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<pie_> i dunno
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<lovesegfault> 6 days since nixos-unstable :P
<drakonis> 7 days...
<ashkitten> when will my nixos-unstable return from the war
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<eyJhb> I want it baaack
<eyJhb> It breaks quite often atm.
<eyJhb> Like, if I had some Hydra control I would look more into stuff like that :(
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<lovesegfault> how it started: going to read about yugoslavian collectivism and have some whiskey
<lovesegfault> how it ended: resilvering my ZFS pool so I can listen to music while I do that because my system kernel panic
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<sphalerite> lovesegfault: classic
<eyJhb> It always ends like that
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<gchristensen> neat ... apple brought back the correct shape for the iphone
<__monty__> Isn't the rounded edges a comfort thing?
<gchristensen> I dunno, but I can hold on to the flat sides, and I can't hold on to the rounded over sides
<gchristensen> (...that is why I broke the screen on my last iphone walking out of the store...)
<eyJhb> gchristensen: that was short lived
<__monty__> Almost sounds like aluminum's just a bad idea. At least unless it's textured or coated differently.
<joepie91> I'm a huge fan of rubberized texture
<eyJhb> Sandstone <3
<eyJhb> You can even draw on that with your nail!
<LnL> yeah, the soap bar design isn't great for grip
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<pie_> in case yall didnt know, there is a tool called netsed
<pie_> and we dont have it https://repology.org/project/netsed/versions xd
<pie_> i wonder if there is anything similar
<pie_> hm its in ruby.
<pie_> and c??
<pie_> i wonder if theres more popular or otherwise intereting alternatives
<gchristensen> that is fancy
<pie_> i wonder if mitmproxy would work
<pie_> my actual problem is that dnsmasq doesnt let me serve pxe stuff to ips not on its subnet :P (its been a while since i pulled up that code but i think the server being nated was the problem)
<pie_> yikes
<Baughn> I'm going to rewrite the hardware.nvidia.prime section to support the non-nvidia gpu *not* being Intel.
<Baughn> Anyyone particularly care about this?
<gchristensen> maybe ask in -dev?
<Baughn> Ack
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<eyJhb> pie_: mitmproxy is mostly HTTP(S)
<pie_> eyJhb: ok, i didnt get around to checking
<eyJhb> mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy
<eyJhb> B
<eyJhb> But It is SO NICE working with
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<etu> Unicorn!
<abathur> I had a friend ask me to check his mac for malware last year, and discovered it was using mitmproxy :)
<abathur> and a few weeks after I told a co-worker about it, he found roughly the same thing on his parents' mac
<abathur> also, pity the fool who needs to man -K anything that frequently appears in the perl docs...
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<__monty__> abathur: Isn't mitmproxy a development tool?
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<sphalerite> __monty__: sure, but malware developers are developers too
<gchristensen> it turns out tools are tools, to be used regardless of the author's intent
<pie_> mitmproxy is a development tool? xP
<gchristensen> https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374536534 is a fun book, and talks a lot about the process of scientists "discovering" ethical implications of their work
<abathur> they even have an FAQ entry or disclaimer somewhere iirc
<abathur> I think I'm mis-remembering the context, and am actually thinking of this post https://discourse.mitmproxy.org/t/majorsignalsearch-malware-using-mitmproxy/1690/2
<eyJhb> mitmproxy can be used for anything you want :p I used it for reverse engineering Android apps (or at least seeing what they were doing), and spoofing information in apps...
<gchristensen> I wonder if, and in what ways, the "12 factor app" model influence systemd. specifically I'm thinking, for example, journald
<sphalerite> fun story from yesterday: A colleague and I were trying to get the previously-working prometheus snmp_exporter to work. It was supposed to be sending out SNMP queries, and just… wasn't. It said i/o timeout, but never even made the system call to send out the UDP packets.
<sphalerite> Turns out that the value "30" for the timeout was interpreted as nanoseconds, not seconds.
<sphalerite> We spent probably 2 or 3 hours on this.
