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<ashkitten> okay i knew i'd need to adjust to my new glasses but i didnt expect to be bedridden from dizziness
<ashkitten> this is absurd :/
<samueldr> :(
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<ivan> ashkitten: are you seeing trapezoids?
<ashkitten> ivan: what?
<ivan> squares looking trapezoidal
<ashkitten> not really no
<ivan> if you have a correct prescription and it's just strong astigmatism causing distortion, you might also want to get a second pair of glasses for computer use, you'll have the same distortions but less SPH correction
<ashkitten> it's not strong
<ivan> I verify my prescriptions by looking at distant tree branches while relaxing my eyes, should have very similar horizontal and vertical resolution
<ivan> the distortions can be pretty extreme though, brain has to relearn the depth of an object
<ivan> especially when the ground or near objects are involved
<ashkitten> i think most of the dizziness is coming from when i move my head while looking downward, because the bottom of these glasses seems to warp things to look shorter?
<ashkitten> this is my first prescription with an astigmatism
<ivan> yeah just keep wearing your glasses for a week and you'll get rewired
<ivan> it is hard to believe I know
<ashkitten> heh yeah. it's so much weirder/worse than when i first got glasses and everything just looked more clear
<gchristensen> watching Twister and it is as bad as I remember
<samueldr> doesn't match the board game at all
<gchristensen> 0/5 stars
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<ashkitten> is there a service to automatically maintain upnp port forwards?
<ashkitten> when the router reboots i think it resets the port forwards
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<colemickens> My phone and laptop have been in 24 hour mode for years but I still basically convert to 12 hr format in my head. I wonder if it's the microwave/stove/wall-clocks or just old-man-brain holding me back.
<samueldr> or maybe you're secretly from Québec
<samueldr> where things are in a weird hybrid AM/PM or 24 hours
<samueldr> I can't say for the rest of the country
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<ivan> colemickens: give it another 10 years
<danderson> ashkitten: in general, the process using the LAN socket needs to be the one maintaining port mappings. Unfortunately they don't play too well with third-party processes trying to keep stuff working :/
<danderson> what are you trying to expose? Does it support speaking UPnP, or preferably NAT-PMP or PCP?
<ashkitten> nginx
<ivan> I just set up static port forwards
<danderson> yeah, for something long-running that doesn't dynamically come and go, a static port forward is preferable
<ashkitten> hm
<aleph-> danderson: Okay that's where I knew you from haha
<aleph-> Was driving me nuts
<danderson> aleph-: hah!
<danderson> small world.
<aleph-> Eyeppp
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<colemickens> I hate ~/.config/nixpkgs so much
<colemickens> It's such a damn minefield, I'm so tired of trying to explain this, realizing that I have explained this half a dozen itmes in the last two months and anguishing.
<colemickens> I tried.
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<colemickens> zimbatm: if I can bother, what do you use nar-serve for primarily?
<colemickens> never mind, I read more closely and get it
* colemickens got his first "Run failed: - master (commitrev)" email. lucky him.
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<aaronjanse> Oh wow, what's that?
<aaronjanse> Is that some automated git blame Hydra thing?
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<colemickens> pretty cool when people complain about GH prompting them for login verification, thereby telling the world they can't be bothered to use 2fa and thus are attackable.
<colemickens> aaronjanse: looks like GH Actions run amuck?
<colemickens> there was some discussion earlier.
<colemickens> aaronjanse: I get them for nixos/nixpkgs, even though I have no special permissions there, am not an owner of the action, etc.
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<aaronjanse> Oh got it
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<eyJhb> philipp[m]: ping
<philipp[m]> Yes?
<eyJhb> Trying to compile orglzy now
<eyJhb> So far it looks good I would say
<eyJhb> No "new" bugs that I didn't see in Signal
<philipp[m]> Niiiice!
<eyJhb> I just need some more Raft videos before I can continue
<philipp[m]> That would be step 1/a lot to get the feature I really want in there.
