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<abathur> my paranoia cuts the other way
<abathur> I'm a forgetful klutz and do not trust myself not to lose/drown/crush the eggbasket
<infinisil> cole-h: "Since you're not going to refresh your GPG key" -> I also don't refresh my gpg key, but for other reasons lol
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> well, mine expires on 02/12
<cole-h> so I have a little while to figure out what I'm gonna do
<infinisil> (I lost my Certify secret subkey..)
<infinisil> (and that's the part you need to refresh and create new subkeys..)
<cole-h> lolll
<infinisil> Don't ask me how I managed that, because I have no idea
<cole-h> Yeah that's, uh, really strange.
<infinisil> Fortunately nobody else really relies on my GPG ident anyways, so I can just create a new one (and cross sign them for some integrity or so)
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<cole-h> One thing I dislike about being a committer now is how my "request changes" and "approves" are in color, so it seems like I may have a more valid opinion than somebody who's "just" a maintainer.
<cole-h> I always feel like I'm strongarming the submitter lol
<samueldr> cole-h: but are they? ;)
<samueldr> or: but aren't they? ;)
<samueldr> being given these privileges kind of means that... the project values and trust your opinion
<cole-h> samueldr++ Thanks. Guess this is just impostor syndrome creeping in.
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<samueldr> cole-h: yeah, then later on you get the shitposter syndrome
<cole-h> How long did it take you to acquire? ;D
<samueldr> I don't know :)
<abathur> I mean
<abathur> there's also the inverse thing
<abathur> where some grey asks you for changes and you make them and then some green comes along and tells you to do it differently
<abathur> and then maybe nixpkgs-{fmt,review} disagrees
<supersandro2000> green wins over grey
<supersandro2000> nixpkgs-fmt almost always disagress
<supersandro2000> I mostly use it when I am on a hurry and just want my things to be inlined
<supersandro2000> I just crossed 2000 hours in Factorio
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<infinisil> NixOS on HN's frontpage :o
<samueldr> >> Using a special command (nix-shell) whenever I needed to do development things (e.g. Rust builds) was not my idea of fun.
<samueldr> maybe it's not meant to be fun
<samueldr> but to be reliable?
<samueldr> you know?
<samueldr> "fun"
<samueldr> like "why the F doesn't it work today?" kind of fun
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> "why the FUN doesn't it work today????"
<cole-h> samueldr++
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<gchristensen> woohoo, got the packet Nix builders managed by terraform and that deploy process public: https://buildkite.com/grahamc/packet-nix-builder/builds/685#3de852a7-37a6-4b55-a88f-eebc898bc33d
<cole-h> 🎉
<cole-h> "c'mon x3" gchristensen++
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<bbigras> samueldr: thanks for the reply earlier.
<bbigras> Today I was also wondering if vault could be used as a password manager. If I were to use it at work maybe it would have been nice to manage all the secrets in one place instead of having a separate password manager.
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<colemickens> I've been wanting to ask, do yall go all-in on Vault? And then treat it as a highly-important service to keep up? Does that go okay?
<bbigras> I'm curious about vault too. I wonder if the creds are cached in case the vault is down or locked/sealed.
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<hexa-> colemickens: vault is supposed to be driven as as high available whatever, I don't have that scale, or availability :D
<cole-h> lovesegfault: ping
<lovesegfault> cole-h: pong
<cole-h> lovesegfault: https://github.com/timokau/marvin-mk2/issues/34#issuecomment-751397472 How are these settings working out for you?
<lovesegfault> cole-h: not well at all
<lovesegfault> the bot never pings me ;P
<cole-h> hehe
<cole-h> lovesegfault: Since this is my first week of being w+, I think I'll wait until I settle into a sustainable pattern of contribution before I setup marvin for me
<lovesegfault> cole-h: well, if you figure out good params let me know so I can ask for mine to be changed :P
<lovesegfault> Congrats on getting w+ :)
<lovesegfault> cole-h++
<{^_^}> cole-h's karma got increased to 118
<cole-h> Will do.
