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<gchristensen> my wife realized that r13y is causing our electricity bill to be high ;')
<drakonis> haha
<tazjin> this weekend was a success
<tazjin> time to 💤 good night!
<pie_> gchristensen: oh no lol
<pie_> tazjin: any relation to gchristensen layering thing?
<pie_> s/primosing/promising/
<pie_> it would be interesting to be able to take the total sum of leaf build inputs >.>
* pie_ wonders about the balance of global warming research and building the world
<samueldr> nice, something for the release notes this release https://www.xfce.org/about/news/?post=1565568000
<pie_> nice
<drakonis> v. nice
<drakonis> what's the standards for writing a module?
<infinisil> A NixOS module?
<drakonis> yeah
<drakonis> i want to write a podman module and upstream it
<{^_^}> #54925 (by vdemeester, 27 weeks ago, open): Add a programs.podman module
<drakonis> you should check the state of that module
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<infinisil> Yeah that's a bad NixOS module lol
<drakonis> thus the question
<infinisil> drakonis: Let's go to #nixos
<drakonis> aight
<pie_> look at all the things in his flair ;P
<pie_> on the other hand the fact that so many people are drawing the wrong conclusion says something about the presentation of the original data. - but maybe they explain that in the article, i havent read it yet
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<pie_> oops double paste
<drakonis> the power of music needs no high tech
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<sphalerite> anybody with linguistics knowledge? I just thought, "nope" is an interesting phenomenon
<ar> nope, not me
<ashkitten> wow, i've never had ffmpeg encode so slowly before that it switched to negative exponent notation for its speed multiplier
<ashkitten> did you know libaom-av1 is a perfectly usable encoder?
<ashkitten> (to be fair, this is literally the worst possible thing i could try to encode with it...)
<ashkitten> i'm not being even remotely fair, tbh
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<tazjin> pie_: yes, they're related - see https://storage.googleapis.com/nixdoc/nixery-layers.html :)
<pie_> yay documentation
<pie_> wow you get an entire subdirectory
* pie_ has no idea how googleapis storage works
<pie_> *human readable
<tazjin> the first path component (`nixdoc`) is the bucket name, which is globally unique
<pie_> tazjin: sounds like you might have some input for https://discourse.nixos.org/t/using-nixos-in-an-isolated-environment/3369/
<pie_> they were talking about crawling nixpkgs for various inputs and whatnot
<eyJhb> I have never seen so many links to Google since I noticed you tazjin :D
* tazjin feels noticed
<tazjin> pie_: I'll check that out later, my popularity calculation for evaluating the whole set was quite simple tbh
<tazjin> because for my purposes it doesn't matter if I catch ~99% of all derivations vs. 100
<tazjin> to be honest it stopped changing meaningfully already after ~20%
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<gchristensen> :D
<pie_> ok damnit i might have to learn awk https://twitter.com/tednaleid/status/1148779512534044672
<pie_> gchristensen: sed vs awk?
<adisbladis> gchristensen: The replies are also phenomenal :)
<gchristensen> 2 tools, both worth learning
<pie_> dont tempt me damnit
<pie_> (fawk)
<gchristensen> pie_...
<pie_> why is it that every time i do something with partitions something breaks
* pie_ reboots hoping its just the kernel doing some horrible caching again
<sphalerite> to force you to test your backups
<pie_> i am _trying_ to _set up_ the backups
<adisbladis> pie_: That book is _expensive_ :/
<sphalerite> lol
<pie_> i can only have so many redundant copies of data
<pie_> (namely one, currently)
<sphalerite> one redundant copy?
<sphalerite> Or one copy?
<joepie91> just put your backups on the blockchain, then ~everybody~ will have a copy
<adisbladis> joepie91: And it's cheap too ;)
* joepie91 runs
<pie_> joepie91: youre gonna need more bling then
<joepie91> lol
<pie_> its called block chain because theres a bunch of heavy hdds on it
<joepie91> pie_: nah, that can fund itself, you just need to invent a stupid company around the idea and do a bunch of buzzword marketing
<joepie91> and then VCs will throw millions at you for your backups
<pie_> xD
<pie_> its uhh "random" data...
