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<samueldr> how peculiar, PRs 243 253 and 263 in Mobile NixOS were all new device ports
<samueldr> uh oops, I misspoke
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<samueldr> it was 223, carry on
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<supersandro2000> learning something new everyday -_-
<supersandro2000> if you are out of RAM because your git push takes like 3 GB ...
<supersandro2000> do I need to add a RAM limit to my git!?
<supersandro2000> if you are reading the following on the man page: " This should be reasonable for all users/operating systems, except on the largest projects. You probably do not need to adjust this value."
<supersandro2000> yeah... largest projects...
<joepie91> ✅
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<Church-> Howdy howdy folks
<Church-> Been a hot minute
<Church-> bbigras: Another tailscale dev I see?
<bbigras> I'm not. I was just curious about systemd sandboxing and picked a service at random.
<bbigras> well "random". I like tailscale
<Church-> Ah heh.
<Church-> Aye it's nice, we use it at work.
<Church-> Now to wonder, do I go buy a bundle of used 8tb drives off ebay for my new zpool...
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<supersandro2000> that moment when you are on another machine and wondering where all the work from yesterday went...
<bbigras> haha
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<supersandro2000> I think the network bug I have is actually leaking memory all over the place
<supersandro2000> I had barely any RAM left before rebooting and after everything went back up I have 15GB+ more free
<supersandro2000> linux kernel don't disappoint me... that bug should've been fixed ages ago
<supersandro2000> if anyone wonders: I have a variant of https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/5618
<{^_^}> moby/moby#5618 (by tankywoo, 6 years ago, open): kernel crash after "unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free. Usage count = 3"
<bbigras> "moby". "now that's a name i haven't heard in a long time"
<supersandro2000> they merged docker-ce into moby fully
<bbigras> I know. I mean. Nobody uses that name.
<bbigras> I didn't hear that name once since the announcement.
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<supersandro2000> you don't really need to know it
<supersandro2000> there are so many good libraries barely someone knows
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<eyJhb> supersandro2000: But you see, nothing gets merged.
<{^_^}> docker/distribution#3143 (by eyJhb, 38 weeks ago, open): Add pagination on `/v2/<name>/tags/list`
<eyJhb> And this is a simple one, that doesn't touch much. There are also a bunch of API issues...
<eyJhb> If they were more active/wanting to merge stuff, I would be more active over there. But I know they are doing there best, and need more people to manage it all
<__monty__> Hmm, who was looking for a service that bills by the amount of CPU used? infinisil, eyJhb?
<eyJhb> It was infinisil
<eyJhb> > 2021-01-04 21:39:00 infinisil Are there hosting providers where you only pay for the CPU time used?
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')', at (string):460:14
<supersandro2000> eyJhb: yeah.. it is like in nix when your PR is two weeks old and you know no one
<eyJhb> But in Nix you can usually poke it #nixos, and someone will look at it
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<eyJhb> Just a off-topic-on-topic thing to say. Hell I miss doing physics... When you can "just" mess a little around with the units, and then you know if you have fucked something up :p Always so nice to do...
<__monty__> Ah, hosting, not building...
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<eyJhb> __monty__: which services where you thinking of?
<__monty__> Just heard about nixbuild.net.
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<gchristensen> I made a little thing ... ./diff-summary.sh /run/booted-system /run/current-system -> cpupower (5.9.15 → 5.9.16), firefox (83.0 → 84.0), linux (5.9.15 → 5.9.16), v4l2loopback (0.12.5-5.9.15 → 0.12.5-5.9.16), zfs-kernel (0.8.6-5.9.15 → 0.8.6-5.9.16)
<sphalerite> <3
<abathur> nice
<adisbladis> gchristensen: That's my fetish
<kraem> gief
<gchristensen> I think I tricked a buddy in to making a little gtk window thing for it instead
<adisbladis> Nice
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Btw, do you know of zenity?
<gchristensen> sphalerite introduced me in to zenity
<adisbladis> Ok, good :)
<gchristensen> in fact if you click What Changed ...
<etu> Very nice :)
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<adisbladis> gchristensen: Hm, a pretty huge improvement would be to remove the "text view"
<adisbladis> And spawn a terminal for that purpose instead
<adisbladis> It'd be pretty nice to drop into a shell on failure
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<andi-> I wanted to build something like diff-summary since forever but never really started. Thanks graham! :D
<andi-> I am looking forward to the nixpkgs pr ;)
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<steveeJ> is anyone running a multiwan router with NixOS? I'm wondering if I'm better off with OpenWRT or OPNsense or not
<bbigras> you could also ask on #nixos-on-your-router
<steveeJ> bbigras: I did earlier today. seems like no one felt like answering the question ;-)
<bbigras> steveeJ: oh sorry
<hexa-> pretty sure it went under in the surge protection discussion
<steveeJ> I'm concluding that either the folks who run such a set up are absent or that there aren't any ;-)
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<ashkitten> gchristensen: ooo
<ashkitten> impressive
<ashkitten> infinisil: nixus feature?^^ 👀
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<sphalerite> gchristensen: oh no! BITE was the toothbrush-sharing service I could always rely on :(
<cransom> I uhhh.... IoToothbrush?
