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<qyliss> Shot in the dark: can anybody recommend some NNTP server software
<qyliss> (don't ask)
<gchristensen> I'm having a hard time with that second message.
<qyliss> go on then
<gchristensen> why?
<qyliss> I'd like to host a forum / mailing list sort of thing
<qyliss> And I really like the look of the software behind https://forum.dlang.org
<qyliss> Which is, surprisingly, an NNTP front-end
<qyliss> That also has the most seamless web and mailing-list interop I've ever come across
<gchristensen> 200 digitalmars.com InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.6.0 ready (posting ok)
<qyliss> That forum is so fast, too
<qyliss> oh cool
<gchristensen> leafnode is already packaged
<gchristensen> openntpd too
<gchristensen> oops not enough N's there
<qyliss> The problem with all these programs is that it's difficult for me to tell if they're maintained
<qyliss> Are they inactive because nobody's working on them, or because they're done?
<gchristensen> opennntp would be quite a mouthful of a name.
<qyliss> It's very possibly the latter but it's hard to tell.
<qyliss> Oh wow. InterNetNews' last release was in Feb this year
<gchristensen> I'd do that one then =)
<qyliss> And if that's what the authors of dfeed are running then that's a bonus
<qyliss> Thanks!
<qyliss> Suppose I need to package that and dfeed then! :)
<qyliss> Have to say I'm extremely impressed that development on INN is still going.
<qyliss> oh gmane uses INN too
<qyliss> apparently
<infinisil> Shoutout to ncmpcpp's name
<infinisil> (for being a mouthful of a name)
<qyliss> You know this is gonna be good when
<qyliss> " INN was originally written in K&R C, but supporting pre-ANSI compilers has become enough of a headache that a lot of the newer parts of INN will no longer compile with a non-ANSI compiler."
<aanderse> infinisil: is oneOf getting merged soon-ish?
<infinisil> aanderse: I hope :)
<samueldr> the dlang forum software looks amazing from afar, curious how it is to manage and use
<infinisil> aanderse: There shouldn't be any controversy on it
<aanderse> infinisil: kk, thought so, just wanted to confirm
<infinisil> #65728 for reference
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/65728 (by Infinisil, 1 day ago, open): lib/types: Add oneOf, extension of either to a list of types
<aanderse> because without oneOf things are horrible :D
<aanderse> heh
<qyliss> samueldr: I'll let you know :P
<infinisil> Well you can live without it, but yeah it would be nice
<samueldr> oh, I thought it was its own nntp server, it's a client?
<qyliss> Yeah.
<qyliss> I'm told it needs a bit of tweaking, since it assumes it's not built to be generic forum software
<samueldr> not that there's anything wrong with it being a client, I was simply assuming it handled being the server
<qyliss> I guess in theory you could hook it up to arbitrary newsgroups? That's pretty cool, if admittedly niche.
<qyliss> How is Nixpkgs' D support, I wonder
<samueldr> you tell us :)
<pie_> aanderse: yay enums \o/
<aanderse> pie_: hm?
<pie_> oneOf
<aanderse> oh
<aanderse> well its oneOf a type
<aanderse> we already have an enum
* pie_ looks at pr
<pie_> ohh
<aanderse> yeah you can already do type = types.enum [ "mysql" "pgsql" "odbc" "mssql" ];
<aanderse> for example
<pie_> as you can see i havent really gotten around to dealing with modules yet :)
<aanderse> ah, yeah ok
<aanderse> modules are the fun part to write for me :D
<pie_> i would probably like them as well im just too bogged down in the frontlines of packaging or somthing
<pie_> and trying to get applications to be more flexible -_-
<aanderse> keep fighting the good fight
<aanderse> ... assuming you're delicouslytyped, iirc
<pie_> "see something fix something" is not really a way to get anything done youre smol brain like I feel... x'D
<pie_> aanderse: yeah
<aanderse> mhm, then i know what you're talking about and yes, keep fighting the good fight :)
<pie_> ironically i almost never do typed programming :(
<aanderse> very interested to see what comes of your plugin bit
<aanderse> ah
<pie_> i mean i want to do more im just stuck yak shaving :D
<pie_> aanderse: i had an idea today but havent had a change to poke at it: callPackage {} {}
<pie_> one argument for pkgs one for the local package set
<pie_> then i dont need to have the same namespace anymore for local and pkgs
<pie_> might make local package definitions a bit uglier because you have to take {}: {}: but it might be nicer
<pie_> (cue obvious horrible extension: callPackageN {} {} {} ... :D)
<pie_> hm...cue lots of weird type errors :/
<pie_> *callPackage2
<pie_> well, weird if you dont know what youre doing or accidentally do callPackage {} {} or callPackage2 {} or callPackage {} on a {}: {}: ...