<joepie91> "carefully selected scientific seed data, revolutionizing scientific research"
<pie_> you just have to uhhh crack hashes so they happen to correspond to what i want to store
<joepie91> also something something AI
<adisbladis> Bingo!
<joepie91> :)
<joepie91> pie_: you joke, but wasn't that the premise of hash-based compression lol
<pie_> joepie91: you used scientific twice
<joepie91> VC-funded companies use 'blockchain' many more times than that so I don't see the problem :P
<adisbladis> pie_: That's how you know it's legit
<pie_> joepie91: or right, "what do you mean content addressable hash?"
<adisbladis> Do you get how advanced it is if he has to use "scientific" _twice_?
<pie_> also that one library in that one book by umberto eco that i read the wiki page of
<pie_> *oh right
<pie_> adisbladis: proven empirically profitable
<pie_> oh right i was going to reboot
<pie_> brb ;_;
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<ajs124> blockchain? just use https://github.com/philipl/pifs
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<adisbladis> ajs124: "πfs for Hadoop!" <3
<pie__> well it wasnt the kernel caches, something horrible happened in ?gpt space?
<ajs124> pie__: did you override the backup gpt?
<pie__> ajs124: not deliberately
<ajs124> so that's a yes?
<pie__> i just left extended it as far as gparted let me
<pie__> and i assume gparted is gpt aware
<ajs124> always use gdisk when doing ~dumb shit~ advanced operations
<pie__> its _supported by gparted_ D:
<pie__> i did not think gparted was an advanced operations tool
<pie__> it warned me about boot partitions but that was it
<ajs124> what's your problem, actually? partitions can't be found or what?
<pie__> it thinks the partition is the old partition that got overwritten by left extending the new partition
<ajs124> uff. left extending? while trying to preserve the fs?
<pie__> and by overwritten i mean i deleted (but did not zero) the old=1st partition
<pie__> well it did a 2 hour long copy operation so i assume it shifted everything
<pie__> and its an encrypted, thus opaque, partition, so it shioudl have treated it as just bytes
<ajs124> you can just try to open the luks device from the drive with an offset (probably)
<pie__> unless it left extended, spent two hours doing notihing, and now i have two merged partitions with the data in the same place
<pie__> does ext4 have a magic
* pie__ is looking at the raw bytes
<ajs124> yeah. you can find it with wipefs
<ajs124> It scares me every time, but by default it just scans a blockdevice for magic
<ajs124> the name is very intimidating though
<pie__> heh
<pie__> yes it is
<pie__> what in the world happened here...
<eyJhb> pie__: did you wipe?
<pie__> no
* pie__ munches on his pizza, crying internalls
* eyJhb can relate, doing my presentation
<eyJhb> *minus the pizza, I want that
* pie__ gives eyJhb a slice of pie
<eyJhb> I would assume when it comes from you pie__ , that it basically would mean a hug
<pie__> i could use a hug right now :/
* eyJhb gives pie__ a virutal hug
<eyJhb> SOmebody close to pie__, get over there!
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<pie__> sphalerite: one copy :P
<pie__> except now apparently one original >.>
<pie__> time to start getting scared again
<sphalerite> yeah I don't like gparted
<sphalerite> moving partitions is dangerous and expensive and it shouldn't offer it imho
<pie__> i dont thikn it used to
<pie__> given that it does i figured it would be fine
<pie__> kde does some annoying automount stuff though and it think that _might_ have had some part to play here
<eyJhb> I would never dare to resize any of my partitions without a complete backup first
<manveru> sphalerite: doing it manually is probably worse though :)
<pie__> eyJhb: this _was_ the backup
<sphalerite> pie__: used to when?
<pie__> eyJhb: so i dont think i lost anythig
<pie__> not actually sure though xD
<eyJhb> pie__: You know, that... If you don't look, it's kinda like.. pies backup box.
<sphalerite> I last used it at least 5 years ago, and it was already able to do that back then
<eyJhb> It might be there, or not, until you observe it
<pie__> hm.
<pie__> sigma_data*sigma_backups <= pi/2
<joepie91> eyJhb: growing partitions is safe :)
<joepie91> it's shrinking/moving them where it gets icky
<eyJhb> joepie91: I just assume nothing is safe with LUKS, but I would be more OK with growing one too
<eyJhb> But that normally isn't the case
<eyJhb> Since you would normally shrink one, to grow :p
<joepie91> oh, LUKS.
