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<ashkitten> okay so gnome works waaaay better
<ashkitten> even tho i hate gnome
<ashkitten> well, i hate kde too
<ashkitten> meh
<ashkitten> it all kinda runs a bit bad
<ashkitten> stuttery, that is
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<Ashy> what hardware?
<ashkitten> surface pro 3
<JJJollyjim> my laptop has some weird stutteryness
<JJJollyjim> i wish i could figure it out better
<JJJollyjim> i remember i had some way to consistently trigger it in the past, but now i can't remember what it was -_-
<drakonis> ram?
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<Church-> Think I should finally grab one of these, https://www.turris.com/en/omnia/overview/
<Church-> Birthday gift for next month.
<samueldr> "CPU: 1.6 GHz dual core ARM" about as useful as "CPU: yes"
<samueldr> Marvell Armada 385 (from the datasheet)
<samueldr> armv7, so 32 bit :/
<samueldr> (thinking about NixOS)
<Mic92> I wonder if instead of a router, I just want a NAS with wifi Antenna.
<Church-> Yeah samueldr that was my thought. Was about to ask if anyone had ever gotten nixOS running on one.
<samueldr> I don't want wifi to be down when I break the NAS :)
<bqv> > When the Turris router detects suspicious traffic, it sends its fingerprint into the Turris headquarters
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):320:50
<Church-> Just need a "minimal" config like dissasembler's router config
<samueldr> I think a flo//kli might have looked into it
<bqv> Very hot, until I read that
<Church-> Yeah, but presumably you can block that easy if it's not opt-in
<Church-> Gonna ask a ex-co-worker what they did for theirs
<samueldr> to me wifi is an unsolved problem: I don't know what I should do, and there's way too many networks around (in addition to non-wifi interference) so any solution should account for that
<Mic92> Probably depends on how much configuration one puts on their NAS.
<Mic92> I don't change a lot their usuall
<bqv> samueldr: whats the actual problem?
<samueldr> even with "good reception" (lies, "strong screaming from the antenna" which the phone can't decipher against "strong screaming from other antennas")
<samueldr> I get bad speed, and sometimes it just doesn't work for a small while
<samueldr> though I guess the phone might have "poor" wifi, but in other conditions it works well
<samueldr> or going at a specific spot in the home works better
<bqv> That sounds like a your network isspe, not endemic to wifi
<samueldr> Instituto Superior de Seguridad Pública del Estado ?
<bqv> Bless you?
<samueldr> what's an isspe?
<samueldr> couldn't find anything
<colemickens> I think it's a typo for "issue".
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> nope, network is top shape wired
<bqv> ^
<samueldr> and it is reproducible on wifi
<samueldr> on different routers
<samueldr> things are *terrible* here
<samueldr> (though all "consumer crap" routers)
<samueldr> I should compare wired networking on the phone (using a type-c ethernet dongle)
<samueldr> but I suspect it'll act badly too
<ashkitten> my wifi sucks because theres somethng blocking all the DCS channels :/
<samueldr> since other wifi devices end up acting badly too depending on the quality of their wifi hardware
<samueldr> ashkitten: "blocking all DCS channels"?
<samueldr> from the intro of that document I linked I don't follow
<samueldr> (my networking knowledge is bad)
<samueldr> though if it's the same as "channel hopping" I observe, where every dang router tries to dance around every other dang router trying to dance around every other dang routers I don't think it's helping in the end here :(
<samueldr> too crowded
<ashkitten> idk, theres no networks on any DCS channel in the area, and a ton lumped up on either side
<samueldr> ah, so there's channels reserved for that?
<ashkitten> they're channels that require continuous scanning and if anything like radar or whatever is on the frequency wifi isn't allowed to use it
<ashkitten> idk what's blocking the channels here though
<samueldr> cool, didn't know about that
<ashkitten> what it means in practice is that in some areas 5GHz is the same or more congested than 2.4GHz i guess, because it throws away most of the channels
<samueldr> that might explain the gap I see
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<ashkitten> after using a 10 inch tablet to read webcomics all day my giant phone feels tiny now
<ashkitten> i have got to do something about the wifi driver messing up after suspend....
