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<infinisil> Smarter Every Day now has an email list! https://www.smartereveryday.com/email-list
<infinisil> Created to not rely on youtube's algorithm to get videos out to people
<gchristensen> oh cool
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<aaronjanse> I am finally home. Goodbye 10 KB/s network connection
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<abathur> like stackoverflow, but with even read access gated by a rigorous turing test to keep AIs from learning how to debug
<aaronjanse> PLEASE
<aaronjanse> I've said this before
<aaronjanse> Rust is not okay
<aaronjanse> We're not gonna be able to defeat our robot overlords if they're written in a memory-safe language
<gchristensen> lol
<abathur> restrict everyone to bash
<abathur> and c
<aaronjanse> Yes
<abathur> maybe C in bash, or vice-versa
<aaronjanse> Make them also use non-reproducible package managers
<abathur> true
<aaronjanse> That way we can do supply chain attacks
<aaronjanse> Some random node.js developer can save the world by tagging a malicious update to a five-line library
<abathur> lol
<abathur> not sure I'd rather live in *that* world
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<aleph-> I might
<aleph-> Save the world, take down all tech
<aleph-> Sure there'll be some casualties... like myself. But eh
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<siraben> lol what is this
<siraben> april fools came early
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<Ke> not sure if I am paranoid, but that seems to be more a statement than a joke
<ashkitten> Ke: they made a new twitter account for godetteengine, so it's pretty clearly a joke
<Ke> I mean just the way it's formed it seems like they were bullied into making this
<ashkitten> idk how you get that impression at all
<ashkitten> the article is not sincere
<Ke> yes, it's a satire obviously, but satire can contain serious messages
<ashkitten> sure all comedy is rooted in reality
<ashkitten> but that doesn't mean they were "bullied" into joking about a thing
<Ke> as in the paranoid read is that the serious message is that random projects get bullied, if they are not progressive enough
<Ke> like they would get pressured into changing master to main or something
<ashkitten> i really think you're reading too deep into this
<Ke> well that's why I said paranoid read
<ashkitten> i suppose i'm just lost as your intention with mentioning it
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<eyJhb> https://i.imgur.com/dzNMytn.png *5 minutes later*
<eyJhb> Hopeless
<ar> eyJhb: it's on cloudflare, right? i guess they're getting really intimate with your browser ;)
<eyJhb> Ehmm. The domain is still Gitlab
<eyJhb> And it works fine with Firefox :(
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<lukegb> Did you... turn Javascript off?
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<infinisil> Oh wow, check out LockPickingLawyer's 18 inch Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-tKnjFwleU
<cransom> aww. i really want to watch, but spouse might be upset if i partake of the johnson without her.
<gchristensen> a few months ago when I was looking for a change from sway, I looked at Englightenment and I'm pretty glad I didn't go down that route: https://what.thedailywtf.com/topic/15001/enlightened/2
<hexa-> climate change needs everyone to act
<gchristensen> I think I'm tired of today already
<hexa-> yeah, climate change can exhaust you fast :/
<hexa-> its all so disappointing
<gchristensen> this day has become such a corporate dystopian nightmare
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<pie_> this might be rather interesting, xlink from a security guy https://github.com/bottlerocket-os/bottlerocket
<gchristensen> oh yeah, AWS's new OS
<MichaelRaskin> Speaking of corporate nightmare…
<gchristensen> Kubernetes?
<supersandro2000> "Does your programm support Bottlerrocket OS?" "No, whats that even, just use Debian."
<gchristensen> hey NixOS heard that a lot
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<pie_> aparently the point is that its hella hardened and reduced or something
<gh0st[m]2> Didn't fedora try to do that with CoreOS?