<joepie91> well, not necessarily
<joepie91> LVM comes to mind
<pie__> luks is just an opaque blob
<joepie91> an opaque blob that likes to smash things
<pie__> "this is a partition. it happens to ahve some data. dont overwrite it"
<joepie91> if you look at it funny
<pie__> none of my problems so far were luks' fault
<eyJhb> It was all pie__ fault!
<eyJhb> Or KDE
<eyJhb> Likely KDE as from what I have heard
<pie__> or unfriendly tooling
<pie__> be be fair theres like 50 differnt partition management related linux tools
<pie__> who the heck is going to read the manual
<pie__> 'ts why you have backups i guess
<pie__> if it mounts, you zfs srub
<pie__> scrub
<pie__> if thats good, youre good
<pie__> i imagine.
<pie__> if it doesnt mount...
<pie__> restore
<pie__> (sync often)
<pie__> im rushing through everything though, im not sure how other people learn how to deal with this stuff
<ajs124> I just read the dd manual. Although I'm sure I forgot >3/4
<pie__> you dont edit yor gpt tables with dd right
<ajs124> that I do with gdisk. because it is very good.
* pie__ prepares to add ajs124 to his "wizard" table
* pie__ slowly puts the pencil down
<pie__> ok
<ajs124> oh no
<eyJhb> Ye' a wizard ajs124
<pie__> so not /that/ wizard table. not yet.
<ajs124> eyJhb: I'm a hwhat??
<eyJhb> ajs124: If I wasn't this lazy, I would gimp something! :D
<eyJhb> Initial draft done of my presentation! But if anybody looked at it, I will be dead
* pie__ trades places with eyJhb, accepts sweet release
<eyJhb> pie__: you suuuure you would want to go present this ? :p
<pie__> sphalerite: for the record my hunch is this is KDEs fault and not gparted
<sphalerite> pie__: that sounds weird.
<pie__> i think it automounted the drive, no idea how that would lead to this though :D
<pie__> maybe i should try to repro this
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<pie__> its not _really_ KDEs fault though, the poor clueless thing
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<gchristensen> "LLVM ERROR: IO failure on output stream: No space left on device
<gchristensen> oops
<andi-> someone needs even more GCing ;)
<gchristensen> I just deleted 450 zfs snapshots of /nix :)
<andi-> o.O
<andi-> why do you snapshot that?
<andi-> (that often)
<gchristensen> I backed up / recursively
<gchristensen> last night I moved my filestytms around so I don't snapshot /nix anymore, but can still snapshot all my important stuff recursively
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<etu> adisbladis: I'm always surprised of how people don't catch that {^_^} is a bot.
<adisbladis> I mean if you're new {^_^} just looks like a most helpful person :)
<adisbladis> Comes in and drops exactly the line you need
<etu> (after someone trigger it)
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<joepie91> etu: in #Node.js, people regularly talk to ecmabot (ecmaBOT!) as if it's a person
<joepie91> :P
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<etu> :D
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<eyJhb> Does people tag {^_^} and ask questions?
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<eyJhb> I like how after RIP, they just gave up naming registers (that is at least my interpretation)
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<gchristensen> I'm looking to hire someone who is really good with Nix and good with Rust. please PM me if interested :)
<eyJhb> gchristensen: any exciting project?
<gchristensen> I can't talk details right now, sorry
<eyJhb> gchristensen: :(
<eyJhb> I can't do either, but just curious
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<eyJhb> yay, I created a inifinite loop with my overflow!
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<kraem> i'm trying to create a notification on when my battery is low with these options https://bpaste.net/show/VqH3 - I can see that the script gets in the if statement and executing the echo but it won't send a notification to dunst. If I run the script with just a simple bash script file it works. Anyone have any pointers?
<infinisil> ,pointers
<{^_^}> 0x3A28213A 0x6339392C, 0x7363682E.
