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<gchristensen> this is probably unpopular but the SSPL seems good actually
<samueldr> two main issues
<samueldr> 1. CLAs meaning your contributions are not yours anymore
<samueldr> this is out of scope really, but what most people gets right in "the feels" when they read about the situation
<samueldr> 2. who's freedoms, and what are your values?
<samueldr> this is what people should think about really, imo, in this instance
<gchristensen> yea
<samueldr> this is hard to read, kind of, but "how to shun a share-alike license" section is good https://writing.kemitchell.com/2021/01/21/Open-Source-Discrimination.html
<gchristensen> the CLA reassignment to SSPL is not good, so, ignoring the specific situation with Elastic and Mongo here
<samueldr> yeah, SSPL is like a much more powerful AGPL
<samueldr> (AFAIUI)
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<samueldr> this goes contrary to the "freedom" of using code to implement your own secret sauce in secret
<gchristensen> different power, I think? you don't get forced to GPL by using sspl apis, you get forced to publish if you sell that product as a service
<gchristensen> yeah
<samueldr> a lot of recent "buzz" around open source and free software recently is really about "which freedoms, and for whom?"
<gchristensen> and that freedom to have secret sauce seems ... counter ... to the user's freedoms.
<samueldr> I feel people don't really think about the distinctions and only have a general hazy feeling instead
<gchristensen> yea
<gchristensen> I'm glad you're here :)
<samueldr> yeah, but big businesses wants you to think that BSD is the good license
<samueldr> since it the users of the source code to do almost anything with it
<samueldr> (with attribution)
<samueldr> which, in reality, it *has* the more freedoms
<samueldr> while GPL and similar are actually *restricting* some things you can do with the source code, by design
<samueldr> protecting the authors' and contributors' interests
<samueldr> [insert A before GPL where it matters]
<gchristensen> :)
<samueldr> and really, there is no definitive answer, it's all a checklist of what you want to do
<samueldr> and allow others to do
<samueldr> and finally: so what if GPL means it's less likely FAANG uses your code?
<samueldr> I'd feel weirded out to see my code being in use, but modifications not being able to flow back
<samueldr> though maybe I'm making something where I want to see it in place everywhere, because I personally care about my code's quality and want it to be _everywhere_ whether it comes back to me or not
<samueldr> in the end, it's like, your opinion, man
<gchristensen> hehe
<samueldr> thanks for coming to my TED Talk
<samueldr> (and really, license shaming is mostly the only thing about licenses I hate)
<samueldr> as long as the license is not clearly hostile
<gchristensen> yea
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<siraben> samueldr: yeah, I know of a former boss who shills the BSD license and calls the GPL vile
<siraben> > "I'd feel weirded out to see my code being in use, but modifications not being able to flow back"
<siraben> especially agree
<{^_^}> "I'd feel weirded out to see my code being in use, but modifications not being able to flow back"
<samueldr> siraben: you fell for it :)
<samueldr> [20:50:09] <samueldr> though maybe I'm making something where I want to see it in place everywhere, because I personally care about my code's quality and want it to be _everywhere_ whether it comes back to me or not
<samueldr> basically I'm saying both opinion can come from one individual and be valid
<siraben> yeah
<samueldr> I'm open to both BSD-like and GPL-like, but prefer GPL-like by default
<siraben> > :p [ curl.meta.license.shortName wget.meta.license.shortName ]
<{^_^}> [ "curl" "gpl3Plus" ]
<siraben> hmm wget everywhere
<samueldr> yeah, and IIRC the curl license is BSD-like, no?
<drakonis> hmm, should i unlock my phone's bootloader?
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<samueldr> drakonis: depends on the OEM generally
<drakonis> i'm getting mad cold feed atm
<drakonis> its xiaomi
<samueldr> oh
<siraben> drakonis: free the boot(y)
<samueldr> I thought there was a "how"
<drakonis> i'm a click away and i'm getting cold feet on doing it
<samueldr> drakonis: did you backup everything on the device?
<drakonis> boot(y)licious
<samueldr> because it _is_ going to erase userdata
<drakonis> i dont have anything to backup that i reasonably could
<drakonis> its just whatsapp i guess?
