<fooker> got the same error with the new new_kernel image
<samueldr> hm, then yeah, I misled you
<samueldr> weird
<fooker> but I have to go to bed now... but I will continue poking at it tomorrow
<fooker> thanks for your help and time
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<lopsided98> This looks like fooker's issue: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/1157
<{^_^}> raspberrypi/firmware#1157 (by KozikR, 13 weeks ago, open): Loading U-boot on Raspberry Pi Zero W failed
<samueldr> hmmm
<samueldr> I guess I really need a fast pipeline to test raspberry pi firmware upgrades :/
<samueldr> something like ./dump-that-PR-to-sd.sh that would leave me with zero additional steps
<samueldr> (waiting is a killer)
<samueldr> in better news, finally found a combination that worked, for the device I'm working on, so I can now try and distil that to a solution
* craige has a pi-rakc he's happy to use to help test, if needed.
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<fooker> lopsided98: found the same issue this morning. But it will take some time to test with and monitor attached
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<sphalerite> fooker: I had issues with my rpi 3a+, where it would boot loop unless a monitor was connected
<sphalerite> fooker: copying the firmware from an older version fixed it for me
<sphalerite> fooker: as I previously wrote to marek: mkdir /firmware ; mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /firmware ; nix build -f channel:nixos-19.03 raspberrypifw ; cp result/share/raspberrypi/boot/{bootcode.bin,fixup*,start*} /firmware
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<tilpner> Hey, if I want to cross-compile an aarch64 kernel on x86_64, am I expected to compile glibc and some gcc-final?
<tilpner> Because glibc doesn't seem to build either on unstable or 19.09
<tilpner> No, that might be 19.09-only
<tilpner> Huh, it fetches one glibc from cache to build another glibc
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<aminechikhaoui> Hey, what's the status of NixOS on the rPI 4 ?
<aminechikhaoui> is there any image built with https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/68265 by any chance ?
<{^_^}> #68265 (by tkerber, 2 weeks ago, open): Various: Add support for raspberry pi 4.
<samueldr> no pre-built yet
<samueldr> but that was verified working
<samueldr> I was hoping for someone else to review approve before merging
<aminechikhaoui> samueldr any idea how I can at least cross-compile it ?
<aminechikhaoui> I want to try the image :)
<samueldr> last time (monday) I looked at cross-built nixpkgs it had a regression, compared to ~late july
<sphalerite> aminechikhaoui: do you have access to the community box?
<samueldr> yeah, was going to say "it would be easier to just built it from the community box :)"
<aminechikhaoui> sphalerite I don't think so, I've never asked for access :)
<samueldr> I think you should :D
<aminechikhaoui> yeah that's probably a good idea
<aminechikhaoui> let me check what's the process
<aminechikhaoui> maybe after lunch :D
<gchristensen> +1
<samueldr> with a (not that much) older nixpkgs you can get going with cross-compilation with four tweak in the options
<sphalerite> aminechikhaoui: https://github.com/nix-community/aarch64-build-box read the README and make a PR adding yourself
<sphalerite> aminechikhaoui:
<sphalerite> oops
<aminechikhaoui> Sure I'll read that after lunch ;)
<sphalerite> but in the meantime I can build it on there for you and upload it somewhere
<sphalerite> if you trust me ;)
<gchristensen> bad choice
<gchristensen> trust sphalerite, but don't trust the build box
<aminechikhaoui> Haha
<gchristensen> or products of the build box (see also: the readme)
<sphalerite> well, in this case you're trusting both me and the build box, at least for whatever the pi you're going to test it on gets access to
<sphalerite> and the PR author
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<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen sphalerite https://github.com/nix-community/aarch64-build-box/pull/67
<{^_^}> nix-community/aarch64-build-box#67 (by AmineChikhaoui, 50 seconds ago, open): add @AmineChikhaoui as amine
<aminechikhaoui> btw is it full ssh access or just nix-build --builders, I'm fine with just being able to add to --builders in any case
<Ox4A6F> Shouldn't this be sufficient:
<samueldr> full
<Ox4A6F> nix-build -I nixpkgs='https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/pull/68265/head.tar.gz' '<nixpkgs/nixos>' -A config.system.build.sdImage -I nixos-config=./sd-image.nix
<samueldr> aminechikhaoui: it is full access
<samueldr> (and it's useful to me, my slow upload speeds make full access a real pain to use)
<gchristensen> building
<gchristensen> should probably make that build and deploy process public
<aminechikhaoui> thanks gchristensen !