<infinisil> There ya go
<andi-> o.O
<infinisil> kraem: But #nixos is the channel to ask this kinda stuff
<kraem> thanks! fixed it ;)
<infinisil> :)
<kraem> infinisil: ah sorry i was a bit quick and thought i was there. is it spamming if i cross-post there now as well?
<gchristensen> nope!
<joepie91> kraem: the problem with cross-posting is that you ask two sets of people to basically replicate each other's work (wasting time in the process); if someone tells you to re-ask elsewhere it's therefore not a problem, as it indicates that the people in the channel you originally posted in are probably not going to spend any effort answering it there :)
<joepie91> so no wasting of effort, so no problem
<infinisil> joepie91: There's some certain people that ask the same question in multiple channels at the same time..
<gchristensen> less good. that is spammy
<infinisil> Furtonately not seeing that too often
<joepie91> infinisil: oh yeah, I know, I was just clarifying the cross-posting thing to kraem
* joepie91 has seen a lot of people confused on IRC by "no cross-posting" rules
<infinisil> Yeah, just made a comment
<infinisil> joepie91: Huh really? I'd think that should be pretty obvious
<joepie91> infinisil: it's obvious when you're on the answering end, not when you're on the asking end - a lot of people don't realize that answering a question isn't a mental index lookup but a triaging process, and therefore they often don't intuitively realize that cross-posting means duplication of work
<joepie91> because if people just immediately fished the answers from their brain, it /wouldn't/ be duplication of work, you'd just be asking the same question to a broader pool of people
<infinisil> Good explanation
<joepie91> it's the "figuring out what the asker wants and where they're stuck" where time gets wasted, but that's also the process that's often not realized or even invisible by/to the asker
<joepie91> another symptom of that same problem is askers who get annoyed by follow-up questions ("why don't you just have an answer for me"), as well as people who just keep re-asking the same question every hour without ever responding to clarification questions
<infinisil> I guess that's also kind of reinforced by googling
<joepie91> and one of the more curious symptoms of it, is that people who answer a lot of questions are often seen as 'geniuses'
<joepie91> because they "know everything", not realizing that they're just experienced at the triaging process
<joepie91> yeah
<tazjin> (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡ʎʇıɹnd ɹoʇɐnןɐʌǝ
<joepie91> infinisil: for the more... rude askers, I actually tend to explicitly tell people "we're not a search engine, if you ask us a question then you will get clarification questions and a contextual answer or recommendation -- if you just want a literal answer to your literal question, use Google"
<joepie91> doesn't happen often, but is sometimes necessary to make people realize the social context they're in
<infinisil> joepie91: Hehe, kinda hard to recommend google, because there's really not a lot to find there regarding Nix
<infinisil> tazjin: Huh...
<joepie91> infinisil: oh yeah, this is mostly in #Node.js. I actually haven't really seen these sort of rude askers in #nixos at all yet
<joepie91> and people in #nixos generally take "this is a bad idea, try X instead" on board
<Remosi> In another channel we had a wiki, we would answer a question on the agreement that they'd put the answer in the wiki. If they asked a second question and the first wasn't in the wiki we'd politely ask them to solve that first ;)
<joepie91> this is... not true for everybody in #Node.js :)
<tazjin> infinisil: I could not find any less hacky way to build a thing that can invoke Nix at runtime with either a) Nix code from the store, or b) somehow passing a binary in the store that was built separately
<joepie91> (and it is actually a bannable offense in #Node.js to knowingly continue being a 'help vampire' and demanding literal answers or some other such nonsense)
<joepie91> Remosi: that seems like an interesting approach
<joepie91> hadn't considered that before
<infinisil> Remosi: What if the first question was like really hard to answer?
<gchristensen> joepie91: usually I just PM people who are enabling vampires and ask them to stop
<joepie91> gchristensen: that unfortunately doesn't really scale beyond a certain point, and more importantly, it sets a bad example to onlookers in the channel as to what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the channel
<Remosi> infinisil, then usually we'd perhaps help them document it. Most hard questions were from people who had already asked several easier questions ;)
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> aware
<gchristensen> I mean, I do also tell the person they're being a vampire
<joepie91> #Node.js is actually a bit unusual in that unacceptable behaviour is intentionally called-out in channel (subtly and in a friendly manner if probably-unintentional, less subtly if the person is obviously behaving in bad faith)
<joepie91> and while it seems a bit extreme, it ends up being quite effective at setting behavioural norms
<Remosi> infinisil, we had a few really good wiki gnomes who would go and clean up wiki answers into a consistent style, index them, etc.