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<viric> Acme doesn't work for me eiher from 19.09->20.03
<philipp[m]> makefu: Turns out there is already a PR containing my hack from last night to reload nginx: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/91121
<{^_^}> #91121 (by m1cr0man, 8 weeks ago, open): Restructure acme module
<makefu> philipp[m]: thanks for your efforts!
<viric> aaah acme nixos module is wrong
<viric> ++ concatLists (mapAttrsToList (name: root: [ "-d" name ]) data.extraDomains)
<viric> it ignores 'root'!
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<hexa-> you are not wrong, if you cloud redirect your energy into reviewing 91121 that would be great
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<viric> hexa-: oh it's a complicated change
<viric> I'm for it, from a superficial review
<viric> next milestone, rspamd
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<Taneb> I've had a bit of an idea which I think with a little more knowlege than I have would be almost trivial
<Taneb> First thing I don't know: some programs behave differently when their output is being piped somewhere (e.g. rg doesn't provide coloured output by default in that case). How do they detect this, and can a program be forced to think it's in an interactive environment?
<hexa-> test -t 1
<Valodim> you can simulate to programs that they are run from a tty by calling them with script
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<philipp[m]> makefu: Those weren't my efforts. I just implemented it myself without checking PRs :D
<philipp[m]> I need it now anyway and having it in the config instead of the module does change the code a bit.
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<pie_> personally im not sure tty detection was ever a good idea
<pie_> but at the least i think most programs provide an override
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<fnlaai> hi how's everyone doing?
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<fnlaai> hi
<fnlaai> how are you?
<fnlaai> what are you doing?
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<viric> filtering a maildir with rspamc
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<fnlaai> using nixos for server?
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<manveru> ,locate libgbm
<{^_^}> Found in packages: mesa, driversi686Linux.mesa
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<ldlework> I'm having my first LSD trip in 10 years on tuesday.
<ldlework> On a beautiful secluded ranch with a view of the mountains in Colorado.
<ldlework> I am pretty excited.
<bqv> rewatching star wars because whynot. i'm curious, way back when, did we know anakin was darth vader while the prequel trilogy was coming out?
<eyJhb> Wow wow wow ldlework
<eyJhb> :D
<ldlework> I am currently loading up my VR headset with a bunch of 3D fractals.
<ldlework> :)
<eyJhb> srhb: another day, another Tryg website not working
<bqv> > secluded ranch with a view of the mountains
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected WITH, expecting ')', at (string):320:16
<bqv> > VR headset
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'VR' at (string):320:1
<bqv> you're bad at this
<eyJhb> I need another browser, that might work instead of Chromium and Firefox
<eyJhb> Using NixOS
<bqv> amfora,arora,asuka,av-98,brave,browsh,captive-browser,castor,chromium,dillo,elinks,eolie,ephemeral,falkon,firefox,firefox-bin,google-chrome,kristall,links2,luakit,lynx,midori,mozilla-plugins,next,opera,palemoon,qtchan,qutebrowser,surf,tor-browser-bundle,tor-browser-bundle-bin,ungoogled-chromium,vimb,vivaldi,w3m,webbrowser,webmacs
<bqv> pick one
<Church-> Just don't pick brave
<philipp[m]> Anybody here with decent experience in kresd that can tell me how to override a renumber for one specific hostname?
<joepie91> eyJhb: your choices are basically 1) Firefox, 2) Chrome, 3) Chromiclone, 4) browser that does not work with modern websites at any reasonable level of performance
<eyJhb> bqv: :p
<eyJhb> joepie91: it is just this single fucking website , that never works except if your browser accepts a 1.000 errors
<joepie91> tried lynx? :P
<drakonis> use nyxt
<eyJhb> Not yet
<eyJhb> :p
<eyJhb> Does that allow any site to work?
<eyJhb> Fuck.
<eyJhb> This.
<eyJhb> Shitty. Piss. Site.. Honestly. How fucking hard can it be?
<ldlework> bqv: an acid trip is 8 hours
<eyJhb> How to open Windows to get it to work
<ldlework> there will be time
<__monty__> Just today I ran into a customer details page which doesn't render in either of Firefox, Safari or Chromium. It's as if they don't *want* me to update the billing address...
