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<jD91mZM2> Oh god... that feeling when you just remember a possible bug in an application but you're busy with life and can't solve it.
<etu> jD91mZM2: Then you write a ticket about it in a relevant bugtracker
<jD91mZM2> etu: Good idea, that way I'll remember it... If I only remember to check the ticket :P
<etu> jD91mZM2: Or maybe someone else can pick it up and get to know about it at least
<jD91mZM2> etu: Oh no... Nobody would willingly work with my code :^)
<etu> ahh, it's your own project. Didn't know that :D
<etu> I write issues for my own project sometimes as a todo-list
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<etu> Then I forget about it and it has happened that someone else have fixed it for me. But it's very rare though
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<jD91mZM2_> Oh sorry, should've made that more clear. I'm not good at putting things to words
<jD91mZM2_> I think this issue is luckily very unlikely to ever happen to anybody as I rely on this software daily. But it's *technically* possible, so I can't get it off my mind (nor do I want to, in fear of forgetting)
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<jasongrossman> I've been pleased to see people's project pages for general purpose things occasionally mentioning installation in NixOS sometimes, but here's a first for me: coming across a general-purpose package that has installation instructions ONLY for MacOS, Arch, and Nix (and source): https://github.com/candid82/joker
<ekleog> yet at the same time there's no shell.nix or default.nix for developing on it :'(
* ekleog needed to see the bad thing
<ekleog> actually that's great!
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<siers> couldn't you make a shell from the derivation they've advertised in nixpkgs?
<jasongrossman> ekleog: I really doubt many people will want to develop on it! I mean, I'm glad it exists, but its web site says it's likely to always be very incomplete.
<ekleog> siers: you can if the derivation on your channel is kept up-to-date with the latest development progress… not impossible but unlikely imo
<siers> yeah, it might sometimes be outdated
<ekleog> (dependencies change, etc.)
* ekleog would favor maintaining the default.nix in the project, linking to it from NUR, and just copying it over to nixpkgs from time to time
* ekleog is a perfectionist, though :D
<siers> no, I agree completely, I was just advocating for the satan
<ekleog> (also, sometimes the dev-depends are not exactly the build-depends, if you need stuff to eg. autogenerate some source files that you commit in the repo, so even the default.nix wouldn't be enough)
<siers> this is a better point
<siers> I didn't know about NUR until just now.
<ekleog> NUR sounds like a good idea, I'm hoping it'll move forward :)
<ekleog> like, if someone adds “all of NPM”, “all of pip”, etc. NUR repositories it'd likely be great (assuming these package managers' license don't forbid such a dump)
<siers> is there a "to" missing?
<ekleog> well, NUR is a repository-of-repositories
<siers> ah, managed to parse this now
<ekleog> so you'd add a “all of pip” repository at https://github.com/nix-community/NUR/blob/master/repos.json :)
<siers> this has already been done with hackage in nixpkgs
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<ekleog> hmm… hackage is all-of-hackage, not only the parts required for the top-level programs that are there?
<siers> pretty sure
<ekleog> I know pip and npm have explicitly been no-no'd due to being too big, maybe hackage isn't
<sphalerite> pypi also has the issue of installation involving "run setup.py" which can do god knows what
<sphalerite> and incomplete dependency specifications, although I don't think that's any different for hackage
<sphalerite> I think npm packages have hooks too?
<ekleog> (but imo reducing the size of nixpkgs is a good thing, so if even hackage could be moved to a NUR overlay for everything except what's required for end-user programs, that'd be a good thing imo…)
<ekleog> sphalerite: well, so long as there's a pypi2nix I was just thinking of running it in a loop over all packages (a)
<sphalerite> yes! A haskell channel :D
<ekleog> well, I was thinking less channel and more NUR repository, but… :° (sorry for the “overlay” term above, btw)
<sphalerite> problem with that is that then you've got two versions that affect what you get rather than just one :/
<ekleog> well, for end-user applications you get the well-tested-by-integration-tests (lol) version of nixpkgs, and for development you'd just fetch from the hackage overlay the version you need
<ekleog> the overlay could even keep old versions around, potentially
<ekleog> ugh, s/overlay/NUR repository/
<ekleog> and given it'd be downloaded only by haskell devs it wouldn't pose issues to keep them around, compared to having them in nixpkgs where everyone now has to download a XX MiB file
<ekleog> s/pose issues/be an issue/
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<srhb> So what's the story on TRIM and these fancy nvme drives... Don't enable continuously, run fstrim occasionally?
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<srhb> Anyone tried to calibrate displays on a built-in color sensor on NixOS? What do? :)
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<srhb> Hmm, how come haskellPackages.override no longer exists?
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<elvishjerricco> srhb: That happens if you have `haskellPackages = oldHaskellPackages.extend (...);`
<{^_^}> #26561 (by ElvishJerricco, 1 year ago, open): "haskellPackages.extend" and "haskellPackages.override" are incompatible
<srhb> elvishjerricco: Really! Fun!
<elvishjerricco> srhb: Yea haskellPackages.extend really needs to be fixed
<elvishjerricco> override needs to support overriding the output too
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<gchristensen> :( accidentally blended the bay leaves in to the soup :(
<drakonis> so nixos is the current hotness among advanced users
<joepie91> drakonis: ?
<joepie91> maaaaaaan, Tokio needs better error messages... https://i.imgur.com/XyPIUDY.png
<drakonis> joepie91: getting new users at a fairly quick pace
<joepie91> drakonis: in #nixos you mean, or?
<drakonis> distribution and package manager
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<drakonis> greater adoption
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<joepie91> drakonis: where you getting this data from? I'm curious now :P
<drakonis> its anedoctal but it is reaching a couple irc chsnnrl
<drakonis> channels i go to
<gchristensen> I've noticed a greater number of help requests in the category of "expecting great documentation" / "expecting to not need to read documentation"
<drakonis> and twitter maybe?
<drakonis> the curse of arch
<gchristensen> oh?
<drakonis> arch users normally refer to docs and in the absence they get stupid
<drakonis> edgy but still
<gchristensen> oh hehe
<drakonis> brace for the waves