<samueldr> and have you looked around at what the community says for that device? anything terrible like e.g. xiaomi-begonia being trivial to permanently(ish) brick
<drakonis> but i got all i need on the old phone
<drakonis> its a snapdragon device with a dozen roms
<drakonis> miatoll is the collective name for the soc and devices
<samueldr> if there's no "catch", like easy to brick, and you don't mind the loss of security, I don't see reasons not to
<samueldr> hopefully you have _upstream_ ROMs available and not from misc. random users
<samueldr> no miatoll in lineageos proper AFAICT
<drakonis> it has like 4 different phones covered
<drakonis> pixel experience is available officially
<samueldr> yeah, I've often seen that rom have more devices
<samueldr> mokee also, but that one is... dubious maybe
<samueldr> though mokke, being a linageos derivative like pretty much all roms, means you probably can end up using that as a basis for a more plain linageos
<samueldr> lineageos*
<drakonis> the only disappointment in this phone is that it doesnt have amoled
<drakonis> sadly
<drakonis> but everything else is great
<siraben> anyone else own a reMarkable?
<siraben> i think someone here mentioned they used Nix on the device
<siraben> Ah checking logs, manveru
<drakonis> augh i dont know what to do
<siraben> colemickens: did you end up returning yours?
<colemickens> I missed the mark
<colemickens> (so I still still have it)
<colemickens> I ssh'd into it once but didn't do much else
<colemickens> someone should build tailscale agent for it
<siraben> what's that?
<colemickens> it was kind of a joke :P it's a really simple-to-setup mesh vpn client
<adisbladis> siraben: I have one, etu has one, tazjin has one etc etc
<adisbladis> It's fairly popular around here :)
<siraben> ah cool
<adisbladis> I'm not using Nix on it yet though, haven't had the time
<colemickens> is there cool stuff that works on the 2 yet?
<siraben> oh yeah the community has been working on rM 2 support
<adisbladis> But apparently this is a thing https://github.com/pl-semiotics/nix-remarkable/
<siraben> yeah also pl-semiotics updated their repo
<adisbladis> colemickens: Yeah, I'm running a nonstandard launcher, koreader and the whole shebang
<siraben> adisbladis: on rM 2?
<adisbladis> Yep
<siraben> ah, have you tried retris?
<adisbladis> Though using this software collection for now https://github.com/toltec-dev/toltec
<adisbladis> siraben: Nope
<siraben> my options for writing GUI apps on it are C++ with Qt and Rust with libremarkable
<siraben> hmm
<siraben> I'd like to cross-compile Haskell
<adisbladis> I don't want games on it :)
<siraben> i have a fork of nix-remarkable that adds cachix to it, haven't incorporated their rM2 changes though, https://github.com/siraben/nix-remarkable/
<colemickens> adisbladis: aha a list of packages to port into nix-remarkable!
<siraben> also has more community packages than the original
<adisbladis> colemickens: Exactly :)
<colemickens> oh there's a kernel build for it too?
<colemickens> nixos on remarkable2 when
<siraben> oh also without nix-remarkable you can just use pkgsCross.remarkable{1,2} :)
<siraben> > pkgsCross.remarkable2
<{^_^}> { AAAAAASomeThingsFailToEvaluate = <CODE>; AMB-plugins = <CODE>; ArchiSteamFarm = <CODE>; AusweisApp2 = <CODE>; CoinMP = <CODE>; DisnixWebService = <CODE>; EBTKS = <CODE>; EmptyEpsilon = <CODE>; FIL-p...
<colemickens> so do you cross compile everything? is there a Nix built for it?
<siraben> See the README in https://github.com/siraben/nix-remarkable , I do that
<siraben> nix-copy-closure
<colemickens> okay cool, didn't realize your readme was so improved
<colemickens> Can aarch64 machines build for arm7l natively? I'm not quite sure how these things fit together. Or if I boot an rpi4 in 32bit mode can it? (I'm googling some of this too to try to figure it out myself)
<adisbladis> colemickens: "it depends"
<samueldr> most SBCs will be able to
<samueldr> but you really should do it in a vm running an armv7 kernel
<samueldr> though aarch64 designs don't all support running in 32 bit mode
<samueldr> and new designs AFAIUI are definitely not going to
<samueldr> if you run qemu with KVM on the pi4, it's likely to run just about as fast as natively for what it matters
<colemickens> but, to check my understanding, I should in theory be able to boot a 32 bit kernel on the rpi4 too.
<samueldr> I think so yeah
<samueldr> that's what the foundation does by default
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<colemickens> I was starting to wonder...
<colemickens> cool!
<siraben> samueldr: what's that do?