<pie_> </random>
<pie_> aanderse: also thanks
<aanderse> :)
<pie_> aanderse: i going back to university in september though so :( not sure i can get anything merged or get someone else to pick it up
<pie_> or ill just fail to get myself to focus on university and work on it more anyway
<aanderse> >_<
* pie_ wonders if he should set up a patreon
<pie_> qyliss: does your nix configuration put _all of nixpkgs_ in your store every time you make a new system build?
<pie_> that would be pretty awkward
<pie_> modulo --optimise i guess
<Church-> Okay powerdns is dang nifty
<gchristensen> I'm not so sure about attracting the memeiness of arch
<Church-> Too late
<Church-> It HaS BeGuN!
<gchristensen> or to rephrase, import the culture.
<samueldr> annoying
<gchristensen> samueldr: what's up?
<samueldr> that was about your 23:20 message
<infinisil> Ah you mean the 5:20 message
<samueldr> exactly, the 23:20 message
<gchristensen> right, the 0320 message
<samueldr> hm?
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<sphalerite> gchristensen: context? (for "import the culture")
<qyliss> pie_: it does yes
<qyliss> thank you gchristensen for utc
<pie_> qyliss: ouch?
<pie_> qyliss: also, mornin
<qyliss> pie_: it’s not that big
<qyliss> I strip out .git and stuff
<qyliss> Also considering trying ZFS dedupe for my store
<qyliss> But even compression should help a lot
<pie_> oh hm
<pie_> iirc a single checkout is like 150-300mb or somesuch
<pie_> that sounds more reasonable
<sphalerite> qyliss: fwiw I tried dedup for my store at one point, it didn't save any space
<sphalerite> (thanks to the dedup table overhead)
<pie_> anyone know if https://github.com/offlinehacker/ is on irc?
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<sphalerite> pie_: offlinehacker is offline, obviously
<pie_> :p
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<aanderse> gchristensen: any idea what is going on with https://github.com/NixOS/ofborg/pull/381 ?
<{^_^}> ofborg#381 (by mmahut, 1 day ago, open): move @mmahut to trusted users
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<zimbatm> anyone has tried to document or re-implement the nix daemon protocol yet?
<zimbatm> I'm thinking of writing a new type of remote builder
<samueldr> I think gchristensen looked into it, though only looked I think
<gchristensen> I read about it
<zimbatm> I'm going to start with the encoding
<zimbatm> once I can host a fake nix-daemon it will be interesting to intercept all the calls and see what's going on
<gchristensen> cool
<gchristensen> I started building it in erlang
<gchristensen> since it is mostly straight-up messaging between, but the build results are probably not a good use for erlang
<zimbatm> I'll probably use Go since I already wrote a bunch of other things in that language
<gchristensen> sounds good
<qyliss> I think edef reimplemented some of it in Go
<jD91mZM2> Is the nix daemon the thing that inputs a derivation and spits out a result, communicating with worker processes (builders)?
<zimbatm> jD91mZM2: yeah pretty much
<zimbatm> my mental model is like this: the nix client evaluates the nix expressions and then talks to the nix daemon to build stuff
<zimbatm> and in single-user mode both the client and daemon are in the same process
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<jD91mZM2> Ah, cool, thanks!
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<zimbatm> edef: is your go code for nix accessible anywhere?
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<sphalerite> zimbatm: that's the aim of hnix-store as well AFAIK
<sphalerite> zimbatm: pretty sure someone made a proxy already, might well have been catern
<zimbatm> if only I was able to be productive in Haskell :/
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<edef> zimbatm: i have a Go impl you can borrow
<edef> zimbatm: i'll dig it out, just a sec
<edef> zimbatm: git clone https://src.edef.eu/lab/go-nix.git
<edef> git is hanging in some inscrutable way so that might not work right the fuck now
<edef> actually the repo looks fine i guess
<edef> this is the code i ranted about at nixcon but never really ended up bothering to polish
<edef> i haven't implemented the *new* store protocol yet i think
<edef> just the nix-store --serve
<adisbladis> edef: The repo name is a bit unfortunate (easy to mix up with https://github.com/orivej/go-nix )
<edef> idk, feel free to come up with something better
<edef> i just made this up literally five minutes ago
<qyliss> go-nix-store?