<joepie91> it's very rare that two people have to be talked-to-sternly about the same thing on the same day
<joepie91> and there are a lot of people who explicitly remark on the pleasant atmosphere in the channel
<joepie91> that approach would probably be overkill for a small, naturally-well-behaved community though
<gchristensen> joepie91: it might be
<joepie91> Remosi: I'm certainly going to think about the wiki thing. I wonder how well it'd scale to a large channel
<gchristensen> the community is smaller for sure, with a filter in who gets "in"
<joepie91> yeah
<joepie91> I don't think public call-outs would be necessary for #nixos tbh, at least not in its current state
<elvishjerricco> Uh oh. A password ended up in my journal.
<Remosi> joepie91, No idea. The channel I was doing it on was not particularly large
<gchristensen> joepie91: it is necessary from time to time
<elvishjerricco> Is there a way to delete only the most recent logs with journald?
<joepie91> really? I've probably missed those cases then
<Remosi> joepie91, but I think it was a self sustaining process, once you had a group of people updating the wiki (or pointing people to wiki pages), then the site got updated.
<gchristensen> yes
<Remosi> joepie91, I wonder how the Arch people manage to have such a well maintained wiki site
<joepie91> good question
<joepie91> hold on
<makefu> Remosi joepie91: dedication
* joepie91 goes ask
<makefu> a couple of people which care a lot about the wiki
<Remosi> makefu, yeah, that's important.
<makefu> someone asked about a year ago but i do not remember who it was
<infinisil> joepie91: Where you asking?
<joepie91> infinisil: Arch person I know, but the answer was "no clue" :P
<Remosi> makefu, like I said, having a couple of wiki gnomes that would go and clean it up, index it, refactor etc, helped a lot.
<infinisil> joepie91: Seems that they won't spill their secrets this easily
<joepie91> :)
<makefu> Remosi: true
<Remosi> makefu, but I think it was key to get everyone (including new people) to update it.
<Remosi> and the deal of "I'll spend my time helping you, if you spend your time writing up what I told you" seemed to be fair
<infinisil> Oh, I haven't thought of it this way, now I see
<infinisil> That's pretty neat
<infinisil> Though I have a feeling this won't help the quality of the wiki very much
<Remosi> no, but it does tell you what information needs to be in the wiki
<joepie91> dunno about that
<Remosi> as commonly asked questions end up in the wiki pretty quickly
<Remosi> and it's a good way to get a fairly large group of people regularly contributing
<joepie91> Remosi: it's funny, I'm already sorta doing a centralized version of this
<joepie91> questions that people ask me a lot, I put in a gist
<joepie91> and so I have a large collection of gists now
<infinisil> I've thought of integrating something like this into {^_^}
<Remosi> joepie91, Cool. Is there an index of those gists?
<Remosi> so as a new person I can help myself?
<joepie91> Remosi: an index for (almost) all of the JS stuff is at https://gist.github.com/joepie91/95ed77b71790442b7e61 alongside various other resources
<joepie91> Remosi: otherwise, you can just go through my public gists, it's almost exclusively those kind of informational gists
<joepie91> there's a few nix ones
<joepie91> not many though
<joepie91> I want to eventually move it all off gist
<Remosi> one advantage of hte wiki, was that it was well indexed, and we put a lot of time getting it properly indexed by search engines
<Remosi> which meant that Googling an answer to a common question would lead to the wiki
<infinisil> joepie91: Damn nice, if I ever want to learn node I'll look at that
<joepie91> Remosi: yeah, that's one of the issues with my gists right now
<joepie91> bad indexability
<joepie91> infinisil: \o/
<Remosi> gists are sorta a git based wiki ;)
<Remosi> the other thing we did which was problematic, was re-licensing the wiki
<joepie91> they're not a wiki at all though
<Remosi> that was complicated
<Remosi> joepie91, someone else can fork them, and propose merge requests IIRC?
