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<elvishjerricco> So why doesn't NixOS use systemd for stage 1?
<samueldr> not an official answer, but I have seen theorized that the closure size may be an issue
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: There's a high chance I would not care about that :P I might actually play around with this a bit. How would I go about making my own init system?
<samueldr> no idea, but please make notes :)
<joepie91> well, you start by praying to the poettering altar...
<joepie91> :P
<samueldr> take notes*
<gchristensen> your own init system, or make nixos use systemd?
<samueldr> though you may not care, as far as nixos is concerned, the closure size for the initrd is important as it is often expected to have a smaller /boot partition
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: I suppose either.
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: Yea, I'm not suggesting this would become upstreamed :P
<gchristensen> for your own init, spawn some stuff and implement waitpid() on SIGCHLD... that is basically it :)
<samueldr> sure, but I'm actually not sure there is anything *against* it
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: But for what it's worth, I've recently learned how to avoid having /boot on a different partition, and now I see no actual reason to ever have it on one.
<elvishjerricco> Unless grub isn't an option, which I guess it often isn't.
<samueldr> there are users avoiding grub, let's not paint them as being wrong :)
<gchristensen> for one, efi requires it
<samueldr> gchristensen: it does not require the ESP to be used for /boot
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: But how would I actually make NixOS use my custom init?
<samueldr> afaiui, systemd-boot does require the kernels and initrd to be in the ESP
<gchristensen> samueldr: :o
<elvishjerricco> And yea, you still need a separate partition for the ESP. But /boot should be on the root drive
<samueldr> but /boot can be on the root drive* :)
<elvishjerricco> someone should teach systemd-boot to decrypt LUKS :)
<joepie91> elvishjerricco: iirc having /boot on your main FS is a problem when doing RAID >1
<elvishjerricco> joepie91: Ah, that would make sense
<joepie91> (specifically, striping)
<elvishjerricco> I was able to do ZFS striped over two LUKS drives and Grub booted it no problem
<elvishjerricco> But that's ZFS doing the raid stuff
<samueldr> though I don't pretend /boot on a separate partition is the only way, I do say that /boot as its own partition *has* uses
<joepie91> totally unrelated vaguely political-ish news: https://twitter.com/TakedownMRAs/status/1046899649234124801
<joepie91> (that thing was operated by Roosh V, a misogynistic asshat / 'internet marketing' style scammer)
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: Anyway, didn't you end up making your own init for some arm stuff or something? How did you do that?
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: at that point, nixos doesn't control that part
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: Oh? What do you mean?
<gchristensen> elvishjerricco: https://github.com/cleverca22/not-os/blob/master/default.nix here, this repo doesn't use systemd / nixos's init
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: if we simplify, android's bootloader will start a kernel and initrd, the kernel will start the executable /init as the first process it starts
<samueldr> so my own modules system creates a script
<samueldr> a bit like how clever's and nixos' does
<samueldr> but the goals is to start systemd at stage-2
<samueldr> (for me)
<samueldr> hmmm, can't figure out a good entry point in mobile-nixos
<samueldr> stage-1.init is built from the "initrd-*" modules here https://github.com/samueldr/mobile-nixos/tree/4d717a26dfabbf55730bd36ba11e886b0f311897/modules
<samueldr> but DON'T take this to face value, this was my first initrd
<samueldr> it is HIGHLY inspired from not-os and nixos' own init script
<samueldr> (sorry, I'm a bit distracted by the elections night stream)
<elvishjerricco> samueldr, gchristensen: Does NixOS already have options for supplying a custom init system, or do I have to dive into nixpkgs code to change it?
<gchristensen> NixOS is not much more than its choice of init system
<gchristensen> so, in other words, you can't just swap it out, for the large part you're on your own
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Well I'd like to pretty much leave stage 2 untouched. Only looking to mess with stage 1's init script.
<gchristensen> oh just stage1
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Yea, I figure that comes down to simply supplying a custom initrd, but I dunno if NixOS has existing options for doing that
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: pretty sure you could dp some funny shenanigans by disabling nixos/modules/system/boot/stage-1.nix
<samueldr> do some*
<samueldr> and then putting what's required in system.build
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: Heh, that could work
<samueldr> I *may* do this in the future
<samueldr> but it's FAR away :)
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Thanks, that link is perfect. Didn't realize it was all neatly wrapped up in one file :)
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<jackdk> elvishjerricco if you're interested in the guts of how pid1 does its stuff, I remember poking around the initng sources and thinking it didn't look too bad
<elvishjerricco> jackdk: Yea it actually looks pretty easy.
<samueldr> it all depends on what you intend to do :)
<samueldr> for an initrd, it's really simple; when you want to give PID1 to another init system at stage-2
<elvishjerricco> jackdk: I'm kinda interested in producing initrd with dracut, and I think just a little lib.mkForce will let me do so without even touching nixpkgs
<samueldr> IIRC, things under `system.*` isn'T part of the module system, so it may not work, or depend on ordering
<jackdk> what is mkForce? (and the meta question: is there a good function reference anywhere?)