<cole-h> and thanks :d
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<eyJhb> Having some kind of OCR have seemed to prove quite useful in many cases, e.g. when compiling notes from various sources. Just a smiple script - https://gist.github.com/eyJhb/b3b19f865aa6c3a67e1a35510117eacd bound in i3
<LinuxHackerman> nice idea!
<eyJhb> Really nice and easy (in Nix). I have this example from yesterday, where copying was impossible - https://i.imgur.com/pjwIsrp.png
<lovesegfault> grim -t png -g "$(slurp)" - | tesseract stdin stdout -l "eng+equ" --psm 1 --oem 3 | tr -d '\n\r\f' | wl-copy
<lovesegfault> wayland version
<eyJhb> Updated gist with the Wayland version, with pkgs paths added. Not sure if it works, but it is a good starting point. Thanks lovesegfault !
<lovesegfault> eyJhb: I tested it locally, make sure to get rid of the `tr` portion as it was me fiddling :D
<lovesegfault> I do find the `tr -d '\f'` necessary as it's added to the end of the text
<eyJhb> Yeah, that's always added isn't it?
* lovesegfault nods
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<noneucat> when is someone gonna get on NixCoin? :) get paid in cryptocurrency to build and host derivation results
<LinuxHackerman> oooh and then you modify your derivation results so that they make the machines that run them build stuff in your name as well? Sounds excellent :D
<lassulus> would be cool if the proof of work would be reviewing pull requests or checking if packages are reproducible
<LinuxHackerman> Sounds very gameable.
<noneucat> would be a fun toy at least hahaha
<noneucat> maybe i will whip up a poc for s*ts and giggles
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<Ke> noneucat: only, if I can put all my mother's retirement assets on it
<noneucat> pffft
<Ke> I would only invest in kickstartercoin, where you would get coins by participating in scams
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<Ke> infinisil: like front page entry #82 that's just a link to nixos.org, is this really how hackernews works?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/82 (by aszlig, 8 years ago, merged): chromium: Update channels for stable version 21.
<Ke> ah there are comments
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<AMG> argh, I hate screen scraping sometimes...fucking stupid vendors without API's lol
<siraben> screen scraping?
<siraben> is that using OCR?
<AMG> siraben nah, more like driving a browser to parse data from a site
<siraben> ah
<siraben> sounds painful
<nicolas[m]> Like selenium/puppeteer?
<adisbladis> I should have made Trustix a blockchain thing, then I could have been rolling in NixCoin ;)
<AMG> siraben well it's done with code. But it's a bit brittle, especially if something changes in the layout. Which it had ofc. And debugging it is time consuming.
<eyJhb> amg: are you actually running a browser? Why not just requests+beatifuloup (for Python)
<__monty__> eyJhb: Because of all the JS on modern sites?
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<lukegb> adisbladis: earn NixCoin by contributing build CPU to Hydra
<lukegb> Shame that doesn't really work for trust (and deterministic build) reasons but it's a funny thought
<adisbladis> More realistically though: Filecoin for binary caches
<gchristensen> sounds expensive :)
<adisbladis> Why?
<gchristensen> well... expensive if you keep a long history, anyway
<adisbladis> It would be interesting to flip the economic model of filecoin around for Nix
<adisbladis> I mean making the user that downloads pay rather than someone storing a file
<bbigras> will filecoin still be around in 10 years?
<__monty__> I thought that was the filecoin economic model? Doesn't paying for storage imply paying for access?
<__monty__> Hmm, I guess it doesn't.
<__monty__> Though doesn't keeping it around require upkeep? That cost could be covered by users that want access, no?
<eyJhb> __monty__: If you want to scrape stuff, ond there is no API, then it is most likely not cluttered with JS. If it was cluttered with JS, it would most likely make external calls which you can just make yourself to geth the information.