<siraben> also there's an undocumented emulators feature in the cross infrastructure
<samueldr> not sure what the state of it is, but it should setup (through cross-compilation) an armv7l VM ready to do native builds with Nix
<samueldr> yeah, though those emulators are used to work with qemu-user, which can spuriously break depending on what you build
<{^_^}> #106375 (by siraben, 6 weeks ago, open): Add documentation for emulators feature in cross infra
<siraben> samueldr: oh interesting, in comparison to what?
<samueldr> what thefloweringash has made here works through a real deal VM
<colemickens> I kinda want to take a run at extract/refactoring it to be a nix function that outputs a script so that I can run it places that I can't change the nixos config ;)
<siraben> running the whole thing in the VM?
<samueldr> or native
<siraben> ah
<samueldr> this, this can make it look like you can do builds for a foreign architecture
<samueldr> but my experience has been that the more you need to build, the less likely it is to be successful
<samueldr> that uses the emulator stuff
<samueldr> basically, with this, the kernel is configured to know about other platform binary signatures, and can "just" run them
<samueldr> but since the ambient impurities are not the same as on a true native build, it can end up causing issues
<samueldr> IIRC armv6 with that often leads to accidental armv7 or aarch64 nastyness
<samueldr> (from build system trying to autodetect at runtime)
* colemickens is now wondering about using nixos like options outside of nixos? to just render a script, but with parameterized options. I'm sure there are examples
<siraben> that'd be a great way to introduce people to the nixos module system as well
<samueldr> colemickens: starting point of how things get eval'd https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/lib/eval-config.nix
<samueldr> robotnix doesn't use the nixos modules
<samueldr> so it can just use lib.evalModules directly
* samueldr wonders how home-manager manages
<colemickens> thefloweringash: can I ask some questions? what is the state dir used for?
<thefloweringash> colemickens: sure! it keeps a persistent ssh host key around for the vm
<colemickens> and then why is there special copying in of the vm's closureInfo?
<thefloweringash> I had a few issues with layering and virtual filesystems, so I went with the most boring thing I could think of: plain ext4 with files on it.
<colemickens> right okay, somehow my brain was filling in the usual overlaying I'm used to seeing. I think I get it then.
<thefloweringash> someone, and I'm sorry to say I forget who, said they had success with a layering approach. my problems might have been related to using a squashfs which didn't properly support 64-bit offsets (?)
<colemickens> ok. well, anyway, I really like stuff like this. I wish there was a fund that would just pay people to post about things like this that they've built. thanks for making it and humoring me :)
<thefloweringash> glad you like it :-). I really hoped to make hydra build for armv7l-linux, and we got most of the way there, but there were some deployment issues iirc
<colemickens> this triggers other ideas I've had about super slim images that populate a (nearly) empty store on boot. oooh!
<samueldr> thefloweringash: I don't remember either what the current status with this all is
<samueldr> I think we should, in a close future, get all together and figure out what is next
* colemickens alias mv="mv -T"
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<Ashy> has anyone else been getting weird xorg pauses recently?
<Ashy> been getting it on my thinkpad p53 for the past few weeks, on nixos 20.09 under i3
<Ashy> every now and then the screen seems to hang for a few seconds and then continue on again
<eyJhb> Ashy: Hasn't seen it happen on mine (xorg + i3 as well, thinkpad x230).
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<ar> haven't seen it happen on my thinkpad x13, though mine comes with amd, not intel, graphics
<eyJhb> (intel here )
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<Ashy> yeah i'm using the intel onboard on this machine, the nvidia card isnt enabled
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<sphalerite> Anybody here who does stuff with ESP-style microcontrollers and can recommend any particular battery-based setup for powering such a thing?
<sphalerite> It doesn't need to be extremely compact, and if it's realistic I'd quite like a battery life of about a month
<eyJhb> sphalerite: What are you going to use it for?
<sphalerite> Stick it in my mailbox, get notified when I get mail :)
<eyJhb> Mostly asking in relation to the battery part. How will you check if you got mail? :D Because I think you can get quite some battery, if you put it to sleep most of the time. I made a wireless humid/temp sensor, it could last 6 months on battery (2xAA battery`, not ESP however...
<sphalerite> Probably a sensor that recognises when the mailbox gets opened, so a simple contact switch thing
<sphalerite> and yeah that would allow using the switch as a wakeup pin
<sphalerite> AA is nice because of availability as well…
<eyJhb> Yeah, I just hope your mailbox does not "clapper"/"clatter"(?), that would suck :p - Yeah, only issue with some batteries might be cold weather, etc. - The reason for ESP is because they are WiFi enabled, right?
