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<pie_> apparently nvidia bought arm or something
<hexa-> did they? only heard they were about to
<pie_> doesnt that mean nvidia has basically the entire mobile market?
<pie_> hexa-: im not sure
<pie_> firefox is eating too much of my cpu
<pie_> are we sure they didnt put some crypto miner in there for extra revenue
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<drakonis> they did
<drakonis> and oracle owns tiktop
<drakonis> tiktok
<drakonis> time for tiktok to be oracle'd
<drakonis> and go the way of sun
<drakonis> into the grave
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<cole-h> Man, I love Maynard Ferguson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_xD2VQuGUU
<cole-h> ashkitten: I think it was you who was helping me troubleshoot the other day about my lack of space due to my win10 zvol. I deleted all the snaps, and problem solved. Thanks again.
<ashkitten> lol snapshots
<ashkitten> was usedbysnapshots wrong then?
<cole-h> I don't even know. But by deleting them all, `zfs send -wnvR .....` goes to like 256G, where before it was a bit more I think... And free space went up to 123G, which is good enough.
<cole-h> Also changed my snapshot plan to take less of them.
<cole-h> (for that zvol)
<ashkitten> nice
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<ashkitten> ugh why is nix-locate still broken
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<colemickens> I bought all new RAM and I'm still getting ZFS errors. I have a cheapo NVME adapter. Can I narrow down if the issues are with my mobo/ram or the nvme adapter? Does ZFS read-after-write to verify the disk is reliable?
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<eyJhb> etu: what key do you use for multikey/compose key on your laptop?
<eyJhb> Or anyone for that matter who uses a compose key
<etu> eyJhb: LSGT
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<eyJhb> etu: It seems like LSGT would be used quite a lot for programming/escaping stuff
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<etu> eyJhb: not on us dvorak since it's "the extra key" that doesn't exist on us layouts
<eyJhb> Ahh fuck me :p I have switched to a US keyboard for my laptop
<eyJhb> So it is used on mine
<eyJhb> Or, does not exists rather
<eyJhb> And the other keys aren't that easy to reach
<etu> It should be the same that is extra on us qwerty as well I think
<etu> eyJhb: The key will still send the keycode even if your keymap may not care about it. So I hijack that by extending my keymap :)
<eyJhb> I have switched the actual keyboard etu :p So it is no longer on the keyboard itself
<etu> aohh, ohh, you switched the keyboard
<eyJhb> Yeeees :p
<eyJhb> Because it was the extra I had, and I sanded off the keys on this one :p
<eyJhb> You know, my project that everyone loves
<etu> On my ergodox I use Scroll Lock for compose, easy to map to a good location :p
<eyJhb> I am considering hijacking prntscr
<joepie91> I should check whether my Fn key sends a keypress...
<joepie91> or whether it's entirely firmware-level
<etu> Probably not
<joepie91> it's a standalone keyboard, not a laptop, so there's hope yet :P
<etu> But you can use Fn+F8 and bind it to Compose instead of "that other thing"
<joepie91> but yeah, I've remapped my caps lock to backspace, and my print screen is "open terminal"
<joepie91> etu: honestly worst case I could just *make* it send a keypress
<etu> joepie91: Depends if it's foss firmware or not? :)
<eyJhb> joepie91: emacs user?
<joepie91> etu: it's flashable anyway :P
<joepie91> random china mech keyboard
<joepie91> (kit)
<joepie91> eyJhb: nop, why?
<etu> joepie91: Nice :)
<joepie91> etu: anyway I forgot which firmware it runs but afaik it's a FOSS one also
<eyJhb> joepie91: Because I would have thought vim, but most remap capslock to esc.
<eyJhb> But not sure what editor you use anymore then joepie91
<joepie91> eyJhb: ah no, my capslock remapping is editor-unrelated
<joepie91> RSI reasons
<etu> joepie91: Probably qmk then
<joepie91> spread the backspace load between left and right pinky
<joepie91> eyJhb: might be
<eyJhb> joepie91: just don't write things that needs to be deleted? :p
<joepie91> eyJhb: also I use VS Code :P
<eyJhb> /kick joepie91
<eyJhb> :D
<eyJhb> ,locate bin xev
<{^_^}> Found in packages: xlibs.xev
<joepie91> eyJhb: yeah unfortunately that's not an option. I also suffer from tourettes and one rather irritating tic I can't get rid of is appending a space after I'm done typing something and then having to backspace it
<joepie91> that's probably where most of my backspace load comes from
<eyJhb> End of sentence, or end of each text?