<eyJhb> Hence lots of JS => many external places you can easily call to get the structured data (json etc.), not lots of js => scraping required. That's at least what I have seen from my many times doing this
<__monty__> Meh, reverse engineering the obfuscated JS isn't much fun if you're not familiar with JS.
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<LinuxHackerman> It's probably not fun if you are familiar with JS either
<abathur> true facts
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<eyJhb> __monty__: Well, yeah, depends if it is behind a login wall or something... Then it is no fun.
<eyJhb> It is never really fun.... It's annoying that they do it
<eyJhb> Well actually sometimes it is. The MOST fun is, when they did not do any obfuscation, you implement it in Python, they find out because you can now cheat in their JS game and then they obfuscate it
<eyJhb> But they do not change anything, not even the encryption key.. So everything still works. 10/10 fun.
<eyJhb> Also, NixOS, a OS you can update right before your big exam.
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<LinuxHackerman> hahaha
<LinuxHackerman> good work!
<gchristensen> I'm pretty sure I'm a magnet for mysterious problems https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/27465
<{^_^}> hashicorp/terraform#27465 (by grahamc, 3 minutes ago, open): Migrating from `count = 1` resources to `for_each` resources produces unhelpful error
<eyJhb> Just wait until you get a response like "This is not a intended way to use this software!" gchristensen
<gchristensen> they don't usually bother to reply in the first place, I'd be delighted if they communicated so clearly
<pie_> gchristensen: i seem to have some similar problems and i think it might be that we try to push out tools too hard into doing seemingly reasonable things that are somehow off the well trodden path :P
<pie_> and we dont like being toldf no?
<pie_> hello i would like to file a malicious compliance proposal against reality
<joepie91> ugh, that "hello i would like to file" immediately made me go "oh no"
<joepie91> I think I've been doing too much moderator work today
<pie_> im sorry xD
<pie_> joepie91: your existence is appreciated <3
<cole-h> gchristensen: 🙃 I wonder how many bug reports you've filed against terraform-related and packet-related repos in the past ~month
<gchristensen> lol
<gchristensen> Many :P
<joepie91> pie_: thanks :)
<pie_> gchristensen: when will you have filed enough to start writing your own design specs?:P
<pie_> Im going to start making repos at some point with design ideas and specs with no intention of actually building the things myself
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<cole-h> I wish I could follow a user on GitHub more closely
<cole-h> so I could see every issue gchristensen files against terraform / packet repos :P
<infinisil> Honestly, I don't get github's follow feature
<infinisil> Well I haven't really tried it, but I have zero urge to follow other devs
<andi-> Don't you spent hours on hour github homepage looking at all the activity others did?!??
<andi-> s/on hour/on your/
<andi-> It is like twitter but more boring and less people..
<infinisil> What does this even do? Where will the activities of those I follow be shown?
<infinisil> Oh like in the "Recent activity" feed?
<andi-> Yeah
<infinisil> And "All activity" probably too
<andi-> you'll see "Someone starred whatever 20 hours ago"
<infinisil> Oh I have that already
<infinisil> And I don't follow anybody
<andi-> lol
<andi-> 🤷‍♂️️
<infinisil> I guess currently it only shows activities involving me
<andi-> You follow yourself?
<andi-> Creepy.
<infinisil> Lol
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> Unicorn, wh y
<infinisil> Some self love never hurt anybody!
<infinisil> cole-h: Works for me
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<cole-h> This time I got a 500
<cole-h> Let's see how many different error codes I can get
<andi-> We were never supposed to have more than 10k merged PRs..
<andi-> It did load for me once, then it unicorned
<andi-> now it just hangs there
<__monty__> I kinda like seeing what people I follow star or repos they create.
<__monty__> Only check the feed once in a while and only briefly but I've definitely found cool stuff this way.
<andi-> I follow a few repositories that basically redoece the signal to noise ratio to almost zero..
<__monty__> I specifically follow releases but not all activity on a repo.
<__monty__> Is it because of an email-based workflow?