<eyJhb> Have to*
<bqv> did you try internet explorer
<eyJhb> __monty__: this is me insurance site
<eyJhb> They have a ton of money, fix it god damn it
<eyJhb> my*
<__monty__> I wonder if Edge would fare any better but I don't have any windows boxen anywhere handy.
<eyJhb> Best part is
<eyJhb> Chrome for Windows works.
<__monty__> Don't particularly care enough to set up a windows box just to see if this site might work though.
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<drakonis> gdq is on....
<drakonis> eyJhb: it does
<eyJhb> It used to
<eyJhb> Omg. fuck this. I will have to waste my time tomorrow
<eyJhb> Because they can't do JS
<eyJhb> IT craps out because of their analytics script.........
<drakonis> nyxt is in the repos
<__monty__> That sounds like a GDPR violation.
<eyJhb> drakonis: it does?
<eyJhb> drakonis: it is not about rendering, it is about once you are logged in
<drakonis> like cookies?
<drakonis> i'm pretty sure it does that
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<drakonis> when's the config pr getting merged?
<drakonis> note: currently hard linking saves 17592186044416.00 MiB hmhm
<samueldr> argh, foiled by wolfram alpha
<samueldr> only the query for the direct number gives the binary form
<drakonis> that's 46 characters total
<samueldr> drakonis: look at the upside
<samueldr> all those zeroes
<samueldr> so much place to put ones instead!
<__monty__> What's special about the 54th bit?
<infinisil> wolframalpha is neat, but it's failed me too often to rely on it for calculating random things
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<__monty__> Oh, a *1024 too few.
<samueldr> the 10 first bytes are reserved for all the signs
<__monty__> What?
<samueldr> one for the plus sign, one for the minus sign, one for the batman sign, etc
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<__monty__> Ah, ofc.
<f0x> but unsure where the tradeoffs lie between btrfs and zfs, specifically on NixOS
<__monty__> Zfs is the popular choice. btrfs is the underdog camp.
<drakonis> batman sign?
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<ashkitten> f0x: btrfs has some features zfs is missing, but it is also somewhat unreliable
<ashkitten> i couldn't tell you how unreliable because i don't know
<bqv> Reliable enough that I've been using it for the last decade.
<ashkitten> but i know a very small amount of people people have had btrfs eat their data (recently)
<bqv> And it has the bonus of actually being part of linux
<ashkitten> did you know reactos has a btrfs implementation?
<bqv> Nice
<ashkitten> it's the only other os with one
<bqv> I need a way to grep my system
<samueldr> is it the one that's used for windows?
<bqv> Systemd ran something, I don't know how
<__monty__> Think there's a btrfs fuse for macos.
<energizer2> ext4 has eaten my data
<energizer2> btrfs has not
<drakonis> fedora is pushing for btrfs as their default now
<__monty__> All filesystems are terrible : )
<samueldr> yeah, that's the one that can be used with quibble https://github.com/maharmstone/quibble
<drakonis> wow that's impressive
<drakonis> __monty__: do you know how to use home-manager as a flake without bqv's branch?
<bqv> We've talked about this
<drakonis> we certainly have
<bbigras> I like btrfs. I'm doing the "Erase your darlings" thing from the second blog post. On my desktop I don't wipe home yet but I do on my laptop. And I use encryption on the laptop.
<bqv> Ok, maybe this time that service won't run
<bqv> Systemd shows traces of running a service despite saying the service hasn't run for 24h
<bqv> This seems almost malicious
<drakonis> ughhh baloo
<__monty__> drakonis: Fwiw, I can't find rycee saying anything about the flake support being in master. Might've remembered wrong.
<energizer2> when i search for usb-sata adapters, some of them have an additional power cable and some dont. do i need the additional power cable? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=sata+usb
<adisbladis> 3.5" drives require extra power
<energizer2> ah ok
<drakonis> ah i see
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<colemickens> Is gra-ham taking a vacation? I haven't seen him around IRC in longer-than-usual?
<__monty__> Yah, for 3 weeks, I think?
