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<samueldr> nixos is so versatile
<samueldr> nix-shell -p bsod --run 'bsod'
<gchristensen> perfect
<drakonis> trufax
<jasongrossman> That is awesome.
<joepie91> samueldr: ... apparently I know the author of that
<samueldr> fun!
<joepie91> (from the hackerspace)
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<srhb> I've never been so excited from an internet purchase while, um, imbibed before. Keep staring out the window. Deliver already! Need muh new laptops
<sphalerite> new laptops?
<srhb> Yes! Like, i had this complete laptop paralysis for about a year now. Apparently all it took was a few beers and going to bed with my credit card in hand. :-P Thinkpad P51
<adisbladis> That is a pretty sexy machine :)
<srhb> I think so too! And I was stuck thinking about the p52 since it came out, because it's soooo expensive. Never even considered just getting last year's before...
<srhb> *excite bounce*
<jasongrossman> Congratulations!
<srhb> On the downside, our national postal service has this horrifying app that keeps going between "possibly delayed" and "delivery today"
<adisbladis> Generally I'd go for the n-1 gen when it comes to thinkpads :)
<jasongrossman> Good policy IMO. I almost never buy anything new.
<srhb> So my face is like :) :( :) :( :) :(
<jasongrossman> Well, except food.
<srhb> adisbladis: Makes perfect sense to me now. Just had to have the aha moment, I guess :-P
<Taneb> I've got my own thinkpad on its way! Just a slightly cheaper model... (E485)
<jasongrossman> ,dentalplan
<adisbladis> Though my last laptop was the latest gen :P
<adisbladis> But it's a bit special
<srhb> adisbladis: What is it?
<adisbladis> I have the T25 (anniversary model)
<srhb> jasongrossman: haha
<srhb> adisbladis: Oh that thing is gorgeous.
<srhb> I wish they made more of them. I feel like there's a market for us thinkpad nostalgiacs.
<adisbladis> I figured it's the last model I'm gonna want to get for a long time =)
<srhb> Yah
<adisbladis> Yeah.. They could just sell the current lineup with a choice of keyboards imho..
<adisbladis> srhb: Which screen did you get?
<srhb> adisbladis: FHD 250 nits (supposedly). A bit nervous about that. I feel like 4k is not worth the hassle on Linux yet, even if colors/brightness/contrast is better.
<sphalerite> srhb: in terms of scaling?
<srhb> sphalerite: Yeah. Been down that road once, it was infuriating.
<sphalerite> srhb: I haven't found it too bad
<srhb> Maybe things have improved. Maybe it's my weird XMonad setup.
<srhb> But I just cba yet. :-P
<adisbladis> Well.. I have a feeling you can get a 4k replacement display for pretty cheap in a year or two if you want to
<jasongrossman> Mm. I've never understood the attraction of high res, except for video creators ... and video creators don't use NixOS, and *certainly* don't use XMonad. :-)
<adisbladis> jasongrossman: Font's do look a whole lot nicer.. But I feel like 1080p in my 14" laptop is pretty much the breaking point for diminishing returns
<sphalerite> jasongrossman: not true!
<adisbladis> It's more important to get your font settings right
<jasongrossman> sphalerite: Well that's good to hear.
<jasongrossman> adisbladis: Yes!
<sphalerite> goibhniu does video stuff, and someone was developing a piece of software for screencasts or something iirc
<adisbladis> But good font settings at 4k..
* adisbladis drools
<sphalerite> adisbladis: I have 1440p in my 14" work laptop, and I feel like it's still noticeably better than 1080p
<adisbladis> sphalerite: I totally agree =)
<adisbladis> I would if I could
<sphalerite> but yeah I think 4k is a waste on a 15"-or-less laptop screen
<etu> 1440p on laptops is nice
<etu> I got a X1 Carbon at 14" with that res
<srhb> My eyes are probably too shitty to benefit from 4k anyway :-P
<etu> srhb: Common misconception (or maybe a common joke), with sharper things. Even bad eyes can benefit :)
<etu> Especially with good and sharp fonts
<srhb> I figured there might be something like that. But, meh. I am too high on expectations to start feeling regret right now. :D
<adisbladis> srhb: 1080p is still _really_ nice =)
<etu> But my experience with 4k on linux is quite terrible, mostly because I don't want 2x-scaling, since that would result in things being the same size as 1080p (which for me is too big since I'm very used to 1440p without scaling)
<etu> 1440p without scaling is perfect for me, stuff is a bit smaller but I get way more space
<jasongrossman> sphalerite: Ah, yes, that explains what I was missing. I never use a laptop screen bigger than 13".