<sphalerite> What did you make your humidity sensor with?
<sphalerite> Yep, WiFi
<sphalerite> my mailbox is indoors, so wind won't be an issue
<sphalerite> and it won't get much too cold I guess
<eyJhb> ATTINY85-20PU was the chip. and the actual sensors was some components I had laying around. The issue with my setup was, that the humidity sensor was adjusted to the voltage, and it would drop as the batteries discharged :p
<eyJhb> But really fun coding for the ATTINY85! :D Cute little thing <3
<eyJhb> Yeah, those conditions makes it so much better
<sphalerite> eyJhb: how did you do the wireless bit?
<eyJhb> I had a small cheap RF module, that I could use. So I had to implement the physical layer as well :p Not nice, and tho modules I had sucked. But it was a fun thing to do! But I think the WiFi thing is more fun (or at least easier).
<eyJhb> But it shouldn't stop you, either way is fine :p
<srk> chinese 433mhz one?
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<sphalerite> eyJhb: yeah I will still use an ESP because I have far too many of them :p but was curious
<eyJhb> Which ones do you have ? I have considered getting some...
<eyJhb> srk: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss, half of them broken on arrival.
<sphalerite> eyJhb: I have lots of ESP32. 4 dev boards iirc, and 28 or so modules
<sphalerite> I ordered 40 modules a couple of months ago on aliexpress for myself and some colleagues
<__monty__> Why are they so popular? Is it because of built-in WiFi/Bluetooth?
<sphalerite> yeah, built-in wifi (esp8266 is maybe even more popular but doesn't have bt) and low cost
<__monty__> I've wondered whether they'd be suitable as keyboard controllers? Especially wireless *split* keyboards.
<sphalerite> hm good question.
<sphalerite> https://www.hackster.io/user0448083246/esp32-ble-hid-keyboard-37a103 not a full keyboard but it clearly speaks HID
<__monty__> I assume they can do mesh networking? So you can have one split connected to the computer to have both appear as a single keyboard?
<sphalerite> not sure about that.
<__monty__> Oh, are they just popular for smarthome stuff? I assumed they were popular because dinking around with mesh networking's fun : )
<sphalerite> I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they can, but it's probably a lot more work than making them separate keyboards
<sphalerite> yeah mostly smart home stuff.
<__monty__> I figured most devices don't deal well with multiple connected keyboards.
<__monty__> But maybe I'm wrong.
<__monty__> Would probably side step the extra latency one half would have.
<sphalerite> well linux should be able to handle that :p
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<eyJhb> sphalerite: how much did you have to pay for all that? And is the dev board required to use them?
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<philipp[m]> I'm normally not really one for internet trends but those sea shanties are the stuff!
<__monty__> philipp[m]: We say Yo-Ho but we don't say Ho, cause Ho is disrespectful, Yo!
<eyJhb> philipp[m]: !
<sphalerite> eyJhb: the dev boards have a module soldered on. But there are also test boards where you can insert a module temporarily for flashing and testing. The plain modules cost about $2 each, the test boards cost about $12 iirc
<sphalerite> the dev boards (with the modules soldered on) cost around €10 if you buy them from a european retailer, about $4 from aliexpress
<sphalerite> they're a lot easier to use since they have USB-serial and a linear regulator and pin headers included
<philipp[m]> I'm currently hard on The Longest Johns.
<srk> sphalerite: what do you run on them?
<sphalerite> currently esphome on most of them, tasmota on a couple that I haven't migrated to esphome yet after taking them over from the person who lived in this flat before me :D
<sphalerite> might take a shot at writing my own firmware for the letterbox one
<__monty__> Yes, but what essential mechanisms do they operate so we can figure out what the funniest way of hacking your IoT setup would be?
<srk> protocol -> io :)
<sphalerite> __monty__: just my lights
<srk> I'm using nodemcu fw with lua generated by nix and few command line aliases/xmonad keybindings to control everything
<srk> + reactive-banana-automation
<sphalerite> ooh very nice
<srk> I think it's almost ready to be published, I wanted to add some sort of netboot support as well, currently it creates two scripts, one to provision blank one and another to update a running one
<srk> it would be cool if nix nodemcu builds worked so you could build custom firmware with modules depending on what's actually used by nixos modules
<srk> I can get it to produce bin files but they only work until first reboot /o\
<eyJhb> *really want to get some now....* :(
<sphalerite> eyJhb: order them now, forget about them, 2 months later wonder what that package you just got it
<sphalerite> s/it/is/
<eyJhb> I almost had that experience some days ago, got a package in my name, I had not ordered anything, opened it, still unsure what it was and why it was sent to me. Couple hours later I asked my GF about it, and it was a late christmas gift, that she ordered in my name if I got it while she was not home. Confused.
