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<noneucat> zram is wondrous
<noneucat> on memory constrained systems
* samueldr still hasn't looked at and tried that
<samueldr> lol
<samueldr> and no, there's no need to add it to the defaults for mobile nixos... let the end-user decide... though we might want to provide a profile with good defaults to import?
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<lovesegfault> clever: Nice!!
<lovesegfault> Have you gotten it up and running yet?
<clever> lovesegfault: yeah, the curl|bash thing just worked under raspi-os
<clever> synerygy is already configured, so its seamlessly joining my desktop, though its a bit small compared to the rest, lol
<lovesegfault> :D
<lovesegfault> it's an awesome little screen
<clever> and with the work we did, i should be able to drive it from baremetal too
<lovesegfault> 🎉
<clever> the pi0 will also help greatly with pi1 firmware dev, because its otg capable
<lovesegfault> Oh? That's nice!
<lovesegfault> did you get the pi0 with wifi?
<clever> yep, and headers
<clever> only major issue i ran into, is that its 2.4 only, and wpa_supp only had the pw for the 5ghz band
<lovesegfault> Ha, interesting
<clever> pi1 development is slowed by having to swap SD cards constantly, but pi0 can boot from another pc over usb device mode
<clever> other then the usb and wifi, the 2 models are basically identical
<samueldr> clever: maybe get a glasgow?
<samueldr> hopefully an applet for SD card will be made / is already made
<clever> samueldr: glasgow?
<samueldr> it's a beefed-up FPGA *made* to interface with random things
<clever> ah
<samueldr> the inputs/outputs are hardened against foul play
<clever> but can it emulate an SD card?
<samueldr> if not, it's not yet
<clever> that would require knowing enough about the protocol to issue stalls, and to buffer up 512 bytes at a time, to burst out
<clever> and certain registers have to respond with zero latency, but those can be cached
<samueldr> trying to look and see where the applets live
<samueldr> hm, no SD AFAICT
<clever> but with the pi0 i dont need any of that, the boot rom can load bootcode.bin over usb
<samueldr> yeah
<clever> and if i want any other files on sd, i already have a partially started dwc gadget mode driver
<clever> want files not on sd*
<clever> also, the entire VC4 line has an undocumented boot mode, i2c slave
<clever> if enabled, you just write a header and the raw bootcode.bin to an i2c address (non smbus mode), and it will boot
<clever> oh, i tried rndis recently, via the new configfs/gadgetfs api, and it doesnt work at all
<Ke> hmm we could have emulated sd card connected to a sbc to provide bootloader?
<clever> the instant i add rndis to the configuration, all usb activity dies
<samueldr> Ke: that would be the idea
<Ke> would be super cool to get secure booted nixos that way
<samueldr> there is a hardware design for it, but it's not readily available
<clever> samueldr: got examples for usb ethernet?
<samueldr> ah, I was talking about computer-attached sd card
<samueldr> clever: not really, it's the same setup code
<samueldr> with this as the function
<samueldr> rndis.usb0
<clever> + mkdir functions/rndis.GS0
<clever> + ln -sv functions/rndis.GS0 configs/c.1
<Ke> ie. independent bmc for my honeycomb that would emulate the boot media
<clever> if i add this code, then all functions of the usb device die
<samueldr> clever: odd, though I'm not totally understanding how the second parameter (what comes after the dot) affects the function
<samueldr> pretty much everything you look online has no explanation, only cargo-culting
<clever> i think thats purely to make it uniq, so you can create multiple of the same type
<samueldr> like the language string identifier
<clever> i did find a table for language strings somewhere
<samueldr> I'm not sure it's purely for identifying
<samueldr> yeah, microsoft's doc
<clever> and i found the official usb hid specs
<samueldr> IIRC the usb spec didn't even cite properly where the identifiers came from
<clever> i wrote some code for the pi400, to read any input device (the internal usb keyboard) then hid gadget repeat its msgs
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<clever> > Specifying the full path really does not cost you anything and it guarantees you will get the behaviour you expect, even if the environment is different that you expect.