<edef> [edef@spock:~/public_git/lab]$ mv -v go-nix{,-store}.git
<edef> renamed 'go-nix.git' -> 'go-nix-store.git'
<edef> also, nice, i have a zombie git, even kill -9 won't get it
<eyJhb> etu: How far along did you get with your module?
<etu> eyJhb: It's a PR :)
<{^_^}> #65860 (by etu, 1 hour ago, open): Surf display kiosk session
<eyJhb> So, done and ready to be merged?
<adisbladis> Huh? Is surf even maintained?
* adisbladis was using it when it was still super new
<etu> they seem to make commits
<eyJhb> Btw. are you still hanging out at what I would call the hacker space? ;) I would enjoy that in Aalborg as well, as central as yours
<etu> eyJhb: nah, home now :)
<eyJhb> But a nice space you guys got there ;)
<adisbladis> I wish we had something nice and central here :/
* gchristensen wishes he knew people in his area who used computers
<adisbladis> The London hackspace is so far away from me
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Heh, rural problems
<eyJhb> gchristensen: None around? :p
<gchristensen> nope :)
<eyJhb> adisbladis: same for Aalborg, it is quite... "far" away I would say
<etu> eyJhb: It was nice hanging out with you for a while :)
<eyJhb> And inactive
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Maybe you can find a nice moose to hang out with or something?
<etu> eyJhb: Drive safe tomorrow :)
<gchristensen> there you go
<eyJhb> etu: yeah you too! THanks for showing me around :p Always nice seeing the Swedish population ;)
<eyJhb> I will! I am just happy that I don't need to walk that much. Because it has gotten soooo much worse. So just waiting for my forbidden food
<eyJhb> But was nice meeting you all! Hope to go again ;) If anyone of you are in Aalborg at some point give me a call. I can show you all of Aalborg in muuuuch less time. Nothing to see really :p
<etu> :D
<etu> also, my desktop mobo at home is full of shit
<etu> it only stores efi bootloaders across reboot if the efi file is located in /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
<etu> otherwise it's dropped on reboot.
* etu is a bit upset at the moment.
<etu> If I copy the grub efi file there and create the entry by hand with efibootmgr -- it's fine
<adisbladis> gchristensen: I'm curious, why do you choose to live in such a rural place?
<eyJhb> etu: I am guessing Molly and Caroline doesn't hang out in #nixos ?
<eyJhb> The joooys ! You are under the hands of Microsoft now ;)
<adisbladis> eyJhb: To the best of my knowledge neither of them uses Nix so ;)
<adisbladis> Also, Molly is not much of a computer person.
<zimbatm> edef: got it, thanks!
<zimbatm> do you have anything against licensing the change to Apache 2.0 ?
<eyJhb> tshh.. talyz and etu , what kind of men are you! Force NixOS upon them :D
<zimbatm> adisbladis: there is also https://github.com/zimbatm/go-nix now :)
<eyJhb> adisbladis: *force* I didn't see her with a computer, so had no clue :p
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Oh, the confusion <3
<adisbladis> The repo from orivej is really cool, you should check that out if you haven't already
<gchristensen> adisbladis: I like to go swimming
<zimbatm> I was aware of it but sometimes it's easier to structure the code your own way
<gchristensen> and hike in the woods
<zimbatm> and I had the same issue with edef regarding naming
<etu> eyJhb: Well, Caroline is studing LPI certificates with redhat and stuff, so she don't want to run nixos because she actually want to get a computer job whichever it is :p
<eyJhb> gchristensen: how far away is the nearest neighbour?
<zimbatm> mine is more of a direct translation of the C++ code from upstream
<gchristensen> eyJhb: oh quite close, I'm in a neighborhood :)
<adisbladis> zimbatm: I'm using the evaluator of that repo in vgo2nix to reuse same-rev sources from deps.nix :)
<zimbatm> nice :)
<zimbatm> that's really cool
<adisbladis> gchristensen: That is beatiuful :)
<zimbatm> my repo is more focused on the store things, and his repo on the client things
<etu> gchristensen: Is there where you live? :)
<gchristensen> etu: yeah :)
<etu> gchristensen: Nice :)
<adisbladis> Yeah, I think they're complementary
<gchristensen> unfortunately NixCon is during the best time to be here
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Why don't we have Nixcon near your place next time? ;)
<gchristensen> sounds like a great plan
<gchristensen> though even trickier toget here than brno, basically have to rent a car :)
* etu has never been to the US, NixCon would be the perfect excuse ;)
<ajs124> Bron has a train station, it's not that hard to get there. It only takes like a day or maybe two from most parts of europe :P
<adisbladis> etu: I'm dreading ppl having visa issues if we would host it in the us though
<etu> adisbladis: yeah...