<eyJhb> sphalerite: Where in EU would you order them from?
<srk> anyone tried esp32-c3 (risc-v based) ones?
<sphalerite> eyJhb: that's only if I'm ordering a small amount and want it somewhat urgently, but I'd probably go for reichelt.de but I have no particular rational reason for that. I just like to avoid amazon :p
<sphalerite> philipp[m]: eh, meme music often becomes meme music because it's good I guess :D
<eyJhb> sphalerite: Which ones would you recommend?
<eyJhb> Ie. the boards?
<__monty__> eyJhb: I've had a (one) good experience with antratek.nl, might not be that much further from you.
<sphalerite> eyJhb: depending on how much soldering you want to do, how small it needs to be, how much extra componentry you're fine with putting together, etc… either something nodemcu-esque (the rectangular boards with the pin headers on both sides, a micro-usb port and two buttons and two LEDs) — which one specifically I have no idea if there are any significant differences
<sphalerite> or, well, the modules and a test board
<srk> electro-shanty :D mad
<sphalerite> srk: ooh, c3 sounds cool, didn't know about this before
<sphalerite> probably not that easy to get hold of yet
<eyJhb> That is hella expensive. Just want a simple small board that is cheap and has WiFi (BT not required). I don't mind to solder myself :)
<srk> look for just modules (esp-07, esp-12(e)) and breakouts
<sphalerite> eyJhb: I can't access that page
<srk> same
<eyJhb> Wait what, what does it say?
<sphalerite> cloudflare says no
<eyJhb> Lol, might be DK Only :p
<sphalerite> Error 1020 Access denied
<sphalerite> What happened? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.
<eyJhb> `NodeMCU inkl. ESP8266 – Arduino kompatibelt WiFi board` , costs 118 DKK
<eyJhb> It just seems restricted to Denmark
<sphalerite> > dkk 118
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'dkk' at (string):471:1
<sphalerite> > DKK 118
<{^_^}> "408871.180000 VND"
<sphalerite> > VND 408871.180000
<{^_^}> "15.537105 EUR"
<sphalerite> that's roughly the range I'd expect
<eyJhb> sphalerite: Where are the 2 USD units?! :D What was the difference between this and those?
<sphalerite> you can get them for a quarter of that if you order on aliexpress and wait a month or two though :)
<sphalerite> eyJhb: the 2USD things are (a) just the modules, with no USB-serial, no power regulation, no pin headers, etc and (b) from aliexpress
<sphalerite> eyJhb: if you want it quickly you'll be paying a fairly large premium for ordering from EU, and if you want all that extra hardware pre-assembled that costs a bit of money too
<sphalerite> You can get the dev boards for about $4 from aliexpress though I think
<eyJhb> So you are saying a dev board, then I can program it (the barebone ones), and then maybe some regulators for the power source.
<sphalerite> oh hey https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001757645011.html even ships from Poland
<eyJhb> But I need the pin header to program them, right?
<srk> I've built a simple breakout for esp8266es https://imgur.com/gallery/JiugGan
<srk> yes, and usb<->uart
<srk> sphalerite: I'm looking forward to c3s, xtensa is a bit too exotic :)
<eyJhb> How do you do with enclousures? 3d print them?
<sphalerite> I don't have any enclosures for mine currently x)
<sphalerite> err, well actually my light controllers are H801 devices, which are ready-made LED controllers based on the ESP8266 which can be flashed with custom firmware
<sphalerite> those have enclosures :)
<sphalerite> yep
<sphalerite> I also have a ceiling light which is based on an ESP32 but I haven't managed to disassemble it :(
<eyJhb> How many can one unit control? A single one?
<sphalerite> how many what?
<eyJhb> Lights? I am guessing a single one?
<sphalerite> oh well it depends
<eyJhb> *independent*
<sphalerite> a H801 can control 5 12V LED channels, which could be 5 separate monochromatic LED strips or one RGBWW LED strip for example.
