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<cole-h> gchristensen: I'm using mbsync via the h-m module (I think)
<colemickens> cole-h: so you just mbsync between some imap provider and some folder on your computer and then you can point an email client at the folder?
<colemickens> it might be time I step up my email game...
<cole-h> Yeah, I use emacs + notmuch
<colemickens> nifty!
<abathur> vaguely horrifying instructions: "If at first it doesn't compile, just try a second time!"
<ashkitten> abathur: i've had to do that before, when i had a first batch ryzen that segfaulted randomly
<abathur> :]
<abathur> the nix bootstrapper I just wrote for travis-ci superstitiously tries to install Nix 5 times due to some random EOF errors on macOS 10.14+ :)
<abathur> and a comment containing the words "try the fix it suggests until the heat-death of the universe"
<abathur> but, I'd still be horrified if I found it in the README :)
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<abathur> A bot that searches github for known CS projects and PRs a solution?
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<colemickens> <cole-h "colemickens: What was that softw"> btw, I don't think this was me. I just use a VSCode plugin.
<cole-h> colemickens: Was it not? Oh x)
<drakonis> anyone here wants to play some tabletops?
<drakonis> might use vassal for this
<drakonis> gloomhaven with it
<abathur> anyone know something that belongs in this blank? ________ is like the unix 'strings' command, but better
<abathur> <3 ivan
<{^_^}> ivan's karma got increased to 9
<abathur> drat, not in nixpkgs :[
<abathur> heh, first time I've consciously noticed a project on GH using azure pipelines
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<abathur> speaking of horrifying instructions: "Since <colon> is a separator in this context, directory names that might be used in PATH should not include a <colon> character."
<samueldr> 26385 store paths deleted, 313089.77 MiB freed
<cole-h> Nice
<samueldr> running out of a hard drive, it took... way longer to collect than I'd have wanted
<cole-h> nix-collect-garbage should always be run with `time`
<samueldr> on my ssds it goes quickly!
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<abathur> I got used to living on a 64gb macbook air and it was a good source of resolve to cut spinning metal out of my desktop when I rebuilt in 2018
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<abathur> *64gb SSD
<samueldr> hah, I'm too cheap to actually make my build machine faster :(
<samueldr> those hard drives are not close to new
<abathur> both because of the speed, and because I knew if I could live within 64gb on a laptop for 5 years that I could figure out how to live with less than 1tb on my desktop
<samueldr> right... I had trouble living with 128GB on my laptop :/ though to be fair I was carrying a full copy of my everything remotely useful instead of a limited subset of projects
<abathur> so the desktop has 3 fairly small SSDs, 2 from the previous system, I guess the total is around 600GB?
<abathur> it was a little tight, but it worked
<samueldr> HW-backed raid with 3 500GB drives, with a ~250GB SSD for home
<samueldr> raid with 3 *hard drives*
<abathur> current mba is 256, I don't remember exactly why; either it was discounted or the smaller ones were out of stock
<abathur> or maybe it was the smallest?
<abathur> I guess so, looks like the smallest available on their store
<Church-> I really should set up my own nix store mirror.
<cole-h> colemickens: Oh, I think it was l*vesegfault actually.
<cole-h> colemickens: btw, did your gamma stuff start working again after switching back to sway 1.4?