<Remosi> I've not played with gists that much
<joepie91> Remosi: no merge requests
<joepie91> and forking is very awkward
<Remosi> ah :/
<joepie91> it's less collaborative than github proper imo
<joepie91> a few weeks ago they finally at least added comment notifications
<joepie91> (yes, weeks)
<joepie91> gist is pretty neglected tbh
<gchristensen> super
<joepie91> Remosi: a major issue with gist forking is that each gist can have exactly one fork per user
<joepie91> which means that you can't eg. make two variants of someone elses gist
<Remosi> oh I see
<Remosi> I guess mediawiki is the only wiki left
<joepie91> this is a really big issue when fixing someone's code and explaining how different solutions work
<joepie91> Remosi: well, there's more wikis, but the usability is generally... eh :P
<samueldr> there's what (I think) is powering the github wikis, gollum, that's git-based
<samueldr> haven't verified if it still is
<Remosi> We hacked our wiki so it supported things like manpage syntax foo(1), would be a link to /man/1/foo
<Remosi> so you could link to man pages etc
<Remosi> that was a partial success
<Remosi> linking to manpages was useful, importing manpages into the wiki was much less so
<joepie91> :D
<joepie91> Remosi: which wiki was this?
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<Remosi> the waikato linux users group wiki
<Remosi> it ran phpwiki
<Remosi> we had a lot of custom stuff
<joepie91> right
<Remosi> it's still there, who knew?
<Remosi> but the channel died, so then the wiki bitrotted
<infinisil> Remosi: I think samueldr has an online prototype of all nix package man pages being viewable online
<Remosi> infinisil, Yeah, being able to easily link to that would be great
<Remosi> another thing we experimented with, was having pages of the form /device/usb:<vendorid>
<Remosi> and a script that would scrape all the id's of your machine and link to pages for all the hardware
<Remosi> but that didn't really materialise either
<samueldr> it needs indexing, as the main missing feature
<samueldr> but I have something to extract (only) the manpages from everything hydra buit for a derivation
<samueldr> when I say indexing, I mean mapping nix(1) to all nix(1) pages
<samueldr> and allowing selecting a channel (by name) and or the clashing man pages
<Remosi> you don't cross link manpage(section) ?
<samueldr> it can't just link to another page
<Remosi> one thing that was nice from phpwiki, is we had "all the pages that link to this one"
<samueldr> as multiple derivations can hold e.g. hello(1)
<Remosi> samueldr, right, but you can link to a disambiguation page or similar?
<samueldr> [15:22:51] <samueldr> it needs indexing, as the main missing feature
<samueldr> that's what I meant
<samueldr> I need to index all existing hello(1) to show that disambiguation page
<samueldr> it needs to index in multiple dimensions; each channel will have multiple man pages for the same derivation, and possibly multiple derivations for the same manpage name, and then there are multiple chanels
<samueldr> (not that it's intrinsically hard, it just needs to be done, and my round tuits are spent elsewhere these days)
<Remosi> I can fully appreciate that
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<samueldr> if your virtualbox seems hell of a lot confused, especially if used with and without vagrant, at once
<samueldr> check if ~/.config/virtualbox and ~/.config/VirtualBox both exists
<samueldr> if I believed in therapeutic nature of drinks, I'd need one
<joepie91> lol
<joepie91> samueldr: how many hours?
<samueldr> fun fact: virtualbox has one single error it shows to users when a machine fails to start
<samueldr> *whatever the reason is*
<joepie91> yep
<samueldr> so all of the "help" online in the end basically amounts to either "have you turned it off and on again" "thanks it worked" or "I just re-installed everything, rebooted and it fixed it all"
<joepie91> yep :D
<samueldr> at one place online I found information about how it could be confused by the DISPLAY not being set
<samueldr> (not sure if it was that)
<samueldr> I remarked that the VM would start headless
<samueldr> so I think that's the "vagrant virtualbox" at play there
<samueldr> when I shut down that virtualbox, quit the graphical UI, *and restarted virtualbox*
<samueldr> my list of VMs was different
<samueldr> then I looked under ~/.config
<samueldr> let's say I'm not happy
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<samueldr> especially since that's not even the issue I'm trying to solve!