<sphalerite> er, actually any voltage from 5 to 24V
<sphalerite> but yeah
<eyJhb> Where do you hide these ones, while having them connected, seems like they would be quite clunky
<sphalerite> You can also get addressable LED strips where you can control lots and lots of LEDs with just one GPIO pin from an ESP8266 or ESP32
<__monty__> Had to resolder some LED strips last week. What a PITA.
<sphalerite> my H801s (and the corresponding power supplies) are hidden behind/under furniture
<sphalerite> like the one in my bedroom is under my bed
<sphalerite> in my living room it's behind a shelf
<sphalerite> and in my kitchen it's on top of the kitchen cupboards
<eyJhb> Hmm. looks cool! But would have to get new lights as well then. It would be nice, if you could just hide it in the hide thing in the ceiling, if you want to use it for ectual lights
<sphalerite> and then just some regular 3-conductor cable, which is fairly inconspicuous, going up to the (warm-white/cold-white) LED strips from the controller and power supply
<infinisil> Possible ,launch soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSIcspDHbu0
<infinisil> Some dope electro running in the stream too lol
<sphalerite> eyJhb: well you can get ceiling lights with integrated smarts
<ar> ,launch spacex transport-1 mission, launch window opens in 13 minutes and lasts 42 minutes
<{^_^}> spacex transport-1 mission, launch window opens in 13 minutes and lasts 42 minutes: Ping for space stuff (edit this command to add yourself, see ",help"): infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen __red__ red red[evilred]
<infinisil> Got a countdown, T-12:30!
<sphalerite> eyJhb: not sure about more hackable options but I have a "yeelight YLXD01YL" which is a warm-white/cold-white ceiling light, that you can run without internet access after initial setup using internet access and an app
<infinisil> 143 spacecraft in a single flight :o
<infinisil> You can literally just click together what you need for your payload, weight, select flight, fuel, adapter, ..., then pay with stripe, minimum $1million
<infinisil> That's amazing
<infinisil> Can also select the orbit you want
<infinisil> Oh no, scrubbed
<ar> >scrubbing today
<infinisil> That was quick
<infinisil> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJHHmmY1YCs <- The Onion gem
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<eyJhb> I missed the vroooom....
<eyJhb> sphalerite: Thinking like IKEA lights?
<infinisil> eyJhb: Vroom got broomed
<sphalerite> eyJhb: ikea lights are probably a good option since they're zigbee-based and there are open-source zigbee bridges. No custom firmware fun though.
<sphalerite> eyJhb: one such bridge (if you don't want to get the PCB made and assemble it yourself) is https://slae.sh/projects/cc2652/
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<jD91mZM2> NixOS has done something to me... I'm scared of state now
<lassulus> smash the state!
<jD91mZM2> I'm starting to be scared of syncthing because the Device ID is stateful and can change
<jD91mZM2> Not that it ever would, but, y'know, it *could* I guess
<sphalerite> hehe
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<sphalerite> jD91mZM2: not if you set services.syncthing.declarative.key !
<lassulus> you can use syncthing.delcarative.cert and key
<gchristensen> some state is okay, like "identity" state
<gchristensen> imo
<jD91mZM2> sphalerite: Oh, right! Which leads me to the next thing: Secret management. I'm scared of losing all my secrets, I need to store them somewhere really secure... A public GitHub repo perhaps? (/half joking)
<lassulus> I use password-store
<jD91mZM2> And publish the encrypted files?
<lassulus> I sync them with syncthing and back them up with borgbackup :D
<jD91mZM2> Do you set syncthing.declarative.key yourself?
<lassulus> yes
<jD91mZM2> Do you keep the key.pem inside pass?
<jD91mZM2> If so, how does that work?
<lassulus> on the target system its outside of pass
<lassulus> I have most of my secrets in /var/src/secrets and they are referenced by path
<lassulus> on my local machine, which deploys the other machine, I have it in pass
<jD91mZM2> Do you manually extract it from the password store?
<lassulus> I use krops for that https://github.com/krebs/krops
<jD91mZM2> Alright, that's pretty cool - a good solution for password management. Your local machine, then, do you use declarative syncthing for that?
<lassulus> yep, all machines I use syncthing on
<jD91mZM2> Also btw, my main reason for not using pass yet is because I need some passwords (but not all!) to be accessible from my work laptop. What I do currently is use multiple users in Bitwarden and share the passwords I need from my phone.