<sphalerite> maybe it's because I don't use much other than terminal, emacs and browser, which all work fine on higher resolutions (terminal because it's simple, and emacs and browser because gtk) that it doesn't bother me much?
<srhb> sphalerite: Could be yeah.. Ugh, need to get back on Emacs..
<sphalerite> (I still mostly use vim in spite of my best intentions.
<adisbladis> I just wish emacs had a decent terminal emulator.. The one realistic thing thats missing
<srhb> Yeah.
<etu> adisbladis: We should build one with xwidgets and gtk bindings
<etu> It should be quite simple really...
<adisbladis> etu: https://github.com/akermu/emacs-libvterm exists and is pretty good
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<adisbladis> It just needs better integration with the rest of emacs
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<etu> adisbladis: Oh, haven't tried
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<adisbladis> etu: At least it renders stuff like htop properly :)
<etu> adisbladis: Well, that's a pretty good test if a terminal can render things imo :p
<sphalerite> etu: adisbladis: https://invisible-island.net/vttest/ ;)
<etu> sphalerite: yeah, but there's not many modern terminal emulators that can do all that. htop pretty much covers my usages :p
<adisbladis> Mine too. It's the only curses app I use
<sphalerite> besides, if it's based on libvterm it should cover features pretty thoroughly
<adisbladis> sphalerite: The libvterm from neovim, not the other one
<adisbladis> There are two named the same thing -.-
<etu> Many modern terminals are bad at sixels and font resizing, etc
<sphalerite> oh
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<joepie91> "libssh versions 0.6 and above have an authentication bypass vulnerability in the server code. By presenting the server an SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS message in place of the SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST message which the server would expect to initiate authentication, the attacker could successfully authentciate without any credentials."
* gchristensen faints
<Synthetica> Wait, so every SSH server ever is broken?
<gchristensen> openssh doesn't use libssh I don't think?
<siers> who does then?
<siers> what*
<gchristensen> lots of ssh clients do https://search.nix.gsc.io/?q=libssh&i=nope&files=&repos=
<joepie91> deployment tools etc.
<joepie91> didn't know there was a server component but holy shit
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<sphalerite> joepie91: are you aware of a PR to fix it?
<joepie91> sphalerite: I'm not
<sphalerite> on it :D
<gchristensen> sphalerite++
<{^_^}> sphalerite's karma got increased to 28
<sphalerite> oh my goodness
<sphalerite> did you try following the "You can download libssh 0.8.4 or 0.7.6 here." link?
<infinisil> sphalerite: ohh damn
<gchristensen> oh ffs
<sphalerite> https://www.libssh.org/files/ seems to be fine thugh
<joepie91> hoooooold on
<joepie91> why does that have a milliways cert
<joepie91> okay I need to go yell at some people
* samueldr wonders what'sa milliways
<samueldr> not the hitchiker one, the one joepie91 has to yell about
<infinisil> It's just a 404 though
<infinisil> The download link
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<joepie91> samueldr: hard to define, sort of an ad-hoc collective of computer-y people, hackerspacey/infosecy etc.
<joepie91> I'm wondering if this is them
<__monty__> gchristensen: Aren't the libssh2 matches false positives?
<gchristensen> __monty__: yeah
<__monty__> Looks like the biggest users might be git and remmina. The others (like ffmpeg) seem somewhat less security sensitive.
<sphalerite> I don't think either of those use libssh to implment an ssh server?
<sphalerite> tmate might though. But tmate doesn't do proper auth anyway so eh :p
<__monty__> It only affects servers? So, github?
<sphalerite> github probably uses openssh.
<sphalerite> oh no.
<sphalerite> nc github.com 22
<sphalerite> SSH-2.0-libssh_0.7.0
<samueldr> though it would allow logging-in as `git`, if the auth is further done on *which* key I guess it's less of an issue?
<gchristensen> welp
<joepie91> uh...
<sphalerite> a friend who is moderately technical wants to switch away from gmail. Any suggestions?
<__monty__> Does it have to be free?
