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<ldlework> energizer: all you need is to symlink the config from your config repo into the right spot, during an activation script
<ldlework> i don't do that with qtile, but i do with emacs' init.el
<ldlework> you are basically using nix as stosw in that case
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<abathur> verbose debug output from Bear lists the commands running, and it's fairly quick; might be able to hack that to just put that debug info in the output json... :]
<ashkitten> i wonder, when pipewire becomes the default, will we just offer versions of programs compiled against pipewire's pulse instead of using LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make them use it?
<ashkitten> nixpkgs.overlays = [ (self: super: { pulseaudio = super.pipewire.pulseaudio; jack = super.pipewire.jack; }) ];
<ashkitten> hmmmm
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<ashkitten> wonder how hard it'd be to set up my own personal hydra for that
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<cole-h> Wow. Ordered my mobo, RAM, and cooler yesterday and they already came :o
<cole-h> Was not expecting that...
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<abathur> they knew you'd do it
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> I should go back in time and not order it and see what happens
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<ashkitten> 👀 pipewire is working way better than the last time i tried
<ashkitten> though it seems to have some issue with ffxiv in wine but works with lutris wine?
<ashkitten> also sometimes the audio of youtube videos desyncs
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<abathur> "or press the help button on the CMake GUI."
<ashkitten> abathur: uhhh that isolate repo you linked, does not seem secure in the slightest
<ashkitten> trivial to just statically link against your libc and bypass it
<abathur> yeah
<abathur> a little interested in trying it as like a testing mechanism
<abathur> if it worked it wouldn't really be load-bearing as any sort of security mechanism
<ashkitten> i feel like it'd be easier to just... use a chroot
<abathur> probably? I haven't fiddled too closely with either in this case yet; still focused on other components. I recall from dipping my toe in that setting up the chroot on macOS also entails hunting down and including .dylib files. Not sure if it's a chore or not
<ashkitten> jitsi is a fun rhythm game now https://i.imgur.com/rPPrl60.png
<ashkitten> (testing out pipewire screen sharing in firefox)
<abathur> nice
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<colemickens> I added the pipewire patch and now can't get it to work for me, lol
* etu is waiting for the channel to update to try it out
<etu> I've prepared by switching from firefox-bin to firefox in the config file :D
<ashkitten> yeah firefox-bin doesn't work ;-;
<ashkitten> luckily we should have lto soon...?
<ashkitten> i hope pgo follows suit
<colemickens> ashkitten: cool! is that this? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/98331
<{^_^}> #98331 (by avnik, 2 weeks ago, open): firefox: use gold linker to speedup build
<colemickens> I have been wondering about the gap of firefox/firefox-bin and if we can close it. I felt dissed when I read once that Mozilla claims their builds are better than distros' builds.
<ashkitten> idk archlinux has lto+pgo builds i think
<ashkitten> but our build system has tighter requirements than most
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<ldlework> Synergy costs money now?
<ldlework> nevermind
<eyJhb> ldlework: he he he he :D
<ldlework> btw, I'm hosting a D&D campaign on Saturdays 7PM CST. Could fit one or two more in. 4 in already.
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<Taneb> As much as I am craving more D&D games, I think that's 1AM here, I don't think I can quite justify that
<__monty__> Have you tried justifying harder?
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<Taneb> I'd rather just organize a game in a more western European time zone
<__monty__> Probably healthier yeah.
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<gchristensen> can we standardize this in the community? :) https://github.com/LnL7/vim-nix/pull/28
<{^_^}> LnL7/vim-nix#28 (by rummik, 1 year ago, open): Add fenced language syntaxes
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<Taneb> I'm in favour of it
<__monty__> They were talking about the limitations yesterday. Something about being limited to nix + 1 fenced syntax?
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<LnL> gchristensen: some generic way to annotate attributes would be nice for multiple usecases :)
<__monty__> Oh, for the people who liked the age-related bias stuff. Have a baader meinhof moment in this Veritasium video on chance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LopI4YeC4I
<__monty__> Anyone seen The Social Dilemma and want to tell me what they though?