<supersandro2000> NixOS is not rebuilding everything in Rust
<MichaelRaskin> Everything would be Redox
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<pie_> looks to me like they rebuilt just enough to run the minimal they needed
<gchristensen> a lot of work to avoid some licenses they don't like
<pie_> huh
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<pie_> wasnt someone talking about that earlier
<pie_> exactly my thoughts<aaronjanse> We're not gonna be able to defeat our robot overlords if they're written in a memory-safe language
<supersandro2000> they need to do something with the billions
<gchristensen> I really don't mind if they bring a viable and memory-safe replacement
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<supersandro2000> wow
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<pie_> :D
<pie_> can jq compare to bash performance
<pie_> well "bash performance"
<pie_> re the whole: its faster to use a shell 1liner to process your data than an apache spark cluster
<supersandro2000> I would imagine it is faster than doing all this in bash
<adisbladis> It's an odd comparison
<supersandro2000> did someone check if the programs here can be exploited in intersting way in nixos? https://github.com/GTFOBins/GTFOBins.github.io
<gh0st[m]2> iirc, it's kinda unlikely since Nixpkgs builds with Pie and Pic by default, plus a lot of the library stuff you could exploit works differently if at all
<hodapp> https://gtfobins.github.io/ still worth a look
<supersandro2000> just wanted to spread the word. maybe someone find it interesting
<gh0st[m]2> Definitely is interesting, yeah
<gh0st[m]2> Reminds me tangentially of https://jjjollyjim.github.io/arewehackersyet/index.html
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<ashkitten> oh huh, ups my choice has a live delivery map (maybe only for some delivery options, because i've never seen it before)
<gchristensen> whoa
<ashkitten> it's good because this is probably the most expensive thing ive ever bought and im definitely stressed about it being delivered properly
<gchristensen> and they're not doing signatures anymore
<ashkitten> oh they're not?
<ashkitten> huh
<gchristensen> not w/ covid
<ashkitten> makes sense
<ashkitten> im guessing they'll still wait around to make sure it gets taken inside though
<gchristensen> took delivery of a 10k espresso machine yesterday and they just put it in my driveway and left, didn't even ring the bell afaik
<ashkitten> oh what
<gchristensen> (not mine, lol)
<gchristensen> it is possible/probable that what they do in this neighborhood does not translate to other places, but yeah
<ashkitten> well im hoping my monitor arrives safely at the correct door
<ashkitten> the latter has been an issue lately
<gchristensen> ouch
<ashkitten> yeah.
<gchristensen> hopefully they dealt with it appropriately?
<ashkitten> amazon, so they gave me a refund
<ashkitten> this is not amazon tho
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<cransom> our delivery people don't even knock or ring a bell any more. not that it was consistent before covid, but they definitely don't now.
<cransom> sometimes we hear a thump at the door, otherwise it's the delivery email or text.
<ashkitten> at least my door is around the back of the building
<ashkitten> that is, if they deliver it to the right door
<ashkitten> though now i know which door they tend to wrongly deliver it to
<ashkitten> so i can try and go fetch it from there
<Ke> is this good, if you are playing tower defense with delivery personnel?
<Ke> just asking for a friend
<ashkitten> tower defense?
<gchristensen> oofta
<samueldr> odd, only looked through a handful of channels... and only one got spam?
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<samueldr> anyone saw spam elsewhere?
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<gchristensen> just that one in #nixos so far
<samueldr> oh, not even sure it's related
<samueldr> (cw: slurs)
<ashkitten> oof
<gh0st[m]2> huh, why the ruby channel of all of them...?
<hexa-> oh supernets again
<jess> love some supernets
<samueldr> gh0st[m]2: literally the only channel I'm in I found traces of their skidmark
<samueldr> which is odd!!
<jess> gchristensen: i saw that invite, not sure why she didn't join. want me to force her hand?
<jess> she usually catches supernets spam elsewhere on the network
<gchristensen> jess: I don't need you to force her, if I had to choose I'd prefer #nixos-dev than -chat :)
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<jess> you can have her in both if you'd like
<gchristensen> <3 yes please
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<jess> i'm a bot whisperer
<gchristensen> <3 <3
<gchristensen> I'm living in the future, I have LSP and DAP support for Perl in my editor
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<supersandro2000> DAP?
<flokli> gchristensen: you're living in some weird dimension, but I hope that's not how the future looks like
<gchristensen> it is a grim future
<flokli> nah, -2'ed
<gchristensen> but people keep asking me to do perl things
<flokli> gchristensen: you can say no
<gchristensen> I could but it coincides with other goals of mine
<flokli> humm
<ashkitten> wow, there's even spam outside of freenode
<ashkitten> on a small irc server my friend runs
<cransom> a group of friends ran a single server for a long time. it wasn't published anywhere, but somewhere it was listed automatically as an open 6667 port. we got invaded by a group of chilean torrenters that were very much unwanted.
<pie_> lmao wtf
<pie_> but yeeeeah dont use default ports...
<gchristensen> with shodan obscure ports don't matter so much ...