<gchristensen> actually
<gchristensen> should probably make this build and deploy process owned by the nixos foundation infra :)
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<gchristensen> btw I dunno if this was true before but
<sphalerite> gchristensen: wait, need to copy the image off it ;)
<gchristensen> sphalerite: better finish ..!
<sphalerite> 5min ETA :)
<gchristensen> I have no idea how much is left on this build and deploy
<gchristensen> but I can't promise it is more than 5min :x
<sphalerite> oh no
<sphalerite> ah well, if not then aminechikhaoui can build it again himself :p
<samueldr> gchristensen: what true before what?
<aminechikhaoui> sphalerite yeah it's fine, thanks a lot anyway :)
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<gchristensen> sphalerite: seems we're compiling a kernel, so it'll be a bit :)
<sphalerite> gchristensen: ah, perfect, it's finished copying
<sphalerite> aminechikhaoui: do you still want the image I built on the community box (with all its caveats plus me), or will you just do it yourself?
<aminechikhaoui> sphalerite I think it's fine, I can start experimenting with it :)
<sphalerite> aminechikhaoui: https://sphalerite.org/nixos-sd-image-19.09pre130979.gfedcba-aarch64-linux.img (compressing it with xz right now if you want a slightly smaller download)
<aminechikhaoui> thanks sphalerite !
<Ox4A6F> Also many thanks to sphalerite from me.
<sphalerite> :)
<gchristensen> okay but seriously don't trust this image for things
<sphalerite> ^
<sphalerite> I'd probably go so far as to trust it to confirm that the PR works. But not let it touch any secrets or enter a sensitive network :)
<Ox4A6F> So, finally cryptomining on my rpi4. ;)
<gchristensen> there are 40 people who could have pwnd the machine which built it
<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen I agree but just to understand. If I pull that image I trust sphalerite + build box right ? if I build it on the build box I still have to trust the build box. So even if I had access it's still not 100% trusted
* sphalerite considers doing so, given the ample warning given to the machines other users. Mostly to see how difficult it actually is.
<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: right
<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: if you need something trustworthy, let's find a way to get NixOS Foundation to build it
<samueldr> AFAIK there are only two ways to be sure right now about trustworthiness of images building
<samueldr> (1) build on non-nixos aarch64 that you trust
<sphalerite> gchristensen: like merging the PR? :p
<aminechikhaoui> could be a hydra job
<samueldr> (using nix from the curl install script)
<samueldr> aminechikhaoui: it will be once merged
<Ox4A6F> Multi-User systems are hard. I'm not trusting single user systems.
<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: especially since you have infra access
<samueldr> (I think)
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<samueldr> the main issue with the rpi4 right now is it's not supported by the generic image
<gchristensen> so yeah, test that PR
<samueldr> many other popular aarch64 targets are supported by the generic image
<gchristensen> merge it, and get results from hydra :)
<samueldr> and (2) building through cross-compilation from a trusted nixos x86_64, which is "hard", because of regressions sometimes making its way
<samueldr> I think the sd_image (which is minimal) should have an hydra jobset for cross compilation
<samueldr> to at least keep it somewhat in check
<SaboteurCZ> Hi, hope this is the right channel to ask. Anybody has some info about NixOS on PinePhone?
<samueldr> hi SaboteurCZ
<samueldr> yeah, right channel
<SaboteurCZ> Great :)
<samueldr> soon will be resuming work on the pinephone, had to prepare some other stuff for the next big step with the pinephone devkit
<SaboteurCZ> Nice to hear
<samueldr> (generic work for all targets)
<samueldr> anything in particular you wanted to know?
<SaboteurCZ> Hmm, would like to buy PinePhone but not in the first waves - so probably January, February 2020.
<SaboteurCZ> So just wantet to know what will work on NixOS with PinePhone at that time
<SaboteurCZ> So just wanted to know what will work on NixOS with PinePhone at that time
<samueldr> likely most if not all that works on other distros for the pinephone :)
<samueldr> the main difference I think will be the "integration" of the OS, just like nixos, the mobile-nixos project doesn't prescribe an interface
<samueldr> so there may not be a nice to use "phone environment" (read PE, like DE, desktop environment) yet
<samueldr> I don't have a timeline set for that yet
<SaboteurCZ> Perfect! I didn't see You for a time on PinePhone channels :) So I didn't know if NixOS will still support that device
<SaboteurCZ> No problem with packages and mobile UI.
