<andi-> I'll wait for that day to come.
<andi-> Does it come with IPMI?
<sphalerite> I sold mine to some colleagues because I splurged on the honeycomb and the honeycomb can more than replace it, but said colleague will be using it for nextcloud and stuff
<sphalerite> no IPMI, no
<sphalerite> Is there €300 hardware that does have ipmi?
<andi-> how do you do production?
<samueldr> producwhat?
<andi-> samueldr: he said it first!
<sphalerite> production e.g. as a file server for your home or small business.
<andi-> exactly.
<sphalerite> or even on your desk.
<sphalerite> (though you may want to replace the fans if you plan to do that…)
<clever> [clever@amd-nixos:~/apps/rpi/rpi-tools]$ du -hc --max=0 $(nix-store -qR ./result) | sort -h | tail
<clever> 205M /nix/store/i43ah1r2jijfxfhx7cf7dw2azy6scxcv-armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf-stage-static-gcc-debug-7.4.0
<clever> 386M /nix/store/x4w827inwsl8d4axm9si3ag2z2qn5fwk-armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf-stage-final-gcc-debug-7.4.0
<clever> trying to figure out why i have 2 cross gcc's in my closure...
<samueldr> can't be worse than using my old desktop computer, which uses a modified xeon CPU in an LGA775 motherboard
<samueldr> yes, the _CPU_ is modded
<samueldr> (and the bios too, to allow VT)
<andi-> power must be free in canada
<sphalerite> clever: do you have some time to talk about our lord and saviour nix why-depends?
<sphalerite> anyway I need to sleep. Gnight!
<clever> sphalerite: already checking that
<samueldr> power in Québec (not Canada!) is uh... a complex question to answer right :)
<andi-> Is it your "heater" ? :D
<samueldr> no, but it is one of the lower power usage xeons
<clever> sphalerite: libusb depends on gcc-final, but libc depends on gcc-static
<clever> sphalerite: so now i have double the gcc!
<samueldr> but really, the power situation here makes it so it's really commonplace for rented places to have "included" electricity, and the landlord pays a single bill for the whole building
<clever> plus, the cross gcc's arent split-output, so they depend on the host gcc
<samueldr> and heating is electric-based too, commonly,
<andi-> weird. It is 2021
<samueldr> andi-: how so?
<clever> samueldr: ive got oil heating, but my dad has electric heating, and we share an acct with the power company
* clever logs in
<samueldr> the electricity in the province is something like 99% produced by hydro-electric dams
<andi-> samueldr: we should be district wide heating units that generate it once at one location.
<andi-> oh well
<andi-> so it is kinda lice iceland
<andi-> then that might not be the worst decision
<clever> samueldr: my electric bill is pretty flat year-round
<samueldr> andi-: exactly, because of this specific detail, it makes the comparison extremely difficult with other places
<andi-> clever: what do you pay pay per kWh?
<clever> samueldr: while my dads place, swings from 1x to 6x
<samueldr> and it's a crown corporation
<samueldr> early in the past century the province decided to use the amazingly powered rivers way up north for power generation
<samueldr> we have enough that we sell to other grids around too
<clever> andi-: 11.18¢/kWh for my place
<andi-> nice, that is <1/3 of what I pay here
<samueldr> >> 6.08¢/kWh for energy consumed up to 40 kWh per day times the number of days in the consumption period (1st tier)
<samueldr> >> 9.38¢/kWh for the remaining energy consumed (2nd tier)
<clever> andi-: my house sits at between 600 and 800 kWh a month, very flat
<clever> > 800/30
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/state/nixpkgs/800/30
<samueldr> andi-: canadian cents too!
<clever> > 800 / 30
<{^_^}> 26
<andi-> /o\
<clever> samueldr: so i wouldnt even be breaking your 1st tier of pricing
<samueldr> to break the first tier is kinda hard as a residential unit
<andi-> > 4000 / 465
<{^_^}> 8
<andi-> > 4000 / 365
<{^_^}> 10
<andi-> that is my daily usage and that is pretty extreme for 1 person
<clever> my dads place however, swings from 500 kWh in the soomer, to 3000 kWh in the winter
<clever> per month!
<clever> summer*
<samueldr> rate for multi-residential dwellings are detailed here https://www.hydroquebec.com/residential/customer-space/rates/rate-dm.html
<clever> andi-: are you saying you use 4000 kWh a year?
