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<hexa-> the gtk+3 situation around tracker annoys me to no end
<hexa-> haven't been able to do a rebuild in days, and I'm not sure when it broke
<hexa-> and how it broke
<hexa-> and the only fix people have presented is a mass-rebuild
<supersandro2000> cherry pick the one commit you need and build once :P
<hexa-> the tree goes like this:
<hexa-> gtk+3
<hexa-> - tracker
<hexa-> so … maybe not
<f0x> colemickens: ooh I love the dark-rainbow one
<f0x> once I get one of my graphical systems onto NixOS that'll be the first wallpaper :P
<colemickens> f0x: I never have wallpaper normally and I've walked back into my office now multiple times and gone "wow I love that".
<colemickens> I'm going to have to get a poster printed or something.
<colemickens> better yet, I'd like to commission one of these and then have a lighting scheme for it... https://twitter.com/ArchKiwi/status/1250828424375042049
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<aaronjanse> Ooh I like that art
<pie_> is there a way to properly move stuff to different desktops in gnome so i can declutter my alt-tab a bit?
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<ehmry> > uuidFrom = seed: let digest = builtins.hashString "sha256" seed; in (lib.lists.foldl ({ str, off }: n: let chunk = builtins.substring off n digest; in { str = if off == 0 then chunk else "${str}-${chunk}"; off = off + n; }) { str = ""; off = 0; } [ 8 4 4 4 12 ]).str
<{^_^}> uuidFrom defined
<ehmry> uuidFrom "I think I found an alternative to hardcoding some FS UUIDs"
<ehmry> > uuidFrom "foo"
<{^_^}> "2c26b46b-68ff-c68f-f99b-453c1d304134"
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<eyJhb> Soooo... Lenovo has laptops with USB 4/Thunderbolt 4....
<eyJhb> But I really don't want to pay 2200 USD for one :p
<eyJhb> > USD 2200
<{^_^}> "2200 USD = 14666.666667 DKK"
<etu> > DKK 14666
<{^_^}> "50817836.660000 VND"
<etu> >VND 50816836
<etu> 2200 is many usd's though
<eyJhb> Do we have any english speaking countries in the EU now?
<eyJhb> The only one I can find with USB4/Thunderbolt4 - https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x1/X1-Carbon-G9/p/22TP2X1X1C9
<eyJhb> *mixing de and dk I know :D
<talyz> eyJhb: are there even any usb 4 / tb 4 peripherals yet?
<supersandro2000> eyJhb: maybe think about getting a used one
<talyz> but yeah, x1 carbon isn't cheap..
<eyJhb> talyz: Well! I don't know, but it isn't that important tbh. the reason I want USB 4, is because I plan to run it as long as my current laptop. The hardware is from 2011, and the laptop itself is from 2012 (lenovo thinkpad x230). So I want it to have the "latest" hardware when I buy it. At least want USB4, to ensure that it is "future safe".
<eyJhb> Would be stupid for me to buy a new PC now, when USB4 is right around the corner :D
<eyJhb> supersandro2000: Yes, but that will be 1-2 years :p That is the plan
<eyJhb> I doubt anyone will be buying a completely new computer, and then just sell it used right now :D
<eyJhb> talyz: What are you running?
<supersandro2000> never doubt the competence of enterprise
<eyJhb> True.
<supersandro2000> also I don't think you really need a device with USB4 right now
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<eyJhb> No but in 6 years ?
<talyz> eyJhb: right, makes sense :)
<eyJhb> Not sure if I am one of the few, that just runs their laptop/phone till it pretty much dies... And my phone might have reached that now. Really hope for 2nd gen 5G phones before I buy and.
<talyz> if it turns out like the current tb3, it will probably mostly be used for docking stations and such, but who knows ;)
<eyJhb> Want to use it for eGPU + docking stations :p
<eyJhb> docking station* not like I will have multiple connected
<talyz> oh, eGPU
<eyJhb> Not sure how needed that will be with a new laptop. But anything will be an upgrade over my EXTREME OP GPU (intel HD Graphics 4000) :D
<talyz> eyJhb: i'm on a t14s right now, and it's not great :/
<eyJhb> AMD?
<talyz> eyJhb: yep
<eyJhb> Isn't that a quite new one?
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<talyz> eyJhb: the AMD chip is good, but the input devices suck - the trackpoint is really bad and the keyboard keeps crapping out (enter and backspace stops working)
<eyJhb> That sucks. Do you have on-site repair on it?
<talyz> they've switched to a cheapo elantech trackpoint and it's not even close to the one in my old X1 Carbon
<talyz> yep, i think so
<eyJhb> Tell them to fix it fix it fix it fix it :D
<eyJhb> Why the hell switch to that (trackpoint), when it is the main selling point for many..
<talyz> i've read about others having the same issue, and it seems to be fixable
<talyz> don't know!
