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<infinisil> Random question: is there some machine learning method for finding points in a k-dimensional space by just the distances between them?
<infinisil> So e.g. I'd say that A and B are 0.5 apart, B and C are 0.1 apart, so it knows A and C are also about 0.5 apart, and does some ML stuff to assign each point a number between 0 to 1 (maybe such that the avg is around 0.5)
<infinisil> I'm interested in using this to classify my music. Distance would be similarity between them, and the k-dim space would be the genre. Seems like a promising idea
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<ekleog> infinisil: hmm… isn't what you want a constraint solver? just set A to be (0, ..., 0), then add constraints for each distance
<infinisil> There will be thousands of points, maybe 10 dimensions, and the distances between points are only approximate, not exact
<ekleog> and then once you have your space run k-means over it to split it into genres
<ekleog> infinisil: I'd say it's an exercise of trying to optimize by minimizing the errors to distances, then, so minimizing the outcome of f() over a space of… a few ten thousands dimensions? sounds like something gradient descent can do
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* ekleog doesn't know much about machine learning, just basics (disclaimer)
<ekleog> where the inputs of f would be all the coordinates of all points
<infinisil> Hmm.. I did take a machine learning course, if gradient descent works that would be nice
<infinisil> But I'm not sure if it does
<infinisil> ekleog: Oh actually, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulated_annealing would probably work well
<infinisil> Simulate a k-dimensional space where distances are attractive forces
<infinisil> Run until the error is low enough
<infinisil> I guess that's not simulated annealing though, rather just a simulation
<infinisil> Could get rather expensive though, because with 1000 points attracting each other that's 1000000 forces, each of them being 10 dimensional, but I think that's handleable
<ekleog> hmm, you could look at how things like d3js do it to draw stuff in 2D, if you're going the simulation route
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<sphalerite> infinisil: yeah the limiting factor there would be the number of points more than the number of dimensions I think
<sphalerite> complexity is linear on the number of dimensions but quadratic on the number of points
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<infinisil> Yeah
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<ekleog> sphalerite: (about port 25 filtering) IMO the fact outgoing 25 is blocked by default is a very good thing. Just imagine how much worse the spam would be with all virus-infected computers having port25 access…
<ekleog> also, it allows you to run your mail server from your ISP without being automatically in all blacklists because there's too much spam coming from this IP space
<sphalerite> ekleog: it's *not* port 25, it's port 587 that it blocks!
<ekleog> win/win, except when you're trying to debug stuff
<ekleog> oh. read “smtp” ._.
<sphalerite> I agree that 25 should be blocked
<sphalerite> probably better to reject them than blackhole them, as many seem to do…
* ekleog didn't notice the “(submission)” just after
<sphalerite> but yeah blocking submission seems insane to me
<ekleog> indeed
<ekleog> unless some mailserver admins allow inter-server smtp on submission and add clients to blacklists based on that judgement…
* ekleog thinks that unfortunately also exist, but this time it's mailserver admins who should be banned…
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<gchristensen> I didn't know Linux had proper support for thunderbolt device security levels
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<elvishjerricco> I'm guessing that if I make a 500M Nix file, then importing that is likely to require Nix to consume 500M of memory minimum, right?
<gchristensen> omg elvishjerricco what are you doing
<joepie91> hahaha, was about to say the same thing
<joepie91> this sounds like a Bad Idea brewing
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Lol cramming all of Hackage into a Nix file :P
<siers> hasn't that been done already though
<siers> ?
<elvishjerricco> siers: nixpkgs has a nix file with a single version of every package. I'm doing ALL versions and revisions
<siers> ah
<gchristensen> O.o
<elvishjerricco> Currently I've got it making one file per package version / revision.
<gchristensen> o.O
<elvishjerricco> But that prevents me from compressing all of it because I can't import a nix file directly from a tar file and allow it to reference other files in the tarball
<elvishjerricco> So I'm considering one gigantic file :P
<elvishjerricco> But I'm guessing that's a bad idea
<elvishjerricco> Compression seems critical for this though. 1G uncompressed, 44M compressed
<gchristensen> O.O
<elvishjerricco> Looots of redundancy :P
<__monty__> Can't you refactor out some of that redundancy?
<elvishjerricco> Well each file is basically the output of cabal2nix on some cabal file
<elvishjerricco> So I dunno how i'd do that
<__monty__> I dunno either but in my head it sounds like obvious because we're working in a nice functional language : )
<elvishjerricco> I think removing the redundancy would amount to writing a generic Nix expression compressor :P
<__monty__> As long as it doesn't turn into obfuscated nix...
<elvishjerricco> Ideally Nix would just support treating tarballs like directories as far as importing goes
<elvishjerricco> But there's lots of hairy things to work out for that
<gchristensen> scary
<elvishjerricco> Maybe like a mode for `builtins.path`. Something like `import (builtins.path { path = ./tarball.tar.gz; type = "tar"; } + /foo.nix)`
<gchristensen> or recursive nix, buildFromTarball ...
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Well we can do something like that with IFD already
<gchristensen> right
<elvishjerricco> Something like that would require unpacking the whole tarball though, defeating the point
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<infinisil> Whoaaaa, check this out: https://youtu.be/FU-8j4sr3LY
<infinisil> Along with the blogpost https://medium.com/@bananaft/my-journey-into-fractals-d25ebc6c4dc2 and a working alpha version! I just tried it out myself, just needs wine to run, it's a bit buggy but really cool!
<infinisil> alpha version: https://bananaft.itch.io/yedomaglobula
<infinisil> Oh and one more link, lobster post where I found it initially: https://lobste.rs/s/kp8l3c/developing_3d_fractal_exploration_game
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<andi-> I just figured that my zsh has completion for nested arguments when using nix-build ... -A foo.bar.baz.. Mind blown O.O
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