<philipp[m]> Reasonable.
<eyJhb> What feature do you want in there?
<philipp[m]> What I really want is an adapter for contacs/calendars. Put the stuff that's in the org files into android proper. Read only would be enough for me.
<eyJhb> adapter? So you basically want to patch the files?
<eyJhb> Seems like it will build now, just waiting for my slow ass PC :p
<eyJhb> I should really have done this build remote
<philipp[m]> No, I want appointments and deadlines and contacts that I define in orgzly to show up in the rest of the system.
<philipp[m]> Like caldav/carddav.
<eyJhb> Ahh
<eyJhb> Well, that part is 100% up to you :P
<eyJhb> Trying to watch youtube, while building. I think both are suffering
<philipp[m]> You need a bigger CPU.
<eyJhb> I should just stop the build and use a remote builder
<eyJhb> Also, I have a x230 laptop, so upgrading the CPU costs quite some
<philipp[m]> Oh, yeah.
<eyJhb> But, also.. i7-3520M is actually quite good, because it is not a U CPU
<philipp[m]> If you can give me the stuff I need, I can be your builder.
<eyJhb> So it can still compete with a lot of the newer laptops :p
<eyJhb> It should be fine, it will be done in a moment
<eyJhb> Or fail in a moment
<eyJhb> Either way it will have done something
<eyJhb> :D
<philipp[m]> Keeping my fingers crossed!
<eyJhb> `:app:javaPreCompilePremiumDebug`
<eyJhb> What the hell is premium debug
<eyJhb> :p
<philipp[m]> So it failed again?
<eyJhb> Still going! :p
<philipp[m]> Nice!
<eyJhb> :app:minifyPremiumReleaseWithR8
<eyJhb> Ohh yes, should be done soon
<eyJhb> philipp[m]: https://termbin.com/3lni
<eyJhb> :D
<philipp[m]> Nicce!
<philipp[m]> How did you manage to do it?
<eyJhb> Soo, I guess I will write a quick update in the issue and then it can be closed?
<eyJhb> update -> how to
<eyJhb> Basically just ran gradle2nix with the SDK home set, and then use the aapt2 from buildtools 29.0.3
<eyJhb> And that is all
<philipp[m]> Interesting. Please do write it and I verify. Maybe we can put sth. in the readme.
<eyJhb> Also some hacks in the form of, putting all the repos in a single place. I have no clue, why we split it up into project, buildscript and plugins
<eyJhb> Let me see if it works without
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<eyJhb> Trying again with a remote build to speed it up, just waiting for my PC to finish the transfer...
<eyJhb> Wish I knew how to say, get all you can from the cache, rest from me
<__monty__> eyJhb: Yeah, that's a bit unfortunate with the remote build setup.
<eyJhb> I guess I could envvar the command to a tmp store
<eyJhb> Which is empty
<philipp[m]> Can't you do nix-copy-closure beforehand?
<__monty__> philipp[m]: That would be the opposite of having the remote fetch things from the cache, no?
<eyJhb> It is more, that it will copy EVERYTHING from my PC. But I guess I could yes, and then nix-build
<philipp[m]> Yes, it's the opposite but it should work in this case.
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<__monty__> But that doesn't change anything? When you build remotely your local machine already sends all the deps over to the remote?
<eyJhb> How can I use nix repl, or nix-env to get a store path for a package?
<__monty__> Look at nix-instantiate, I think?
<eyJhb> I just need to get the path of e.g coreutils
<eyJhb> Which I can use in something like ls -al $(nix stuff coreutils)
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<eyJhb> And not by just doing which ls
<philipp[m]> `nix-build '<nixpkgs>' -A coreutils`?
<philipp[m]> --no-out-link
<eyJhb> nix-instantiate --eval -E '(import <nixpkgs> {config.android_sdk.accept_license = true;}).androidenv.androidPkgs_9_0.androidsdk.outPath'
<eyJhb> Was the one
<__monty__> That'd also work in the repl.