<talyz> tbh the trackpoint performs okay in windows, it's probably just poorly supported in linux
<eyJhb> On-site repair, just means call them whenever it fucks up :D
<talyz> yep, i will!
<eyJhb> Holy hell I have had them replace many things on my laptop. Mostly because I had the on-site repair :p Could have survived without.
<talyz> haven't had the time yet, and at first i thought i might have fucked it up :p
<eyJhb> But atm. I have 2 other x230 laptops, that I can use for spare parts :D And 4 oneplus one phones! But I think they are borked..
<eyJhb> Ahh, understandable :D
<talyz> that's a lot of spares :D
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<eyJhb> The laptops I got for free, and the phones where around 200 DKK I think
<eyJhb> So a lot of spares, for little money :p
<talyz> nice :)
<colemickens> Does anyone know if there's a bootloader that allows me to specify "use this map of [mac address | cpuid | something] => boot entry" to pick the default boot entry? I am looking to make a boot media that can boot on two different systems, each of which don't have working UI pre-boot.
<philipp[m]2> My buddy told me yesterday that x230 seems to be getting scarce and they go on ebay for ~150€ again.
<supersandro2000> eyJhb: maybe in 6 years we are all dead and computers have USB8 4x4 Gen 4.9
<talyz> supersandro2000: a great outlook :D
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<eyJhb> philipp[m]2: Guess I know what to do when I replace it :D
<supersandro2000> talyz: I am most likely wrong
<supersandro2000> that would have one requirement: the USB guys keep the naming scheme
<supersandro2000> which we all know will not happen
<DigitalKiwi> eyJhb: lol i never buy brand new devices there are a ton of people that have too much money and buy the lateast and greatest and then ditch it in a month for something ese ;p
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<talyz> supersandro2000: let's hope so ;)
<supersandro2000> DigitalKiwi: if you discourage him from buying than you have less choice in a few months for new devices ;)
<supersandro2000> the selfish choice here would be to encourage him to waste his money for your advantage
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<DigitalKiwi> oh, dang, you're right
<DigitalKiwi> plz put all of your money (take out a mortage on your house) and put it into cryptocoins plz. make sure to buy mostly if it's at a new ATH. no point buying it if it's going down in value, only buy at the top! winners are at the top
<DigitalKiwi> and if heaven forbid it should ever go down...but that would never happen it only goes up... but if it did... don't sell it on an exchange. they take a lot of fees. just send it to me i'll hold it for you keep it safe ;0
<DigitalKiwi> also do not google "what happens to the bulls after the bull run"
<__monty__> Never knew making money was this easy. I followed your advice and I got rich overnight. I've made it dead simple for others to do the same with this <referral link>.
<supersandro2000> Your <FNAME>, I am sedning you the best way to make money in a wek. <LINK>
<eyJhb> DigitalKiwi: My OPO was from new, but my x230 was used :D
<DigitalKiwi> i don't know how markets work plz sir tell me what happens when the companys that have been buying millions of dollars worth of an highly volatile and illiquid asset decide they would like more of it but at 1/3 the cost
<DigitalKiwi> i keep trying to lose all of my money in crypto but it just keeps going up :(
<DigitalKiwi> and anyone who says to keep your money in a hardware wallet is an idiot keep it on the exchange so that when they get hacked you can be a claimant in the lawsuit/bankruptcy and 10 years from now people will be trying to buy your claim for exorbitant amounts of money
<DigitalKiwi> https://blog.wizsec.jp/2021/02/mtgox-claim-calculator.html lol it's f'n stupid how rediculuous everything is i hate it so much >.>
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<supersandro2000> when you notice that you're backups are not getting thinned out and you just deleted 6.4TB of old data
<gchristensen> ouch
<supersandro2000> well, I had something to do while I wait for the backup to be downloaded so that I have my reverse proxy config and certificates back
<supersandro2000> so when I restart that now I have no IRC
<supersandro2000> I don't know why software is allowed to override things even if it is a stupid default...
<supersandro2000> and the storage is eventual consistent so another 600GB just came back :)
<hexa-> thinning about backups is an open issue here as well
<hexa-> borg, append-only, encrypted. how do you automatically do thinning?
<hexa-> I feel like the easiest way would be to loose the append-only security
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<supersandro2000> can't borg do full backups between the appenind ones?
<supersandro2000> than you can just throw away a full with all appends and then you thinned a bit
<hexa-> supersandro2000: no django in home-assistant though :D
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<Ke> thinning the herd?
<Ke> aren't backups superseded by nix/gihub
<Ke> like totally 1900s to do actual backups
<__monty__> More data, more problems.