<gchristensen> lol
<sphalerite> and apparently I didn't roll back the change correctly, because then it would have started working again…
<sphalerite> Way to make use of an amazing OS with declarative configuration and rollbacks and stuff.
<ajs124> sphalerite: nanoseconds? is that exporter implemented in go or how did that happen?
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<ugubok> I can't build a simple plugin for mcabber: http://sprunge.us/dkPLI6
<ugubok> It says /nix/store/2a9lyngnya57rhvjni6km1zp8xwhs3g9-mcabber-1.1.0/include/mcabber/logprint.h:4:10: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory
<ugubok> But glib is in buildInputs
<eyJhb> ajs124: it very much could be, need that 30 * time.Secounds (and then spell it correctly)
<__monty__> ugubok: Try #nixos, this is the off-topic channel.
<ugubok> Ok, thanks
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<sphalerite> ajs124: go obviously.
<sphalerite> "30s" worked.
<sphalerite> eyJhb: ^
<eyJhb> sphalerite: Ahh.. Stringy config :D
<eyJhb> Go <3
<sphalerite> eyJhb: actually it's yaml, and I used the integer value 30, the quotes in my earlier messages were an indicator of literalness :p
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<eyJhb> sphalerite: ahh..
<eyJhb> But still, Go <3
<__monty__> eyJhb: Time to pick up another language. Liking any one language so much probably means you're failing to see shortcomings. ; )
<eyJhb> I love Sympy+Scipy+Numpy a lot as well?
<eyJhb> And the people that write insecure PHP as well
<eyJhb> :D
<sphalerite> __monty__: some people aren't too cynical to love something even if it has shortcomings. It's not a bad attitude IMHO!
<sphalerite> I mean, surely that must be the basis of the love humans feel for each other as well :D
<__monty__> I experience it as pushing something on others.
<sphalerite> I don't see how eyJhb saying "Go <3" is pushing it on anyone else
<__monty__> It's not just the one instance. And eyJhb can do whatever he wants. I'm just saying he might benefit from looking at other languages.
<sphalerite> that sounds a lot _more_ like pushing something on someone else ;)
<__monty__> I wish more people would push others to learn as much as possible.
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<joepie91> possible kernel RCE in Linux, triggerable via unauthed bluetooth
<joepie91> as I understand it
<gchristensen> yeah there was just some discussion in -security
<joepie91> ... why am I not in there
<gchristensen> dunno
<__monty__> Isn't it limited to NixOS core contributors?
<gchristensen> #nixos-security is a public channel
<samueldr> >> affecting Linux kernel 4.8 and higher
* samueldr laughs in Android
<__monty__> Am I thinking of a mailing list?
<samueldr> the mailing _address_ maybe?
<samueldr> tbf, there's plenty of devices with 4.9
<hexa-> samueldr: android does not use bluez though
<hexa-> so not affected
<samueldr> hexa-: I don't see bluez in that report
<gchristensen> social distancing means now is a really good time to be finding CVEs in bluetooth
<samueldr> couldn't that also be used by the Android bluetooth stack, since it's in the kernel? net/bluetooth/l2cap_core.c
<samueldr> or is bluez deeply entrenched into the kernel?
<clever> samueldr: rpi has been using a raw alsa bluetooth thing recently, because they couldnt be bothered to fix the latency bugs in pulseaudio
<clever> and that alsa bluetooth driver might be what android uses??
<samueldr> I don't know for sure, it looks like android uses something named bluedroid
<hexa-> which is now called fluoride
<samueldr> thanks, finding information without appropriate names in search engines is basically fruitless
<samueldr> thinking I want to know about how to pair stuff and such
<samueldr> though the question still stands: could it be using the same kernel-side interfaces?