<eyJhb> philipp[m]:
<eyJhb> Should have replied now
<eyJhb> So verify and close I guess?
<philipp[m]> Lemme check.
<philipp[m]> I think you typoed `git clone` to `git checkout`
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<eyJhb> Yeah, sorry
<eyJhb> Didn't read it again after :p
<philipp[m]> This is why I'm here to verify :D
<eyJhb> We just have a single issue left I guess, and then we should be good to go for all Android things #17 :D
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/17 (by viric, 8 years ago, merged): Fixing npm and updating nodejs to 0.6.19
<eyJhb> Go away you!
<eyJhb> Does this work ? #tadfisher/gradle2nix/issues/17
<{^_^}> tadfisher/gradle2nix#17 (by eyJhb, 1 day ago, open): Lenient configuration - attributes
<eyJhb> Well okay then
<philipp[m]> Look, {^_^} tries their best.
<eyJhb> But unless the good people of #gradle (namely deeply from there) help me or tadfisher gets back to me, that is stuck
<eyJhb> Because, I have no clue about Java+Kotlin+How it works
<eyJhb> Hoped Valodim Might have done a little Kotlin dapling
<philipp[m]> I think it's something with copmuters.
<eyJhb> That's where you are wrong. Black magic
<eyJhb> Is it compiling philipp[m] ?
<philipp[m]> still gradle2nixing.
<eyJhb> Ahh, that takes a while yes
<eyJhb> Because it has to download every dependency
<philipp[m]> libc++.so.1 -> not found!
<philipp[m]> builder for '/nix/store/fs42zv81l63qbmn2wws5r0xsqrsxp8nd-build-tools-29.0.3.drv' failed with exit code 1
<philipp[m]> Where does this build-tools come from?
<eyJhb> Ohh sorry, I have a patch in nixpkgs for that :p
<eyJhb> androidenv/build-tools.nix in nixpkgs ` lib.optionals (os == "linux") [ pkgs.glibc pkgs.libcxx pkgs.zlib pkgs.ncurses5 pkgs_i686.glibc pkgs_i686.zlib pkgs_i686.ncurses5 ];`
<eyJhb> Should upstream that as well
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<eyJhb> philipp[m]: gradle is Magic
<eyJhb> I don't care what anyone says
<eyJhb> I get errors, with names I gan't even google
<eyJhb> philipp[m]: did it build?
<philipp[m]> Didn't try it yet, stuff to do.
<eyJhb> Ahh, I know that
<eyJhb> I just don't do the other stuff, sadly
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Boots is now known as Peetz0r
<philipp[m]> Threw out a lot of old trash. Very liberating.
<philipp[m]> I think it's building now.
<eyJhb> I think AntennaPod is a developer issue
<eyJhb> And nice!
<philipp[m]> Got a few nice apks!
<eyJhb> Sweet, so everything works then :D
<eyJhb> But there needs to be a better way for aapt2
<philipp[m]> Thanks for your work, eyJhb . I'm seeing great things in the future for android apk building 😂
* eyJhb *wants his NixOS FDroid repo* :D
<eyJhb> But also wants to pass his exams :|
<eyJhb> I am hoping it can be nice! BUt I have soo much Nix I need to finish up :(
<{^_^}> #94452 (by eyJhb, 11 seconds ago, open): androidenv.build-tools: add libc++ to enable buildToolsVersion 29.0.3
<eyJhb> Tagged you, hoping that is OK
<bqv> emacs's w3m weather doesn't work :9
<bqv> execline is such a cool tool
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<bqv> i'm trying to get sops-nix working, but i realised i have some secrets that are eval-time
<eyJhb> God damn it philipp[m] , you cannot be the hardest voucher :p
<philipp[m]> Don't tell me what I can't do!!!!
<philipp[m]> I'm vouching even harder now!