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<Church-> Hmm, I should go install openBSD this weekend
<drakonis> https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html things that are very interesting that i didnt know about until today
<drakonis> sounds like a plan
<drakonis> ho ho ho
<drakonis> ventoy looks like the thing i've been needing for ages now
<samueldr> as with most (all?) multi boot tools, the nixos iso will probably fail out of the box
<drakonis> hmm
<drakonis> nix wants a specific label to launch
<drakonis> from what i recall
<samueldr> something like that yes
<samueldr> just like burning the iso with unetbootin
<drakonis> hmm
<drakonis> looks like it has support for it
<samueldr> though IIRC there was a change in stage-1 that makes the concept possible
<drakonis> it seems to fake up the label now
<samueldr> ah, possible then that it uses the facility
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<drakonis> i want to use it to offer as many isos as i can for emergencies
<{^_^}> ventoy/Ventoy#448 (by Adora16, 1 day ago, open): Error: ‘/dev/disk/by-label/ARTIX_202002’ device did not show up after 30 seconds
<drakonis> as it happens to nix if the label for the device is modified
<samueldr> nixos please :)
<drakonis> i've had this issue when i renamed my device label to drakonis
<drakonis> it couldnt see the device when doing the boot ops
<drakonis> https://github.com/ventoy/Ventoy/issues/82 says it works fine on uefi
<{^_^}> ventoy/Ventoy#82 (by Silejonu, 16 weeks ago, open): 30 ISOs tested
<drakonis> i'm moving my iso to it, i'll let you know whether it works
<drakonis> aight
<drakonis> udev trickery is done here
<drakonis> it does guix too
<drakonis> which is even more esoteric
<drakonis> it doesnt use a squashfs
<bqv> I think the reason I hate arguments is because they seem to use up like half a day's spoons. I really wish I didn't have this craving to socialise. Wtb schizoid…
<Ashy> Church-: i put openbsd on my old T450 a few weeks back, had it all working fine and then ran a sysupgrade -s and it broke wifi
<Ashy> at which point i dearly missed nixos' generational grub entries
<bqv> NixOS/kFreeBSD anyone?
<ashkitten> netbsd or bust!
<drakonis> haha
<drakonis> some day eventually
<drakonis> htop fork?
<drakonis> or did hisham hand it over?
<ashkitten> bqv: i feel that re: spoons
<drakonis> its no longer under his github account
<cole-h> Fork
<Ashy> i'd love to see nixos have an official batteries-included configuration for laptops/localdesktops
<drakonis> likewise
<drakonis> ah nice
<drakonis> well i can see why it happened
<drakonis> hisham hasnt been working on it in a long while
<drakonis> as he went to do a lot of lua stuff
<etu> drakonis: yeah, he has agreed on this
<etu> So it's a nice fork in that way :)
<drakonis> i spoke with him during last year during a event
<drakonis> he admitted to that himself
<drakonis> but yeah its so good
<drakonis> gonna get me some gentoo and feel the burn
* etu made a PR on home-manager to add new htop options: https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/1463
<{^_^}> rycee/home-manager#1463 (by etu, 2 days ago, open): htop: Add new configuration options
<drakonis> but no flakes :(
<drakonis> where my flakes at
<drakonis> oh shit
<drakonis> its in
<drakonis> ITS ON MASTER
<drakonis> AAAAAA
<drakonis> finally oh my gooood
<drakonis> you know what
<drakonis> i'm going to put nixos on the ssd
<drakonis> honestly though, the only thing i miss from other distros is not having to deal with having to jump through hoops for prebuilt binaries outside of nix
<drakonis> everything else is fine
<cole-h> drakonis: Was about to say, I pushed bqv to PR the updated flake.nix, and it got merged :P
<drakonis> nice
<drakonis> but is it possible to use the home-manager cli with it?
<cole-h> Not that I know of
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> shame
<drakonis> wanted to use that part but fair enough
<cole-h> idek how h-m + flakes would (or should) interact when not used as a NixOS module
<bqv> drakonis: you can ask vika about that, I think it does work, cause she uses it
<bqv> She set up that part
<etu> cole-h: h-m is great as a module though :)
<cole-h> etu: Indeed, it's how I use it ;)
<cole-h> I was more thinking in the case of non-NixOS systems trying to use the h-m flake
<drakonis> i see
<drakonis> i wonder if there's any hm module that provides linker functionality
<drakonis> i'd like to observe that there's way more nix users now than when i started circa 2015
<drakonis> i'm getting too comfortable with it to like running anything else despite attempts to use it
<drakonis> to use other distros
<drakonis> this is the story of my life, thank you for attending my ted talk
<drakonis> i just wish kde wasnt 2 versions behind the latest one
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<eyJhb> We discussed Docker a couple of days ago, the new policies are insane
<eyJhb> Might be with joepie91 , dunno. But you have 200 pulls as a registered user, pr. six hours?!
