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<drakonis> ah that's some hacks
<drakonis> so grub has a ton of hilarious legacy baggage for old hardware support?
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<drakonis> inherently not a terrible thing but still a bit prone to messy code
<clever> drakonis: with modern chips, the cpu is intercepting any attempt to hit the a20 line on the keyboard controller, and then gating the addr line within the cpu logic
<clever> because it doesnt really have an external addr bus anymore, its often a high speed serial link
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<etu> Hmm, I should do a timer that goes to /etc/nixos every day and makes a "git pull"
<etu> That way I can update my systems with new configs and autoUpdate without doing anything
<etu> The level of lazyness will be amazing
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<zimbatm> etu: did you mean system.autoUpgrade.enable ;)
<Taneb> zimbatm: I think etu was describing updating their configuration itself, from GitHub (useful if they have multiple computers with the same config!)
<etu> zimbatm: yeah
<zimbatm> I see
<srhb> NIX_PATH=nixos-config=https:/// ... ?
<etu> zimbatm: I mean that one. But I would like to have something that updates my config files from github as well :-)
<etu> srhb: haha, oh, wow. I should try that :D
<srhb> May void your warranty :P
<etu> What warranty?
<srhb> Oh, right.
<srhb> Go ahead :P
<srhb> If someone fixes the NIX_PATH parser to support ssh-ng as well that would be really awesome.
<etu> I simple timer with a "git pull" is probably easier to debug when something goes wrong
<srhb> Yep.
<etu> So I think I go with that anyways
<infinisil> I don't like having my config exclusively over the internet
<infinisil> I often don't have a good internet connection
<zimbatm> another way is to use nixops to deploy on all the machines
<zimbatm> it's more of a push model
<zimbatm> I use zerotier so all the machines are reachable with fixed IPs, of they are online
<etu> Taneb: Yeah, I have 3 systems that uses autoUpgrade and automatic garbage collection. And they share a lot of config.
<Taneb> I currently only have one, because I didn't manage to install NixOS on my new laptop last night :(
<srhb> zimbatm: What's zerotier? Sounds intriguing.
<etu> zimbatm: I should learn to use NixOps some day
<etu> But all my laptops/desktops runs on unstable and vpses/etc runs stable with autoUpgrade
<zimbatm> plane taking off. ttyl!
<sphalerite> srhb: not sure about zerotier but I use tinc for the same purpose
<sphalerite> plus running my own DNS server so I can reach my machines through their hostnames via IPv6 rather than remembering the IPv4 addresses
<sphalerite> zerotier looks to me like tinc but more productised
<srhb> sphalerite: Sounds incredibly nice.
<srhb> Wonder how I deal with my NAT'ed stuff.
<sphalerite> tinc is how I deal with my NATed stuff :D
<srhb> Oh. Well it sounds even better then!
<srhb> Every node connects to one unNAT'ed thing f.ex?
<sphalerite> yes
<sphalerite> but it will also take advantage of two nodes being in the same LAN
<srhb> oooo
<srhb> Thanks :)
<sphalerite> and there's a nixos module of course ;)
<srhb> Yeah I'll get right on that. It looks really useful!
<joepie91> tinc++
<{^_^}> tinc's karma got increased to 1
<joepie91> ha
<jasongrossman> Turing++
<{^_^}> Turing's karma got increased to 1
<joepie91> srhb: https://git.cryto.net/joepie91/nixops-configuration -- prod nixops config using tinc
<joepie91> between servers
<srhb> joepie91: Thanks! :)
<joepie91> it does require a bit of manual command-running to get it going iirc
<joepie91> I ended up using some mix of the service config in nixpkgs and the manual instructions on the... wiki?
<joepie91> but basically you need to instantiate the state yourself first
<joepie91> keys and such
<sphalerite> not really I think?
<joepie91> (unless this is fixed by now)
<sphalerite> You can do it exclusively using nixos-rebuild and config editing
<sphalerite> 1. enable tinc, rebuild switch
<joepie91> certainly didn't work back when I set it up :P
<sphalerite> 2. Copy definition from /etc/tinc/netname/hosts/$HOSTNAME to configuration.nix
<sphalerite> 3. rebuild switch again
<sphalerite> (you don't need to do part number 2, except for other machines that are supposed to connect to the machine you're doing these steps on )
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<infinisil> Oh my god
<infinisil> Password requirements
<infinisil> "The password contains: Digits Letters (lower and upper case) Special characters Characters may be repeated a maximum of 3 times You must use at least 8 characters (or 12 for purely alphabetical passwords) Username is not part of the password"
<infinisil> I got a checkmark on all of those, but I can't use that one because: "Invalid character"
<adisbladis> :D
<infinisil> And now they won't send me an email with my confirmation code, because who knows
<infinisil> Email is 100% correct, I didn't make a typo
<infinisil> And it's not in the spam folder
<infinisil> "If you do not receive an e-mail from us within the next few minutes, please check your spam folder and the spelling of your e-mail address.", along with the buttons to click: Amend e-mail address, Send new code
<infinisil> No button for "No seriously it's not working, you messed something up on your end"
<infinisil> (There's lots of machines involved with sending an email, I guess it doesn't have to be them)
<emily> infinisil: wh-what is this interface even for?
<emily> it sounds not worth it. you should just not bother.
<infinisil> emily: Trying to get a mobile data packet for england..
<infinisil> Me, studying computer science, couldn't figure out how to make it work for 20 minutes. After that I called support and let them know that their system is broken
<infinisil> is broken and sucks
<infinisil> That's Swisscom btw, I rate 1/10
<infinisil> Support said "Yeah from 22:00 onwards in the evening there can be maintenance happening"
<infinisil> </rant>
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* sphalerit is glad that EU roaming is free and UK is still a member right now
<sphalerit> infinisil: it might be worthwhile to just get a prepaid SIM from some shop when you're there, usually the SIM is free and you just pay for the initial balance
<infinisil> sphalerit: Already bought the packet, 20.- for 1GB, seems alright to me
<infinisil> I'm just blessed with sofware errors today
<infinisil> Just logging into my booking.com account to check the hotel
<infinisil> It shows a confirmation for an order for a *different* hotel..
<infinisil> And now it switched to the correct one, what the hell
<infinisil> Oh, that one was from my stay in Munich last year
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<infinisil> And it just didn't update with the one I just added
<infinisil> Not as bad as it looked initially
<infinisil> </finalrant>
<sphalerit> infinisil: seems a bit expensive to me, but not by orders of magnitude
<sphalerit> But a virgin mobile prepaid bundle for £15 which seems to be about the same as 20CHF has 6GB of mobile data
<sphalerit> Vodafone has 6GB for £10
<sphalerit> Matrix is awful tonight
<infinisil> Hmm yeah maybe
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