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<Guest30066> I'm trying to run NixOS on a Raspberry Pi 4 using the instructions at It works with the "without GPU" instructions. With the "With GPU" instructions I get the error "Error at 'compatible': FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND" on the device-tree-overlays build. What am I doing wrong?
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<noneucat> a background goes a long way in making it feel like home :) happy new year all!
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<ashkitten> noneucat: is that sway? how's it work on a phone?
<noneucat> this is sxmo, a dwm-based wm for the pinephone :)
<noneucat> functions are assigned to the hardware buttons on the side
<ashkitten> ah
<noneucat> though it is possible to run sway
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<Ke> btw. nix-daemon seems to still work correct after rsyncing
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<flokli> Guest30066 seems to be gone already, but I updated the wiki ( with the current state of things
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<flokli> you all might be interested in :-)
<{^_^}> #108173 (by flokli, 29 seconds ago, open): Fix NixOS cross-compilation SD Image
<samueldr> is skipping gobject introspection something that may cause issues later on?
<samueldr> I don't really like making the cross-compiled packages different from the normal compilation
<flokli> well, you don't have gobject introspection features. But most applications work without it just fine
<flokli> and there's other places where it has been disabled too
<flokli> It's also being worked on in and upstream
<{^_^}> #88222 (by Ericson2314, 32 weeks ago, open): WIP: gobject-introspection: Support cross
<Ericson2314> flokli: btw upstream got a bit closuer to merging things
<Ericson2314> probably need to ping again after holidya
<flokli> I'm closely following the issues :-)
<Ericson2314> :)
<flokli> I'd personally prefer to have a path to a cross-compiled nixos in hydra, so we spot regressions
<flokli> We can slowly work towards feature parity
<samueldr> yes, that would be great
<samueldr> even if "useless in the end", having armv7l cross-compiled images would be good to allow trustable bootstrapping
<flokli> I mean, I don't have capable non-x86_64 build hardware
<flokli> and building on a raspi or pine64 simply doesn't work for me
<flokli> so I'm basically cross-compiling everything from the workstation to this
<flokli> is a similar candidate. We can get a pulseaudio without gsettings support, and the alsa-plugins configured there don't support libjack2, but that's probably better than no pulseaudio support at all
<{^_^}> #108174 (by flokli, 1 minute ago, open): pulseaudio: fix cross-compilation
<samueldr> yeah, I was thinking more generally
<samueldr> users will end up wanting to nixos-rebuild on an armv7l cross-compiled image
<samueldr> and live through a world rebuild :)
<samueldr> thus "useless in the end" (in many cases)
<samueldr> and even useless in your case
<flokli> why?
<samueldr> you won't be downloading the hydra image, dding it, then deploy
<samueldr> you'll just build it outright
<flokli> I build a new system on the workstation, and nix-copy-closure it with morph
<flokli> I do the nix-env system profile dance, and run the activation script.
<flokli> It's a lot better than dd-ing raspian and running puppet, or building everything on the box itself ;-)
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> well, native builds would be better **considering** how nixos works currently
<flokli> ideally native and non-native would converge. But we probably need the intensional store for this
<samueldr> it'd help
<flokli> yeah
<flokli> I just mean, for me, it's better to have a cross-compilation path to a slightly more limited version in a package than no cross-build at all. Often these things are dependencies of something else, and we can't even test cross-compilation without the dependency package
<flokli> and for some usecases, a cross-compiled image, and not running nix-shell on the machine is totally fine.
<samueldr> it would be nice if it was all doable through a built-in overlay to Nixpkgs
<samueldr> to clearly show where things are incomplete
<samueldr> where work is yet to be done
<flokli> I don't think it's super feasible. There's a lot of conditionals deep in various package derivations
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> "it would be nice"
<flokli> :)
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<Ericson2314> overlay to remove things taht don't work for cross?
<Ericson2314> Thankfully intentional store is on the way :)
<Ericson2314> and hopefully after we can get into strictDeps everywhere
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