<eyJhb> __monty__: But less data, more problems as well
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<MichaelRaskin> eyJhb: only if «less» happens suddenly, if you succeed at planning to need less data, you probably manage to put the problems out of scope where they do not bother anyone
<supersandro2000> hexa-: home-assistant -> homeassistant_pyozw -> openzwave -> graphviz -> pango -> gi-docgen -> typogrify -> Django
<supersandro2000> but not much :)
<hexa-> ugh
<hexa-> Ke: config is one thing, state otoh is a plague
<abathur> hexa-: the place I negotiated myself to, wrt append-only/thinning, was not making the backups fully automated
<hexa-> abathur: yikes
<abathur> the job bugs me for auth, basically
<hexa-> that works for n < 3 ig
<hexa-> I'm at n = 6 these days
<hexa-> I think
<hexa-> :)
<abathur> maybe
<abathur> I also don't do full-system
<hexa-> isn't that really besides the point?
<hexa-> I mean … it obviously makes no sense to backup your /nix store :)
<abathur> well
<abathur> the reason I add an asterisk is that I try to slice out what's *mine*, and by happy coincidence those things don't change much when I'm not using a device
<abathur> so it's not a crisis to miss several days of backups on a system I didn't use for several days
<abathur> but, if n = 6, you may well have servers, which obviously have their own logic and needs
<hexa-> (desktop, laptop, router, nas, server1, server2, server3)
<abathur> yeah
<hexa-> they grow up so fast
<hexa-> I think it would be fine to go in there and thin them manually once a year or so
<hexa-> sadly that puts a lock on the borg repo which will prevent backups :)
<f0x> yeah borg's locking is annoying
<f0x> can't even do read-only operations like listing previous backups
<hexa-> I have been waiting for 10 minutes on `borg info` on my desktops repo … argh
<gchristensen> ouch
<hexa-> 15 minutes … not pruning is not an option
<abathur> do you have to prune from each device? if not, and if you can have separate credentials: can you keep most devices append-only but add a manually-authed scheduled job on one of your user systems that can regularly prune?
<hexa-> the devices cannot prune themselves due to append-only, so it has to be a third machine that is all powerful, e.g. by relying on me
<hexa-> (borg info is still going strong … 34 minutes in
<cransom> i know an extremely effective prune command, but it's a 100% prune.
<hexa-> nice
<gchristensen> lol
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<MichaelRaskin> Effective is easy, now efficient…
<MichaelRaskin> (arguably, the most total way of 100% pruning is not that efficent, mkfs.ext4 is pretty expensive!)
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<ajs124> wipefs -a?
<lukegb> fstrim is super efficient if you're on an SSD
<lukegb> and you, err, ask it to discard the entire FS
<lukegb> I've never actually _tried_ doing that because I'm too afraid of losing my filesystem though :P
* colemickens waves
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<hexa-> gchristensen: borg info just completed.
<hexa-> Original size Compressed size Deduplicated size
<hexa-> All archives: 184.26 TB 135.05 TB 933.01 GB
<gchristensen> yeah, this performance is why I eventually migrated all my borg archives to zfs
<hexa-> and apparently I have daily backups going back to 2019-05-10
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<colemickens> well that's interesting https://signal.org/blog/help-us-test-payments-in-signal/
<gchristensen> slightly disappointing
<elvishjerricco> Signal has been disappointing me for a while. What's the best alternative these days?
<gchristensen> Signal :P
* gchristensen checks out of this holy war
<__monty__> elvishjerricco: Depending on your threat model, and your views on JS, Wire might fit the bill.
* elvishjerricco did not know this had become a holy war
<samueldr> some people get very attached personally to the chat ecosystem silo they prefer
<colemickens> People have Opinions TM about chat app UX, about technology, about openness and about privacy and instant messengers lie at the intersection of all of those. And they sorta live/die on network effects. I'm not surprised people have strong opinions.
<__monty__> I think part of it is that Signal was so promising but then disappointed people so.
<hodapp> and because Moxie is a pretty big name in this space and he spent awhile assuring people the promises were legitimate
<hexa-> tbf, privacy friendly payments among friends and family is a neat thing to have
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<infinisil> I like how VPN services are kind of their own downfall
<hodapp> ehh?
<infinisil> The more adoption they have, the less it makes sense for providers to differentiate between countries
<infinisil> If everybody can connect from whatever country they want, there's no reason to distinguish with IP addresses anymore
<infinisil> I guess there's other motivations for VPN's, but at least this one is self-destructing
<infinisil> (and I think this is the main motivation)
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<samueldr> whew, took about a full minute for a git push to happen
<samueldr> only one commit to push, with only a few bytes of actual changes
<gchristensen> wow
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<philipp[m]2> infinisil: Some users might also just use them to appear to be in different jurisdictions.
<__monty__> Same difference, no?
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<DigitalKiwi> pretty sure Signal has gotten better over time?
<__monty__> Not re foss afaik.
<DigitalKiwi> oh yeah i still have this session-desktop pr to make lol
<philipp[m]2> People arrangin folk music unfaithfully make me more mad than they should.
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<philipp[m]2> I mean, do whatever just maybe put an asterisk next to it that you did whatever.
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