiling within 25min on my notebook to above an hour in just about 1.5y :/ I cry whenver I try to upgrade it.
<eyJhb> But you have the option to use the cache, don't you andi- ?
<andi-> when packaging new version? I don't think so.
<eyJhb> Ah
<eyJhb> I thought you just meant on a update on channels for your system
<eyJhb> So many things I should do, also regarding Nix, but so little time
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<eyJhb> Anybody working on getting like, a extra five hours a day?
<andi-> Anyone else watching that comedy from the UK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dJZgs6uSMw
<eyJhb> Awww :( `Chat is disabled for this live stream.`
<eyJhb> Why does this remind me of a bar discussion? With all the "hear hear", and standing up and stuff
<cransom> so many thank yous and my right honorable gentlemans.
<Taneb> andi-: I'm watching the BBC's text coverage and living in fear for the state of my country of residence
<andi-> Taneb: I feel so sorry for you.
<andi-> From here it looks like a bad comedy
<Taneb> Bad comedy is bad tragedy plus distance or time
<andi-> I am still perplexed how someone could end up in that situation.. It is such a clusterfu*k
<Taneb> It's what happens you make a scapegoat out of an organization your economy relies on
<Taneb> Blaming the EU is quite good when no-one's suggesting leaving and things are actually your fault
<Taneb> It's not so good when people start saying we should leave, loudly and sometimes violently
<samueldr> the UK should have instead voted to leave the NAFTA, or something they weren't actually a part of
<samueldr> there, your dopamine rush from making a decision, without any consequences
<adisbladis> "you are our friends, family and neighbours"
<andi-> yeah
<adisbladis> Umm... As an EU citizen living in the UK it sure doesn't feel like that..
<andi-> adisbladis: did you sign up for the "express" citizienship yet?
<andi-> :D
<adisbladis> andi-: I have pre-settled status
<andi-> the amount of times he mentioned "Border Security" doesn't make it look better
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<infinisil> Loving CrackerMilk: https://youtu.be/ThZR1BrKuPc
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<sphalerite> \o/ got a windows moved from bare metal to a nixos kvm hypervisor, with PCIe passthrough for high graphics performance :D :D :D
<sphalerite> gchristensen++ for inspiration
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 149
<sphalerite> (this is a games machine, and the games run nicely in the VM)
<samueldr> can the GPU handle the VM rebooting nicely?
<samueldr> when it does, it's apparently a nice setup
<samueldr> (my trashy old GPU can't :))
<aanderse> gaming rig? <3 steam proton (aka wine)
<sphalerite> samueldr: yes, seems to work fine
<averell> does that need more than one GPU
<averell> and a dedicated screen?
<sphalerite> averell: yes
<sphalerite> averell: unless you're happy with the linux being headless
<sphalerite> averell: in this case, linux is using the intel integrated GPU and I have a monitor connected to that, but I haven't actually made use of it at all, doing everything via ssh
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<evanjs> ashkitten: openrazer PR got merged. You should be able to drop the branch within the next few days :P
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<samueldr> even then, there is work to allow more complex setups, e.g. intel iGPU on the host, the dedicated GPU on the VM, and the display being shown on the host
gchristensen is now known as gchrholiday
<ashkitten> evanjs: cool ty
<sphalerite> gchrholiday: enjoy!
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<samueldr> hmm, hitting some weird issue within fdisk/sfdisk... wondering if I'm misunderstanding something or not
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<samueldr> (I'm still collecting more info before diving more in depth)
<samueldr> the more I test, with only MiB aligned partitions, the more I think there's a subtle bug
<__monty__> That *is* weird.
<__monty__> Any partition datastructures that grow with size?
<samueldr> I just cloned the repo to look at the code
<samueldr> but what I can see is that any pairs of partitions where the second is 1MiB will fail when the first is 3MiB or bigger
<samueldr> though if the second partition is bigger (e.g. 2MiB) everything is fine
<samueldr> if I add some padding to the image, in the truncate call, it's fine too
<samueldr> that'll teach me about writing minimal test cases for _my_ bugs
<samueldr> (I was minifying a test case to its simplest expression)
<samueldr> ugh, software that uses the same error message for two different failure cases
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<hyperfekt> Is there a list of things that prevent nix from becoming a build tool?
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<jackdk> imagine making a tool so good that your name becomes the thing to describe that tool
<pie_> the ol switcheroo