<maurer> Depends on reasoning. From what I've heard, MSFT's 365 email service is supposed to be good, but most concerns you could have with gmail you'd have with them too
<maurer> I am not super happy with gmail at the moment either, but the only superior alternative I can see is to host my own, and I've done that before, it is Not Fun.
<gchristensen> fastmail is good and contributes to OSS a lot
<__monty__> I've been happy with rackspace. Probably has all the problems gmail has though, if they're about privacy/US basedness.
<infinisil> Ummmm... I have a process that uses lots of CPU
<infinisil> But only if htop isn't open..
<infinisil> Ohhh, it only happens in one terminal window
<infinisil> It's zsh spinning at 100%, not sure why
<gchristensen> strace to the rescue?
<infinisil> Oh right
<infinisil> Well here's an excerpt, I won't try to figure out what it really is
<gchristensen> looks like your terminal might be sending lots of sigwinch signals to it
<joepie91> but, surprisingly, the license change seems in good faith
<__monty__> Why do terminals get winch signals? <bad joke redacted>
<Ralith> sphalerite: 'nother +1 to fastmail, very professional and featureful and reasonably priced service
<joepie91> I use fastmail for my work e-mail - it's a little spartan in some areas but I have no complaints really, it's fast and generally intuitive
<gchristensen> I think Dvorak's nicer layout makes me more prone to typos of the "thath" and "thish" type
<__monty__> Hmm, haven't experienced that.
<gchristensen> maybe it is just time to admit I'm a crap typist :)
<__monty__> I guess those sorts of typos *are* easier to make with the layout though.
<__monty__> Do you type on a terrible keyboard or really fast?
<gchristensen> no, and yes
<jasongrossman> gchristensen: Dvorak makes me mix up R and L, which can look racist sometimes. :-/
<gchristensen> oh dear
<jasongrossman> sphalerite: I've just switched to Migadu, which is one of the few that has a free plan with which you can use your own domain, and it seems to be reasonably good for privacy.
<joepie91> "The free plan supports one email domain, unlimited number of mailboxes, 1 Gigabyte of email storage and 10 outgoing messages per day which include a discreet signature "Sent via Migadu" at the bottom of each message. "
<joepie91> oh man
<joepie91> free e-mail services with enforced signatures!
<joepie91> a true throwback to the late 90s
<joepie91> "All our data is stored in ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in France."
<joepie91> whee OVH
<joepie91> it does seem like a genuine company from a glance
<joepie91> 'unlimited storage' is a bit sketchy though
<gchristensen> only 1gb though?
<__monty__> Have never had this r/l mixing up either. You guys should slow yourself down. Enjoy the view along the road ; )
<joepie91> (unlimited on paid plans)
<samueldr> with raid 0, storage is easy to scale!
<jasongrossman> joepie91: (a) That's only the free plan, which I imagine people only use for testing (I could be wrong though), and (b) my outgoing mail goes through a different service.
<jasongrossman> joepie91: Although now that I think about it, my (b) is a bit self-centred! But still, (a).
<joepie91> jasongrossman: nevertheless, you did mention free plan as a feature ;)
<joepie91> so I treated it as one, hehe
<jasongrossman> joepie91: Right. I'd forgotten about the advertising, because (b).
<joepie91> heh
<joepie91> fair enough
<joepie91> also, that wasn't hard criticism, fwiw
<joepie91> just remarking that it was a throwback :)
<joepie91> it's understandable given the purpose of their free plan
<jasongrossman> joepie91: I agree on both counts.
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<pie_> what do you guys think https://bpaste.net/show/73e8d612c864
<pie_> does nix help here?
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<samueldr> not sure, seems the gripe is lack of vertical integration between kernel+userspace
<samueldr> in terms of "team management"
<samueldr> maybe
<simpson> Don't try to make sense of Cheery, IMO.
<samueldr> of project management maybe*
<pie_> simpson, oh hi lol
<pie_> i feel like there might be something to his configuration management annoyance at least
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<joepie91> pie_: far as I can tell he's trying to describe the "vendoring in everything" problem
<joepie91> plus the tendency of some projects to write their own equivalents of what exists on a kernel/system level just to be portable
<joepie91> see also: Calibre and their device management
<simpson> No, you're overestimating them; likelier that GNOME or something similar shifted beneath them.
<simpson> Note the complete inability to give specific experiences.
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<pie_> i have a complete inability to give specific experiences :D
* pie_ hides
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