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<Shados> samueldr: so they're planning to reverse engineer the DDR PHY blob? That's pretty cool
<samueldr> looks like it from the update of the MNT Reform
<Shados> Which would also mean that anyone else building an i.MX8M device could potentially do it libre, too :).
<samueldr> (re-read the part) maybe not, or not at first, "and to find out if we have a chance to replace this firmware at some point in the future"
<samueldr> but they're making the first actual steps
<Shados> Huh, they're swapping Cherry ML out for Kailh Choc. Good choice.
<Shados> (ML switches are much more durable than typical laptop scissor switches, but they don't feel any nicer. Kailh Choc do mostly feel like an actual mechanical switch, but with minimal travel.)
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<colemickens> oh my god I want to cry
<iqubic> Why?
<colemickens> something happened, this new Nighlty build of Firefox is crazy.
<colemickens> maybe the singlest biggest boost of overall snappiness I've ever felt in Linux builds?
<iqubic> Oh, yes. Right.
<iqubic> That.
<iqubic> I ran into a problem with Firefox where it logged me out of all my websites and reset all my caches and stuff.
<iqubic> That happened only a few hours ago.
<etu> I ran into the issue with Firefox making a new profile for each install the other day ._.
<etu> It's been fixed in master at least
<iqubic> Oh, that happened to me a few days ago.
<etu> I was like ohnononono
<iqubic> That was basically my reaction to.
<etu> But did a bit of profile management and it was fine
<iqubic> I did a re-install.
<iqubic> I purged all the firefox folders from my machine, removed it from my configuration.nix, rebuilt, then added it back and rebuilt again.
<etu> I think it will do that for each path of your binary unless you have an environment variable out parameter set
<etu> Oh wow
<iqubic> Might not have been the best way to solve the issue, but it worked for me.
<etu> I went to about:profiles
<etu> Which I learned about yesterday or so
<ar> iqubic: about:profiles
<ar> iqubic: your old default profile is probably still there
<ar> oh, >purged all the firefox folders from my machine
<ar> maybe not anymore
<iqubic> I have everything sorted out now. It was a pain, but every thing is working just fine now.
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<infinisil> Hm, the currently estimated prices for nixcon tickets are a bit concerning.. https://discourse.nixos.org/t/nixcon-2019-location/1259/21
<infinisil> 60 EUR for 1 day, but might drop with sponsors
<gchristensen> I am surprised the ticket includes a hotel
<infinisil> Yeah same
<infinisil> (the 450 EUR one)
<gchristensen> how much was nixcon 2017/2018?
<pie_> yeah i read 450 and i was like wut, but given that it includes the hotel its starting to sound a bit better...still tho fingers crossed for more sponsors otherwise my wallet may or may not be emptying real fast at the end of this year >_>
<infinisil> I got earlybird tickets in 2018 for £37.77
<infinisil> And £16.47 for hackday
<pie_> jesus, how many conferences am i planning to go to...
<infinisil> Ohh and I think 2017 was free..
<infinisil> Yup
<infinisil> So from 2017 free -> 2018 £55 -> 2019 potentially 3*60 EUR
<pie_> infinisil, how was the population
<pie_> idk how expensive/hard it is to rent a venue for 160 people for three days
<aanderse> i could probably get an auditorium for 250 people for 3 days for free... but then everyone would have to fly to canada
<aanderse> ha ha ha
<infinisil> 2017 had over 10 sponsors though, 2018 about the same
<MichaelRaskin> That would be North America Nix Con, I guess.
<gchristensen> aanderse: perhaps we should
<infinisil> pie_: 100 for 2017, 120 for 2018
<pie_> this would be scary if i was an organizer because id be scared about turnout with prices like that :p
<aanderse> gchristensen: i have a feeling we'd probably only need a room for about 5 if we did that :p
<gchristensen> pie_: I am sure the whole thing is scary
<MichaelRaskin> gchristensen: which meaning of «fly» you intended?
<gchristensen> where did I say fly?
<MichaelRaskin> Well, you agreed that «everyone would have to fly to Canada»
<gchristensen> ah, I agreed that we should have NixCon Americas :)
<MichaelRaskin> Given that if I leave IRC logged in to #nixos overnight there is a lot of text in the morning, I would assume North America has a larger Nix user population than 5.
