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<colemickens> gchristensen: do you use non-1.0 scaling anywhere? And if so, have you found the correct incantation for Qt apps? It seems a recent Qt bump changed things and I'm having a heck of a time getting Qt to look right in any scenario (laptop, mixed laptop/external, etc)
<colemickens> ("recent" being some months ago in nixpkgs but a recent Qt release anyway)
<ivan> I have just a dpi configured and it seems to work fine
<ivan> do you have extra scaling factors somewhere?
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<colemickens> sorry, I'm specifically using Sway and DPI in Wayland is different. not sure if you are as well?
<colemickens> I don't really have anything set anywhere, other than having configured the scaling factors for the monitors in sway's config.
<colemickens> But I did try every combination of envvars supposedly respected by this version of QT that is meant to tweak its scaling behavior and never really did notice a positive improvement
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<eyJhb> Need a Mac OS X expert. Can Mac boot a normalt Ubuntu Live USB, even if not formatted with their Journal stuff?
<__monty__> Booting is pre-OS so mac OS has nothing to do with it.
<__monty__> The problem's probably their uefi setup.
<__monty__> Macs can definitely read UDF though, which is the most common (only?) filesystem used on CDs.
<__monty__> So maybe the live images are UDF formatted?
<__monty__> (Side note: if you're ever considering formatting something FAT to use it cross platform, consider UDF instead works like a charm and doesn't come with FAT's annoying limitations/incarnations.
<joepie91> __monty__: CD-ROMs generally use ISO9660, DVDs either ISO9660 or UDF, I think Blu-Rays generally use UDF
<ar> __monty__: iirc their efi doesn't support fat for ESP
<__monty__> joepie91: I was gonna just say disks but didn't want the HDD/SSD confusion *and* I'm old which is why I thought of CD before DVD didn't really specifically mean CDs, thanks for the clarification though.
<__monty__> ar: Good to know. Another reason to recommend against FAT.
<ar> __monty__: the problem is, everything else standarized on using fat for ESP
<__monty__> But FAT should die. Preferably in a fire.
<ar> but it won't die, because everyone and their dogs uses it
<__monty__> So you're saying the problem is dog people?
<ar> … no
<__monty__> Oh, come on, grumpy cat needs to be avenged! ; )
<MichaelRaskin> can we please kill exFAT first?
<sphalerite> eyJhb: depends on the hardware version, older intel macs should work fine
<ar> MichaelRaskin: no, because that's what cameras use these days
<MichaelRaskin> Which is exactly the problem, why even bother killing FAT if nothing uses it
<yorick> but we need the FAT for the UEFI
<joepie91> __monty__: btw, I was wrong, there *is* a communities feature in Matrix
<manveru> joepie91: we even got a nix community :)
<joepie91> manveru: now if only it were clear how to *join* a community...
<manveru> jup
<manveru> it's at https://riot.im/app/#/group/+nix:matrix.org for me
<manveru> only got there by trying urls, there's still no directory of communities
<manveru> and if you're not using riot, i don't even know how it'd work
<manveru> the UX is also silly, to get back to your normal view, you have to click on the left on an empty space
<joepie91> manveru: using Riot desktop, and I can get to the community page via icons on people's user IDs
<joepie91> but I have no way to... join? add it to bookmarks?
<joepie91> whatever one does to a community
<tilpner> "We have previously attempted to implement Communities but we are dissatisfied with the user experience (we also have open questions on the API) and want to take another swing at it."
<tilpner> Groups as rooms might make it easier to join groups without groups-specific client support
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<infinisil> Ohh, Discourse has great vim-style keybinding integration :O
<infinisil> Well, integration, it just supports vim-style commands
<infinisil> Very nice with scrolling
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<Shados> yorick: There are UEFI implementations that support non-FAT ESPs. And, of course, if we all had coreboot+tianocore-compatible systems we could compile in EFI drivers for whatever filesystems we liked...
<ar> Shados: any other than the one on macs that supports hfs?
<Shados> ar: Not off the top of my head, although there's *something* niggling at me...
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<samueldr> it might be possible to simply add the drivers to an existing uefi bios, flash the new one, and cross fingers https://efi.akeo.ie/
<samueldr> will an existing implementation pick an EF00 partition on another FS than FAT? no way to know without testing (or disassembling and readinc impl.) I guess
<MichaelRaskin> Fortunately you can test on an external drive in most cases
<samueldr> you mean having an EF00 on another drive, yeah most likely, but still need to flash the bios/firmware :)
<samueldr> (well, unless you have a neat trick to share!)