<samueldr> ashkitten: last year I disabled non-ssl irc connections and all the external spam stopped
<samueldr> "april flood day" is not limited to freenode
<samueldr> and the two previous years I always saw spurts of activity on my small private~ish network leading up to april first
<samueldr> but disabling plaintext stopped it all
<samueldr> even keeping the usual irc ports open, but limited to STARTTLS is enough
<cransom> irc got displaced by slack, and then i displaced slack with matrix. the non techies wanted an easier mobile setup
<cole-h> today is the most cursed day
<samueldr> the most blessed days, as we have another SIGBOVIK!
<samueldr> >> Refutation of the “Failure to remove the template text from your paper may result in your paper not being published” Conjecture
* cole-h rebuilds lots of stuff while bisecting the latest tarball build failure
<cole-h> le sigh
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<eyJhb> cole-h: Bad frenchie
<cole-h> hehe
<eyJhb> Currently doing "the books" ie. accounting for all the stuff from mid January. Why do I do this to myself, and not do it more often...
<eyJhb> Now I just have to do it all, including all the moving costs...
<__monty__> Do you use plaintext accounting?
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<ashkitten> i just don't understand the supernets thing, why would you want to attract people to your irc network like that?
<gchristensen> they're not looking for *you* to join
<ashkitten> who are they looking for, though? i think all it would accomplish is getting trolls to attack them
<waleee-cl> that spam happened on freenode too?
<gchristensen> people who want to be trolls
<ashkitten> idk i'm just puzzled as to why trolls would want to ruin a place they made themselves
<ashkitten> if a place is only for trolls then there are no reasonable people to annoy or harm
<samueldr> there's also the possibility (but not here) of false flag operations
<ashkitten> what does that term mean?
<gchristensen> ashkitten: you ever been on 4chan?
<ashkitten> gchristensen: nope
<samueldr> people pretending to be supernets, so it gives it a bad reputation
<gchristensen> lucky
<cole-h> ashkitten: probably for the best
<eyJhb> __monty__: I use... ODS for it, but pretty much. But I will soon write a web app in Go, so that I can upload all the receipts to my server, so I don't have to deal with all the paper...
<cole-h> I went there once. my entire week was ruined
<joepie91> IIRC supernets is a troll server
<eyJhb> *and hopefully integrate it with various stores
<samueldr> yeah
<gchristensen> people doing bad things on purpose because it makes other people who do bad things on purpose laugh
<joepie91> there's also a contingent who just like seeing chaos and getting people to get angry at them in their own channels
<joepie91> who would 100% advertise their own
<ashkitten> gchristensen: i mean i've seen the shit that leaks out of 4chan, but i've purposefully never been on there myself
<samueldr> salt the earth of every other irc networks
<joepie91> their own channel*
<gchristensen> yeah, so it is roughly the same people
<ldlework> react-three-fiber is one of the coolest libraries ever made
<ldlework> you'll go to the github, glance at it, and wont realize just how mind-blowingly awesome it is
<cole-h> completely unrelated to the current conversation(s): is there a (safe) way to expand a zvol? (e.g. one created by `zfs create -V ###G`)
<gchristensen> maybe zfs set?
<gchristensen> zfs get all <zvolname> look for the relevant property name to set
<__monty__> ldlework: Help us realize?
<cole-h> it's volsize, but just wondering if anybody knows any caveats before I attempt this
<gchristensen> it is pretty safe to make a block device become larger :)
<cole-h> ok cool
<ldlework> __monty__: Essentially, it allows you to declare a three-js scene-graph with React components.
<gchristensen> the hard one is becoming smaller
<cole-h> yeah
<samueldr> ˢᵐᵃˡˡᵉʳ ⁱˢ ᵉᵃˢʸ
<cole-h> lol
<joepie91> ldlework: you might like http://regl.party/
<__monty__> ldlework: The react part isn't familiar to me. Declarative 3D sounds cool though.
<MichaelRaskin> I would say, it is easy to make filesystems larger, and drive partitions smaller
<MichaelRaskin> The other way round is also supported … in some situations
<ldlework> joepie91: that's cool, though it's down at the level of the GL
<joepie91> ldlework: yes, intentionally so; it provides a functional abstraction over WebGL that further tools and libraries can be built upon, rather than one monolithic take-it-or-leave-it framework like three.js does, which sidesteps the "urgh three.js makes it really difficult to do this" problem
<ldlework> three.js is never described as a monolith lol
<ldlework> it's known for how there are countless ecosystem libraries for three, compared to something like babylon which is actually a monolith
<ldlework> i wonder problem you have in mind that three makes difficult to do
<joepie91> from experience, "ecosystem libraries for three" tend to break every year or so because three has a monolithic core that most of the extensions monkeypatch themselves into
<joepie91> and yes, three.js is described as a monolith by people who are used to working with modular tools :)
<ldlework> monkey patch themselves into? is that how you usually describe "libraries using the api of another library"?