<samueldr> gchristensen: for a better GUI for your update thingamajig, check for FFIs for your programming environment, if there's no real libraries
<__monty__> I wonder how historians are ever going to make sense of twitter.
<gchristensen> hahaha
<gchristensen> samueldr: actually cackling, thank you
<samueldr> __monty__: how do they make sense of written messages between people, when they only have one side of the story?
<samueldr> as usual, they will extrapolate from missing
<samueldr> though, that's thinking that the leftover data will be available at all
<samueldr> which is not a given
* samueldr just realises
<samueldr> it was about all the snark and sarcasm, right?
<infinisil> ashkitten: Hm?
<infinisil> Ah neat
<infinisil> Maybe yeah :)
<infinisil> Though I'm currently working on something else for Nixus which I'm really excited about
<infinisil> Basically a DNS module that doesn't suck
<infinisil> Why not a NixOS module you might ask?
<samueldr> because it'll need to interact with external services?
<infinisil> Nah, that could also be done by a NixOS module
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<infinisil> Basically the reason is because DNS is fundamentally distributed, making it unfit for a single machines configuration
<infinisil> Whereas it's a pretty good fit for Nixus, which handles multiple machines
<infinisil> Concretely, it allows you to specify DNS records without having to specifiy which machine should serve them
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<infinisil> And orthogonally, you can specify DNS zones to be served by a specific machine
<kraem> gchristensen: excuse my ignorance but how would i use the diff-script? (i made it executable and tried to run it but got "cat: diff: No such file or directory". can't say i get how it's working..)
<gchristensen> # nix-diff "$(nix-store --query --deriver "$1")" "$(nix-store --query --deriver "$2")" \
<gchristensen> cat diff \
<gchristensen> delete the cat line, uncomment the nix-diff line :)
<kraem> oh of course :)
<gchristensen> oops :)
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<kraem> that's actually pretty cool, thanks :d
<kraem> gchristensen: you should definitely consider making that script a bit more "official", i guess there are loads of people that'd love something like it
<ashkitten> gchristensen: for some reason i just spent the last hour painstakingly reconstructing the qr code on the toothbrush in an image editor
<ashkitten> idk why
<ashkitten> just cuz it wouldn't scan on my phone
<gchristensen> hah!
<gchristensen> did it go somewhere?
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<gchristensen> kraem: can I give it to you to do something like that with? :)
<sphalerite> ashkitten: you mean https://bite.me/ ?
<kraem> sure i could try, but can't say i fully understand it
<ashkitten> sphalerite: no
<samueldr> obviously it's bite.io
<cole-h> byte.io?
<samueldr> oh, I read the actual things ashkitten said before the URLs
<ashkitten> >:( i spent an hour figuring out that annoying qr code that doesnt go anywhere
<samueldr> QR codes are *so* resilients it's amazing what you can scan
<ashkitten> no theyre not
<ashkitten> i couldnt scan the one in the picture
<ashkitten> :<
<samueldr> but you could still recover it manually
<ashkitten> i had to recreate it by hand!
<samueldr> I've had cases where badly skewed QR codes were still recognizable by whatever fuels barcode scanner
<samueldr> (zebra crossing is it?)
<samueldr> or a hand-redrawn QR code in an animated series, which scanned to the string "QRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODEQRCODE" or something similar
<ashkitten> yes but those are usually codes with redundancy built in, and not a low res photo of a cylindrical surface with glare
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> but the geometric nature of it allowed you to be able to manually recover it
<ashkitten> true
<samueldr> simple-enough rules, fill-in the blanks, you have the three "marker" corners to use as a guide
<samueldr> imagine if it was a 1D barcode :)
<samueldr> get the distances right!
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<__monty__> I like Data Matrix's approach better than QR codes. And Aztec codes but those aren't widely supported (yet?).
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<gchristensen> danderson: does tailscale add / remove interfaces, or does it just manage peers?
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<infinisil> I wish there was a `networking.publicIps` option, or so
<infinisil> Which is just networking.interfaces.*.ipv4.*.address, but filtered for public ips
<infinisil> (I was kind of hoping somebody would yell at me, saying that I can use <foo> which already implements that)
<hexa-> implement ip in cidr matching
<infinisil> Hmm, I actually do have the cidr thing implemented
<hexa-> for ipv4 and ipv6?
<infinisil> Neat, guess it won't be that hard after all :D
<infinisil> Only ipv4 :/
<hexa-> rip :D
<infinisil> Oh no
<infinisil> Alright, I'll just go for the simple ipv6 parsing, without even the trailing ipv4 thing
<infinisil> Actually screw it
<infinisil> I'll just make a `networking.publicIpv{4,6}`