<samueldr> that's just getting the razor to shave the yak
<gchristensen> ugh I hear that
<gchristensen> I found the moment I mentioned vagrant vbox people lost interest in helping
<joepie91> gchristensen: did you hear about Tumblr?
<gchristensen> I sure did
<joepie91> thoughts?
<gchristensen> now two of my prior employers are owned by automattic
<joepie91> hah
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<gchristensen> its probably going to be a good move
<gchristensen> compared to verizon anyway :)
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<joepie91> yeah, that was pretty much my thought - can't be much worse than Verizon, and there's at least a decent chance that Automattic will leave the queer communities alone
<gchristensen> yeah
<joepie91> (not that I'm a big fan of Automattic, but as far as I know, they've never done the "puritan megacorp" thing)
<gchristensen> well they certainly have the opportunity now
<gchristensen> but yeah. can't be worse than wz
<joepie91> aye, we'll see how things turn out
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<gchristensen> vz*
<joepie91> one thing to consider is that Automattic is... not great where security is concerned, so that might pose some privacy issues for Tumblr users
<gchristensen> the tumblr security team is top notch
<gchristensen> really great people there
<joepie91> sure, but the question is how much of that team survives the transition
<joepie91> if automattic doesn't value security very highly
<gchristensen> I guess I disagree with the premise
<tazjin> I worked with an Ex-Tumblr guy once who made me enthusiastic about LDAP
<tazjin> mhmm LDAP
<gchristensen> oh who?
<gchristensen> LDAP is pretty great
<joepie91> welp, twitter seems bork.
<joepie91> I was going to find a relevant thread re: automattic and security...
<andi-> I feel old (fashioned) when people talk about these things. Never really used any of them or heard the company names outside of news :/
<tazjin> LDAP? Or Tumblr?
<andi-> Tumblr
<andi-> I use(d) LDAP daily until a month ago (as Dev / Admin)
<tazjin> I think we're not the target audience
<tazjin> of Tumblr
<gchristensen> tumblr isn't for you
<gchristensen> I didn't "get" it either. it wasn't for me
<andi-> okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<andi-> Well I also didn't get twitter the year I signed up ..
<tazjin> I've been on Twitter for 10 1/2 years now
<tazjin> p. weird
<andi-> soon 10y
<joepie91> gchristensen: took a Firefox restart, but https://twitter.com/TCFoxtaur/status/1153391892635115520
<joepie91> that thread is more or less a summary of the saga with Wordpress and unauthenticated automated updates\
<gchristensen> yea
<tazjin> twitter is probably my favourite overall website
<andi-> I hate the new design
<tazjin> even though the actual service is doing its best to be as annoying as possible
<tazjin> but the content & people are still better than average for me
<joepie91> they've been dragging their heels for *years* on fixing this problem, despite getting the solution basically handed to them on a platter incl. implementation and compatibility fixes, with no other rationale than "not on our list of priority issues"
<joepie91> that translates pretty clearly to "do not value security" to me :)
<tazjin> andi-: they've had much worse than the new design
<gchristensen> "they're gonna keep up the ban, so i wonder if the user numbers will ever recover. my guess is that they're gonna try to do a bit of a pivot away from Ye Olde Tumblr™ and try to see if they can sell the cleaned-up version that verizon clearly wasn't interested in"
<tazjin> remember when they went 150% in on client-side applications?
<joepie91> hence my premise that automattic does not value security
<gchristensen> gotcha
<andi-> tazjin: i think they waste alot of screen space
<andi-> *a lot
<tazjin> what's a website that doesn't? Fefes Blog?
<joepie91> I actually don't totally hate the new design
<joepie91> especially since they've fixed a bunch of long-standing issues
<joepie91> like the magically reordering timeline
<tazjin> speaking of fefe & ldap
<tazjin> do we have this in nixpkgs? 🤔
<tazjin> gchristensen: what's the deal with this Docker `tarsum` tool?!
<gchristensen> I dunno man
<tazjin> oh man who invented computers
<andi-> tazjin: yes! fefes blog!