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<eyJhb> How the hell will that affect CI?
<drakonis> new policies?
<eyJhb> Basically
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> oof.
<eyJhb> But they just emaield this out today
<eyJhb> I wonder how CIs will handle this
<drakonis> so they're looking into a way to sink it then
<drakonis> goddamn
<eyJhb> Seems like github+gitlab might crouble
<drakonis> docker's going to be dead entirely in no time
<eyJhb> Yup
<eyJhb> ALso, I am unsure if it is server load or bandwidth?
<eyJhb> Because I have a fucking PR that will reduce the server load, for each fucking image pull
<eyJhb> Because they currently handle it in a idiotic way.
<drakonis> what a clown show
<eyJhb> Basically looping a sorted list, 10/10
<eyJhb> Been open since April.
<drakonis> hooooooow
<drakonis> that's terrifying
<eyJhb> It is pretty much insane :p
<drakonis> docker is the definition of insanity
<eyJhb> HEY! :(
<eyJhb> Don't make me regret even more that I am using it
<drakonis> hey!
<drakonis> use podman!
<eyJhb> There really is no difference, is there?
<drakonis> there is, yes.
<drakonis> there's no containerd
<etu> But the fetch restrictions would be the same I guess?
<drakonis> the cli is cleaner
<drakonis> it has saner defaults
<drakonis> instead of being the horrible horrible thing that docker is
<eyJhb> etu: for podman?
<etu> eyJhb: yes
<eyJhb> Would still be better than Docker I assume :p
<drakonis> you can use a different container registry with it
<drakonis> it doesnt enforce pulling from docker's registry
<eyJhb> THe most annoying part about Docker, is sometimes the dev team is sloooow
<etu> We're gonna start using docker for our dev environment soon. I'm gonna start out using docker just to be using "the same software" as the other devs. But gonna migrate to podman when it's working.
<eyJhb> You can do that as well for Docker drakonis ? :D
<drakonis> oh?
<drakonis> that's new
<drakonis> it didnt allow that until recently then
<eyJhb> docker pull somedomain.com/image
<eyJhb> It has allowed that for years as far as I know
<eyJhb> But you cannot default it
<eyJhb> etu: sounds like a plan
<eyJhb> Remember to take the new policies in mind
<eyJhb> to have*?
<drakonis> right
<drakonis> it sounds a lot like a last ditch developer retention move
<eyJhb> But I really like, that podman can run as none-root
<drakonis> yes
<eyJhb> I should switch to it at some point
<drakonis> that's one of the primary features
<drakonis> yes!
<drakonis> use namespaces yeet
<eyJhb> Wouldn't that just basically be a container in container? :p
<drakonis> nested containers?
<drakonis> no not really
<drakonis> user namespaces that is
<eyJhb> Hmm, could be a idea
<eyJhb> But not sure it would be much better
<eyJhb> Also, the goal is to have shortlived VPS :P
<eyJhb> So I can add all the users I want, and NEVER CLEAN UP! <3
<drakonis> haha
<drakonis> sounds like a plan
<eyJhb> Currently I think they will live around 5 hours? And then just cycle
<eyJhb> I wonder how my DO bill will look however
<eyJhb> Next step is to snatch up a LEGO web designer. No clue if anyone wants to however
<JJJollyjim> ironically with that docker thing the rate limit is on manifests (a few kb of json) rather than the layers themselves (massive tarballs)
<JJJollyjim> so the there's definitely still potential to give them a massive bandwidth bill
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<eyJhb> JJJollyjim: 100% sure that the bill will be high either way
<eyJhb> Just got a email from LEGO, more stuff to pick up <3
<eyJhb> Sadly it is a 2-3 hour car ride
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<joepie91> <eyJhb> Because they currently handle it in a idiotic way.