<gchristensen> it definitely does
<aanderse> i doubt my wife would cater if it was over 5
<aanderse> ;-)
<infinisil> MichaelRaskin: Hehe well, I'm in europe, but am awake overnight :P
<gchristensen> aanderse: want to come to Berkshire County, MA for a Nix BBQ?
<aanderse> ohh
* aanderse google maps it
<pie_> NixRoadTrip
<aanderse> yeah that's only a 7 hour drive
<aanderse> pretty much straight east
<pie_> still really expensive for 200 people no matter how I look at it.
* pie_ is clueless about logistics
<pie_> and then add on the travel cost to brno, which will probably not be that high for me personally, but yeah
<pie_> owie.
<gchristensen> the cost of the actual conference is nearly a rounding error for me to get to it
<infinisil> pie_: Time to find sponsors :)
<pie_> ^i guess
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<elvishjerricco> Hm irccloud seems to be acting weird
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<iqubic> Seems like it.
<pie_> i never really paid attention to pr numbers but we seem to be stable around 1200 recently
<gchristensen> it'd be interesting to graph that ...
<pie_> exactly what i was thikning
<aanderse> hovering at 1200 is better than hovering at 1300
<aanderse> but
<aanderse> lets make a target of hovering at 1100, right? :D
<pie_> oh sure im not complaining :P
<aanderse> yeah when i first saw 1300 i was horrified
<pie_> hahaha
<aanderse> until i looked at how many PRs are opened and closed a week
<aanderse> then i was just impressed
<pie_> are there stats for that?
<aanderse> you can pull a few pretty easily off github somewhere
<samueldr> yes
<pie_> i just look at the id counter at somewhere above 60000 and im like LOL :D
<samueldr> pie_: look at bot last nixcons' RM's talks
<samueldr> at both*
<flokli> well, there's https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pulse too
<aanderse> ah yeah thats the one
<aanderse> pulse
<samueldr> though getting the data is *highly* annoying, especially given that at least one PR/issue makes github go 500
* samueldr checks if it is fixed
<flokli> 1432 merged PRs the last month is quite impressive.
<aanderse> the issue count has increased recently though, my subjective impression tells me
<samueldr> oooh, they apparently fixed the 500; I can probably re-do the whole database build run, and then fix the things to get more stats
<pie_> im not complaining about issue count
<pie_> id much prefer the count increases as opposed to getting closed for idiotic reasons
<pie_> sorry even thinking about that gets my pulse to jump
<pie_> gonna cut that rant off right there xD
<aanderse> pie_: more and more issues without people getting support is not good either, though
<pie_> the solution to too many problems isnt "the problem does not exist"
<pie_> but i havent been a maintaibner for any major repo so its not like im qualified to criticise
<aanderse> i think people are willing to help
<aanderse> discourse makes me think so, at least
<aanderse> maybe we should try to point people to the growing issue list to provide help where they can?
<pie_> i think people that try to contribute do do that, not sure how advisable it is to try to encourage people more, but maybe youre right
<andi-> Probably unpopular opinion: I do not like the github issues at all.. We lack basic features like filtering for packages / releases / …. Maybe a maintainer of a package (a whole different issue with nixpkgs....) could then have a way to check for issues or automatically get assigned/mentioned/…
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<andi-> Not that it would magically resolve issues..
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<samueldr> they are almost one-dimensional, and are pretty limited in many ways
<aanderse> andi-: valid point, filtering features would be very useful
<samueldr> no ways to make custom fields that users can fill
<pie_> well we *do* have a lot of information in there. i havent done much issue stuff so i havent experienced hte pain particularly. and as your mass of information increases, you have to be able to deal with it
<andi-> yeah.. I gave up on it.. Tried bookmarks for a while but you re-read the same issues every 6 months since you do not see what is new/updated/changed/…
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<pie_> which is to say, i agree this seems like a reasonable problem to have
<andi-> It is hard to have an alternative. It would be nice if we would be able to hook into the github issue tracker properly or request structured data (that is machine readable) for new issues :/
<andi-> Something inbetween GitHub and Bugzilla (uarg) would be neat.
<pie_> we do have a really big project, i dont suppose we'd have any luck talking to github?