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):460:115
* clever cries in nix
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<samueldr> NARRATOR: they did not expect that
<clever> samueldr: the original context was cron having the wrong $PATH by default, and the recommendation was to just always use absolute paths, even when not involving cron!
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<Ke> does nixos/u-boot somehow support booting compressed images?
<Ke> on eg. pinephone or pbp
<LinuxHackerman> I'm not sure we have the structure in place to generate compressed u-boot kernel images
<LinuxHackerman> initramfs images can be compressed though, and it's become quite flexible on nixpkgs master
<Ke> sure
<Ke> Images are bigger still
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<LinuxHackerman> Any helios64 people here installed u-boot on the SPI flash?
<LinuxHackerman> if so: how? :D
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<pinpox> Anyone running nixos mobile as daily driver yet? I'm thinking about purchasing a pinephone, would be great to use nixos on it but I'm concerned if it will be usable at all
<LinuxHackerman> It's definitely not suitable for daily driver use.
<LinuxHackerman> Unless you're willing to stick in all the time to configure some desktop environment to be halfway usable on a phone.
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<LinuxHackerman> And even then, I don't think there's much in place for configuring the modem, so if you're lucky you can get mobile data, but there's no application stuff in place for making calls etc.
<LinuxHackerman> You should consider mobile-nixos as "normal nixos, but on a phone". Not "a phone OS".
<Ke> I would normally compare it to other distros wrt. packaging
<Ke> people are daily driver using eg. mobian
<pinpox> I see. hm, I guess I'll have to wait then for a bit or get a secondary phone to play with it. My current samsung galaxy s5 is not supported yet (at least it's not in the devices list)
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<andi-> I just found the first mention of power management for the rk3399 on this page: https://www.theobroma-systems.com/rk3399-q7-user-manual/04-software.html
<andi-> I've been trying to figure out how I can make the heat sink less warmy for a while...
<andi-> It is odd enough that the linked document writes spl to offset 0 in both u-boot & from within linux but writes u-boot to 0x40000 from within u-boot and to 0x1 from within linux.. that smells like an issue in the doc.
<samueldr> andi-: I think most of the time people end-up underclocking it in the device tree
<samueldr> but it'd be nice if better power management was understood
<samueldr> andi-: seek=1 bs=256k <- seek one bs
* gchristensen 'd like to skip way more than just 1 bs
<samueldr> (256*1024).to_s(16)
<samueldr> => "40000"
<gchristensen> so much bs to skip today
<samueldr> listen, gchristensen, we're talking about seeking bs
<gchristensen> oh no
<andi-> samueldr: ohhh, yeah
<andi-> I can never remember if offset or seek is multiplied by bs
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<samueldr> pretty sure all numbers are with dd
<samueldr> don't forget that ibs and obs can affect input and output independently!
<andi-> oh right, it isn't offset but skip and only applies for input
<andi-> and indeed it is multiplied by bs
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<makefu> ahey all, what is the go-to sd image for the raspi4? i tried the latest from hydra but the device is stuck at "mbox: Timeout waiting for response \n bcm2835: Could not set module 3 power state\ninitcall sequence 000000003b3d26c8 failed at call 000000000008409c"
<samueldr> makefu: 8GB?
<samueldr> makefu: someone reported that today on the PR adding u-boot too
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<makefu> yes 8g
<samueldr> makefu: can you try, first, editing config.txt and total_mem
<makefu> sure will try
<samueldr> then, *up*grading u-boot (but removing total_mem)
<samueldr> then, well, you have a workaround with downgrading u-boot
<samueldr> if upgrading u-boot to whatever the tip of master (or RC?) is right now works, then we know a fix from upstream is available
<samueldr> I should maybe download the image and try it on my 4GB
<samueldr> (I seem to never have the more annoying edge case boards, do I?)
<makefu> ah wait it is 4g
<samueldr> interesting
<samueldr> makefu: latest build from hydra?
<makefu> yes the latest
<samueldr> *downloading*
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<makefu> samueldr: do you have an image which "should work" for the rpi4?