<joepie91> this reminds me of npm.
<joepie91> which until pretty recently didn't do any local caching whatsoever, it would just constantly pull the same tarballs every time over and over again
<joepie91> meanwhile people were holding up npm metrics and going "see, this is why it needs to be a commercial company, how are they gonna pay for all that bandwidth otherwise"
<joepie91> and suspiciously the download counts appeared in investment docs
<joepie91> makes one wonder whether it was actually an oversight, or a convenient accident
<ashkitten> is matrix as a protocol actually flexible enough to build other things on top of it?
<ashkitten> thinking forum type thing
<f0x> as a protocol, yeah
<f0x> with current server implementations, meh
<joepie91> "some other things", yes, "any other thing" I'm not yet as convinced of
<ashkitten> if i were to look into implementing a forum on top of matrix, what chances of success would you give me
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<ashkitten> because matrix would actually be a solid base for the featureset i want
<ashkitten> encryption, federation, etc. all baked into the protocol
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<ashkitten> cuz i don't wanna reinvent the wheel, and plus it'd give a built in text chat linked to your forum account and everything
<ashkitten> rooms can contain arbitrary data, right? and there's an rfc for typed rooms, i think
<ashkitten> main issue i can see is that i want only friend-of-friend visibility not global
<joepie91> ashkitten: so you could probably implement that with some invite magic
<joepie91> ashkitten: the problem I currently see is mainly performance
<joepie91> of Synapse, specifically
<joepie91> there is a room with some people who were looking at building forum stuff on Matrix
<joepie91> #forums-on:matrix.org
<ashkitten> ooh
<joepie91> I think forums probably could work, conceptually, and the chat part of Matrix is already slightly headed there with an in-progress threading system (and its underlying foundations, replies/aggregrations)
<ashkitten> so the way i envisioned a forum like this is basically like, a sort of mix of rooms where there is a small group of people to receive posts, and some sort of global thing where anyone using the software can see any post
<ashkitten> and as you make connections and talk to people your bubble grows organically
<ashkitten> but idk how that'd be possible in matrix
<f0x> ashkitten: see this also kind of sounds a lot like the fediverse? how much forum specific things would it have/need
<ashkitten> i need a forum interaction model with topics and threads
<ashkitten> the fediverse only has things that look like twitter where everything is top-level
<f0x> well that's mainly a client UI choice
<ashkitten> hierarchical posts are a much healthier interaction style
<f0x> it does do hierarchical posts though?
<f0x> otoh, activitypub sucks to dev for so meh, lol
<ashkitten> and it shoves all of initial posts, replies, boosts, etc. in your face all the time!
<ashkitten> which is not healthy
<ashkitten> and here's the other thing, is there's no way in the current fediverse to sort anything into topics
<ashkitten> even assuming you had a better gui that showed it as hierarchical threads and replies and whatever (which would be lacking), i don't want my friends' shitposts to compete for screen space with their life vents or passion projects
<ashkitten> i want to choose what i'm engaging with at any given time
<ashkitten> thread titles and topic tags!
<ashkitten> and a different default interaction model that promotes using those things
<ashkitten> anyway that's not what i came here to talk about
<ashkitten> i was asking about matrix forums
<f0x> that's definitely what content warnings (or better term, content notices) can be used for
<f0x> so the matrix model is definitely very room-oriented
<f0x> which might make dynamic permission handling like friend-of-friend visibility difficult
<ashkitten> yeah
<ashkitten> which kinda sucks
<ashkitten> but without dynamic permissions like that you run into the group chat problem
<ashkitten> (for every group chat there exists another group chat with one less person)
<ashkitten> plus, group chats aren't what you want when user discovery is a goal
<f0x> you could possibly do something interesting with encryption key sharing in certain ways
<ashkitten> would that break the protocol?
