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<samueldr> this is getting quite ridiculously poweruser-hostile https://stuff.samueldr.com/screenshots/2019/10/20191004220507.png
<samueldr> hmm, this is dumb... I protected a branch in github, and reviews are mandatory to merge PRs
<samueldr> though I am the only member of the project
<samueldr> I can't approve my own PRs
<samueldr> (and I can't request changes either :/)
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<infinisil> samueldr: Haha
<pie_> joepie91: ugh i should read that but noone seems to care about my stuff and im so sidetracked right now xp
<pie_> joepie91: thanks for the ping
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<infinisil> God damnit
<infinisil> Trying to get invidious, an alternative frontend for youtube working
<infinisil> But google is so nice to detect the automated traffic and blocks my requests for that
<infinisil> F*ck you google, seriously
<infinisil> It might just be the network my DO server is in
<infinisil> But still
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<sphalerite> I'm running bind on my laptop, and want to forward the domain .lan to my home router. Does anyone know a good way to do so?
<ar> sphalerite: zone "lan" { type forward; forwarders { router.ip.address.here; }; };
<sphalerite> ar: hm, I had that, but bind complained about DNSSEC stuff
<ar> sphalerite: "dnssec-must-be-secure lan no;" in global options {}?
<sphalerite> I tried that too :/ still getting no valid RRSIG resolving 'bringtnix.lan/DS/IN': insecurity proof failed resolving 'bringtnix.lan/A/IN':
<sphalerite> ar: any other ideas?
<ar> not really
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<sphalerite> did I miss anything??
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<sphalerite> samueldr: wat
<samueldr> HDMI boot dongle
<samueldr> it's a "clever" way that amlogic has put a backdoor-type option to force a boot option
<sphalerite> riiiiight
<samueldr> it reads the EDID info from a dongle and checks for magic incantation in there
<sphalerite> weird.
<samueldr> yes, quite
<samueldr> but useful for us, software-type hackers!
<samueldr> you can force the boot to a usb drive, even if the CPU is set to only boot from whatever internal storage it has
<sphalerite> fancy fancy
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<infinisil> Hm, I'm trying to get Enigmail working well
<infinisil> But the "key management" tab is screwing with me, it says "Could not connect to keyserver at keys.openpgp.org.The keyserver reported an error." when I search for "test" or so
<infinisil> Although it doesn't do that when I search for "foo@example.com"
<infinisil> However, when I search for a key id like "0x422E9EDAE0157170", my new (more secure) gpg key that I uploaded to keys.openpgp.org, it just shows a progress bar that doesn't do anything
<__monty__> Is test a valid id? Maybe it's restricted to email addresses?
<infinisil> And now I'm worried that others can't find my key when they want to
<infinisil> Searching for 0x422E9EDAE0157170 on https://keys.openpgp.org directly indeed does return my key
<infinisil> Well, even with a fresh ~/.thunderbird and the latest thunderbird version this happens :/
<infinisil> If some other Nix user of thunderbird + enigmail could confirm this also happens for them that would be great
<elvishjerricco> Signal doesn't have a way to backup and restore for new phones. That's so stupid.
<elvishjerricco> Well it does for android, but not for iOS. So I get a new safety number, and all my contacts can no longer trust they know who owns the number. Yay!
<__monty__> That's even sillier than their requirement you have a phone number. You're not allowed to have secure communication if you don't have a smartphone.
<infinisil> Btw I took my problem to #nixos
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<samueldr> and weirdly enough, signal "shouldn't work without a phone number", but here the phone number associated with it is not the telephony number of the device it runs on :/
<samueldr> so it's not required for it to work :/
<__monty__> Wait, it's not even necessary and yet you can't register without one? : (
<samueldr> I don't remember what and how, but the phone number associated with my signal account is a voip number
<elvishjerricco> Yea the phone number is only used to authenticate that you own the number via an initial sms, and then becomes more of a username
<elvishjerricco> After setup, the phone number is never contacted again by signal
<qyliss> They actively encourage using VoIP numbers if you don't want to give out a phone number
<qyliss> still bs, though. voip numbers don't grow on trees.
<samueldr> yeah
<__monty__> Sounds like incompetent engineering.
<qyliss> not at all
<qyliss> it's very much a design decision
<qyliss> just a terrible one
<__monty__> Hence the incompetence.
<qyliss> not engineering incompetennce though
<elvishjerricco> Yea, anyone know another messenger that's as good as signal but without the bullshit?
<__monty__> Design is part of engineering.
<__monty__> elvishjerricco: I've resorted to Wire.
<samueldr> (not fascetious) what's good about signal?
<qyliss> Not this high level.
<samueldr> I mean, what parts are important that are "good"?
<qyliss> samueldr: the encryption
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: "The signal protocol" is a pretty advanced degree of security
<__monty__> Wire implements axolotl.
<samueldr> good, just wanted to know if that was the bit that you desired, or something else
<samueldr> while I do have a signal account, it's mostly unused, only one contact and it's a tertiary contact point
<elvishjerricco> I've got three people who I only contact through IRC and Signal, and that's all I use Signal for
<elvishjerricco> I wish Apple would let Android have iMessage; it rivals Signal in security, and has fantastic UX.
<samueldr> I remember steve jobs announcing it as a system built on open protocols
* samueldr sighs
<qyliss> that was facetime I think?
<elvishjerricco> He announced FaceTime that way
<samueldr> oh, right
<elvishjerricco> But they got sued because their P2P protocol violated some random pattent
<samueldr> mixed them up
<elvishjerricco> So it fell through
<qyliss> I'm excited for https://lizard.chat, edef's (and puck's, who is not in this channel) NLnet-funded chat protocol
<qyliss> I hope it comes to something
<elvishjerricco> Why does tor have to be integrated into the messenger? Why can't the messenger just use the network normally, and the user route the network through tor?
<samueldr> it sounds like it's not only routing, but discovering through?
<qyliss> elvishjerricco: AIUI it uses Tor hidden services for addressing and stuff
<elvishjerricco> Ahh
<elvishjerricco> I didn't realize that was a thing
<edef> yeah, we use them for addressing but crucially not necessarily for connectivity
<edef> namely, we use the tor hidden service directory to advertise your store-and-forward server
<edef> optionally you can use hidden services for direct connectivity also
<elvishjerricco> I have a stupid, pointless question. What happens if I plug two usb-c chargers into each other?
<samueldr> have you ever seen ghostbusters?
<samueldr> good question though
<__monty__> Well, if they're on the same rails and at same voltage nothing *should* happen if I understand electricity right.
<samueldr> I assume that, with well-designed chargers the PD negotiations are not going to work
<elvishjerricco> I assume it depends on the charger. I'm sure there are bad ones that would do something bad
<elvishjerricco> PD negotiations?
<samueldr> power delivery
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<samueldr> when you see 20V 60-100W type-c, it is (should) be done through PD
<MichaelRaskin> DElivering 20V without negotiation via USB-C sounds like a good way to get famous quick
<elvishjerricco> Ah, so if a device doesn't support fast charging, it'll tell the charger that and the charger won't throw as much power at it?
<samueldr> generally, if it's not doing PD (or doing it wrongly), it won't tell anything and the charger will stay at the basic safe usb levels
<samueldr> see the raspi 4
<samueldr> and then yeah, when it can, it'll have a way to expose "I want more power" and such
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<elvishjerricco> samueldr: You were the other person that said they couldn't use blueman on 19.09, right?
<elvishjerricco> Turns out blueman requires a service now, and nixos has a module for it: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/modules/services/desktops/blueman.nix
<samueldr> yesm elvishjerricco
<samueldr> thanks
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