<__monty__> *thought
<V> gchristensen: that's an... interesting approach
<infinisil> My shell takes 5 *seconds* to start..
<infinisil> I wanted to improve that on the weekend by creating a super minimal zsh config with only the things I really need
<infinisil> But I got discouraged when I realized this meant learning a lot of zsh..
<infinisil> But here's a neat command to see which sourced files take how long to load: PS4="%D{%H:%M:%S.%6.} %N %e " zsh -o sourcetrace -ic true
<abathur> what do you do with your history?
* colemickens is trying fish again as a main driver
<infinisil> abathur: How do you mean?
<abathur> history load time is ignorable at small sizes, but some people set their max history to infinite, or really, really big
<infinisil> Ah no I have it set to 1mil
<abathur> so one component of a slow load can be a few seconds of history ingestion/population
<infinisil> I mean I can see what takes so long from above command. It's all the plugin crap
<infinisil> One slightly crazy idea I had to decrease shell loading time for *any* config to pretty much an instant:
<infinisil> Start it once, then save the process using criu. Restore/duplicate it every time a new shell is started
<samueldr> rm ~/.bashrc
<abathur> if that appears to account for all of the time I'd start there, yeah; but I think at least in bash under default settings the first history load won't be in user code; if there's a second or so you don't have accounted for I'd check how big your histfile is and maybe try loading a shell with history disabled or HISTFILE set to /dev/null or something?
<abathur> another thing I've done with a *lot* of functions that are rarely used is to wrap related function definitions in another function call so that they only get parsed and defined as needed
<abathur> not sure if that can apply to any zfs plugins
<infinisil> s/zfs/zsh
<abathur> oops
<abathur> hehe
<infinisil> But yeah zsh has something builtin for that
<__monty__> infinisil: Great opportunity to check out fish. See whether it floats your boat.
<infinisil> You can set fpath to some list of dirs, and define a function as undefined (some syntax). When you call the function, it looks for a file with the functions name to load it
<infinisil> __monty__: You're using fish?
<__monty__> Yes
<__monty__> I'm not a plugin kinda guy though.
<samueldr> I'm curious where my time is lost with my profile/shell
<samueldr> but I think I'm cheating
<samueldr> since I have the guards around my profile if it's already loaded
<samueldr> and e.g. X11 loads the same profile for me
<infinisil> samueldr: Can unset the relevant vars to test
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> I was going to go with `env -i`
<infinisil> Ohh I was looking for how to clear the env, thanks
<samueldr> env -i HOME="$HOME" TERM="$TERM"
<samueldr> that's the minmum required
<samueldr> and seems to be pretty much instant *including* loading tmux and starting a new shell inside of it
<samueldr> so uh
<infinisil> samueldr: I'm testing with `env -i <command>`
<samueldr> infinisil: yeah, bash requires HOME and tmux requires TERM for me :)
<samueldr> I wonder if the lag I see when connecting via ssh (when the machine is working) is just lag because of high activity
<infinisil> I have a machine I access via ssh that's using the same shell setup as my local machine
<infinisil> Except that the remote machine has a super slow HDD
<infinisil> While locally I have an NVMe
<samueldr> right, it could have been HDD at that time too
<infinisil> So the remote shell is *suuper* slow to load
<samueldr> I really don't have much in my shell startup though, my PS1 is \n\w\[\]${__error}\[\] \$
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> that's lacking the colour code
<samueldr> though my PROMPT_COMMAND might have some stuff in
<samueldr> es=$?; [[ $es -eq 0 ]] && unset __error || __error=" $es"; history -a
<samueldr> I thought it had more
<samueldr> fun!
<samueldr> at some point it did
<infinisil> I was also looking through NixOS' shell setup
<infinisil> And for at least zsh there's some stuff I have no idea if it's needed
<infinisil> But it's just added for everybody by default
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<drakonis> huh, we have a hacktoberfest tag now
<drakonis> have we received spam yet?