<samueldr> while big, I think it's also structured in an "exotic" way compared to most other projects
<pie_> we arent E N T E R P R I S E? ;P
<samueldr> in a way, nixpkgs is kind of a huge monorepo
<andi-> What are similar monorepo style projects that carry that many packages/features/flavors? Maybe we can learn from someone..
<samueldr> while the issue tracker seems a bit lacking in managing a monorepo for users not members of the tracker
<gchristensen> labels are like a key-value store ... :D
<samueldr> (and users of the tracker manage through the gnarly "use labels for a K/V store")
<andi-> gchristensen: isn't it just a key store since the value is always the same?
<gchristensen> '^key:(.*)$' :)
<andi-> well let me quickly add all the packages/attributes as labels!
<pie_> i guess we could encourage some conventions like for pull requests, though we couldnt enforce it
<pie_> like the package-name: prefix or something
<gchristensen> we do encourage it in commit messages (ofborg's auto-building is predicated on this)
<pie_> i forgot to say thats that i meant similar to that
<pie_> *encourage some conventions like for pull requests/commits
<samueldr> if we made a porcelain over github issues, it would be possible to add more data through additional payload in the issue body; but _getting_ them to filter and manipulate is still tricky unless you have a whole copy of the issues database
<pie_> didnt forget, just was unclear :D
<samueldr> (and then it's just another huge hack)
<pie_> samueldr, yeah, question is if its worth it and how reliable it will be
<pie_> and if theres anyone to implement it :p
<pie_> i think theres also some commercial frontends for *users*, not sure what theyre like though
<samueldr> probably medium worth, probably unreliable, and probably too annoying to implement and maintain; rather than having issues on another platform
<pie_> i in those addon services github has
<pie_> *i mean in
<gchristensen> I think there is also a *lot* of value in having github issues,
<pie_> of course, said third party service wouldnt help the project overall
<andi-> I tried using https://octobox.io/ for a while
<pie_> right that i think
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<pie_> heads up, "a serious bug with kernel 5.1 and lvm/dm-crypt combo causes massive data loss"
<pie_> "situation developing - check arch linux forums"
<gchristensen> yeah thats cool right
* pie_ shrugs
<pie_> ^ @ crypt tihng
<gchristensen> philips hue seems like one of the few good IOT-ey things
<gchristensen> they're shutting down the servers for their oldest bridge device, but it will remain essentially fully functional
<samueldr> pie_: is that the TRIM one or another one?
<samueldr> I mean, it *is* the month for data loss issues
<pie_> samueldr, i have no idea
<andi-> and zfs also released just a few days ago ;-)
<pie_> just saw it in company chat
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<samueldr> gchristensen: I agree, I have hue stuff and never connected them to phillips' home servers and everything just works locally
<gchristensen> andi-: ZFS doesn't get a pass on data-loss-month
<pie_> gchristensen, oh no, it doesnt?
<andi-> I just keep all my IT on the last month! Ha!
<{^_^}> zfsonlinux/zfs#8756 (by billyauhk, 1 week ago, open): Test Suite destroyed my data
<pie_> oh heh i think i saw that when you posted it
<gchristensen> I think samueldr posted it
<samueldr> it was j*epie91 or i*finisil I thi
<samueldr> think*
<pie_> the real question is not having backups when youre running zfs :P
<samueldr> (I just brought it back forward)
<pie_> because it seems to be just too easy
<pie_> alternatively youre just too poor to buy more HDDs
<samueldr> "just too poor" caution! there is a bunch of enthusiasts who actually are "poor"!
<pie_> not sure what you mean by that but
<samueldr> just get another HDD can be hard for some
<pie_> i think i was agreeing with you=
<pie_> ?
<samueldr> possibly
<andi-> samueldr: out of curiosity did you put those checkbox symbols in #61847 on purpose or is GitHub now replacing `[ ]` and `[x]` ?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/61847 (by samueldr, 3 days ago, open): Fixes meson for systemd-boot AArch64 cross-build
<samueldr> purpose
<samueldr> I hate having x/y tasks on the issue listing
<pie_> samueldr, again: its strange to not have backups when youre running zfs, because everything i read seems to suggest its really easy. alternatively, one may just not be able to obtain more HDDs.