<etu> adisbladis: Even big organizations have started to not have meetups in the US
<etu> adisbladis: see mr stenberg
<adisbladis> etu: Exactly what I was thinking of
<adisbladis> I'd still think Nixcon US would be worth it =)
<ajs124> NixConAsia?
<adisbladis> ajs124: That would be cool too
<adisbladis> I know we have clusters of users in both Singapore and Hong Kong
<etu> NixConDownUnder aka Australia :)
<adisbladis> Granted I probably converted about half of all Hong Kong nix users myself
<adisbladis> etu: Realistically though we probably have enough users in the US that a Nixcon there would be a success
<etu> Probably
<ajs124> Are there any statistics on that?
<adisbladis> Another problem with the US is it's so damn big... The distances are mind boggling.
<etu> Maybe I could add a flag to the grub module to fake that it's a microsoft bootloader?
<etu> That would be nice to have on buggy motherboards...
<etu> I've even upgraded the firmware on it, didn't help.
<ajs124> etu: which vendor is that?
<ajs124> (Just so I know to never buy a mainboard from them)
<etu> ajs124: an MSI card that I've had for a bunch of years
<ajs124> and the default/well-known path doesn't work either?
<ajs124> Is that even UEFI spec compliant??
<etu> ajs124: cp /boot/EFI/grub/grubx64.efi /boot/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
<eyJhb> adisbladis: still getting used to the size of Sweden vs. DK
<etu> That solved it for me
<etu> didn't even need to add the bootloader
<etu> It created an entry for me named "Windows Boot Manager"
<ajs124> UEFI was a mistake
<eyJhb> ajs124: disable it
<eyJhb> Or.. Maybe not possible just running legacy anymore
<eyJhb> I might have way to old hardware
<ajs124> I'm actually all in on it. I even use systemd-boot. Still, though. Hearing stories like this always makes we think about what we could have had.
<ajs124> Something simple. Something elegant. Something minimal. What we do have is basically the oposite in every single aspect.
<eyJhb> Something simple, elegant and minimal is like.. The goal for most software I would think
<ajs124> Not of UEFI, from what I could tell
<eyJhb> End result is always another discussion ;)
<eyJhb> Don't know how simple my "platform" is anymore either...
<eyJhb> I still see it as simple, elegant and minimalistic. Somebody else might say "no".
<talyz> eyJhb: heh, well, molly is running fedora on their laptop, but isn't super interested in computers in general
<adisbladis> ajs124: The really shitty thing is that linuxbios & friends were around back then
<adisbladis> We had better options but still UEFI prevailed :/
<ajs124> yeah, that's what I'm always thinking. We could have coreboot on everything now.
<eyJhb> talyz: so forced Fedora? :p
<eyJhb> ajs124: but is coreboot, simple, elegant and minimalistic?
<ajs124> compared to UEFI? for sure.
<eyJhb> Is.. Is there any source for UEFI?
<talyz> eyJhb: kinda :p molly prefers it to windows, though :)
<eyJhb> Isn't it more like a standard?
<eyJhb> talyz: Ah, great gal then! - Seeing if I can't change the one I am chasing away from Mac ;) In reference to our conversation.
<eyJhb> Did you fix the Hangry part?
<eyJhb> ajs124: then it is up for fixing :D
<talyz> eyJhb: Heh, yeah, apple fans are hard to convince :p
<talyz> eyJhb: Yep, we had vegan burgers a while ago, so problem solved :)
<eyJhb> talyz: *force! Although I don't think it works on her. At all.
<eyJhb> Same place?
<talyz> eyJhb: Did you find your way home? ;)
<talyz> eyJhb: Nah, we cooked them ourselves :)
<eyJhb> Yeah, after taking the wrong train, found the right train back, and then the right train again :p I was SO PROUD up until that point
<eyJhb> Everything went smoothly.. Until.. It did not
<eyJhb> Ah, just found the nereast ICA and bought a frozen pizza. Cooking in a half assed kitchen for yourself is no fun
<talyz> :D
<talyz> In a kitchen without utensils..
