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<gchristensen> I need a vacation after getting ready to go on vacation.
<samueldr> I think I know the feeling :)
<joepie91> the did-I-forget-anything anxiety is real
<samueldr> saturday I open my online banking thing: my credit card's balance is on a new number... called the financial institution to learn the card has been pre-emptively closed for fraud prevention (though was assured it's still working until 1st november)
<joepie91> it's weird how I don't care about losing non-critical items for a few weeks at home, but how the idea of forgetting to pack it for a trip and having no access to it for a single week is anxiety-inducing
<joepie91> wtf brain
<samueldr> heh!
<samueldr> same here
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<gchristensen> I feel that way about airplane activities, invariably trying to weigh how much I'd use it vs. how much leg room it'd take.
<joepie91> gchristensen: leg room...?
<gchristensen> :')
* joepie91 is legitimately confused
<joepie91> how do airplane activities take legroom? :P
<gchristensen> oh I thought that was a commentary about how there is none to start with.
<gchristensen> if I add more stuff, it adds more things to my backpack at my feet.
<joepie91> gchristensen: you don't have overhead bin space?
<joepie91> that's where I put my hand luggage anyway
<joepie91> gchristensen: and well, whether there's leg room depends on the airline :D
<samueldr> in north america it's common to not check bags and fit a carry-on sized bag in the bin, and a backpack in front
<samueldr> though this time I'm checking a bag
<samueldr> the* bag
<samueldr> (says he, 45 minutes later)
<joepie91> aha
<joepie91> samueldr: my only recent flying experience was with wowair which allows one piece of carry-on (though relatively large/heavy)
<joepie91> hence my confusion I guess :P
<joepie91> then again, they also give you legroom, so there's that
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<infinisil> I can't boot my laptop anymore :(
<infinisil> It hangs forever while trying to import the zpool
<infinisil> I ba
<infinisil> I had to force shutdown it earlier because it freezed, maybe that's why
<infinisil> But I had no choice :(
<srhb> infinisil: Ouch!
<srhb> Are you sure it's "forever" ?
<srhb> (I've had very very slow zpool imports previously after failures)
<infinisil> srhb: Been waiting for like 15 minutes now, my hopes are at ~0
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<srhb> :( That's horrible.
<srhb> I guess it's time to try and see what information you can get with a rescue boot?
<srhb> Readonly imports can be useful to determine problems..
<infinisil> Currently don't have access to that, will try with a usb stick at home
<infinisil> Just a couple weeks ago I lost my zpool already, and now maybe again :(
<srhb> :/
<infinisil> But that time it failed to import it, without this infinite delay, so my hopes are a bit higher
<ekleog> wow
* ekleog happy not to use zfs (a)
<joepie91> results of a mattress test from the Dutch consumer association
<joepie91> Lidl's murdering everybody else again
<infinisil> ekleog: I highly doubt it's zfs's fault
<infinisil> The failure a couple weeks ago might have been because i was using unstable
<infinisil> (Zfs)
<infinisil> Current failure might be my SSD failing. Or maybe because i had to force shutdown it
<ekleog> dunno, I've never had data loss in like 6 yrs of luks+lvm+btrfs, even though btrfs was still experimental when I started using it :D
<ekleog> (and I had my share of forced shutdowns, before I discovered alt+prtscr+f to oom kill when I get a complete freeze due to memory being full)
<infinisil> Well my laptop is more than 6 years old, I wouldn't be surprised to see random stuff failing. I'll see if I can figure out the reason for this later
<ekleog> now, if it's your ssd failing… good luck :)
<infinisil> I should probably just buy a new laptop already
<srhb> infinisil: The only reason the SSDs on my last Thinkpad lasted so long was that I mirrored them and just accepted the occasional resilver. :-P
<srhb> Also 6 years old.
<srhb> Feels weird having only one disk now..
<infinisil> Ohh you have space for 2, neat
<srhb> Three, now. Two NVME and one sata.
<infinisil> Nice
<srhb> Very!
<ekleog> not having two disks is *the* thing I miss in my current laptop :/
<srhb> Yeah, I don't feel good about it either right now. I guess I should trust the checksumming more, but...
<ekleog> like, when it fails it'll fail
<srhb> I'd like to not be out of commission as soon as one dies.
<srhb> At the same time I want to save up for a 512 GiB set instead of just adding a single 256. Meh. Decisions. Moneys. :P
<ekleog> oh wait lenovo's website appears to mention there can be up to 3 drives in the P50? o.O I should check and add one if possible :)
<srhb> ekleog: Yeah, p50 is the same layout as mine (p51)
<ekleog> p51 has replace-able batteries, though
<srhb> You need an extra tray for the other nvme disk if you have one already.
<srhb> Oh, p50 doesn't? Maybe I'm wrong then.
<ekleog> dunno, I've actually never opened it yet
<ekleog> well, I meant hot-swappable
<ekleog> p50 has a single battery
<ekleog> (not sure what hot-swappable batteries for p51 actually mean, I'm considering it means two battery slots?)