<eyJhb> :D
<eyJhb> I can feel it :p Stop it ;)
* pie_ notes to remember eyJhb for app stuff
<eyJhb> Ohh no
<eyJhb> What have I signed up for?
<pie_> opening a bakery
<pie_> (not really)
<eyJhb> Good, because you don't want me to design any UI
<pie_> just the infrastructure is fine :p
<eyJhb> Damn it.
<eyJhb> You know that infra will be in Go then
<pie_> oh crap
<pie_> nevermind
<eyJhb> :D
<eyJhb> Or... PHP!
<pie_> why not PHP/Go?
<eyJhb> Lets throw Bash in as the webserver then
<eyJhb> Then we have a solid structure
<philipp[m]> You can't have CGI without C :D
<eyJhb> printf(user_input) is usually the best
<eyJhb> I miss and do not miss pwn + C
<eyJhb> ` aliases = lib.optionalAttrs (config.allowAliases or true) (import ./aliases.nix lib plugins);` perfect
<eyJhb> If this, or we have true
<eyJhb> So, who wants to write something in Kotlin that generates Nix expressions?
<infinisil> Damn, this is one of the coolest things I've seen today: https://www.reddit.com/r/Simulated/comments/i1l9wz/were_going_home_a_self_sorting_device_simulation/
<philipp[m]> That simulated subreddit is so awesome!
<infinisil> Agreed!
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<bqv> hmm, yeah, sops is cool but i think i have other structural issues w.r.t secrets
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<bqv> just found out about magit-wip, this is neat!
<bqv> no more lost changes, heh
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<bqv> So many things I want to do, but I can't think of any right now :|
<__monty__> I can but I'm all out of energy.
<__monty__> Maybe *you* can do them for me? : >
<bqv> lol
<bqv> no dice
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<bqv> Oh snap, microsoft buying tiktok
<__monty__> Just as Trump starts talking about banning them?
<bqv> Presumably because
<__monty__> Well is Trump banning them because he doesn't like Microsoft getting richer? Or to pressure them into considering an acquisition?
<__monty__> The answer's probably he's a todler and he heard about people being negative about him on TikTok.
<samueldr> or more mundane and it's fear of china-owned assets "spying"
<samueldr> (I said mundane, not founded and true)
<__monty__> Guess spying's only OK for American companies.
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<bqv> wasn't that obvious?
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<drakonis> i have to admit that running a regular linux distro has been a bit of a learning experience
<drakonis> as nixos does everything for me
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<infinisil> drakonis: On the other hand, nixpkgs itself can teach you how to do stuff in other distros
<infinisil> By just looking up how the options are implemented
<drakonis> quite so
<bqv> drakonis: you've forsaken nix?!
<drakonis> i felt it was an ideal time for a break
<bqv> Burn the heretic
<drakonis> please
<drakonis> i felt i wasnt using nix enough
<drakonis> didnt benefit from it enough
<bqv> Strange… you prefer the imperative way of things?
<drakonis> i like both, so to say.
<drakonis> however, nix gets in the way
<drakonis> there are some bits that cannot be immutable and nix can be quite annoying about them
<drakonis> it gets really annoying about things it doesnt manage
<drakonis> plus there's some software that isnt quite up to date
<drakonis> and some other software, let's say, wine, has subpackages like winetricks, which depends on 32 bit wine
<drakonis> and getting it to use {stable, staging} 64 bit wine is full of hoop jumping
<drakonis> and if i want to run something outside of the beaten path, i have to get out of my way to write the definition instead of getting the work done
<drakonis> it is very excellent for deploying though
<drakonis> when you dont have to change anything after its ready
<bqv> Mmm
<drakonis> dont think i'm disparaging it
<drakonis> i think i need a time away from it to truly appreciate it
<bqv> Meh, fair
<drakonis> i'll still suggest it when proper
<drakonis> when appropriate
<eyJhb> f
* eyJhb *hopes someone gets it*
<aleph-> drakonis: Pretty much. Love it on my servers, laptop? Ehhhh not as much
<eyJhb> Love it on my laptop as well, I can declare my setup! :o
<eyJhb> But also, when something does not work, I just fire it into Docker
<eyJhb> Or a VM
<eyJhb> Also, cats with long hair, it sucks when they poop at times
<samueldr> I couldn't bear the life without Nix and NixOS on anything
<eyJhb> Preach!