<pie_> joepie91: https://nitter.net/halvarflake/status/1294178895231582209#m hm. AIUI halvar is extremely credible
<samueldr> colemickens: busy being a new dad
<__monty__> Though my european job standards bias may be coloring that.
<__monty__> Ah, parental leave's probably longer even in the US.
<pie_> tfw you forget graham is dad
<samueldr> graham's employer's not in the USA I think, so that might make the length different!
<joepie91> pie_: that take is unfortunately a typical "all or nothing" infosec take
<joepie91> and gets filed accordingly :)
<samueldr> joepie91: don't you see, good is the enemy of perfect
<samueldr> (yes, that's knowingly turned around)
<__monty__> Hmm, I'm having trouble understanding this "All JIT bugs are in the memory safety bucket. None of them go away in a rewrite." Isn't rust marketed as doing away with the class of memory-safety issues? So if all JIT bugs are memory-safety issues, shouldn't a RIIR solve *all* of them rather than none of them?
<samueldr> bqv: might be that you're one beer in, and it reduces inhibitions, but it might be miconstrued as rude the way you're phrasing it on #nixos :/
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<colemickens> samueldr: oh wow that's so cool, I didn't know that. congrats to their family.
* adisbladis went a bit mad and ordered not one but 2 new phones today
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<colemickens> adisbladis: what did you get? stuff to hack on or just a daily-driver upgrade?
<adisbladis> colemickens: The Fxtec Pro 1
<adisbladis> And a Pinephone
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<joepie91> welp, monty left
<joepie91> well anyway, for the lurkers: the reason that RIIR doesn't help here is because JIT compilation is necessarily unsafe
<joepie91> at least in the current model that Rust and everything else uses
<adisbladis> The fxtec is my new daily driver and the pine is for hacking
<joepie91> as you're basically directly generating code for your target architecture, at runtime
<joepie91> (but I'm not convinced that this cannot be remedied with the correct abstraction)
<samueldr> adisbladis: the pinephone basically doesn't count :)
<samueldr> (yet!)
<samueldr> the pinephone is about investing in the system for your *next* phone
<adisbladis> I was trying out a friends pro1 today, I was impressed
<adisbladis> samueldr: Sure, it counts ;)
<adisbladis> But I get your point
<samueldr> ugh
<samueldr> anbox is dumb
<Church-> Eyep
<samueldr> they have this "check features" command
<samueldr> but if you're running it on an unsupported arch, it'll not check
<samueldr> it'll only tell you you're running on an unsupported arch
<energizer2> just plugged displayport into docking station, but xrandr doesnt see it. do i need to do anything special?
<samueldr> though now I understand why; it's not about checking the kernel and system features, but about the CPU
<energizer2> ah there's a whole rigamarole https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Displaylink
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<drakonis> graham is dad, that means dad jokes
<drakonis> oh wow, we have anbox in here
<drakonis> in the repos that is
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> since a while
<drakonis> wonderful
<bqv> samueldr: fair point. looks like thoy got help, at least
<joepie91> so I have a weird issue. wrote a crawler in JS, and when I fire off, say, 1000 requests at the same time, the responses come back at a constant rate of 10 or 100 per second (depending on whether I run it on my desktop or on a VPS)
<joepie91> this smells a lot like something is queued up somewhere but I can't for the life of me figure out where
<joepie91> can anyone think of any OS settings that may be fucking with this?
<joepie91> (the expected response pattern is nothing for a few ms, then suddenly a huge pile of responses from all the fast sites, and then the rate trailing off for the slower and slower sites)
<bqv> TIL you can use man as a text viewer
<bqv> Worked it out by trying to "man" a json file
<adisbladis> bqv: It does weird formatting things
<adisbladis> I think it still tries to interpret the text as roff
<bqv> Oh, ok
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<pie_> tbh im smol brain and i didnt really get it either <__monty__> Hmm, I'm having trouble understanding this "All JIT bugs are in the memory safety bucket. None of them go away in a rewrite." Isn't rust marketed as doing away with the class of memory-safety issues? So if all JIT bugs are memory-safety issues, shouldn't a RIIR solve *all* of them rather than none of them?
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<pie_> oh but then jp elaborated