<f0x> where if you receive a message from friend1, you re-encrypt it to be accessible to all your friends as well
<f0x> ashkitten: (encrypted) events should be quite transparent to the underlying federation
<ashkitten> the other issue is gonna be that this would end up being essentially one gigantic room even if most events aren't visible to most people
<ashkitten> on the scale of matrix central but with far more messages per second
<ashkitten> even if federation bandwidth isn't an issue (see: experiments in ultra low bandwidth matrix has some interesting things using binary trees for federation) it'll take up so much space
<ashkitten> and state resolution becomes an issue
<ashkitten> (implying it wasn't already...)
<ashkitten> though, i guess it wouldn't be too different from any other global federated data structure
<ashkitten> heh, blockchains
<ashkitten> er, decentralized not necessarily federated
<ashkitten> but storing messages you can't decrypt forever is still an issue
<ashkitten> i think, anyway
<ashkitten> could always just not use matrix and instead something along the lines of scuttlebutt
<ashkitten> reinventing scuttlebutt using lessons learned from the fediverse and matrix... maybe
<ashkitten> i don't want to do that alone
<sorear> joepie91: remember back when ISPs were sort of trustworthy and people expected distributed HTTP caching to be a thing
<joepie91> isn't that kinda sorta still the case?
<joepie91> with edge servers and all that
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<sorear> it's a thing if you're a huge company like netflix
<sorear> but Cache-Control: public serves approximately no purpose in the future that happened :/
<joepie91> right
<joepie91> guess it's not very compatible with TLS and such after all :P
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<steveeJ> does someone happen to know how to fix this bazel issue? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/ONEGvHVL/
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<philipp[m]> Anybody here watching Tour de France?
<ar> i'm surprised it's a thing this year
<philipp[m]> They seem to handle it pretty reasonably. It was either this tour or have essentially the entire sport go into bancruptcy.
<gchristensen> yikes
<immae> I didn’t go at my window to look them pass through it so I guess it’s a no for me :p
<steveeJ> (sorry for double-posting for the ones who watch this channel and #nixos . I originally meant to only post it there)
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<gchristensen> rip to nice coffee in this house, I've moved on to a drip maker
<sphalerite> https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-stable/2020-September/092660.html amusing thread (courtesy of a colleague)
<sphalerite> Clearly the equines aren't doing their work correctly.
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<makefu> gchristensen: btw regarding your tweet about offlineimap. i switched to mbsync half a year ago and i would never go back to offlineimap. if you have the chance i highly recommend you to at least give mbsync a shot :)
<gchristensen> I used mbsync for a while, but seemed to run in to problems with moving messages between mailboxes and UID things ... I had this whole, nasty script to deal with it
<gchristensen> but yeah, mbsync not being python2 is pretty compelling :D
<infinisil> "We are processing the requested change to your cookie preferences.This may take up to a few minutes to process."
<infinisil> Of course it does
<makefu> infinisil: with an ad-blocker this request was probably also blocked
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<infinisil> GitHub GraphQL api seems borked :/
<infinisil> Hm does this still work
<infinisil> ,random-pr
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/78587 (by alyssais, 31 weeks ago, open): perlPackages.Plack: run some more tests
<infinisil> Apparently it does..
<infinisil> Never mind, it just can't handle 100 result of the query I made, need to set it to like 40..
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<colemickens> happily losign time to reading about Valorant servers or hearing about Overwatch server architecture. Neat stuff, I was ignorant of just how complex games are these days
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<ar> cole-h: that dwarf is a heavy metal fan
<drakonis> ventoy trip report
<drakonis> it workd
<drakonis> works
<drakonis> got nixos to boot off it
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<cole-h> Nice
<sphalerite> oh dear… 446G resilvered, 7.93% done, 3 days 10:35:24 to go
<cole-h> How big is it? 👀
<viric> what is 'resilvered'?
<cole-h> "Resilvering data is the same concept as rebuilding or resyncing data onto the new disk into the array."