<MichaelRaskin> Depends — sometimes you can use Qemu
<samueldr> hm, I would have assumed whatever bios shipped on my machine wouldn't like being on another different system, qemu included... but I guess qemu can be massaged into looking right enough
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<nh2> dtz: I'm having this trouble with libz. I'm trying to refactor static-haskell-nix to be made up of overlays on top of `pkgsMusl`. For any package that's not zlib, if I override it, that works. But for zlib, it completely skips what I'm declaring. Even if I do `zlib = 1`, which should fail, I can still ask for zlib and it returns the output.
<nh2> As in `(pkgs.extend (final: previous: { zlib = 1; })).zlib` just returns `pkgs.zlib`, instead of my override.
<nh2> I don't get what's going on there, and why it behaves that way only for zlib.
<Ralith> where is pkgsMusl found?
<Ralith> I've been wanting to use nix to build statically linked binaries for ages but nobody ever knows anything about it :/
<tilpner> Ralith: Found, as in defined? stage.nix
<Ralith> tilpner: as in referenced
<Ralith> via
<Ralith> how do you actually use it
<tilpner> It's an alternative nixpkgs, like pkgsi686Linux
<tilpner> You just use the package pkgsMusl.hello instead of hello
<tilpner> And that may or may not build
<Ralith> awesome
<tilpner> Note that there's also pkgsStatic
<tilpner> It's almost like pkgsMusl, but has an extra overlay
<tilpner> It seems to enableStatic a few packages and use makeStaticBinaries
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<tilpner> (See pkgs/top-level/static.nix)
<nh2> Ralith: right now in nixpkgs master, and 19.03, you can do `nix-build -A pkgsStatic.hello` and you will obtain a statically linked GNU hello executable
<Ralith> yeah, got it
<nh2> Ralith: with my work (https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/43795, https://github.com/nh2/static-haskell-nix), you can get 300 statically linked Haskell executables
<{^_^}> #43795 (by nh2, 43 weeks ago, open): Fully static Haskell executables - overview issue
<Ralith> neat
<Ralith> nh2: re: 'work on any linux distribution' -- doesn't the interpreter still need to be patched?
<Ralith> oh, I guess static executables don't need an interpreter
<nh2> Ralith: interpreter?
<nh2> tilpner: do you understand the definition of `pkgsMusl` in `stage.nix`? I can understand `pkgsStatic`, that does `crossOverlays = [ (import ./static.nix) ];` and that's how its overrides come in. But `pkgsMusl`, what does it actually do? Where does it say that musl should be used?
<Ralith> dynamic loader
<Ralith> as in `patchelf --set-interpreter`
<nh2> Ralith: yes, static exes don't have that
<Ralith> awesome
<tilpner> nh2: It sets a few ABIs, e.g. gnu = abis.musl
<nh2> tilpner: but how does setting those ABIs resolve in eventually musl code being used?
<tilpner> I'm not familiar with the intricacies of stdenv, but it must somehow use musl after being told to use the musl abi
<nh2> hmm
<nh2> I was hoping that learning that will eventually tell me why the zlib override doesn't work
* Ralith tries rebuilding one of his projects with pkgsStatic, immediately collides headfirst with `anonymous function at /nix/store/.../libjpeg-turbo/default.nix:1:1 called with unexpected argument 'static'` :(
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<nh2> Ralith: on 19.03 or master?
<Ralith> 19.03
<nh2> In general master is better, as pkgsStatic is pretty new and I also found a couple things to fix in the last week
<Ralith> good to know
<nh2> libjpeg-turbo was one thing I also had problems with
<nh2> though it was a linker error, not an evaluation error
<nh2> ah, looks like the fact that I can't override zlib is not musl specific, also doesn't work for normal nixpkgs!
<nh2> `ls -lah $(nix-build -E '((import <nixpkgs> {}).extend (previous: final: { zlib = previous.zlib.static; })).zlib')/lib`
<nh2> this shows no `.a` file, even though I set `zlib = previous.zlib.static`
<nh2> could anybody try the above for me and confirm that it's the same for you?