<hexa-> great question
<hexa-> I wonder what would require it to be in kernel space
<gchristensen> speaking of which, I sure wish https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/-/merge_requests/254 or something like it would merge ;_;
<hexa-> oh pulseaudio <3
<hexa-> sorry, they're in a freeze right now :P
<hexa-> hsf/hfp is really shit
* sphalerite sudo rfkill block bluetooth
<eyJhb> sphalerite: There is a reason I have disabled that shit in BIOS
<sphalerite> and a reason I haven't
<hexa-> same ^
<eyJhb> Damn you
<eyJhb> Stop using logic and stuff sphalerite
<eyJhb> It is starting to become unfair. What are you using it for?
<sphalerite> hahaha
<joepie91> I now wonder what the "and stuff" is
<sphalerite> that's a secret.
<samueldr> hmm, no fix in LTS currently
<eyJhb> joepie91: I am waiting for sphalerite to one up the current tactic
<joepie91> oh, so the "and stuff" is an as-of-yet undetermined future thingem :P
<eyJhb> Yup, like some saying "I will never rate a pain a 10, because I never know when the real 10 comes"
<eyJhb> Which is basically the same scale I use for sphalerite. The great pain of sphalerite :p
<sphalerite> :(
<eyJhb> Just kidding sphalerite<3
<eyJhb> <3sphalerite
<eyJhb> Can't remember the bot thing..
<cole-h> You forgot a space.
<cole-h> <3 sphalerite
<{^_^}> sphalerite's karma got increased to 0b1101111
<hexa-> so sphalerite is 3/10?
<hexa-> less than that even?
<eyJhb> <3 sphalerite
<{^_^}> sphalerite's karma got increased to 112
<eyJhb> hexa-: I am not ready to put numbers on it yet , it feels like I have only graced what can become!
<hexa-> noted
<eyJhb> Wondering, how many have seen Scrubs in here ? And know that there is only 8 seasons of it
<sphalerite> aww :)
<sphalerite> MichaelRaskin++ for patiently arguing with blaggacao.
<{^_^}> MichaelRaskin's karma got increased to 48, it's a crit!
<eyJhb> What did we miss?
<hexa-> eyJhb: yet another rfc discussion
<eyJhb> Ahh... Which RFC this time?
<sphalerite> rfcs#77 if you really want to spend a lot of time reading stuff
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/77 (by blaggacao, 17 hours ago, open): [RFC 0077] Stale Issues Amendement
<sphalerite> idk where blaggacao finds the time to produce so much text.
<hexa-> he probably works in consulting
<eyJhb> 120 WPM?
<eyJhb> Still going I see
<gchristensen> hexa-: he does https://xoe.solutions/en/
<joepie91> sphalerite: I regularly ask myself the same question about https://fasterthanli.me/articles
<joepie91> (note the reading time estimates)
<samueldr> joepie91: IIRC faster works on itch
<joepie91> yeah
<joepie91> but also they write half a book every two weeks
<f0x> joepie91: I think part of that is wrong estimates on code blocks but, hm
<samueldr> I'm not sure, but I think that itch itself si self-sustaining, so that might give 'em more free time :)
<joepie91> oh yeah for sure but it's not a full explanation :D
<__monty__> Is it just me or is there a problem with the cert on xoe.solutions?
<samueldr> valid on my end
<gchristensen> here too
<__monty__> Maybe I'm misunderstanding SEC_ERROR_OCSP_SERVER_ERROR
<joepie91> oh
<hexa-> means you have issues getting an ocsp validation (on firefox?) and they're not doing stapling
<joepie91> does it run Caddy by any chance, and are you using Firefox?
<hexa-> cert is from LE
<__monty__> I am using firefox.
<__monty__> I've seen this error once before recently.
<hexa-> can you reach ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.org
<joepie91> it's not being very chatty about what HTTPd it's running, but I've had this issue with Caddy + Firefox before
<joepie91> hold, let me find the issue thread
<__monty__> Get a blank http page but looks like it?
<hexa-> so maybe temporary issue? ctrl+f5?
<joepie91> yeah it's an intermittent issue that gets cached or something
<joepie91> server restart fixes it
<abathur> meanwhile, I'm here like, how tweet?
