<noonien> well, it is. and i just tested it with a raspbian sdcard
<clever> try switching on just start_x=1
<noonien> i put everything form here in my configuration.nix: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM/Raspberry_Pi_3#Camera
<noonien> that also has start_x=1
<samueldr> clever: could u-boot be meddling with that?
<clever> samueldr: the get_camera talks directly to the firmware, and uboot cant mess with the detect= and supported=
<samueldr> good to know
<noonien> yeah, booting into linuxPackages_rpi3 doesn't help
<noonien> i'll change sdcards again, confirm that the camera cable wasn't dislodged
<noonien> $ sudo vcgencmd get_camera
<noonien> supported=1 detected=1
<noonien> on raspbian
<clever> noonien: `dmesg | grep start` ?
<noonien> on nixos?
<clever> both
<noonien> just a second
<noonien> raspbian: http://ix.io/2KTE
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<noonien> nixos with linuxPackages_rpi3: http://ix.io/2KTG
<noonien> configuration.nix: http://ix.io/2KTH
<clever> [ 0.051581] raspberrypi-firmware soc:firmware: Attached to firmware from 2020-04-15 11:43, variant start
<clever> noonien: that says your not running start_x
<noonien> i noticed that, but, is my configuration.nix not correct?
<clever> check the raw config.txt on the fat32 partition
<noonien> [pi@nixpi:/etc/nixos]$ cat /boot/config.txt | grep start
<noonien> start_x=1
<clever> `mount | grep boot`
<noonien> yeah, that's not on the boot partition
<clever> because your using the uboot bootloader, the fat32 isnt at /boot
<clever> i think there is a cfg flag to tell raspberryPi.firmwareConfig about that, or just edit config.txt by hand
<noonien> the fat32 partition's config.txt doesn't have start_x=1
<noonien> i'm only using uboot because that's what was in the instructions, should i change to extlinux?
<clever> changing is a bit complicated
<clever> simpler to just edit the right config.txt by hand
<noonien> should i keep both in sync?
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<clever> probably simpler to just not use raspberryPi.firmwareConfig and ignore the one in /boot
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<noonien> sure, so i'm guessing arm_64bit=1 and kernel=boot-rpi.bin isn't needed?
<noonien> (i didn't add those)
<clever> those are needed to make uboot load
<noonien> oh, so just just leave the uboot config.txt alone
<clever> add a start_x and gpu_mem to it
<noonien> i just add start_x and gpu_mem to FIRMWARE/config txt
<clever> yep
<noonien> cool
<noonien> pft, wish i could have done that from configuration.nix
<lopsided98> This PR is needed to make firmwareConfig work right: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/67902
<{^_^}> #67902 (by lopsided98, 1 year ago, open): raspberrypi-bootloader: support new firmware partition concept
<noonien> [nix-shell:~]$ sudo vcgencmd get_camera
<noonien> supported=1 detected=1
<noonien> [nix-shell:~]$ ls /dev/video*
<noonien> /dev/video0
<noonien> wohoo
<noonien> thanks for the help guys!
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<noonien> do you folks have public rpi configs? I'd like to take a look!
<clever> my pi is still running raspbian
<clever> enless you count the open-pi...
<clever> nixops uses this to deploy nixos, with the open firmware
<noonien> i see, thanks!
<noonien> are the things in /opt/vc on raspbian packaged for nix by any chance?
<noonien> i'm trying to get mjpg-streamer to work on nixos, and i think i might need those
<clever> i think those are in raspberrypi-tools and libraspberrypi
<noonien> nice, thanks!
<lopsided98> noonien: My configs are here: https://github.com/lopsided98/nixos-config/tree/master/machines AudioRecorder, KittyCop, RasPi2, Roomba, maine-pi and ragazza are all various kinds of Raspberry Pis.
<noonien> thanks for that!
<noonien> ah, you're also running nixos on a rpi0? or do you just create a sdcard?
<lopsided98> yes, I have quite a few running NixOS. Most are cross-compiled these days, except for ragazza.
<noonien> you generate the sdcard using nixos-generate?
<clever> the nixops example above, is cross-compiling and then deploying
<noonien> oh, i see, so basically instead of doing nixos-rebuild, a build is done locally (using cross-compilation), and then the nix store is updated on the target. and i'm guessing something similar to what nixos-rebuild does happens. perhaps even nixos-rebuild itself, with the existing build
<lopsided98> noonien: I build config.system.build.sdImage to get an SD card image for the install and then have a custom deployment script to update them.