<nh2> no wait, even better:
<nh2> `nix-build -E '((import <nixpkgs> {}).extend (previous: final: { zlib = 1; })).zlib'`
<nh2> this should break, right? But it does not
<Ralith> it's really weird that xlibs depends on fontforge
<nh2> in contrast, this does break as expected:
<nh2> `nix-build -E '((import <nixpkgs> {}).extend (previous: final: { git = 1; })).git'`
<tilpner> nh2: It does work with a normal overlay though
<nh2> tilpner: does using `.extend` not count as a normal overlay?
<tilpner> Apparently not
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<{^_^}> #61682 (by nh2, 10 seconds ago, open): Cannot override zlib with .extend overlay
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<tilpner> nh2: FYI, overlays usually use self: super:, which appears to be the opposite of your naming
<tilpner> nh2: Irrelevant here, but might help with some later problem
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<nh2> tilpner: oh, you are right, that is just a typo I made here. In my file I have `final: previous:`
<nh2> thanks for noticing
<nh2> I've fixed the github issue to avoid confusion
<tilpner> nh2: Found the issue
<tilpner> See bootstrap-stage4 in pkgs/stdenv/linux/default.nix
<tilpner> Then compare with toFix from stage.nix
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<Ralith> tilpner: wait, why does pkgsStatic.stdenv not have cc :|
<tilpner> Huh
<Ralith> to be specific: applying nix-shell to pkgsStatic.stdenv.mkDerivation gets me no cc
<Ralith> or gcc, or clang, or whatever
<Ralith> looks like it's x86_64-unknown-linux-musl-gcc
<Ralith> the rust ecosystem does not expect `cc` to not exist
<tilpner> nh2: Does that make sense to you?
<nh2> But I'm not sure where to look at in "compare with toFix from stage.nix"
<nh2> tilpner: the first yes, looks like the culprit is `inherit (prevStage) gettext gnum4 bison gmp perl texinfo zlib linuxHeaders;`, and none of those packages can be overridden?
<tilpner> nh2: The toFix function has stdenvOverrides after overlays
<tilpner> And uses that last while folding with extend
<tilpner> # The complete chain of package set builders, applied from top to bottom.
<tilpner> # stdenvOverlays must be last as it brings package forward from the
<tilpner> # previous bootstrapping phases which have already been overlayed.
<tilpner> It even says that this working-as-intended™
<nh2> tilpner: ah, I see. So it looks like you found the reason, but we don't have a solution yet as overriding zlib would be very useful. Do you want to comment on the issue with your findings, or shall I do it?
<tilpner> Go ahead
<Ralith> got my project to build and it's still ending up with dynamically linked libc, libstdc++, and libgcc_s
<Ralith> looks like more rust issues
<lucus16> How are pull requests that need to rebuild the world handled?
<infinisil> lucus16: Those should go to staging
<lucus16> As in they should use base branch staging?
<infinisil> Yup
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<samueldr> gimp has some flair in its standard output "EEEEeEeek! 1 GeglBuffers leaked"
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<drakonis> so, why is nix so high up in the popular github repos list?
<drakonis> nixpkgs that is
<Ralith> shouldn't it be?
<samueldr> drakonis: maybe (1) elaborate on why you think it should or shouldn't be and (2) link to where you see that, cannot seem to see that in trending or explore
<samueldr> you seem surprised that it is though
<drakonis> i'm surprised that it is so up high among other much bigger projects in terms of corporate investment
<drakonis> this looks like it was done by a third party
<drakonis> they link to a blockchain paper (?????)
<drakonis> for the reputation algorithm
<samueldr> you can order a list any way you want :) a list of github projects with a Levenshtein distance from nixpkgs would rank nixpkgs quite high!
<samueldr> but yeah, not sure what reputation here means :/
<samueldr> the linked yellow paper is a bit thick for me (or am I thick?)
<samueldr> bleh, I can't find whether I'm misrembering a bit or not about GPT and shenanigans
<samueldr> I have been successful at leaving a gap at the beginning of the disk (to embed u-boot), but I thought I would have been able to put a partition between the header and the table
<samueldr> but cgpt tells me that those sectors are outside of the valid region; entries defined at sectors from start of disk and not from start of table
<samueldr> maybe it's an implementation detail and the table always refers to space after itself?
<samueldr> hm what I see seems to say "First LBA", and an LBA I guess is always addressed as an absolute location from start of disk, so hmm
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<samueldr> that part is fun... `dd` is a software... that (sometimes) makes a copy of a GPT formatted disk... :)