<samueldr> pie_: yes, with that reading we definitely agree :)
<pie_> i used to be an unconnected kid who didnt get any money from their parents so i know....
<samueldr> I was hoping it wasn't "just buy some HDDs you fool"
<pie_> now im a slightly more connected kid whos working for a bit and will be poor again after a year and a half of going back to university or something
<pie_> :P
<samueldr> andi-: speaking of #61847 , it technically is close to ready, but there's still the issue of how to implement the lookup table for those exceptions in the cpu family
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/61847 (by samueldr, 3 days ago, open): Fixes meson for systemd-boot AArch64 cross-build
<pie_> i want to set up a homelab when i go back home but im not sure how im going to do it :I theres like nothing in my hometown
<pie_> and im not sure how id lug a bunch of collected junk from berlin back to hungary
<andi-> samueldr: I started a rebuild of the systemd branch this morning.. Just now looked at your PR for the first time.. Should have merged it in then I'd see what else breaks.. Guess I'll run another build tonight..
<samueldr> that PR is a no-op for non-cross
<samueldr> andi-: the rebuilds count is the commit you already have in your branch
<andi-> I see
<andi-> I dropped that this morning since it broke in meson and I wanted to run tests on aarch64
<andi-> let me actually continue reading through it..
<samueldr> staging seemed broken, I have a note in bold
<samueldr> >> This was tested when rebased on nixos-unstable. In the current state of staging, something (glib) doesn't build for at-leat cross-compilation, it looks like.
<samueldr> in case you were building off staging
<andi-> I am regulary rebasing against the latest unstable channel bump since I diff my hydra tests to hydra.nixos.org
<andi-> Otherwise it is kinda hard to know where breakage comes from
<andi-> lets move this to #nixos-systemd ;-)
<gchristensen> anyone played with interpreting audio? for example, I'm interested in knowing if a microphone hears an A -> B -> C -> D -> A progression and frankly don't know the first thing of doing this
<andi-> A -> B -> C are different notes, patterns, …? I have written a bit of rust code to apply FFTs from gstreamer sources (pulse, alsa, …)
<pie_> voice recognition or...?
<gchristensen> right, the musical notes A, B, C, D, A are played in order
<samueldr> or l10n maybe
<samueldr> >> However, in English- and Dutch-speaking regions, pitch classes are typically represented by the first seven letters of the Latin alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F and G).
<samueldr> (just in case A-B-C was getting confusing)
<andi-> The notes part is still WIP.. I am reading a few books regarding that since I want to get that right / never unstood music theory so far
<gchristensen> andi-: can you direct me to something about that?
<andi-> I can probably send you a link to a book... Let me look it up where I stored it..
<samueldr> you trying to make your computer unlock like a zelda puzzle with an ocarina?
<gchristensen> lol
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<andi-> So the two/three books that I recommended gchristensen are "Musimathics" I & II as well as "The Computer Music Tutorial" (MIT).. Have only started reading the first two.. have them all here if anyone is interested in a specific chapter ;-)
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<Church-> Man having not used Nix in over three months I forgot what it was like.
<Church-> I also forgot how dang big this keyboard was
<etu> oh wow
<gchristensen> ZFS not supporting trim is a feature?
<samueldr> here it seems to be related to the stack; dm-crypt / LVM
<samueldr> so even trim on ZFS could be safe
<etu> samueldr: And it seems to be only samsung drives
<samueldr> interesting
<etu> aanderse: tbh I would not have anything against going to canada :p
<samueldr> thas wasn't known earlier
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<samueldr> going to Canada is a long trip :/
<samueldr> aaaaall the way to the west, or to the east
<etu> It indeed is
<etu> But I'd prefer canada over the US
<samueldr> (I'm joking, I'm from the province of Québec)
<aanderse> nixcon 2020: the frosty north!
* etu is hyped for Czech Republic though
<samueldr> aanderse: you're from the NWT? :)
<etu> aanderse: That could be Stockholm as well :D
<aanderse> lol no... the exact opposite. southwestern Ontario hahaha
<samueldr> ah, so the not actually frosty bits
<aanderse> only in January
<etu> It pains me a bit that I today bought a computer that can run linux that I won't run NixOS on :/
<samueldr> how come?
<etu> It's a box that has a built in raspberry pi zero (a bigger one won't fit) and they are very weak and 32-bit only.