<joepie91> can't find the issue, meh
<__monty__> From a superuser thread I'm looking at.
<joepie91> not the thread I'm thinking of anyway
<__monty__> Hmm, yeah, reloading worked now.
<__monty__> -_- Same issue on a link from this site... Guess I have connection issues or something.
<hexa-> samueldr: this just in: android 11 update on pixel 3a
<hexa-> > fixes critical bugs and [...]
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ELLIPSIS, at (string):325:26
<samueldr> oh not, syntax error!
<samueldr> oh no*
<hexa-> usually they come out at the beginning of a month, so this is odd
<samueldr> though, look at the bright side of it all: only the recent devices have a 4.9-based kernel
<samueldr> (ugh)
* samueldr should press the OEM of one of his devices
<hexa-> Linux localhost 4.9.223-g51b9e1042e59-ab6722174 #0 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 30 10:57:45 UTC 2020 aarch64
<hexa-> <3
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> I need to find a security update post
<samueldr> as a proof that this is a thing
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<eyJhb> hexa-: 3.4.113 :|
<samueldr> eyJhb: the bug was introduced in 4.8
<hexa-> samueldr: probably the android security bulletin of the pixel series, once they come out
<samueldr> wow what a bad thing
<eyJhb> Yeah, but I don't think that a kernel that old will be much better tbh.
<samueldr> september's hasn't come out yet???
<samueldr> eyJhb: exactly :)
<hexa-> samueldr: other languages than english
<hexa-> click the first column
<samueldr> ugh
<samueldr> what a bad design
<hexa-> agreed
<samueldr> especially since your OEM likely has picked random backports, and added misc. features
<samueldr> doesn't look like they added the necessary commits
<hexa-> security update 5th october 2020
<hexa-> play update 1th september 2020
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<ugubok> How do you install zsh-autosuggestions? My zsh says [oh-my-zsh] plugin 'zsh-autosuggestions' not found
<ugubok> hexa-: Working, thank you!
<samueldr> (#nixos for nixos support :))
<hexa-> "And why do they have actionable responses rates to stale bots superior to our 20%? (Ok I just made that up. [...]"
<hexa-> why, why, why
<cole-h> What started out in good faith seems to have devolved into railroading?
<pie_> whats railroading
<cole-h> in this context, I meant "forcing an opinion" (or trying to)
<pie_> i guess i should look up how that expression even works
<pie_> whats the context for the quote
<cole-h> rfcs#77
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/77 (by blaggacao, 18 hours ago, open): [RFC 0077] Stale Issues Amendement
<eyJhb> I am not a (okay maybe a little) spiteful person, but if you fight everyday with your partner, for months, and yell for hours each day. Then maybe it is not meant to be.
<eyJhb> Totally not frustrated that they are running on hour 4, and it is 23:08
<pie_> eyJhb: ;_;
<pie_> eyJhb: i just said oh no not again but @ rfc77
<tokudan> discourse apparently likes to joke. for my topic "disabling badges" i received a badge "nice topic - received 10 likes on a topic" :/
<__monty__> Pretty good troll there.
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<cole-h> what
<samueldr> oh no
<colemickens> I am rather surprised that the compilers landed on the sides they landed on
<colemickens> I would've never ever, ever, ever, ever guessed a trailing slash would extend the comment to an unprefixed line. ever.
<gchristensen> whoa, switching playback from Spotify Web on my laptop to spotifyd on my laptop was without a single hiccup or stutter
<samueldr> colemickens: I think it's more subtle
<samueldr> it's about the significance of spaces after a backslash
<samueldr> so \\\s+$ vs \\$
<samueldr> well, I say "I think"
<samueldr> but here's the link from the tweet http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/papers/2020/p2223r0.pdf
<colemickens> samueldr: wow, I didn't open the godbolt, but now I see what you mean. That's just... there's some german word for it probably.
<samueldr> though \\$ to continue a comment is... what??
<gchristensen> "C". that's just C.
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