<ldlework> lol
<joepie91> that third-party extensions exist for it does not make it not a monolith
<joepie91> (in fact, in many cases it confirms it)
<ldlework> it implicates the fact that the "monolith" lacks things which those extensions provide
<ldlework> so bizarre
<joepie91> "monolith" does not mean "complete"...
* joepie91 does not feel that you're really interested in understanding the issue here
<ldlework> I asked you if you had a specific problem that three makes difficult
<samueldr> first off, maybe the definition of "monkey patch" is less well understood in some circles
<ldlework> "you're not interested in understanding the issue", pressuing me to accept your presuppositions again..
<joepie91> I had many, before I stopped using three
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<joepie91> welp, that settles it
<joepie91> back to work
<__monty__> The readme in the react-three-fiber repo does explicitly mention it's not sensitive to breakage due to three.js updates does corroborate joepie91's view on this.
<ldlework> guess we'll never know what problems three makes hard compared to using raw gl (which it has facilities for........)
<joepie91> indeed you will not, if your first response is trying to disprove rather than understand
<ldlework> threejs' fast moving api doesn't corroborate any monolithic characterization..
<ldlework> my prompt for you to give an actual example was included in my first series of replies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<joepie91> right after you basically said "lol you're wrong"
<joepie91> it should not be surprising that that makes me less than willing to answer questions like that
<ldlework> yes, I disagreed with you and didn't immediately swallow your position
<ldlework> and then you go right to insinuating i couldn't possibly be convinced given good reasons
<ldlework> insinuting that if i don't already accept your presuppostions then not worth discussing with
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<samueldr> ugh, the kde bugzilla is buggy AF when trying to make your account
<ldlework> tfw you're not a zero-abstraction pure functional interface to an underlying api and become the monolith
<joepie91> ldlework: I'm not expecting you to "immediately swallow my position". I'm expecting you to work to understand it *before* disagreeing with it. this is not an unreasonable thing to ask, and if this is something you are unwilling to do, you'll find that most people have very little patience for discussions with you, because it's clear that you're just looking to "win" the discussion, not to understand the other person's
<joepie91> argument and come to some mutually satisfactory conclusion.
<joepie91> and frankly I ain't got no time for combative discussions about stuff like this
<ldlework> I don't think it's reasonable or typical to expect people don't already disagree with you once you've stated your position but before your justification.
<joepie91> then see above.
<ldlework> Reaching so far as to strain yourself identifying something like threejs as a 'monolith' so you can comapratively wag about your favorite library was the nucleation of that combative modality.
<joepie91> if you're not willing to respect my time and energy by assuming there might be some merit in my point, then I am not willing to grant you that time and energy arguing the point further
<ldlework> I literally asked you to give an example of the difficulty you faced, after exprsssing my disagreement with your position.
<joepie91> also: please grow up, and stop trying to use big words to come across more intimidating
<joepie91> it's tiring
<ldlework> Another instance of you proscribing authorship around how people disagree with you.
<ldlework> Then trying to disenfranchise them from discussion when they don't meet that standard.
<ldlework> I'll use the words that come to mind.
<joepie91> ldlework: to be very clear about this: you seem to have some sort of belief that you are *entitled* to someone discussing with you. you are not. if you do not treat people respectfully, then they will refuse to discuss with you further, and they have absolutely *zero* obligation to continue doing so.
<ldlework> You can leave at any time, I don't have any expectations of you milling about.
<ldlework> None of my remarks have anything to do with an expectation of continued discourse...
<joepie91> oh yes, I'm sure that your continued complaints about me "proscribing authorship" have absolutely nothing to do with a belief that I'm obliged to engage with you on your terms
* ldlework blinks.
<ldlework> That's some kakfaesque table turning right there.