<samueldr> right
<samueldr> though, the only big issue right now is that there is no cache due to the unavailability of build hardware
<samueldr> but, I think cross is close, if not capable of, building a base image right now for armv6
<etu> Yeah, there's one thing I'm certain of. I don't want to compile stuff on that box :p
<samueldr> there was, at one point, a user-provided cache with basic packages built for armv6
<samueldr> was all built off of one raspi
<joepie91[m]> lol
<etu> haha
<joepie91[m]> that must be the rpi with the lowest lifetime on earth
<etu> I should build a rpi cluster to build a cache
<samueldr> if it wasn't writing much to SD it probably didn't affect it that much as far as lifetime goes
<samueldr> the main issue with those are SD cards fickleness
<etu> joepie91[m]: I think rpi3 can have the bootloader on the sd-cards but actually boot of a usb-drive
<samueldr> they can!
<samueldr> they can even have no sd cards at all
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<samueldr> network boot or usb boot entirely
<etu> oh
<etu> That's nice
<samueldr> (usb boot might not work with all usb drive, especially not hard drives with spindles)
<samueldr> that's why I'm having an sd card boot mine, so the hard drive has some time to spin up
<samueldr> (aaaand boot through tianocore for UEFI boot)
<samueldr> hi! I've been toying with aarch64 boot a bunch with nixos :)
<etu> I have a single rpi3 with nixos running home-assistant with zwave and such
<samueldr> currently wondering what issues there would be with armv6 raspberry pis and network boot (any kind of network boot, even with a read-only sd card firmware)
<Church-> samueldr: joepie91[m]: So I'm fighting to stop myself from snagging a pair of Focals by North
<samueldr> I guess the low amount of ram is an issue
<Church-> Actually look like decent smart glasses
<Church-> So very, very tempting...
<samueldr> 15s look at their homepage: zero tech info...
<Church-> Yeahhhh
<Church-> Awful branding
<Church-> But watching some reviews on YT they seem like a workable HUD
<Church-> Just waiting to find out if custom app support is coming on this generation
<Church-> It's basically the Intel Vaunt
<Church-> Since they bought intel's patents
<samueldr> cortex-a7, on the wear platform APQ8009w https://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/wear-2100
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<Church-> Also taking a look at the vuzix blade. Been looking for a HUD for basic notifications and directions for damn ages.
<samueldr> main gut feeling I have is: software support is going to be bad, especially when their tech startup folds :/
<Church-> Eyeppp
<samueldr> not obvious if it's using a standard google wear platform or their own software on top
<Church-> Seems to possible be their own platform.
<etu> Church-: build your own ;D
<etu> Then you have the supported software ;D
<Church-> etu: Doubt I can make one like this myself.
<Church-> But hey I think we're finally almost there
<Church-> samueldr: Like the takeaway I like from Focals is for controling it they give you a bluetooth ring with a small joystick.
<Church-> Small and discrete, I like that.
<Church-> Rather then relying on voice or physically touching the frame
<samueldr> there is something that I bet is unavailable behind some dumb patent: place your phone screen facing out from your pocket; use its digitizer as a touchpad without turning the display on
<samueldr> yes, you'd have to fondle your pocket area, but at that point, having a joystick ring in hand might also be weird
<Church-> Agreed
<samueldr> I already fondle my pocket area to change volume or skip forward/backward in podcasts
<Church-> samueldr: Ever read Halting State by Stross?
<samueldr> (speaking of: power button on the side of volume buttons is a horrible design decision)
<samueldr> hope, haven't read that
<Church-> So give it a read sometime.
<Church-> Looking forward to an AR setup like that
<Church-> It's a good spy/scifi novel
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<etu> I was at a LUG-meetup today, it was really nice
<etu> They wanted lighting talks so I signed up to talk a bit about NixOS
<etu> And they were like aiming for 10-15 minutes each, but the entire group was stuck listening to me and asking questions for like 45 minutes :D
<aanderse> nice!
<etu> "What is it used for?" "Well, I use it as a general purpose linux distro, both laptops, desktops, vpses and servers"
<etu> But it was fun :)
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<samueldr> only two laptops? (both laptops) :)
<etu> samueldr: ok, 3 then
<etu> :D
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