<SaboteurCZ> I would like to learn, how to do this stuff and try to use Phosh and Phoc sources for custom packages
<SaboteurCZ> Cause I think that Nix is great for custom packages and customization in general
<SaboteurCZ> So Your answer makes me happy ---> going to read docs :)
<SaboteurCZ> Thanx and have a nice evening
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<aminechikhaoui> the image boots perfectly sphalerite
<aminechikhaoui> let's merge that PR :)
<sphalerite> \o/
<SaboteurCZ> Maybe just one more question (less targeted to aarch64). SELinux support could be interesting option for phone environment. But NixOS doesn't support that (saw some discussion about this issue). Any info or opinions about that?
<samueldr> that's really a nixos issue, don't know much more
<Ox4A6F> sphalerite: Also confirmed boot on rpi4 with 4GB.
<samueldr> I had it verified on 2 and 4 GB, the main thing is I wanted someone else to look at the changes :)
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<Ox4A6F> Thanks
<samueldr> just thought I should note this somehwere https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/68265#issuecomment-536054351
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<samueldr> basically, I don't want the project to commit to supporting it in a special way :)
<samueldr> Ox4A6F: cross-system currently doesn't work (I think) though it worked recently enough, so a bit of bisection and fixing will be needed
<samueldr> something about polkit requiring gobject-introspection requiring some fixing with native build inputs and python IIRC, at the very least
* samueldr runs it
<samueldr> it *may* have been a mobile-nixos specific issue
<Ox4A6F> I'll also run a cross-system from current master
<samueldr> running it from a recent nixos-unstable commit (so I can piggy back from existing compilations)
<aminechikhaoui> eh so I thought I could boot raspbian/install nix/build my image
<aminechikhaoui> turns steps 2 doesn't work :/
<samueldr> raspbian is still armv7l/32 bit
<samueldr> which may be the issue you faced
<samueldr> it would have needed an aarch64 distro, I think there's mostly a gentoo image floating around, not sure what else there is
<aminechikhaoui> yeah
<samueldr> boggles my mind how the raspbery pi foundation still ships 32 bit for the 4
<samueldr> I mean, 3B it was understandable a bit; I would have liked them to ship 32 bit for 2 compat, and 64 bit for "the future"
<samueldr> since the 3B was mostly a 2B drop-in replacement
<samueldr> it had the same layout for ports, so most accessories fit
<gchristensen> +1
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<sphalerite> well, they still don't have enough RAM that it would make a difference for how much userspace can use :p
<samueldr> that's not a good reason, they're only locking themselves for farther down along the road :/
<samueldr> and especially locks themselves into a weird pen, when all other SBCs generally go aarch64
<simpson> 32 bits should be enough for anybody~
<samueldr> you'll have to surrender all your 64 bit hardware to me by nixcon end
<samueldr> *all*
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<samueldr> including your nintendo 64
<aminechikhaoui> hehe
<clever> samueldr: ive found myself unable to even link firefox before, on 32bit hardware
<simpson> I had that experience last week.
<Ox4A6F> So, now using the rpi4 as an debug builder for aarch64 packaging...
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<t184256> 10 years ago there were just 2 half-usable phone environments on Linux
<t184256> Then there was Maemo (hildon), then everything got worse somehow
<t184256> Did stuff get any better in 2019? I've went through the list on postmarketos wiki, and everything seems half-baked, but I keep hearing about future Linux devices
<t184256> Will they bring something new and polished or is everything still in the sad state? What would you recommend to check out to get my hopes higher?
<samueldr> I don't know yet, no experience with anything yet
<samueldr> but at first the polish will be lacking
<samueldr> it's kind of a chicken and egg situation
<samueldr> no phones to develop interfaces, thus no phones produced to use interfaces
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<tilpner> Hey samueldr, do you have a recent rtl8723cs packaged with 5.*?
<tilpner> Mine won't compile :c
<samueldr> haven't looked at the pine64 A64 stuff yet
<samueldr> what is the issue?
<samueldr> (my issue of having my machine unusable for a small while just threw me off of working on whatever I was doing :()
<tilpner> Doesn't find gcc, and I forgot all about how this was packaged
<tilpner> rtl8723cs.nix: https://tx0.co/b1a
<samueldr> are you cross-compiling?
<tilpner> Uhh, it's mixed. Parts are cross, parts are qemu-native
<tilpner> I'll try switching it around
<samueldr> aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu at the end makes me think you're cross-compiling
<samueldr> and there the compiler wouldn't be just gcc
<samueldr> and then L26 https://tx0.co/b1a#L26
<samueldr> no cross-compilation configuration, maybe
<tilpner> Hmm, it shouldn't be cross-compiling this part
<tilpner> ...
<tilpner> Perhaps I should sleep, this isn't getting any better
<tilpner> Thank you!
<samueldr> haha :)
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<fooker> sphalerite: nice. thanks