<eyJhb> Also, my laptop does send FN, but not the press/release as such
<eyJhb> If I hold it, it will register it, if I tap it, it will register down/up at the same time
<joepie91> eyJhb: end of typing sequence
<eyJhb> But then it shouldn't be that visible I guess?
<joepie91> can be lines, or a bunch of words after which I have to think
<eyJhb> Ahh
<joepie91> point being it can be disruptive for a lot of reasons, especially while programming
<joepie91> and since I can't get rid of tic I've decided to take a different approach and extend the tic with the corresponding backspace instead :P
<joepie91> so that at least it doesn't litter empty spaces everywhere
<eyJhb> Rebind space to nothing, and bind another key to space
<eyJhb> So that you can press it withouth anything happening :p
<joepie91> doubt that'd work
<eyJhb> Would be interesting to see
<eyJhb> Not thath I propose you should be a test animal and do it, but it sounds interesting if it would move to the new space key, or stay the same
<joepie91> while it's possibly interesting, it'd also cause more RSI issues :p
<eyJhb> Yeah, since you can't really put it any good place
<eyJhb> Guessing that is what you mean jo
<eyJhb> joepie91:
<eyJhb> We currently have a lecturer that will yawn, doing his own lecture.
<eyJhb> It is not motivating at all
<joepie91> eyJhb: right
<ldlework> anyone know how to use winetricks?
<eyJhb> ,ping
<{^_^}> pong
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<pie_> any ideas for making this work?
<pie_> mosh --server="sh -c f(){ nix-shell -p mosh --run mosh-server \$1; }; f "
<pie_> it tries to pass more args at the end
<pie_> id need to quote stuff for the -c to get the whole argument so that doesnt really work because it would be appending after the closing quote
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<Taneb> I'm thinking far too hard about how I want to configure a computer that I'm not even going to buy for another 5 months at least
<gchristensen> hah
<pie_> can i make sh -c take the rest of the arguments on the line or soething
<pie_> other variants are fine too
<gchristensen> $ sh -c 'echo "$3" "$2" "$1" "$@"' -- foo bar baz
<gchristensen> baz bar foo foo bar baz
<pie_> oh ok cool thats probably perfect
<Taneb> I do need to finish my version of the mediawiki nixos module in those five months, though
<Taneb> (current one doesn't support families of wikis, as far as I can tell, so you can't have more than one wiki running on the same server)
<pie_> ok thats close but...
<pie_> 847 0.0 0.3 151432 6488 pts/6 Ds+ 16:14 0:00 fish -c sh -c 'nix-shell -p mosh --run "mosh-server $@"' -- 'new' '-c' '256' '-s' '-l' 'LANG=en_US.UTF-8' '-l' 'LANGUAGE='
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<leonardp> not really *nix related but: https://ras.ac.uk/news-and-press/news/hints-life-venus
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<eyJhb> Taneb: which pc?
<Taneb> eyJhb: the one that exists in my head that I'm going to use mostly as a network media server when I move
<Taneb> I'm almost (delibrately) overengineering its configuration
<Taneb> It's going to be NixOS (of course) and I'm thinking about writing much of the configuration (including possibly tests) ahead of time
<eyJhb> Do a vidoe of inital build + OS Install!
<eyJhb> Would be a cool showoff
<Taneb> Five months is a long time to foret all about this
<Taneb> I have a vision of it eventually having a git server with its own configuration as a repository, and a Hydra server which will build, test, and deploy said configuration
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<cole-h> Reading up on Pijul, I really like "Patch commutation" -- no need to rebase to unrecord a change :o (e.g. being able to drop a test commit without needing to change all the commit ids
<cole-h> )
<srhb> cole-h: Yeah, it's solid. Guess there was a reason people used to swear by darcs despite the deficiencies.