<viric> ahh ok
<cransom> you can set some options to make resilvering faster if you don't care about current io traffic
<viric> I'm more into btrfs. the zfs take of ram was terrible for me
<V> ?
<viric> sphalerite: you need more than one disk for redundancy for such long 'resilvering'
<V> viric: do you mean in htop and similar
<cole-h> (I'm sure they do)
<viric> :)
<viric> V: I mean that zfs takes a big block of ram for its cache. It doesn't use the linux pagecache
<sphalerite> cole-h: 8TB disks, 5.47TiB used
<V> viric: why is that an issue?
<sphalerite> cransom: hmm, since current IO is completely tanking anyway…
<V> It takes an unconventional way of doing most things
<V> It's own concept of mounts/fs, etc too
<viric> V: the issue is that my system has less ram available for processes
<viric> (with zfs)
<V> Does it not drop caches when the system is starved for memory?
<viric> no
<viric> to me that's the big zfs thing.
<cransom> arc will give back memory to a minimum set size if necessary
<viric> maybe it has changed but I remember having to reboot
<cole-h> When was the last time you tried ZFS? I feel like it's been undergoing some fairly rapid development recently...
<viric> I forgot the details
<viric> years ago
<cole-h> Yeah
<cole-h> I bet it didn't even have native encryption at that time :P
<viric> I don't remember it
<cole-h> Yeah, definitely not (if years, plural, was indeed intended): https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ZFS-On-Linux-0.8-Released
<cole-h> "ZFS On Linux 0.8 adds native encryption support"
<cransom> i don't think arc had ever fundamentally changed. the min/max it would use for memory cache was always tunable.
<viric> maybe the defaults were annoying
<cransom> it defaults to half of the system memory, which, probalby not ideal for lots of desktops.
<viric> so what are your arc limits for desktops, for those of you who use zfs?
<viric> what would make 'arc' free memory to the system, btw?
<viric> maybe you all have lots of RAM, simply :)
<sphalerite> zfs will free memory to the system if there's memory pressure
<viric> I don't remember a good experience with this
<cole-h> Does anybody know how I would go about debugging why my keyboard is randomly disconnecting?
<cole-h> It appears to lose power and then reconnect. I didn't have this issue with my other keyboard, so it's possible it's a problem with the power delivery from my mobo...
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<lassulus> try keyboard on other computer?
<cole-h> The thing is, it's completely random when it happens :(
<cole-h> Yesterday it didn't happen at all. Today it happened minutes before I sent my message
<lassulus> Try keyboard longer on other computer? :D
<cole-h> :P
<lassulus> but for how long does it disconnect? you could check (if its external) with udevadm monitor or xinpust list
<samueldr> less LEDs lighted up?
<samueldr> (if it's power)
<cole-h> I've tried turning off the LEDs, so maybe it's not power then.
<drakonis> btrfs ate my home directory
<drakonis> or not quite
<drakonis> its still here
<drakonis> i'm going to totally nuke this btrfs partition to avoid future nightmares
<drakonis> i used mv and the directory disappeared from the tree
<drakonis> rebooting made it show up again
<drakonis> ffs
<drakonis> even bcachefs might be less horrible than btrfs at this point
<drakonis> its a dangerous thing without suse's magic juice kernel
<etu> :O
* etu has stayed away from btrfs for many years
<drakonis> bcachefs looks very promising
<etu> I hope it will be better now when fedora is using it by default
<drakonis> i want to try f2fs on my ssd as it seems to be designed for flash memory storage
<drakonis> well
<drakonis> it is pretty decent on opensuse
<etu> It would be great with a good filesystem in Linux
<drakonis> but they run a patched btrfs
<drakonis> not the vanilla btrfs
<samueldr> f2fs AFAIUI is designed for flash that's not managed already
<samueldr> your ssd would be
<drakonis> real talk though
<drakonis> ventoy is great.