<andi-> yeah
<clever> andi-: that just makes my dads bill even more ouch, lol
<samueldr> I basically cannot really know my usage because there is no meter to check for myself
<samueldr> btw, my 99% earlier was for the crown corporation
<samueldr> some private production is done with other means
<samueldr> and uh... I forgot that we have wind going too :/
<samueldr> we might be the only uh... state... in the world where it made sense to dismantle the nuclear station
<samueldr> because of the existing renewable infrastructure
<samueldr> (not sure any other fully-renewable countries even had nuclear)
<clever> i have seen some of the wind farms in quebec, visited one, and there is a large one visible from where i live
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<andi-> samueldr: bottle up some energy and ship it!
<samueldr> there is some selling that is happening to neighbours
<samueldr> but IIRC Ontario also has clean energy the same way
<samueldr> oh, much less
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<umwelto> Hello. Is there a quickstart guide for nixpkgs in a new apple silicon machine?
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<samueldr> danielrf[m]: did wi-fi on marlin just work, or does it take a while before the interface shows up?
<samueldr> oneplus-oneplus3, sams SoC, sams modem AFAIK, takes a good while before the wifi interface is up
<samueldr> I think about 2 minutes
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<Ke> norway is nice for energy, rai, mountains and oil
<danielrf[m]> Yes, it also takes a while to start
<Ke> when people settled there it was only cod
<samueldr> danielrf[m]: while like 2 minutes?
<samueldr> not great, no idea where that comes from
<samueldr> I *guess* it's because that's not how android does it... I think it uses a daemon that does... other things... that the driver waits for
<danielrf[m]> I haven't timed it, but it's only maybe 30 seconds after the desktop comes up
<samueldr> hm... then probably less
<samueldr> while we only poke at that one magic file
<Ke> umwelto: last i heard, did not work
<danielrf[m]> So maybe 1.5 minutes total
<samueldr> weird how on samsung-a5y17lte it just works fine
<samueldr> is the connection quality good for tou?
<samueldr> you*
<samueldr> I think for me it's just the device / bad wifi overall
<samueldr> but I never compared on android with it
<Ke> also while m1 is aarch64, it is by nature mostly foreign to this channel
<danielrf[m]> Only tried ssh so far. Seems to be working fine
<samueldr> on oneplus3 it just dies randomly for me, but comes back up
<danielrf[m]> Even seeing messages in dmesg about it entering and leaving some power saving mode properly
<samueldr> (tbf it is with the qcacld driver from lineageos, I still need to try with the one from marlin's tree)
<Ke> umwelto: I think some basic build tools were not set up yet
<Ke> are you using exact same fw for wifi as the proprietary build, I heard some parameters may be tuned for the antenna etc.
<samueldr> Ke: if it's for me, yes, same fw wifi, came from the partition on the device
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<samueldr> but I never validated that the wifi was working well on that device
<samueldr> it was bought as slightly damaged on ebay
<samueldr> (but actually looked fine)
<samueldr> the battery is not great
<samueldr> so it wouldn't surprise me that its wifi is not great
<samueldr> *and* wifi here is terribly bad, outright
<samueldr> so it's really hard to tell :)
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<Ke> former owner did not explicate how it was broken?
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<thefloweringash> umwelto: for now, use rosetta. eventually #105026
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/105026 (by thefloweringash, 10 weeks ago, open): Native support for Apple Silicon
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<Ke> sphalerite: is nix-copy-closure surreally slow for you
<Ke> does my nixos install have something installed that would show network transfer speed?
<sphalerite> no, speed is fine for me. I'm not sure of any tools included in an unconfigured nixos install, but I sometimes use iftop for that
<Ke> iptables -vL | sed -n '3 p' is passable
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<Ke> it shows human readable numbers of cumulative hits to most popular input rule
<Ke> well that one is nixos-fw, but I am behind ad nat and not expecting much other traffic
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<Ke> copying from nixos cache is insanely fast comparatively
<Ke> I was copying from honeycomb to pbp
<Ke> honeycomb itself is at least not slow and obviously wifi should not be any faster with nixos caches
<Ke> well, as IT is magic, it could be
<sphalerite> it could be nix's fault, the ssh connections can have some "interesting" performance properties
<Ke> does this silly thing make ssh connection per package?
<Ke> though looking at the speed, it's more like connection per file
<sphalerite> no, but it takes a lot more round trips than would really be necessary
<sphalerite> maybe try nix copy instead of nix-copy-closure, and compare --from ssh-ng://honeycomb and --from ssh://honeycomb
<Ke> would this be visible as cpu usage?
<Ke> the top entries on perf are cpuidle things and there is almost no cpu use
<Ke> I guess reasonable me would just strace, what's going on
<Ke> well more reasonable me just fetched stuff from nixos caches
<Ke> the difference was like hour to tens of seconds
<Ke> the most important thing was copying the kernel that was not on nixos caches
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