<bqv> I'm not sure id like to go back to life without nix either
<eyJhb> I somehow wants to steal Nix from you now bqv
<eyJhb> I cannot read the Gradle documentation, at all
<eyJhb> But what data
<samueldr> all of them
<samueldr> (that doesn't look like it's "complete")
<eyJhb> Generally, it is not fun to program with
<eyJhb> Badly documented API using kotlin that I have never used
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<eyJhb> I compiled something.
<eyJhb> I am on a roll (almost just inserting print statements)
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<aaronjanse> > however, nix gets in the way
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):318:8
<aaronjanse> Slander!!
<abathur> ><><><
<samueldr> not at all
<samueldr> it gets in the way, for your own good
<aaronjanse> ^
<aaronjanse> And for the good of everyone you interact with
<abathur> I think maybe this is a bit like when I compare Nix to ice-nine
<abathur> by which I mean, Nix tends towards restructuring anything it comes into contact with
<aaronjanse> s/restructuring/making holy
<abathur> this is great in most domains and flushes out a lot of problems, but it can be tiring sometimes
<abathur> oh, sure
<abathur> but it can't *just* make the thing holy
<samueldr> aaronjanse: I think we want to stray away from dogma
<abathur> *you* must make the thing holy
<samueldr> nix doesn't know "the" way, and "better"
<drakonis> dont make it into a cult, thanks.
<samueldr> it's all built on top of human knowledge
<drakonis> its really weird
<samueldr> furthermore, it's flawed, as any human is, and can be improved, as humans should strive towards
<aaronjanse> Of course
<aaronjanse> And I don't use dogmatic terms when discussing Nix with outsiders
<drakonis> i still think it is weird
<drakonis> even though i'm inside the whole thing
<aaronjanse> Eh, I only talk about Nix that way as a sense of humor. I speak the same way if C++, albeit sarcastically, when required to use it
<eyJhb> This is annoying
<aaronjanse> That sense of humor?
<eyJhb> aaronjanse: Kotlin
<eyJhb> Not you guys :p
<aaronjanse> Oh lmao
<eyJhb> `e: /build/source/plugin/src/main/kotlin/org/nixos/gradle2nix/ConfigurationResolver.kt: (61, 42): Unresolved reference: group` fuck off kotlin
<eyJhb> /gradle
<samueldr> e!
<eyJhb> Where is my list of attributes ?!
<eyJhb> Murder is allowed for bad documentation, right?
<aaronjanse> At least for incorrect documentation, yes
<samueldr> I think it's only ammo for the insanity plea
<samueldr> though if you can murder with words, I think that's allowed
<eyJhb> Hoping the Gradle community can help me
<eyJhb> Because, fuck this
<samueldr> if you excel with words, it's a power point for you; gives you access to a better outlook on life
<aaronjanse> ^That took me a moment
<MichaelRaskin> samueldr: Your calculated writings… without a base in maths they do not impress me.
<samueldr> heh
<eyJhb> Going into a lang, without having learned more than hello world, where there are lots of keywords and special chars
<eyJhb> `yes`
<eyJhb> ALways fun
<eyJhb> Also samueldr I have said it before, you need a kid so you can crack jokes all day :p
<samueldr> no, otherwise I wouldn't have any left for here and my friends
<eyJhb> `Type mismatch: inferred type is String? but String was expected` :(
<eyJhb> True
<eyJhb> You are loaded with them
<MichaelRaskin> eyJhb: not only people loathe uncertainty