<drakonis> gonna move all of my data out of btrfs and switch to a non suse distro
<drakonis> re: fedora and btrfs
<drakonis> fedora is doing the same as opensuse, it isnt using vanilla btrfs
<drakonis> so it has all the safeties and patches
<drakonis> it was a spooky experience though
<drakonis> the disppearing home directory trick
<drakonis> disappearing
<cole-h> That happened to me once when I was on ext4
<cole-h> I had just backed up some stuff to my external drive
<cole-h> And when I `ls`d in my home, my most-used directories were gone (e.g. ~/workspace/vcs)
<cole-h> But when I rebooted, they were back
<viric> I also have used btrfs many years
<viric> I've lost files many times with ext4
<sphalerite> yaaaay booting a nix-built kernel and initramfs on a unifi ap ac-lite
<samueldr> nice!
<sphalerite> also it's fascinating how fast such a lightweight kernel will build! Just over 3min on my server
<samueldr> yeah, when you don't =m everything that can be it goes faster :)
<sphalerite> anyway, next steps I guess are working out how to fit this stuff into nixwrt
<drakonis> no need to build all the drivers yeah :V?
<cole-h> OK, I think the USB problem is just with my motherboard -- it also happens in my VM where I pass through the USB hub to windows
<samueldr> cole-h: couldn't it also be the hub?
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<Church-> Okay, getting nixOS installed over a serial console sucks as it turns out. Or at least on my new little apu2 box.
<Church-> Seems I can't moun /dev/loop0 oddly enough...
<Church-> mount*
<samueldr> what sucks about the serial console?
<samueldr> if it's because it doesn't know its size, in a terminal of the same size run
<samueldr> ,tty
<{^_^}> samueldr: Did you mean stty?
<{^_^}> echo "stty rows $(tput lines) cols $(tput cols)"
<samueldr> yes, thank you {^_^}
<samueldr> that'll give you the command to run to set the serial terminal to the right size
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<Church-> samueldr: More annoyances with the 20.03 miminal image. Couldn't get past stage 1 boot cycle.
<Church-> Also some issues with characters being double pressed I need to build in a patch for.
<Church-> Main annoyance was issue 1
<sphalerite> anyone familiar with kernel config and can help me work out why I can't enable SOC_AR724X, which depends only on ATH79 (which is set to y)?
<samueldr> sphalerite: whych kernel tree?
<sphalerite> samueldr: mainline 5.7.17
<sphalerite> sorry, 5.7.16
<Church-> Hmm, does GPT work with coreboot...
<sphalerite> Church-: depends on the payload.
<sphalerite> Church-: and the GPT.
<samueldr> GPT is simply the partitioning scheme
<samueldr> UEFI?
<Church-> Yah, looks like it.
<samueldr> coreboot can boot UEFI using TIanocore
<samueldr> coreboot in itself doesn't boot anything, it only hands-off to something that has smarts to boot, once the hardware has been prepared
<sphalerite> Church-: I installed nixos on an APU2 by dd'ing the minimal iso to a USB stick without any issues
<Church-> sphalerite: And did GPT? Or stuck with MBR?
<samueldr> it wouldn't surprise me that the APU2 uses seabios, which is a legacy bios type boot, but I'm pulling this out of my bare ass :)
<Church-> Err GPT/EUFI
<Church-> samueldr: So it says it's coreboot, but I did sea (:P) seabios
<sphalerite> Church-: iirc, GPT with a BIOS boot partition.
<samueldr> yes, it is coreboot :), but coreboot itself will not boot the operating system in a sane setup
<Church-> Ahhh.
<samueldr> so yeah, sounds like legacy bios boot scheme rather than UEFI
<samueldr> sphalerite: weird... is it expected that SOC_AR724X matches literally *only* the Kconfig file?
<samueldr> sphalerite: like, you could enable it and it would change nothing in the build
<sphalerite> Church-: you could flash coreboot with tianocore or u-boot if you want UEFI support, but it's probably easiest to leave the firmware alone
<Church-> Yeah screw that :p
<sphalerite> Church-: in which case I'd suggest BIOS-on-GPT.