<lassulus> I have not setup pass on my phone, but in pass you can encrypt subdirectories with different/additional gpg keys
<jD91mZM2> Oh. I guess then my main reason is invalid. The second reason is because I'm scared of gpg lol, mainly scared to lose the secret gpg key itself (I currently store it on a usb thumbdrive)
<jD91mZM2> So how is key.pem extracted on your local machine? Manually? Just trying to find out all the state you have
<lassulus> Initially, because I still haven't looked how to do it otherwise, I just start syncthing once and copy the cert/key file to my passwordstore and copy the device id from the config and put it inside my hosts registry
<jD91mZM2> Alright, thanks.
<ldlework> Anyone here every experience a thing, where your touchpad becomes ... "sluggish"?
<ldlework> a reboot fixes it, but this is the second time now
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<__monty__> Only when the machine is overloaded.
<__monty__> Then again I'm stuck on older synaptic drivers everywhere, can't use libinput yet.
<__monty__> Synaptics?
<__monty__> jD91mZM2: Why do you want to migrate away from bitwarden?
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<eyJhb> infinisil: what is broomed? Boooom?
<bbigras> oh. https://search.nixos.org/packages has a new ui
<gchristensen> fancy
<bbigras> yep
<infinisil> eyJhb: cancelled :P
<colemickens> I think somehow I thought the faceted search includes options mixed into the packages :/ hm
<eyJhb> Damn it :(
<colemickens> jD91mZM2: if you already keep your private key on a jump drive, you're pretty close to just using GPG and keeping the key on a couple of yubikeys?
<colemickens> I do this with (go)pass now and can access passwords from my phone, laptops, etc.
<infinisil> vroom = launch, boom = explosion, broom = cancelled, oom = out of memory
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<samueldr> colemickens: that's the goal eventually
<samueldr> to merge all result types front and center
<colemickens> ok cool. It's all really good stuff, that package search alone gives a cooler impression of nixpkgs imo.
<colemickens> oof, that nix-env ;)
<samueldr> yeah
<mjlbach> <bbigras "oh. https://search.nixos.org/pac"> Oh my god that is so much better
<__monty__> Hmm, I'd rather it didn't feature my real name so prominently if I'm being honest.
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<das_j> Hmm but why is the search button lapping over the searchbar? :O
<joepie91> mjlbach: FYI, Matrix replies don't bridge too well to IRC :)
<mjlbach> Ah, sorry. The new search ui looks great
<__monty__> I wish the matrix bridges would fix that. The truncated quote is useless and confusing on the IRC side imo. It's worse than the auto-pastes.
<joepie91> __monty__: I feel like it should probably do something like "prefix with highlight if source message is less than 5 messages ago, send an extra line with a full quote if more than 5 messages ago" or similar
<joepie91> to more-or-less match conventions
<joepie91> the current format is definitely stupid
<__monty__> 5 messages is not enough, maybe a relative timestamp and then repeating most of the message after at least 30 min.
<bbigras> you should report an issue for it. maybe there's already some discussions about this.
<__monty__> Tbh, I've always assumed they already know it's annoying.
<mjlbach> There seem to be some issues, is it just with multi-line replies?
<{^_^}> matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc#1198 (by nicolas17, 7 weeks ago, open): Multi-line replies aren't forwarded to IRC correctly
<{^_^}> matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc#691 (by z3ntu, 2 years ago, open): Multiline replies get cut off
<__monty__> Multi-line replies aren't my biggest annoyance. They get replaced by a matrix paste url. Which makes following conversations tedious in its own way. But it's still useful in case matrix users paste code or something.
<__monty__> The 20 character quote when matrix users use the reply-to feature is almost always useless and just makes it harder to see where their actual message begins.
<joepie91> mjlbach: ^
<mjlbach> Ahh yeah. There's an open issue about that too
<mjlbach> They're proposing just swallowing the reply text and just @'ing the person who you're replying too
<mjlbach> to*
<joepie91> I might contribute a fix some time, but typescript...
<joepie91> that doesn't work for far quotes, as mentioned
<joepie91> but it would be the right solution for near quotes
<bbigras> joepie91: uh. the reply is not that bad. you can guess which message he was replying to.
<__monty__> bbigras: That's not the problem.
<joepie91> not when it's a reply to a long-ago message
<joepie91> which happen
<bbigras> gotcha
<joepie91> I see this go wrong fairly regularly even with "native IRC users" who don't think to quote
<__monty__> The quote is vestigial, useless and annoying because it's hard to parse.