<samueldr> or uh, system.build I mean I think
<samueldr> lib/modules.nix has good comments
<samueldr> and the nixos manual has the other bits needed to understand at a higher level how the module system works
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: I would've figured system.build is a `attrsOf unspecified` which I think would still work with mkForce
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: maybe the issue I had was more specific to bootloaders
<samueldr> I had both extlinux and grub2 enabled, and it failed to do grub until I disabled extlinux
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<sevanspowell> Heya, Nix question. I want to build my project with a specific version of amazonka. Usually I'd do something like this: ``` amazonka = nixpkgs.fetchFromGitHub { owner = "brendanhay"; repo = "amazonka"; rev = "c9d8a62118b2269fb54b1e89c4e92106e8243050"; sha256 = "1nxdgg69fjn6b4nik99mmsa6hrv9737kwls00jyfnwwavqxik49q"; }; ``` But amazonka is a stack project and so doesn't have a nix file. What would be the w
<samueldr> sevanspowell: you will need to split your messages into lines, and please link the code to a pastebin or a gist
<samueldr> (and ask in #nixos as this is more off-topic here)
<sevanspowell> Sure thing, sorry about that.
<samueldr> your message was also cut off at the end
<ekleog> ,locate intellij
<{^_^}> Found in packages: kodestudio
<ekleog> hmm… anyone knows where to find intellij? I can't find the package, though people on the web say they do have it installed :/
<samueldr> ekleog: unfree I think
<ekleog> oh
* ekleog thought intellij was free
<samueldr> there's the community edition
* samueldr checks
* ekleog never actually used that, just ragequit eclipse… why can't java be sane to use with simple text editors like vim? :'(
<samueldr> jetbrains = (recurseIntoAttrs (callPackages ../applications/editors/jetbrains
<samueldr> I think it's under jetbrains
<samueldr> sorry for a screenshot of text :)
<ekleog> oh, jetbrains.idea-community, maybe? thanks! :)
<samueldr> license = stdenv.lib.licenses.asl20; <- wondering why it doesn't show in locate
<ekleog> maybe something due to recurseIntoAttrs?
* ekleog doesn't have a local nix-locate db, though, so can't really check it's not just a bug of {^_^}
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<infinisil> Hmm I'll check later
<sphalerite> ,locate bin idea
<{^_^}> Found in packages: jetbrains.idea-community
<sphalerite> ekleog: it's just that the executable is called idea, not intellij
<sphalerite> infinisil: samueldr: ^
<ekleog> oh. stupid me indeed
* ekleog didn't know what intellij actually was apart from hear-say until a few hours ago, for my defense :°
<sphalerite> yeah it's annoying that people call it intellij — usually it's IDEA they're talking about, intellij is the branding for the whole suite of IDEs made by jetbrains AFAIUI
<sphalerite> right, jetbrains used to be called intellij itself
<ekleog> Done https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/47650 for easier discovery, though I can't really test anything right now :)
<{^_^}> #47650 (by Ekleog, 43 seconds ago, open): jetbrains.idea-community: add IntelliJ keyword to the longDescription
<sphalerite> is the longDescription searched?
<ekleog> I think so: if I currently search for testng, then idea-community gets out :)
<sphalerite> perfect
<infinisil> Ahh
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<elvishjerricco> I wonder if Nix should have a `copy` builtin, which would take a store path and return a new store path with that path's entire runtime closure copied in. You'd end up with nested `/nix/store`s, i.e. `/nix/store/...-copy/nix/store/...-foo`. But this would be useful for any tooling that needs to package up an entire Nix closure for some other tool, like Docker or initrd.
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<elvishjerricco> I guess symlinks would be better than copies. Or even just a text file containing the paths in the closure. It needs to be computed as a build-time thing though, not an eval time thing, to help maintain our illusion of pure eval.
<gchristensen> nix can do that
<gchristensen> look up exportReferencesGraph in the Nix manual
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Oh hey, that's neat.
<elvishjerricco> I thought the existing things used hacks like invoking Nix within Nix to do stuff like that. Didn't realize we had a proper way
<gchristensen> nope, the layered docker image one (nix2 only) even uses NIx2's structured attribute support to export the ref graph in json
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: How does that work?
<elvishjerricco> Also, I can't find any docs on `--register-validity`, which is how `exportReferencesGraph` describes its format :/
<gchristensen> sorry, bad internet, you'll have to go look yoursel :) or wait for me to have better internet itomorrow
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: No worries. Thanks :)
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<Synthetica> Gotta love maintaining obscure packages, just had to email a FreePorts maintainer on what they were doing with a certain package, because they were the only ones that had it up to date