<makefu> maybe it is the power plug, everything is possible with the rpi :D
<samueldr> not on hand, but you could dig a few generations back, from before pbb merged that change
<samueldr> nah, it's definitely the pi
<samueldr> looks like something broke in u-boot, I wonder if it's a hardware revision thing anyway
<makefu> i tried a previous build, the raspi is now blinking differently but uart stays blank
<makefu> ah wait, ive dd'ed the zstd image ...
<samueldr> haha
<samueldr> booted fine on my 2GV
<samueldr> 2GB*
* samueldr waits to poweroff and try on 4GB
<samueldr> boots 4GB fine too
<samueldr> this points towards HW revision
<makefu> T_T
<samueldr> mines are early revisions that's for sure
<samueldr> so I can't test and confirm issues/solutions
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> makefu: is your eeprom updated?
<makefu> ummmm .... i guess not
<samueldr> mine hasn't been updated since an arbitrary time in the past
<samueldr> a possibility is that either a newer update would have made this break, or older version of that firmware breaks
<makefu> actually i've opened the box of the rpi4 just today after i bought it almost half a year ago
<samueldr> hmm
<samueldr> I don't know when they started shipping hw revisions
<samueldr> I'm not even sure there are trivial ways to know
<makefu> i will google a bit around to try to find something
<makefu> i will first try to build some other distro to see if the hardware would work in general. it seems that you can get some info from /proc/cpuinfo about the hardware-revision. but i will report back once i know more
<samueldr> since they never were highlighted: misuzu ^ about the pi4
<makefu> oh oh, it seems that its a 4B and not 'vanilla' 4. that may explain some of the shenanigans
<samueldr> uh
<makefu> or is 4 == 4B ?
<samueldr> there's no "vanilla" 4
<samueldr> yeah
<makefu> so confusing
<samueldr> there's the 4B, and the 400 (the keyboard)
<samueldr> B is the form factor
<makefu> okay, that makes sense
<samueldr> the A form factor is smaller, and less popular among pi
<makefu> the 'old' one was A which had some weird spacing for RJ45 and the A/V connector
<makefu> in our local hackerspace there is still the RPI1A running with nixos, however i am afraid of ever updating it again (did this 2 years ago)
<makefu> A without ethernet
<samueldr> the model A doesn't have ethernet at all AFAIK
<samueldr> if it has ethernet, it's a model B
<samueldr> initial model B for the raspberry pi 1 (or all?) had only 2 USB ports
<makefu> ok got raspbian running via serial after manually editing config.txt and cmdline.txt
<makefu> cat /proc/cpuinfo: Hardware : BCM2711
<makefu> Revision : c03111
<makefu> Serial : 10000000d42b4828
<makefu> Model : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1
<samueldr> AFAIK 1.1 is the first public revision
<samueldr> so this could be an EEPROM issue
<samueldr> well, EEPROM firmware
<samueldr> or uh... naming things is hard, firmware for the raspberry pi, found on the eeprom
<makefu> ok let me try updating the eeprom first
<makefu> eeprom updated, boot_uart enabled, lets see what happens with the latest nixos image
<makefu> same issue unfortunately
<samueldr> hm, annoyinh
<samueldr> annoying*
<samueldr> given I used the same image as you did, and it boots here
<samueldr> the main difference I can see, outside hw differences, is the eeprom
<samueldr> really, I would look into maybe first downgrading u-boot as misuzu did to confirm it helps
<samueldr> and then maybe upgrading to see if it will help once the next stable hits
<makefu> ok i will try that
<makefu> https://hydra.nixos.org/build/134016717 boots for me btw (now that i have AMA0 enabled as serial console in cmdline.txt
<makefu> thanks for your help! samueldr++
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 302
<samueldr> makefu: but that's without u-boot, right?
<makefu> no uboot patch in use, just this image (from december)
<samueldr> yeah, but that image is built without u-boot :)
<makefu> ah okay!
<makefu> i will continue playing around with it after i had some sleep
<samueldr> no worries
<samueldr> I'm not in a rush :)