<andi-> Yeah
<andi-> I need a way to filter the stream of data. Polling that UI is neither good for archiving/searching through changes nor efficient use of time.
<andi-> Having most commits of projects that I use in my mail program feels like a super power when you are searching for something. Searching for a device name brings up the LKML patches & discussion. Searching for a CVE shows announcements and sometimes patches (unless they use ShitHub...)
<gchristensen> lol I'm running `terraform apply` with TF_LOG=debug while uploading a disk image to S3 and it is printing the entire contents of the disk image to stderr
<cransom> 'software is hard'
<gchristensen> and then of course it is a bunch of binary
<gchristensen> so the terminal responds by typing in a bunch of garbage based on what was printed https://gsc.io/snaps/fbe4fd18-7309-4293-87e6-21644b5afb35.png
<__monty__> Yikes.
<cransom> eventually it will find the escape sequence for sudo reboot
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<samueldr> neat, internet seems a bit hit or miss with my home connection right now
<samueldr> if I was AWS, it'd be a blue question mark
<colemickens> Breaking news, CNN reports samueldr has been deplatformed.
<joepie91> samueldr: you mean a green check?
<joepie91> :P
<samueldr> joepie91: no, I'm talking about the "no, everything is not F'd" blue question mark, which really mostly means "we won't hit metrics if we put the actual degraded status mark"
<joepie91> oh
<joepie91> lol
<gchristensen> importing a 10G file as a snapshot takes about as long as a 512 byte file :(
<samueldr> I must presume the 512 byte file takes a long time
<cransom> correct. s3 -> ami import process is not particularly speedy
<cransom> regardless of how much data you are moving
<infinisil> Yay, I have the joy of having to type some info into a canton-wide (subsections of switzerland) online form
<infinisil> And there's some info on which browsers are supported
<infinisil> Which only shows "Chrome: last version, Firefox: last version, ..."
<infinisil> Also, "Microsoft Edge: last two major versions"
<infinisil> How about using version number you derps
<pie_> then theyd have to update the site
<infinisil> Of course, the form doesn't fully work for me, I can't type anything in certain fields
<pie_> gotta love overuse of javascript
<infinisil> > firefox.name
<{^_^}> "firefox-84.0.2"
<infinisil> I thought that me only using Firefox 81 might've been the problem, but nope, happens even with 84
<infinisil> And it even happens with the latest chromium version
<infinisil> Surprisingly it's even more broken with chromium
<samueldr> obviously you'll need the latest windows 7 microsoft edge update
<abathur> infinisil having written a statement like that, I assume the emphasis isn't on which browsers the site supports, which is unknowable, but on which browsers they'll entertain fixing issues for :)
<abathur> it is supported, but you may have to make them support it :[
<abathur> and now that I think about it, should probably consider adding a clause like "with default security settings and no active extensions or plugins" ...
<infinisil> abathur: Yeah, though I even tried it with a fresh firefox profile, still no luck
<samueldr> hmm... locale settings for your browser/OS the same as the author would have used?
<infinisil> Oh that could be it, it's a swiss site, but I've got everything set to english
<infinisil> The number format specifically might be the cause..
<samueldr> it _could_, and if it is it's terrible :)
<infinisil> Most definitely
<samueldr> I would pretty much assume all three-to-four languages have the same number formatting rules
<samueldr> which differs from english
<samueldr> though at the same time, I wouldn't really think it's that... unless... maybe the javascript console shows something useful about that
<infinisil> There's only some error about a source map load failing
<samueldr> hm, which is not really an error
<infinisil> Oh yeah only warning
<infinisil> Let's see what breaks if I set `i18n.defaultLocale = "de_CH.UTF-8"` (and I also have `i18n.supportedLocales = [ (config.i18n.defaultLocale + "/UTF-8") ]`)
<infinisil> That's not it I think, unless I need to relog to apply that, which I might, but I won't bother with that
<infinisil> The locale change broke my rofi is the one thing I'm noticing
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