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<aleph-> bqv: Yeah, I'm also realizing just running masto is probably easier
<aleph-> Less likely to get banned
<aleph-> Or blocked
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<drakonis> impressive
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<evanjs> immae: ooo interesting. Tbh I typically try to go the other way tho as I'm even more prone to mess up on irc. Well, at least, I can't edit things after I post them. And I've been bitten by not realizing bridges are setup... ðŸĪŠ
<evanjs> Like I posted a message on the #gtk-rs channel (matrix) and edited it several times. Somebody let me know that IRC sends notifications for the edits 😅
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<drakonis> hmm i need to set up mopidy
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<aleph-> Mopidy annoys me
<aleph-> Can't index a whole bunch of tunes with utf8 text. But plain mpd does fine...
<aleph-> Err, utf8 titles/artists*
<bqv> aleph-: yup
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<ashkitten> drakonis: can you tell me what the google thing actually does for real world scenarios?
<drakonis> improved performance i'd say
<drakonis> it boosts userspace performance
<drakonis> it also makes it easier to have decent userspace threading on linux
<drakonis> it does scale much better in today's multithreaded world
<drakonis> imagine running this on something like a high end ryzen, which has a number of threads and cores equal to that of servers from the past decade
<drakonis> knowing google, its possibly a power play to make android better
<drakonis> as they've been improving the ability to run upstream kernel code
<drakonis> as well as it might also mean they've built something better
<drakonis> something not unlike this has happened when google started publishing mapreduce papers
<drakonis> papers related to bazel and kubernetes' predecessors
<ashkitten> interesting
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<MichaelRaskin> drakonis: so, ensuring that people working on the previous iteration can put it all in public and let it go?
<MichaelRaskin> I guess another possibility might be that it slightly improves userspace networking or stuff like that?
<crazazy[m]> :q
<crazazy[m]> not again
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<eyJhb> The RTC Toolbox requires a MATLAB version R14SP3, 7.1 or later.
<eyJhb> Soo, MATLAB on NixOS anyone?
<cole-h> eyJhb: Maybe check out https://github.com/jdreaver/NixOS-matlab ? (Though it's many years old at this point)
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<eyJhb> cole-h: I think I might die this semester.. Thanks!
<cole-h> :D
<eyJhb> tazjin: Before was better, I could tell the difference :p
<cole-h> (Real talk: hope you don't.)
<eyJhb> cole-h: I might very well! Wireless communication networks, distributed real time systems, stochastic processes, signal processing + semester project where we will play with B.A.T.M.A.N.
<eyJhb> And then MATLAB :(
<tazjin> eyJhb: pff :p
<eyJhb> :D
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<eyJhb> ANyone who have any tips/tricks to improve handwriting+speed? Been thinking of improving on that, for better note taking + generally it is quite nice
<ajs124> what style of handwriting do you currently practise?
<eyJhb> ajs124: the one that is barely readable, that might have gotten worse since first grade
<eyJhb> I haven't really written by hand since the 7th grade
<eyJhb> I think my goal might be to do readable cursive... Which sounds like something I should have picked up ages ago.
<ajs124> right, same here. but e.g. you can write in block letters or a varying style of cursives. my handwriting for example is a very sloppy and modified version of this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/57/Vereinfachte_Ausgangsschrift.png
<drakonis> https://github.com/david-janssen/kmonad *eye twitching* someone made xmonad but for keyboards
<cole-h> My handwriting is very sloppy. Period.
<drakonis> MichaelRaskin: kinda like that, yes.
<eyJhb> Atm. it is quickly written block letters, which can be hard to read. We have done "draw and guess" at uni a varity of times, because no one could remember what I wrote and no one could read it. Including me...
<eyJhb> cole-h: readable?
<cole-h> drakonis: :D I saw that too!
<cole-h> eyJhb: Uh
<cole-h> eyJhb: I can read it
<samueldr> cole-h: your . looks like ,?
<cole-h> x)
<samueldr> (a sloppy period)
<eyJhb> cole-h: Mine isn't always like that, as I said draw and guess :p
<cole-h> I don't actually write many periods so idk
<drakonis> i take that it is part of google's effort to push as much code as possible into the upstream kernel to reduce the delta between android and linux
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<samueldr> anyone with an iPhone can test something for me? I don't think an iPad would work, unless its browser UI shows up and hides on scrolling
<__monty__> The location bar does hide but it always leaves a header.
<__monty__> KMonad's like karabiner-elements?
<samueldr> __monty__: leaves a header how?
<samueldr> the important part is that the viewport height should change
<samueldr> in past revisions of safari for iOS (iirc ~9 or 10) it caused some issues
<samueldr> though only validated on iPhone-type devices
<__monty__> Just the page title or something iirc.
<samueldr> right, so I guess the viewport height differs
<__monty__> Yes, slightly.
<samueldr> neat, every (css) pixels are accounted for in this test, so slightly would be fine too
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<__monty__> So just browse to that page?
<samueldr> yes, and report back whether viewport height (css) changes
<samueldr> I expect viewport height (js) could change, but if it doesn't it's fine too
<samueldr> (well, it's not "fine", but it's another problem than the one I'm looking into)
<__monty__> CSS is static, js is equal when hidden shrinks otherwise.
<samueldr> neat, I can (probably) remove a gnarly CSS hack
<samueldr> __monty__: confirming, you tested on an iPad?
<__monty__> Yeah, ipad mini running iOS 11 I think.
<__monty__> Doesn't support latest iOS.
<samueldr> perfectly cromulent, I'm pretty sure I tested around iOS 9~10
<samueldr> though I'd like someone to test on an actual iPhone on current iOS just to be sure
<samueldr> at some point in the past `vh` in css weren't static with regard to browser chrome, which could cause bad performance issues or weird visual glitchyness when the bar would show up or hide
<__monty__> While I understand how it could lead to glitchiness that's kind of what I would expect.
<samueldr> yeah, it kind of makes sense, but causes more trouble in the end
<samueldr> the workaround was to use media queries to make approximations based on the viewport width (vw) according to the device's aspect ratio
<samueldr> not ideal, but better than causing intense lag in some situations
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<drakonis> time to submit a new package...
<drakonis> gotta get me quakespasm spiked on the repos
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<infinisil> Problem: You can't get push notifications for non-apple mail servers on iOS
<infinisil> Potential solution: Create an apple email you just forward all mails to (just subject ideally)
<infinisil> Other potential solution: Use a third-party app for notifications (like prowl) so that you can trigger notifications via their api
<infinisil> Other potential solution: Stop using an iPhone :)
<drakonis> ughhh firefox has enabled hardware rendering and its gutting my performance
<drakonis> doesnt help that discord guzzles cpu time
<drakonis> even on firefox
<drakonis> woo
<drakonis> discord closed, performance goes back to normal
<drakonis> holy shieet
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<colemickens> every once in a while I wish I could have an expert from a community sit near a campfire with me and tell me stories.
<colemickens> Like, the Minecraft community finding famous world seeds that only work in specific versions, reminds me of my teenage years in xbox hacking forums, in a "you have lots of time" sort of way.
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<aleph-> heh
<pie_> yeah that sounds cool