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<samueldr> :/ BindsTo seems to only apply to making a service vanish
<samueldr> or uh, stop
<infinisil> samueldr: Not sure what that means
<samueldr> if I have a "modem-control" service that BindsTo "sys-devices-....device", systemd will not transmit the sys-devices "started" status to the modem-control service, only the "stopped" status
<samueldr> so it seems to be useful only to create a service that tightly depends on another
<infinisil> samueldr: How about also a Wants
<samueldr> right now I'm checking if you can add things to a device unit
<samueldr> if I can make it have a start/stop command then everything is fine
* infinisil doesn't expect that to be possible
<samueldr> when you TAG+="systemd" something with udev, it creates a .device unit
<infinisil> Nice
<samueldr> though Wants wouldn't that mean that for modem-control to start it wants sys-device...-wwan.device to be started?
<samueldr> I think the relationship I want is not really a thing
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* samueldr should go to #systemd
<infinisil> samueldr: WantedBy maybe then? (so the other way around)
<samueldr> but for modem-control to be "started", it would need to "start" the modem control service
<samueldr> which is unneeded here as the device would be started already!
<lopsided98> samueldr: This is what I use to make a service automatically start and stop with a device, in case it helps: https://github.com/lopsided98/nixos-config/blob/master/machines/octoprint/default.nix#L77
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> I guess since "enabling" and "disabling" at that point would be a no-op it wouldn't hurt
<samueldr> though it seems weird to now have a clear way to add commands to control a device with all the integration between udev and systemd
<samueldr> uh, looks like my earlier attempt at adding a start/stop config to the device might have worked, but my script doesn't work as a service??
<samueldr> (moving over to #nixos)
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<energizer> how do i actually press the tmux prefix key
<energizer> without tmux capturing it
<energizer> my key is ` and i want to insert a `
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<energizer> aha, ` C-b
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<immae> C-b C-b
<immae> Or is it C-b b by default ? Not sure anymore, I changed it in my config
<immae> To figure out: "C-b : list-keys" and search for "send-prefix"
<energizer> it's prefix followed by C-b
<immae> So "C-b C-b" will send a C-b to your shell
<energizer> if C-b is your prefix, ya. in my case it wasnt
<immae> Ah I misunderstood your question then
<energizer> my prefix is `
<immae> Oh!
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<infinisil> Starlink launch stream starting in ~30 minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM8CDDAmp98
<infinisil> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb
<philipp[m]> \o/
<infinisil> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb
<infinisil> NOW
<infinisil> 40 seconds!
<infinisil> Damn, didn't expect it to launch this soon
<infinisil> I just went away a bit to grab some food, almost missed it!
<infinisil> Noo there's no landing video
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<infinisil> Oh there is! Touchdooown!
<etu> yeee!
<infinisil> > claps
<{^_^}> "👋👋👋👋👋"
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<infinisil> Wait those aren't claps
<gchristensen> those are claps in Nix lore now
<jtojnar> > waves
<{^_^}> "👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏"
<infinisil> Hehe
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<viric> Why when I run tribler it always feels like not working?
<viric> I can't even tell whether it's a bug or expected
<viric> and I just saw for the first time git repackaging a repository in background.
<gchristensen> nvme appears to be cheap right now. ... $150 for 1T
<infinisil> :o
<infinisil> Lemme see how much I paid for my 500GB
<infinisil> CHF 120
<infinisil> > 120 * 1.09
<{^_^}> 130.8
<infinisil> USD ^
<infinisil> Oh yeah the same product is only CHF 100 now
<infinisil> While the 1TB version is 166
<infinisil> And 400 for 2TB, what
<__monty__> Oh, I was thinking "Hey, I only just got a TB HDD for 100 >: O" But it was actually 4 TB.
<gchristensen> I think I might get a couple for my nas for cache ...
<infinisil> Okay so, there's this new nick "pumpy", and they just asked "why home.nix not has same format as configuration.nix?" in #home-manager
<infinisil> How do I best tell them that this is a bad question?
<infinisil> Similarly, they asked "no where is it pls?" when I told them they should read the home-manager readme
<infinisil> Should I tell them "yo, ask better questions" from the start? (well, not like that literally, but you get the gist)
<gchristensen> maybe remind them that you're volunteers and you expect them to do their own research and make / demonstrate an effort?
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<infinisil> I guess that would've been good for the readme question
<drakonis> yesterday's nickel talk...
<drakonis> shiet dudes
<drakonis> a nix derivated lang i can use for everything
<drakonis> sign me up
<drakonis> derived
<infinisil> drakonis: I didn't look too closely at it yet, what were your thoughts on it?