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<pie_> wew sed is nicer than echo lol | cat <(echo prefix) - <(echo suffix) but its a bit less readable
<f0x> ughhh yet again stuck trying to figure out usb serial boot stuff :((
<pie_> f0x: whats that
<f0x> pie_: I want to get GRUB + boot log over a usb serial adapter, for my otherwise headless server
<f0x> stuff technically supports this, but in practice...
<pie_> f0x: fwiw testing in a VM might be easier
<pie_> idk if youre already doing that
<pie_> and now that i think about it that would let you wireshark usb packets too maybe
<f0x> i tend to lose even more time messing with the hypervisor when testing like that..
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<pie_> f0x: ok i havent really dug into hypervisor messings yet :P
<pie_> f0x: step 1) get it to just work :P
<pie_> ...
<pie_> yo dawg:
<pie_> function ff() { echo -n "$1" | base64 -w0 | sed "1s/^/bash -c 'eval \$(base64 -d <<< /;\$s/\$/ ) | base64 | sed \"1s\/^\/BASE64\/;\\\\\$s\/\\\\\$\/BASE64\/\" '/"; };
<pie_> eyJhb: small bonus points if you can guess what the point of that is
<pie_> (i put a sed in yo sed)
<pie_> i mean the whole thing, not the point of the sed, the sed is just me overengineerng
<gchristensen> zEEEEeEeek! 1 GeglBuffers leaked
<pie_> gchristensen: oh my god
<hodapp> ...wut
<pie_> legend
<eyJhb> pie_: But I just finished my accounting stuff :(
<eyJhb> My base assumption is.. That you eval the argument given to it? But I guess there is more to it :p
<pie_> its my relatively generic payload for hacky websitey stuff (just ctf tho)
<sterni> gchristensen: incredible
<pie_> something is screwed up with the escaping still though
<joepie91> gchristensen: lmao wow
<eyJhb> pie_: Any specific website you used it on? :D
<pie_> id tell you but then the ctf levels :P
<pie_> i really should get some code to escape this for me omg
<pie_> basically i use base64 to wrap io so i have a more flexible interface i can just pass commands and get output from
<pie_> and dont have to deal with escaping crap beyong that first layer
<eyJhb> Are you playing a active CTF atm. pie_ ? :D
<pie_> its active in that its not time limited
<pie_> i guess i could tell you since this payload isnt really a chall thing though
<drakonis> holy shit
<pie_> " If you want to enable multiple virtual machines to have direct access to a single GPU or want the GPU to be able to assign virtual functions to multiple virtual machines, you will need to use NVIDIA Tesla, Quadro, or RTX enterprise GPUs." haha market segmentation
<pie_> drakonis: what tho?
<drakonis> well
<drakonis> its a goddamn improvement, jeeze
<drakonis> i can finally run a windows vm
<drakonis> time to get to rid of my windows install forever
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<infinisil> Just seen in PMs: "Your name sounds like a medication"
<infinisil> Lol
<supersandro2000> infinisil, when you get senil.
<supersandro2000> ok really bad joke
<infinisil> Hehe
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<pie_> drakonis: ah
<gchristensen> I like my fingerprint reader, and I like that by the time the fingerprint reader recognizes my fingerprint my wifi has reconnected
<gchristensen> but I wish it didn't take 5-10 attempts for the reader to recognize my finger
<samueldr> gchristensen: get a better finger
<samueldr> though, realistically, if you can enroll more than one, maybe re-enroll it multiple times?
<ajs124> oh, there's a good set of fingerprints I can recommend. let me search for the link real quick
<samueldr> that's what I was doing on my first phone witha fingerprint reader
<samueldr> which was not that good
<samueldr> it was not that bad, but there was two ways I could hold the phone, right and wrong
<samueldr> and holding it wrong moved the finger enough that it didn't recognize it
<gchristensen> haha
<MichaelRaskin> I should learn at least a simpler thing, and enroll all the layout-swapped versions of my password as equally acceptable by PAM. PAM has to have this, right
<abathur> tired: computers authenticating their users; wired: users authenticating their computers
<MichaelRaskin> Oh well, one part of my crazy authentication setup is specifically planned for authenticating the program asking the question
<ajs124> MichaelRaskin: sounds like something pam would have
<MichaelRaskin> Yeah, I should eventually learn how to do it
<MichaelRaskin> Authenticating the computer is complicated, like, against what attack…
<MichaelRaskin> (against weak adversaries my laptop is authenticated by the specific pattern of cracks, I guess; a truly strong one can just steal the CPU backdoors and relax)
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