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<noneucat> the pinephone may also need an extended cma allocation in order to switch cameras
<noneucat> i'm getting an allocation fail when i try
<noneucat> going to test with cma=64M
<samueldr> would need to be fixed in the device tree imo, but good to test
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<red[evilred]> sphalerite (IRC): Monday!
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<Ke> note that using even bigger cma does not mean the memor is wasted, normal page cache pages can still be allocated in cma region for most filesystems
<Ke> and I believe also user pages
<Ke> some operations may require cma page to be migrated away from cma though
<samueldr> about right according to what I could find
<samueldr> but still, setting it on the kernel command-line should be left for the final end-user, according the kernel sources
<samueldr> in order, it should be set by a kernel config, as a default, device tree, for what uses that device tree, or as a kernel command-line option
<samueldr> though the latter will set the cma in ways that may break on some platforms
<samueldr> one platform being the raspberry pi 4B with more than 1GB of ram
* samueldr sighs
<samueldr> tbf, we now can't assume there won't be another platform with such an issue
<Ke> I definitely agree that base config should stay out of the way as much as possible
<Ke> for what lies outside of nixpkgs I just cut open and mix to my personal configs as I see fit
<samueldr> though, I'm not against increasing the default CMA in the default nixos kernel either, I left it to the default we were already setting, because it wasn't the goal of that PR to change cma globally
<samueldr> (still, for the pinephone I would patch the kernel sources and configure it as needed)
<samueldr> (as a device tree entry)
<Ke> I guess the question is, how small devices do need to be supported
<Ke> and are there too many of them to have individual overrides
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<clever> samueldr: the pi problem that i remember, is that DT specifies an addr+size for the cma, but kernel cmdline giving just size, puts it at the wrong addr, and breaks everything
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> exactly
<clever> cmdline can set addr as well, but then its not one-size-fits-all
<samueldr> the kernel, when going from the cmdline, uses a specific start address IIRC
<clever> ive also recently been lookint at the pi4 gigabit ethernet, and it has some rather nasty problems
<samueldr> something like from the end of the memory range
<samueldr> but yeah, we do have the solution, and it's well understood... it's simply that we shouldn't be setting cma= anymore as a distro
<clever> this would be the "good" case, transfering data (iperf3) from pi400->amd, at gigabit speeds
<clever> the pi400 is getting 9k irq's/sec, and the amd is getting 4k/sec
<clever> and this is then the reverse, amd->pi400, generating 80,000 irq/sec!!!
<clever> its entiremy maxing out one core of the pi
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<sphalerite> red[evilred]: yep! Mine should arrive tomorrow, but probably before I do :(
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* samueldr slaps forehead
<samueldr> basically the thing I had in mind for device tree handling by the kernel is partially possible already for ACPI
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<FRidh> Dropping this here https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/108111. Would be good to get aarch64 to gcc 10 as well.
<{^_^}> #108111 (by FRidh, 2 days ago, open): aarch64 build failures with gcc 10 and binutils 2.34 (staging-next)
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<gchristensen> flokli: gotcha, though I think the time sync is fine once it boots to nixos, but it can't boot since the cert is expired
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<gchristensen> " You should be aware that there is no security or authentication used for NTP, and so using the ntp command is effectively equivalent to ignoring the validity period of any X.509 certificates."
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<flokli> Weeeel... No
<flokli> It depends on your threat level of course
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<flokli> But you could be a bit smarter, and look at some known-good last modified timestamp on the filesystem, and refuse to be thrown into past mir than that
<flokli> There's also ntpsec I think (?)
<flokli> But yeah, figuring out what time it is is a tough problem.
<noneucat> DigitalKiwi: wonder what the epoch time is for that? may be some correlation :)
<DigitalKiwi> flokli: funny story: i think my time was wrong when in installed nixos on that machine because i had a lot of files and problems with software being like...this is from the future!
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<flokli> Heh
<flokli> Well, then some time was wrong for sure
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<noneucat> hrmmm
<noneucat> sxmo contains a workaround for reliable calls while on crust sleep
<noneucat> which involves a rebind of the modem usb
<noneucat> it doesn't play nice with the modem control driver which listens for udev events on the usb :(
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<unclechu> hi, i downloaded one of the latest nixos aarch64 build from hydra website for my new raspberry pi 3 and i got some bluetooth errors
<unclechu> it says “bluetooth hci0: hardware error 0x00”, also “bcm: reset failed (-110)”, “bcm: failed to write update baudrate (-110)”
<unclechu> also “command 0x0c03 tx timeout” and “failed to set baudrate”
<unclechu> does this sound familiar to anyone?
<unclechu> if i restart the device after first boot it stops on “starting kernel” and green led is just blinking and nothing changes on the screen
<unclechu> only if i upload sd image again it can boot again it and show these bluetooth-related errors
<unclechu> i don’t even need bluetooth
<unclechu> also i’ve been told here that after first reboot the main partition on sd-card is supposed to resize to fill all empty space on sd-card
<unclechu> it does not resize when i boot
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<flokli> any opinions on the nexus google phones w.r.t. custom OSes? ;-)
<flokli> did the new security chips make custom roms more complicated, or is it still okay?
<sphalerite> you mean pixel?
<sphalerite> the Nexus brand is pretty old
<flokli> äh, yes
<flokli> pixel 4a/5
<sphalerite> I'm happily using a nix-built AOSP on my pixel 4a :)
<sphalerite> thanks to danielrf's excellent work on robotnix
<flokli> uh, sweet
<flokli> sphalerite: what about SafetyNet and friends?
<sphalerite> never had to deal with that crap. I don't think you can get that to work.
<sphalerite> Not possible by design
<flokli> okay, fine
<flokli> what about having some wireguard and sshd stuff preconfigured?
<sphalerite> hm good question. You can definitely preinstall apps via the prebuilt module, but I'm not sure about preconfiguring them.
<noneucat> unclechu: the resizing at least can be done on the live system manually
<noneucat> just delete and re-create the main partition with fdisk
<noneucat> being careful to have the same starting offset ofc
<noneucat> and not erasing the signature
<noneucat> no clue on the rest of the stuff, i haven't yet tried anything on the rpis
<samueldr> I'm not 100% positive, but isn't safetynet supposed to pass with roms like graphene?
<samueldr> hm, maybe not with graphene
<samueldr> but I had in mind that custom roms could pass safetynet with the bootloader re-locked
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<unclechu> noneucat: if i delete and recreate the main partition wouldn’t currently working nixos stop working?
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<noneucat> it merely re-writes the partition table
<noneucat> if you then restart, the filesystem will then be resized to the new partition size
<noneucat> you do have to be careful to make the partition with the original starting offset!
<noneucat> and to not erase the original fs signature
<colemickens> it always tries to be helpful :(
<noneucat> fdisk? haha
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