<joepie91> usually resolved with a "huh?" -> "oh I was responding to..."
<joepie91> but that doesn't work when the sending user is under the impression that a quote was included
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<joepie91> hence why you'd want to have some quote inclusion for far quotes
<mjlbach> Maybe a reverse index of which message you were replying to
<mjlbach> like @ user + reverse index : reply
<__monty__> Nah, the reference is only useful for far away messages. And any way to refer to those is necessarily hard to count to or not remembered by anyone currently talking.
<infinisil> RIP my projector
<__monty__> Humans manually quoting do a far better job.
<infinisil> It served me very well
<joepie91> frankly any bridging format that doesn't comply with IRC conventions is wrong
<joepie91> no matter how clever
<joepie91> Matrix (the ecosystem) is conceptually a 'guest' on IRC and should make effort to fit into existing culture and conventions
<__monty__> I do understand reply-to being a useful feature matrix-side. And it being hard to restrict your use of it when you happen to be in a bridged channel.
<bbigras> it's possible that the dev considers the current behavior a good compromise.
<bbigras> devs*
<__monty__> I've seen enough complaints about this to disagree with that assessment : )
<bbigras> people who agree might could be the silent majority. maybe not but on the internet it's easy to conclude "many complaints, therefore it's bad".
<joepie91> I have literally not spoken to a single person who was of the opinion that the current quote format is good
<joepie91> at best, I have had people not care
<mjlbach> The dev was in favor of removing it per the link
<__monty__> Hope I didn't come off too ranty.
<samueldr> compared to the usual? ;)
<__monty__> On the github issue. This is my native ranting ground, let me rant in peace 😤
<mjlbach> I think the tone was fine
<gchristensen> it is such a bummer that tailscale requires google / ms accounts :(
<__monty__> 100 times yes.
<__monty__> I'm kinda trying it out anyway because you really can't fault the convenience.
<__monty__> Maybe zerotier is better in this regard?
<bbigras> I use zerotier to be able to access multiple networks. I wish tailscale would allow this. or zerotier would use wireguard.
<__monty__> Toxvpn has served me excellently but it does require a bit of setup and it sometimes takes a while for peers to find each other (the first time).
<bbigras> I found https://github.com/jwhited/wgsd . I have no idea if it's to make something like tailscale or if it's for containers or something. I asked the dev and his reply was kinda useless.
<__monty__> bbigras: Hmm, multiple networks how? Like a disconnected graph?
<bbigras> __monty__: I have no idea what a "disconnected graph" is. but I could make a network for my work and add like my work computer, my phone, my desktop and my laptop. and I would create a friends network were I would add a friend's computer and my desktop. so my friend wouldn't be on the same network as my work computer.
<bbigras> with tailscale you can use ACLs. but I like the zerotier way of behing able to join multiple networks.
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<bbigras> tailscale has a sharing feature in beta. maybe it could help.
<__monty__> Hmm, yah was gonna say sharing sounds like this.
<__monty__> Hmm, stop bringing up interesting topics when people are trying to get to bed, rude. Goodnight, all my rantceivers.
<bbigras> haha. good night
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<mjlbach> the tailscale blog is worth a read
<mjlbach> I learned a ton from the article about NAT traversal and the "how tailscale works" post
<bbigras> there's an open source server for tailscale too https://github.com/juanfont/headscale but it seems more like a PoC
<bbigras> does the tailscale blog explain how sharing works with ACLs?
<bbigras> "Sharing gives the recipient Tailscale network access to only the shared device, and nothing else. It respects the ACL and Magic DNS settings of both networks, and strips ACL tags, groups, and subnet information from the recipient network."
<mjlbach> Yes, I believe so
<colemickens> bbigras: nice link
<colemickens> that does sound like tailscale
<colemickens> I also want to write a headscale module :P
<colemickens> I just packagaed it in my nixcfg recently
<bbigras> yeah but I have no idea if it's planned to have like mobile clients and other os support or it's just a linux server thing.
<colemickens> bbigras: btw, haven't vetted this list, but those appear on a list with some other options: https://www.reddit.com/r/WireGuard/comments/inn8sl/wireguard_mesh_network_options/
<ashkitten> current status: building 500 packages to see which of 2 commits broke a thing
<bbigras> colemickens: nice, thanks
<colemickens> bbigras: if you find a rusty one let me know ;)
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<ar> nice perspective for a 3d print: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZROg5rd6AM