<srhb> I.. What? :-)
<srhb> I think they both are exactly the same chassic and setup
<ekleog> I dunno, just heard about hotswappable batteries and was like wtf
<srhb> Right, like, t580 has that I believe. But not p50/51/52
<ekleog> oh no it's the p50s, not the p51
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<ekleog> (acc. to reddit)
<srhb> Ah, that makes sense. p50s is essentally t580
<srhb> Er.. With the right generation. Clearly not 80 :P
* srhb is clearly confused
* ekleog hasn't been looking at laptop hardware for… like, at least 4 years
<srhb> I just spent like one and a half years with complete laptop paralysis, but during that time I learned the thinkpad lineup quite well :-P
<ekleog> (didn't actually choose the p50, got it for a job and was allowed to keep it afterwards :3)
<ekleog> it's… 2.5yo currently :)
<infinisil> I intent to get myself a Purism laptop if needed
<srhb> Bit too small for my use.. But I really like the concept.
<infinisil> 15 inch too small?
<srhb> Ah, I meant performance wise.
* ekleog would likely find it hard to change to another keyboard than the thinkpad's
<adisbladis> Yeah.. I'd have a _really_ hard time giving up the trackpoint
<ekleog> fun, trackpoint is actually the thing I've been telling myself I should learn to use for like a year :D I meant more the feeling of the keys, though
<srhb> Strangely I've only every used a trackpoint on an external keyboard. I prefer touchpad..
<adisbladis> srhb: I'm using it for scrolling only :)
<adisbladis> Confuses the hell out of people who try to use my laptop
<srhb> adisbladis: The touchpad?
<joepie91> (caution: autoplay)
<adisbladis> srhb: Yeah
<ekleog> adisbladis: oh, do you know how to use the trackpoint for scrolling only? that'd actually be a pretty useful thing :)
<srhb> Split brain on a MySQL cluster? Fun!
<adisbladis> ekleog: Nope, never crossed my mind =)
<ekleog> hm'kay :)
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<gchristensen> lol... a 2.3ghz intel SBC... https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=32536
<gchristensen> nice
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<srhb> Hum. Hydra peoples, any idea why there's no ON DELETE CASCADE on the builds.(project,jobset) -> jobsets(project,name) fkey? (aside from the fact that deletion of jobsets is discouraged)
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<clever> srhb: ive seen a hydra hang for an hour deleting a project
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<srhb> Yeah, I know about the hangs.
<srhb> (These are small, ad-hoc jobsets that are fast to delete)
<srhb> Basically $otherci spawns a small jobset as a one-shot, which I eventually want to clean up.
<srhb> Easy enough to do in a transaction, just wondering whether there's a reason for that exact fkey not having cascade on deletion. Everything else that relies on the jobset does. :)
<srhb> (At least, as far as I can see.)
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<lassulus> srhb: hi, can you take a look again at https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/48482 if you have some time? I guess nobody wants to merge it as long there is this "requested changes" upon it
<{^_^}> #48482 (by Lassulus, 6 days ago, open): ttyplot: init at 1.0
<lassulus> I thought resolving the discussion maybe resolves the request.
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<srhb> lassulus: Sorry, and thanks
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<infinisil> Haha, it's such a different world: Python has finally gained the ability to mark something as immutable: https://dev.to/wemake-services/1-minute-guide-to-real-constants-in-python-2bpk
<infinisil> Compare that to Haskell, where everything is immutable all the time
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<infinisil> clever: (not sure why you switching to here?)
<clever> thought the grub source was going to get spammy
<infinisil> I see
<clever> infinisil: and how big is the rescue-initrd file?
<infinisil> 500M
<clever> that feels a bit bigger then mine
<clever> it might be that grub is running out of ram due to its size
<infinisil> I'm at nixpkgs 0a7e258012b60cbe530a756f09a4f2516786d370
<infinisil> And using normal kernel
<infinisil> Hmm..
<infinisil> 8GB RAM
<clever> grub doesnt have full access to paging, so it has to be contiguous
<infinisil> clever: How big is your rescue-initrd?
<infinisil> Ahh
<clever> funnily enough, its not enabled on any machine i currently have access to
<infinisil> Ah no that shouldn't affect it, I just added i18n.consoleUseXkbConfig = true; services.xserver.xkbVariant = "dvp";, in addition to enabling zfs
<clever> you enabled xorg? :P
<infinisil> Nah it's not enabled
<infinisil> Just using it to pass xkbVariant, it's a bit odd admittedly
<infinisil> (pass xkbVariant to the console keymap)
<clever> if you turn those off and nixos-rebuild boot, how does the initrd size change?
<infinisil> Rebuilding..