<gchristensen> clearly the devil
<andi-> only real with the BILD theme
<tazjin> andi-: I have an excellent sticker for that on one laptop
<andi-> tazjin: +1
<andi-> I fear our non-german friends are not getting it and are missing out big time :/
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<tazjin> I've long given up on trying to explain certain things to non-German friends
<tazjin> for example Helge Schneider's "Im Wendekreis der Eidechse"
<tazjin> you can show it to foreigners and they will say things like "this is the best thing I've ever seen but I understood nothing"
<gchristensen> andi-: let me assuage your fears
<gchristensen> andi-: I don't get it
<tazjin> gchristensen: but do you feel entertained?
<gchristensen> I do
<tazjin> speaking of stickers
<tazjin> these little friends arrived today
<infinisil> Haha nice
<andi-> nice
<joepie91> wait, what lol
<tazjin> poke me at camp or NixCon if you want any
<andi-> I cam with a big bus. Fill it up :p
<tazjin> gchristensen: my productivity dropped to 0 for some reason when I encountered `tarsum`
<tazjin> I just sighed and went on to browse reddit
<gchristensen> I hear that
<gchristensen> okay yeah automattic buying tumblr is doing nothing for tumlbr
<pie__> oh no not vegetables in my compute! :(
<tazjin> tasty vegetables 🥦 🤤
<gchristensen> something something stdout stderr
<samueldr> what's with the broccoli and nixos?
<tazjin> samueldr: it's the Nixery logo
<samueldr> ah, so simple
<tazjin> because it's fresh, healthy and good for your or something
<tazjin> *-r
<samueldr> I was searching for a joke or something
<tazjin> there might be a joke but I haven't found it yet
<samueldr> considering how you were talking about "joke" stickers and fefe and german nonsense :)
<gchristensen> how about the way the teeny tiny lorets (store paths) come together to a big ol vegetable (image)
<tazjin> gchristensen: you're the new director of marketing congrats
<gchristensen> thanks
<gchristensen> but I have to leave that up to samueldr. he's good on brand management
<samueldr> as long as putting a broccoli in between your lambdaflakes isn't lewd (don't let it be... too late...) there's no problem :)
<tazjin> lambdaflakes
<gchristensen> I mean, I was trying to make a joke about >&2 and output
<tazjin> samueldr: almost all Google results for "lambdaflake" have your name attached to them
<samueldr> heh
<tazjin> I'm passing so many weird structures between things here I might actually have a use-case for YANTS
<pie__> as in lobotomy<gchristensen> how about the way the teeny tiny lorets (store paths) come together to a big ol vegetable (image)
<pie__> its like a brain!
<pie__> samueldr: i....what????
* pie__ thinks hard
<pie__> oh
<samueldr> I wasn't even suggesting anything particular when writing that, just thinking "anything can be a thing"
* pie__ squints ._.
<tazjin> I've got an American work phone number and it gets the weirdest voicemails
<tazjin> just got one from someone who wants to install my new hand soap dispenser
<tazjin> also the same person just leaves a voicemail saying "No." every few days
<gchristensen> have you published it on the internet?
<samueldr> getting a new number is annoying because it's probably a reused number
<tazjin> I don't use the number at all
<samueldr> I have this sim card with a number, that's not supposed to be reachable, it's a tablet data plan
<samueldr> though I still get at least one call, monthly, on it...
<tazjin> gchristensen: I just realised halfway through building a few config JSONs that those are actually unused in the registry protocol
* tazjin sighs
* tazjin deletes
<gchristensen> yup.
<gchristensen> heh
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<gchristensen> wow
<gchristensen> verizon REALLY messed up tumblr
<gchristensen> Axios biz editor saying they paid less than $3 million
<tazjin> well they banned porn
<tazjin> so their userbase dropped by (pulling this figure out of my hat) 85% at least
<tazjin> gchristensen: I've now got a derivation per layer b
<tazjin> * but it's actually a bit annoying
<tazjin> because they're currently evaluated in a `map pathsToLayer ...`, which I guess I can't parallelise
<tazjin> okay nice
<tazjin> `shell/htop/git` -> 46 layers (out of 96 available)
<tazjin> adding `ripgrep` -> 47 layers (config layer busted, + new ripgrep layer)
<tazjin> adding `python` -> 47 layers
<tazjin> this confused me for a second
<tazjin> turns out git depends on python