<noonien> i see
<lopsided98> If you have x86_64 remote builders configured, attempting to build the cross-compiled configuration from the host machine (ie. the RPi) will cause it to automatically be cross-compiled remotely. I think you could even use nixos-rebuild like normal, but I haven't tried it.
<lopsided98> The main problem I ran into is that nix evaluations use more RAM than is available on the RPi zero, so my standard procedure (for both native and cross builds) is to run the evaluation on my development machine, copy the .drv files to the target machine and then build the config on the target.
<lopsided98> For cross-compilation, this last step causes the builds to be distributed back out to my x86_64 builders.
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<samueldr> somewhat off-topic, but interesting read for (presumably north american) LG phone owners https://douevenknow.us/post/639414006930702336/tying-it-all-together-pwning-to-own-on-lg-phones
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<DigitalKiwi> fucking 5G man i didn't care before but now i'm mad
<DigitalKiwi> i have to replace almost all of my phones and tablets...
<DigitalKiwi> and ting is switching their billing
<DigitalKiwi> i have like 10 devices and at least 3-4 numbers but they're only $6/line and i can add them anytime :(
<DigitalKiwi> my bill is usually only 30-40 a month
<DigitalKiwi> this is why they bombed at&t isn't it
<DigitalKiwi> i don't even use the phone or texts like normally it's zero...ocasionally i'll get a text for some 2fa that doesn't work with google voice and i get pissed
<DigitalKiwi> <3 signal
<DigitalKiwi> ...
<DigitalKiwi> this is not the channel i thought i was in
<DigitalKiwi> sorry :(
<DigitalKiwi> my eyes don't work so good i thought this was #archlinux-offtopic
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<Ke> now I have honeycomb, ram still has not shipped, while it's marked as 48h delivery
<sphalerite> wow, mine is now "Scheduled Delivery: Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date"
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<sphalerite> woooooo my btrfs-based image (no separate boot partition!) booted on the first try
<sphalerite> booooooo I forgot to enable SSH in it
<sphalerite> (image for the helios64)
<Ke> I guess you still have partition for the bootloader?
<sphalerite> yeah, though that doesn't really need to be a partition
<sphalerite> and I can move the bootloader to SPI flash
<sphalerite> then I can use the whole emmc as a rootfs
<Ke> does some directly bootable bootloader load directly from btrfs
<sphalerite> u-boot :)
<sphalerite> (when configured appropriately)
<Ke> hmm
<Ke> even extlinux.conf?
<sphalerite> yep
<Ke> I would guess no zstd though?
<sphalerite> not sure, haven't tried that
<Ke> y u no compress
<Ke> currently I hate nix for preallocations and btrfs for being stupid with preallocations
<Ke> nix got fixed though, not quite the fix I wanted
<LinuxHackerman> but even if u-boot doesn't support zstd, boot could be a subvolume with compression disabled, right?
<Ke> my belief is that nixos symlinks boot, if it's on same fs as nix/store
<Ke> though it may not be clever enough to understand different mountpoint being same subvol, so maybe it just works
<Ke> but yes , directory can have compression disabled
<Ke> sphalerite: is it symlinks for you?
<sphalerite> nope, the generic-extlinux-compatible thing seems to copy regardless.
<Ke> thanks
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<Ke> wonder, if we'll ever see that video support on pbp
<Ke> if I would update my u-boot could have that at same go
<Ke> hmm, my boot is on sd and also rootfs is encrypted, so maybe this does not make sense even
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<sphalerite> oh boy, now (a day after it was supposed to be delivered) my helios64 has cleared customs. GJ UPS
<sphalerite> s/helios64/honeycomb/
<sphalerite> though I can't complain, because now I'll actually be there when it arrives
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<sphalerite> Anyone willing to review https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/107181 ? It would be very helpful for me :)
<{^_^}> #107181 (by lheckemann, 2 weeks ago, open): linux: fix generate-config's handling of "no-choice" options
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<gchristensen> can someone gc the community machine? :)
<sphalerite> gchristensen: will do
<sphalerite> why though? It doesn't seem to be particularly low on space
<gchristensen> I seem to be getting pages for inodes?
<sphalerite> it's at 2% usage according to df -i /nix/store
<gchristensen> huh
<sphalerite> err not even that
<sphalerite> 1% :)
<simpson> gchristensen: I recognize that as I'm starting a new job is *the* worst time to say this, but how's the operational load for you right now? Is there anything that would be helpful for you to delegate?
<sphalerite> gchristensen: I can take pages too for that sort of thing if you like
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<sphalerite> angerman: is your helios64 a lot less noisy with the better fans?
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<flokli> sphalerite: is it that loud?
<samueldr> isn't the fan brand "whee"?
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