<colemickens> so, I moved to something else other than p7zip due to the security thing, but I can't remember what tooll I have to decompress 7z files now -_-
<drakonis> oh and we're 100 issues/PRs away from 100k
<V> colemickens: if it's libarchive, bsdtar?
<samueldr> drakonis: you tell us (about the spam)
<samueldr> though I would assume not since there wasn't anyone complaining (rightfully)
<colemickens> V: thanks
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<colemickens> V: how about rar?
<colemickens> unrar isn't cached, presumably its the nonfree version
<V> if bsdtar doesn't support rar files, then just use unrar?
<colemickens> bleh I guess. bsdtar doesn't support encryption, I guess.
<cole-h> Nice, 3700x arrived :D
<cole-h> Now just need to find free time to set up the new hardware...
<JJJollyjim> ugh
<drakonis> its good we didnt have any troubles with hacktoberfest so fa
<drakonis> far
<JJJollyjim> amd has 3___xt cpus
<JJJollyjim> their next CPU's will be 5___ series
<JJJollyjim> but they already have a 5700xt
<JJJollyjim> this is very confusing lol
<cole-h> True. But less confusing than if it were 4___x CPUs
<cole-h> (Zen 2 4___ mobile chips vs Zen 3 4___ desktop chips)
<samueldr> they should go the apple route, and just call them "Ryzen 4 cores", whichever generation it is
<samueldr> perfect for OEMs!
<samueldr> equipped with a "Ryzen 4 cores" CPU!
<samueldr> you can dump your old stock!
<ashkitten> samueldr: it amuses me endlessly that apple has a page dedicated to figuring out what model your laptop is, because they don't mark it anywhere on the device
<samueldr> oh, on the chip you just write "AMD"
<samueldr> anything else is just frivolous
<cole-h> Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping they would slip up and send me a 3800X/3900X instead of a 3700X :P
<samueldr> see, I have no idea what's 3800 vs. 3900 vs. 3700
<samueldr> ;)
<samueldr> 100 to 200 more X I guess
<cole-h> 3800X is higher frequency 3700X, both are 8c/16t
<cole-h> 3900X is 16c/32t I believe
<cole-h> Oh, 12c/24t
<samueldr> would be nice to have ryzen-5-12c-ZZZZm[-X] as names, where ZZZZ is the clock in mhz, and -X for variants
<samueldr> sure, a mouthful, but there you have an infinitely expandable scheme!
<ashkitten> i need a dual socket threadripper 3990X for my desktop
<ashkitten> thanks
<JJJollyjim> what a coincidence, i also need that
<cole-h> Me too
<cole-h> But that's too much money for me, at the moment (:
<samueldr> I'm actually curious with my use case where we get in diminishing returns land
<ashkitten> when talking about compiling firefox.... i don't know if you get diminishing returns, ever
<samueldr> well, I'm actually curious
<samueldr> since there is overhead in dealing with all cores
<samueldr> and there's that NUMA thing I don't really know what it means for performance reasons
<samueldr> though since it's not "threaded" actually, but different processes when building maybe it's not an issue?
<gchristensen> wellllll this is a bummer... I seem to have lost SSH access to my garage door.
<andi-> it is secure now?
<gchristensen> that is not completely true: I can still SSH in, but the only keys I have which work use ForceCommand to open the garage.
<JJJollyjim> lmao
<andi-> close it, delete key material
<andi-> Next time you might consider deploying it via LDAP integration ^^
<gchristensen> kerberos tickets to open
<gchristensen> oh, I got in!
<gchristensen> 20.03pre201671.db3beda6b56 (Markhor)
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<andi-> you seem to have a solid update policy :)
<andi-> it isn't even a year old!
<gchristensen> I upgrade once a year whether it needs it or not
<samueldr> what was missing?
<samueldr> well, what made you think you couldn't get in?
<gchristensen> I needed to drag out an ancient SSH key
<samueldr> it just occured to me
<samueldr> that gamer phone I have, which has a better-binned snapdragon 845, I can run NixOS on it, just without the display being useful for now
<samueldr> I could run builds on it
<samueldr> I wonder how it compares to other things I have around
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