<evalexpr> anyone seen any wpa_supplicant issues running on 5.8.14 (or later) kernel? I keep getting CTRL-EVENT-BEACON-LOSS and a dbus error about a property not existing in journal every hour or so and the wifi drops off
<drakonis> it looks like it'll be interesting
<drakonis> especially if it becomes a replacement for nix lang
<drakonis> looks like it is nix 2
<drakonis> anyways, if and when it gets adopted, it'll be great
<drakonis> provided there's some way to transition away from nix
<drakonis> it'd provide a clean slate for nix
<infinisil> drakonis: Hm, does it have context support though?
<infinisil> I think that's one of the main things that makes Nix Nix
<infinisil> Implicitly having things depend on each other
<cole-h> I don't know if it currently has it, but the following comment by regnat makes me think it's desirable(ish)
<drakonis> it does not
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> it does now
<infinisil> drakonis: I don't think so?
<drakonis> see the followup
<infinisil> Just string interpolation though
<infinisil> Not context
<drakonis> oh, right.
<drakonis> well, i certainly hope it replaces nix in the future, as nixpkgs is so damn crufty
<cole-h> How do you foresee nickel improving that "cruft"?
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<drakonis> by giving nix a clean slate
<drakonis> nixpkgs that is
<infinisil> I guess that's orthogonal to the language
<samueldr> would that be Nixpkgs then?
<drakonis> yes
<infinisil> Would probably be nickelpkgs then :)
<drakonis> haw, sure
<drakonis> nclpkgs :V
<drakonis> less memorable sadly
<drakonis> far more search engine friendly
<drakonis> as for what i mean with cruft is that in the near future, there'll be nix modules
<drakonis> along other things
<drakonis> a bunch of fashionably late features
<drakonis> that if they were available much earlier in nix's existence, they'd perhaps be widely used
<__monty__> Dhall is inspired by Nix?
<__monty__> First I hear of that.
<drakonis> yes
<drakonis> its true
<__monty__> Not particularly a fan of nix with gradual typing tbh. Types are so much more useful when they're pervasive. And no it doesn't mean you have to be writing types all over the place, even with something like Dhall. But I don't see why a totally inferred type system is out of the question for something like nix.
<__monty__> Do you have a gabriel-authored source on that, drakonis?
<drakonis> uhhh
<__monty__> That's a very different thing.
<__monty__> That's about dhall-to-nix.
<drakonis> the old website had something on it
<drakonis> how is it not inspired by nix when gabriel is a heavy user of it
<drakonis> i'll still try to look it up
<__monty__> Just because someone uses something doesn't mean everything they do is inspired by said something though.
<__monty__> There's not really anything in dhall that has to have come from nix afaict. Set merging and import with hash are the nearest things I can see.
<__monty__> I found out about dhall long before nix too so I'm not so convinced gabriel's nix use predates his dhall development.
<__monty__> Thanks for looking btw. I expected to find a repo for the site on github but it doesn't look like there's one in the dhall-lang org.
<drakonis> dhall's website used to have a blog
<drakonis> i'm looking at the wayback machine
<evalexpr> the link drakonis posted above has a quote in it "The Dhall language is heavily inspired by Nix" and was written by Gabriel
<drakonis> its nix without turing completness
<drakonis> completeness and typing
<drakonis> i'm browsing the repo at its original state
<drakonis> i find it hard to believe that it isnt nix inspired
<evalexpr> drakonis: I mean, that quote above literally spells it out, no?
<drakonis> it started with dhall to haskell and dhall to nix
<drakonis> here
<drakonis> This adds a `dhallToNix` utility which compiles expression from the Dhall configuration language to Nix using Nix's support for "import from derivation". The main motivation of this compiler is to allow users to carve out small typed subsets of Nix projects. Everything in the Dhall language (except `Double`s)can be translated to Nix in this way, including functions.
<drakonis> actually, the best way to get an answer is to ask gabriel
<drakonis> anyways, it would be fascinating to have dhall's templating features without being a nixpkgs feature
<drakonis> see: infinisil's module work
<drakonis> but again
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<drakonis> wait i linked that
<drakonis> my bad lmao
<drakonis> The Dhall language is heavily inspired by Nix, so many Dhall language features translate mechanically to Nix language features. For example:
<drakonis> it says right in that post lmaooooooo
<drakonis> there
<drakonis> mystery solved
<evalexpr> ;
<evalexpr> drakonis: didn't you see my message above?
<drakonis> i dont think monty saw it
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<drakonis> oh yeah, today's hack day isnt it
<drakonis> guess that must be why its so quiet
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<viric> why is systemd messing with coredumps also?
<samueldr> you'd have to read the manual and/or ask systemd people to know _why_ :)
<viric> I see I see
<samueldr> though I figure it's a feature that was desirable
<viric> people should stop saying "I use linux" and instead say "I use systemd"
<cole-h> But I do use Linux.
<viric> that might matter less than systemd
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