<infinisil> clever: Lol, same size, but
<infinisil> The date changed from 1 Jan 1980 to 1 Jan 1970
<gchristensen> how did it get 10yrs in the future
<clever> i'm guessing that fat32 cant handle 1970, and rounds it up to 1980
<clever> and linux is lying until the cache is lost and forgets the "correct" timestamp
<clever> Filesystem size 455692.73 Kbytes (445.01 Mbytes)
<clever> thats from mksquashfs, with a relatively unmodified image
<infinisil> Hmm
<clever> 456mb for the initrd
<clever> let me check its closure
<clever> [clever@system76:~/nixos-configs]$ nix-build rescue_boot2.nix -A config.system.build.toplevel
<clever> i modified it to just return the netboot from the let block, and not be a nixos module
<clever> [clever@system76:~/nixos-configs]$ du --max=0 -hc $(nix-store -qR /nix/store/p9smi348fwg8gkp9bl0ylg37rjnhc5bc-nixos-system-nixos-18.09pre150708.083220867c7)|sort -h
<clever> hmmm, firmware is 152mb, nixpkgs is 91mb, rest is fairly normal things
<infinisil> Hmm.. maybe I could try it on another machine
<clever> trying with hardware.enableRedistributableFirmware = false;
<infinisil> Problems, problems everywhere!
<infinisil> Software is horrible, hardware too
<infinisil> Except when it's not
<clever> that shaves the uncompressed size down from 751m to 599m
<clever> Filesystem size 337916.55 Kbytes (330.00 Mbytes)
<clever> -r--r--r-- 1 root root 341M Dec 31 1969 initrd
<clever> infinisil: yeah, turning off hardware.enableRedistributableFirmware shaves 115mb
<infinisil> Neato
<maurer> If you're going for minimization, you could try deploying to it via nixops from another machine
<maurer> that'd probably avoid the nixpkgs
<maurer> oh, nvm, read up, you want this to rescue so you _want_ nixpkgs in there
<clever> maurer: this is all inside a squashfs inside the intrd on /boot/
<clever> nixpkgs is optional, you could just nix-channel --update after you boot
<maurer> Assuming that internet comes up :P
<clever> if the internet is down, you cant really download anything nixpkgs refers to
<maurer> You may have a lot of it in /nix/store already, but sure
<infinisil> What I really want is just something I can boot into to have a minimal system even when my main installation fails for some reason
<drakonis> ah so like a rescue image like every main distribution?
<drakonis> at least every distribution that wants to run on the enterprise i suppose
<infinisil> I guess since I reserved 100GB on my disk, I could use some of that for a minimal nixos install
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<infinisil> drakonis: Well, ideally I'll want to have it in the bootloader NixOS creates
<drakonis> why not have a small image you can boot into that you can nix run things
<drakonis> its what they do
<drakonis> fedora, debian and opensuse yield rescue images on install
<infinisil> I don't want any of those though
<drakonis> course not
<drakonis> they're just examples of distros that have rescue images
<infinisil> AH
<drakonis> the right way to do one for nix would be to have a in memory filesystem with nix 2.0 in it
<infinisil> Whats' this got to do with 2.0?
<drakonis> because of nix run
<infinisil> Why would I need nix run?
<drakonis> its concise enough
<drakonis> if you need to unhose something that isn't fixable without coreutils
<drakonis> something you can't fix with a regular toolset
<clever> my rescue_boot.nix has a full nixos install, running from a squashfs in ram
<infinisil> Yeah, that's what I want ^^
<clever> i originally wrote it to move /nix into its own dataset on zfs, with luks
<drakonis> i'd take it
<infinisil> Well I tried to, but it doesn't work
<infinisil> For unknown reason
<infinisil> "Couldn't find suitable memory target."
<infinisil> When trying to start that grub entry
<clever> its failing inside grub_relocator_alloc_chunk_align()
<infinisil> Goddamnit, that's a not-well commented codebase
<drakonis> grub is a terrifying codebase
<clever> drakonis: grub supports python ...
<drakonis> what, really?
<drakonis> isn't it a morass of shell?
<clever> somebody added python, so they could test bios and hardware things
<drakonis> huh well that's something
<clever> drakonis: it also has acpi, which is an entire bytecode interpreter
<drakonis> what's the point of that
<clever> acpi is needed to do a proper shutdown
<drakonis> ah ok
<clever> basically, you have a bytecode that implements a state machine, that queries hardware flags and write to IO ports
<clever> and its all bytecode, so it can be ran by any cpu, in any cpu mode (real, virtual, 16bit, 32bit, 64bit)
<clever> and that bytecode is used to do things like suspend, shutdown, reboot, and other stuff
<drakonis> right
<drakonis> but that's largely useless once you're inside linux
<clever> its still required to shutdown when your done with linux, or to go into standby
<drakonis> wait really? what
<clever> yeah, it has to run the acpi bytecode to tell the hardware to cut power when its done shutting down
<clever> because motherboards had to be special :P
<drakonis> :|
<drakonis> why
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<clever> drakonis: have you heard of the A20 line?
<clever> drakonis: with the older 20bit motherboards, you could only address 1MB of ram physically, and some software took advantage of cpu bugs, causing addresses beyond 1mb to wrap around to 0 again
<clever> and then one day, they added more address lines to the motherboard, and now when things go over 1mb, it addresses things like 1.001mb, and that software breaks
<clever> so, to "fix" it, they tied a gpio line of the keyboard controller, to address line 20
<clever> and it just ties the A20 line low, so you can only ever address half the ram
<clever> so 1mb->2mb is a mirror of 0mb->1mb
<clever> modern cpu's still have an A20 gate
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