<Church-> Yeah not sure how to do that, so I'll stick with MBR for now. :P
<sphalerite> samueldr: according to `make menuconfig`, it does select HAVE_PCI and PCI_AR724X, which I am rather interested in
<samueldr> yeah, that's what I was thinking about, it must be only there to enable those options
<sphalerite> yeah
<sphalerite> but somehow I don't have the option to enable it..?
<samueldr> can you enable those two manually?
<samueldr> I have difficulties still groking the dependencies flow in those Kconfig options
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<sphalerite> samueldr: I just tried echo CONFIG_SOC_AR7241X=y >> .config && make oldconfig
<sphalerite> samueldr: it removed it
<samueldr> I was thinking about trying to enable HAVE_PCI and PCI_AR724X in make menuconfig
<sphalerite> err s/1X/X/
<samueldr> maybe they'll have unmet conditions
<samueldr> since conditions to enable an option, IIRC, can be set anywhere
<samueldr> so you'd end up in a situation where CONFIG_SOC_AR724X can't exist since its "select"ed options can't exist
<samueldr> that system SORELY needs some strictness and explanation instead of dropping options
<samueldr> I figure it must be HAVE_PCI that is causing the trouble
<sphalerite> wait, I have an idea
<Church-> And my router is building. yay :)
<samueldr> shouldn't that be a builder that builds? and a router that routes?
<sphalerite> samueldr: Ha! Adding a name to the option makes it selectable…
<samueldr> :|
<Church-> samueldr: heh
<samueldr> I think it's a reverse dependency then?
<Church-> Technically, yes.
<samueldr> you don't set SOC_AR724X, but it ends up being set by HAVE_PCI?
<sphalerite> samueldr: no, I suspect that it's just not supported but the option is there anyway
* sphalerite blames
<sphalerite> literally just adding `prompt "AR724X"` to the option makes it settable
* samueldr tries to find a doc thing
<sphalerite> kconfig-language.rst seems close but not actually helpful
<samueldr> >> If an input prompt is visible the default value is presented to the user and can be overridden by [them]
<samueldr> so looks like you're right :/
<samueldr> I hate this even more
<samueldr> that wasn't the thing that I had in mind though, but this explains your situation
<samueldr> then the section "type definition + default value:
<samueldr> so the fact that it's "def_bool" means you have to use prompt since the shorthand is not available
<sphalerite> yeah
<sphalerite> but… why doesn't it have a prompt
<sphalerite> oh right I was going to blame
<samueldr> what wouldn't surprise me is that at some point in the past it was a reverse dependency
<samueldr> :/ looks like it never was
<cole-h> samueldr: It's possible it's the hub, but doesn't make a difference because all my USB ports behave the same way :P
<sphalerite> note the elimination of the SOC_ options and the addition of a description for the PCI_ one
<samueldr> :/
<samueldr> but... why is it that way mainline?
<samueldr> at least that's a self-contained patch to bring in your kernel build
<samueldr> not hard to wrap your head around
<sphalerite> yeah that's something telent was complaining about as well, lots of patches in openwrt that would make perfect sense to upstream but for some reason aren't
<sphalerite> yay! Sort of. ar724x-pci: probe of 18250000.pcie-controller failed with error -22
<sphalerite> time to sprinkle my kernel with printks
<Church-> Okay at some point I'll get my router up and actually accessible.
<Church-> Third verse, same as the first. :p
<sphalerite> looks like I need more openwrt patches. And with that, good night!
<cole-h> o/
<Church-> Oh I'm dumb. My config isn't booting from the right device lol
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<colemickens> I love how small my diff was to support the PBP. Basically had to disable a few intel-gpu specific items, disable the proprietary muck (and OBS) and that was about it.
<colemickens> If only Windows were this way, we'd have more ARM laptops around :)
<samueldr> well... and have a special kernel
<samueldr> but yes
<samueldr> you're likely to have as many differences between an AMD-based system and an intel-based system
<samueldr> with NixOS