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<gchristensen> I can't merge the link-to-code thing b/c the generated URLs are wrong almost every time.
<samueldr> :(
<samueldr> 10% of the time it works every time
<gchristensen> practically speaking, I need to edit release.nix to pass nixpkgs.rev through, but not this week.
<gchristensen> then we can do it without (many) people rebuilding it
<gchristensen> blah, too tired, I shouldn't have come on IRC tonight :)
<samueldr> 'night!
<{^_^}> Night!
<gchristensen> night!
<ekleog> Hey! Anyone remembers the name of the project designed to have the linux kernel run in userspace?
<samueldr> colinux?
<ekleog> (there was at least something with fs drivers, I was hoping maybe to find something for other drivers too)
<samueldr> (though that's windows userspace)
<ekleog> hmmm no that's not it :/
<samueldr> user-mode linux?
<ekleog> ooh I think that's it, thanks! :D
<ekleog> though now I'm sad because it's just running in a VM
<samueldr> netbsd has rump kernels, that I haven't really looked at to understand what they are
<emily> ekleog: it's not
<emily> i mean, it's less performant than VMs, but
<ekleog> my hope was to have a way not to write device drivers if I came back to that project of writing a microkernel… sounds like it'll be hard anyway :°
<emily> (~generally, i think)
<ekleog> emily: oh, true, I had stopped reading at seeing libvirt
<ekleog> hmm, so it may potentially be reasonably possible to try to exploit the drivers from the linux kernel by running it in userspace
<ekleog> then netbsd rump kernels may be more adapted here, potentially… but netbsd doesn't support as wide a range of devices as linux afaiu
<emily> I think you'll have a better time with the rumpkernel stuff
<emily> although I don't know what you're doing
<ekleog> I don't know either, it's a few-years-old project that I'd likely restart from scratch anyway if I came back to it
<ekleog> iow, it likely won't lead anywhere
<ekleog> but it's nice to know the possibilities :)
<emily> ekleog: in particular, netbsd has a nice, portable driver model
<emily> where a lot of the layers are separated out
<emily> which is part of why it was so amenable to the rumpkernel stuff
<ekleog> OTOH, netbsd doesn't have eg. the unfree graphics card drivers linux has, does it? (unsure whether user-mode linux would be better or worse for performance than just using netbsd drivers through rump kernels, but…)
<emily> getting those to run on non-linux sounds... ambitious
<ekleog> well… yeah ^^' like, I'm reading more about it, and it sounds like at some point it even required patches to the host kernel, so…
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<sphalerite> ekleog: there's also LKL "linux kernel library"
<sphalerite> which has been in consideration for quite a while now for improving nixos's disk image building stuff by allowing filesystems like ext4 to run in userspace
<ekleog> hmm, LKL appears to be useful mostly for userspace applications, not for eg. taking the graphics driver out of it… though anyway it's quite likely taking the graphics driver out of linux and not just being linux would just never work :/
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<ekleog> but that was most likely what I was thinking of when thinking about the project that allows running fs drivers in userspace, thanks! :)
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<sphalerite> ,tell jD91mZM2 aww, I missed you by 4 minutes. I was wondering, is there a way to get xidlehook to trigger the timer command immediately? I imagine it has something to do with the --socket option but it's not really clear
<{^_^}> sphalerite: I'll pass that on to jD91mZM2
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<infinisil> Oh I just thought of something cool
<infinisil> Is there a network filesystem that allows you to cache a certain amount of data?
<infinisil> So like nfs, but the most recently accessed things will be in a local cache of e.g. 10GB
<infinisil> There's CacheFS
<gchristensen> does this assume paths are write-only?
<infinisil> Not sure what you mean by that
<gchristensen> well surely nfs has some caching implemented
<gchristensen> but it can only do so much assuming paths are mutable
<infinisil> I'm not sure it does
<infinisil> Ahh I see
<infinisil> I guess I wasn't clear
<infinisil> I need persistent caching, not only in RAM
<infinisil> cachefs does indeed seem like the thing I want, I'll probably try it out soonish
<infinisil> More specifically, nfs + cachefs
<infinisil> They are integrated with each other
<infinisil> For reference: The package you need is cachefilesd
<gchristensen> this seems to assume immutable paths then?
<infinisil> No idea
<sphalerite> infinisil: yeah this would be really useful for netboot stuff
<infinisil> What I'm going to do with this:
<infinisil> Have my music library on the server, shared with NFS to clients
<infinisil> Have an mpd server running on every machine to play the music from the NFS filesystem (or directly on the server)
<infinisil> Have https://github.com/alphapapa/mpdsync for syncing the multiple mpd servers
<infinisil> And use cachefs to hopefully (I'm not sure if this works as of yet) be able to play music on the clients even when I don't have a connection to the server
<infinisil> The only problem is that I'd only be able to play the cached things
<infinisil> I could also just back up the servers music directory to the clients and play from that actually. But that could get out of sync more easily than nfs
<sphalerite> I'd really like something sort of like that for pictures on my phone
<sphalerite> I think google photos does it, but I don't want to upload all my photos to google (or have gapps on my phone at all for that matter)
<sphalerite> currently I use syncthing to get the photos to multiple other computers as soon as they're taken, and then on those computers occasionally snapshot the fs and delete a bunch of old pictures
<sphalerite> but it would be much nicer if they could automatically be removed from my phone (or replaced by thumbnails), in such a way that it can automatically download them again if I open them via the thumbnail
<infinisil> Yeah that would be nice
<infinisil> I don't have any good solution for my phone for such things, but I hope that gets better once I can replace my iPhone with a Librem 5
<infinisil> sphalerite: For data that doesn't change often and doesn't need constant syncing, I bet IPFS could be used for a good solution in the future
<infinisil> (along with IPNS)
<sphalerite> constant syncing is nice for pictures though
<sphalerite> hm, I could actually have a service set up on the server that scales old pictures to half size once they reach a certain age or something
<sphalerite> (while keeping the full-sized ones elsewhere of course)
<sphalerite> that doesn't cover the redownload automatically use case, but I could have it also generate a web gallery or something from the full-sized ones
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<joepie91> seems custom images have just landed at DO
<__monty__> infinisil: How does the limbrem device compare to the jolla offering?
<infinisil> __monty__: No idea
<infinisil> I don't know much about either
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* samueldr wonders
<jasongrossman> Syncing is such a pain, what I do for personal stuff is have everything on one device. The drawbacks are obvious, but with the time I save on worrying about syncing I can go to the beach, write a novel, or obsess about emacs keybindings.
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