<eyJhb> Yeah. Or there are SOME just not the ones you need for actual cooking. But I got rugbrød, milk and havrefras, so I will survive! And Giflar. But that is dinner supplement ;) Just not looking forward to getting kicked out tomorrow... Just want to spend the day in bed. Also, not hotel or anything for tomorrow :|
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<Church-> ashkitten: Hey with steam have you had issues with friends network and multiplayer not working at all?
<ashkitten> idk
<Taneb> Church-: I've been able to play multiplayer with Steam on NixOS, and friends network seems to work fine
<Church-> Hmm, broken on my install.
<ashkitten> i've been rendering and encoding video, not playing games
<Church-> Fair enough
<drakonis> Church-: you need to run it with a timezone selected
<Church-> Yeah I did.
<drakonis> huh
<Church-> Oddly enough nothing except downloading and playing games works.
<Church-> Wonder if it's the nativeonly option I set
<Church-> Hmm, no still only works under that setting. 404s on binaries still under 19.03
<Taneb> Can you test if it works properly on another OS?
<Church-> Yeah it does on my ubuntu machine
<Church-> Gonna try and pull it from master nixpkgs
<Church-> Odd since this is a fresh install of 19.03
<drakonis> master works fine mind you
<Church-> Yeah that's why I find it so odd
<Church-> From before I thought it was because I had a local copy of nixpkgs pulled that I was using
<Church-> But this is a fresh install and I turned off that option here.
<drakonis> a fresh install you say?
<Church-> Ah I think I see why
<Church-> Nixpkgs got deleted somehow from my channels
<Church-> It's trying from nixos
<drakonis> nixchannels.txt
<Church-> Hmm?
<Church-> drakonis: So many packages pulling down. >_>
<drakonis> that's living in the edge!
<drakonis> living dangerously!
<Church-> Heh
<Church-> Maybe I should have added just nixpkgs and not unstable
<drakonis> probably.
<drakonis> but you'd have to rebuild things every time the builds stalled
<Church-> Eyep
<drakonis> on the other hand, you can just submit prs based on your tree
<drakonis> its a nice trade off though
<drakonis> i'll get a ryzen lappy soon, then i'll just live in the edge forever
<Church-> Heh
<drakonis> everything builds in a zippy
<Church-> It's more that my network connection is crap
<Church-> Otherwise this would be fine
<Church-> I have 6co/12th
<drakonis> 6co?
<Church-> 6 cores
<Church-> drakonis: Bother so still failing on unstable nixpkgs
<drakonis> oh i see
<Church-> Tries to pull some libs that are broken links from the steam stie
<Church-> Wat
<Church-> So I can open it fine in my browser but it 404s on it when rebuilding.
<talyz> eyJhb: Right, some useless utensils :p No hotel, but you always have your car ;)
<eyJhb> talyz: Yeah, lets see if I have to sleep in it for the first time. Might go to IKEA, just for some hooks so I can put something up around my car to get it "private" :p
<Church-> Sleeping in your car?
<eyJhb> Church-: haven't booked anything for the next town I am visiting in Sweden, so might be a option :p
<eyJhb> And considering it is a mini car, with 5 seats, it doesn't have much space for sleeping
<drakonis> 5 seats minicar?
<drakonis> how small are those seats again?
<eyJhb> Two in the front, 3 in the back? Not like three seperat seats, but three seatbelts
<eyJhb> Still larger than a micro car ! But that is mostly space in the trunk
<eyJhb> s/trunk/back/
<drakonis> well, the backseat usually works for sleeping most of the time
<eyJhb> Haven't tried it yet, used the drivers seat for a quick nap last time. The back of the seat can be adjusted all the way back to touch the backseats
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<Boubert> Tomorrow trying Nixos on virtual after gent## is finished baking off. I like the concept of rollbacks I tried Fedora Silverblue. I thing Nixos has more packages.
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<infinisil> So glad I configured WhatsApp Web last week
<infinisil> Because my phone's touchscreen seems to have completely died now
<infinisil> Well, not completely, it only lost the "touch", so it's just a screen now
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<drakonis> haw
<drakonis> qyliss: https://github.com/clipos
<drakonis> i'm not sure if you checked this out
<drakonis> https://clip-os.org/en/ rather, this.
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<qyliss> Yeah, I've heard of it.
<Church-> So stupid
<Church-> So I needed to install steam under my user profile and not under system
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