<cole-h> One thing I hope for in the future is a config file where I can set up an alias
<cole-h> alias for remotes*
<cole-h> Right now, I have a git alias for github so I can just do `git clone gh:nixos/nixpkgs` and bam, done.
<cole-h> I am looking forward to the "patches can be downloaded in a very efficient way in many cases" -- just cloning pijul itself takes a while
<cole-h> (And also doesn't seem to be able to complete successfully, due to an "incomplete" .sig file?)
<cole-h> Oh, maybe it's that the nest is unreliable -- getting different URLs when it gets an incomplete
<colemickens> 1/8th the HW failure rate at sea as on land? https://news.microsoft.com/innovation-stories/project-natick-underwater-datacenter/
<joepie91> colemickens: it appears that the main contributor might have been "none of those pesky humans around"
<colemickens> joepie91: sounds like they sucked the oxygen out too
<joepie91> aye, nitrogen
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<cransom> skipping the shipping container, just stick the servers directly in the ocean. neat.
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<viric> Does anyone know what is that thing of "electron applications"?
<viric> like javascript + html + something else
<viric> I'd like to package a piece but I hope there is a good example in nixpkgs to copy.
<viric> hm I see a pair of messengers that apparently use that in nixpkgs
<viric> oh. even nix-tour.
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<abathur> hmm
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<drakonis> hrmm
<drakonis> i want to self host git
<JJJollyjim> I recently used a git server in the same country as me, it's incredible not waiting 10 seconds for pulls and pushes
<JJJollyjim> idk if it's a super latency-sensitive protocol or if github is just slow as shit
<aleph-> drakonis: You should.
<aleph-> Gitea or gitolite are nice and simple
<drakonis> that's the plan
<drakonis> i need to serve git for a bunch of people alongside mattermost
<aleph-> Yeah just do gitea honestly, super simple to set up
<drakonis> ah mattermost isnt functional with flakes
<drakonis> due to it needing a json
<drakonis> its tripping restricted mode
<drakonis> s'bummer
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<aleph-> Oh boy, so json files trip up flakes?
<drakonis> access to path '/nix/store/9qxd91k49h6c9f8fa36gsf1x1g7p1rd0-mattermost-webapp-5.25.3/config/config.json' is forbidden in restricted mode
<drakonis> i dunno
<drakonis> idgi
<drakonis> looks like this has come up before
<aleph-> Well that's a no go then :/
<drakonis> well, i'll live with gitea for now
<drakonis> hmm
<drakonis> bloody hell
<aleph-> What?
<drakonis> getting a different set of issues
<drakonis> ah its caddy now
<drakonis> did caddy get bumped
<aleph-> Heh
<drakonis> it defaults to v2 now
<drakonis> finally
<aleph-> drakonis: I feel like I'll be so annoyed when I switch to flakes
<drakonis> probably
<aleph-> Given I've just now started writing tons of util funcs for managing my configs
<drakonis> quite so
<aleph-> Actually wait, cool.
<aleph-> Not at all.
<aleph-> I think
<aleph-> drakonis: For nixOS flakes, the modules = [], can that be passed a list of files?
<drakonis> yes
<drakonis> its one of the main things it has enabled from what i recall
<aleph-> Neat, so I can just do `modules = generateImports ".." ++ generateImports "..";`
<aleph-> Hmm, dealing with inputs will be interesting...
<aleph-> Can't just have a single "configuration.nix" for all hosts like I do currently
<aleph-> Given inputs and all
<aleph-> Actually maybe not. I can set multiple machine configs in a single config file it seems...
<aleph-> Meh, I'll worry about this later
<abathur> yeah
<abathur> keeping my head in the sand until it feels like the oven's been turned off
<aleph-> Heh
<abathur> excited, though :)
<drakonis> i'm fairly excited for it
<drakonis> once nixpkgs is cleaned up to be entirely flakes based, it'll be much easier to build my system
<abathur> for sure; I'd probably already be playing with it already if I didn't have multiple projects clamoring for attention
<abathur> it's less that I'm concerned about it changing under me and more concern about not being able to find good docs/examples
<drakonis> hmm finally
<drakonis> i have bumped up my flake
<drakonis> time to upgrade caddy tho