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<aanderse> anyone have a sec to run find ~/.steam/ -name run.sh and see if anything shows up?
<Shados> aanderse: nada. Including with -L.
<aanderse> Shados: me too
<aanderse> hmm
<aanderse> i was trying to run protontricks (winetricks for steam proton) and it is complaining that a run.sh didn't exist under my steam dir
<Shados> Ah. I haven't been able to try proton out really, amdgpu has bugs with 3d on the card on my desktop, so my gaming is still relegated to my dedicated windows/gaming box. Although I should probably give it another shot under 5.1, maybe the bug is gone.
<aanderse> i can't say enough about how great steam proton is :)
<aanderse> but yeah i have high motivation to get steam protontricks working
<Shados> I'm looking forward to playing with it once I have a working setup >.>. I was incredibly smug in the wake of its announcement, because I'd made predictions to a handful of (disbelieving) friends about a decade ago that Valve would 1) port Steam to linux, 2) integrate wine into Steam and spend significant dev time on wine. Provided me with some very satisfying "Ha, I told you so!" moments :p.
<aanderse> ha, nice
<Shados> I had another similar moment w/ hardware ray-tracing in consumer cards, come to think of it
<aanderse> :p
<aanderse> yeah mere months before proton was announced i had gone through the very painful experience of installing a windows box at home
<aanderse> it was install windows 10 and be a good dad, or tell my son "no we can't play lego games together"
<aanderse> i found out how painful windows 10 as a htpc setup was
<Shados> haha, "installing a windows box" these days it's more like "removing most of a default windows install to get something usable"
<aanderse> i was so very pleased when i found (almost) out all the lego games work out of the box on proton
<Shados> even if you're running enterprise to begin with, it's pretty nuts now
<aanderse> it was the updates that killed it for me
<aanderse> end of the day
<aanderse> exhausted
<aanderse> turn on htpc to watch something...
<aanderse> an hour of non negotiable updates
<aanderse> oh man
<Shados> The lego star wars/hp/etc. games are pretty great for single-pc local coop, nice choice. I remember playing through the first several of them with mates :).
<aanderse> anywho, the only lego game that seems to not work out of the box is lego lord of the rings, but there are pretty simple instructions on fixing that with protontricks
<Shados> yeah I definitely would not want to use it for a htpc
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<adisbladis> tazjin: You moved to London now? O.o
<tazjin> adisbladis: yes
<adisbladis> Sweet! We should meet up
<adisbladis> tazjin: Which area are you living/working in?
<tazjin> adisbladis: live in Vauxhall, our offices that I go to are in Victoria & Kings Cross
<tazjin> I thought you were somewhere in Asia?
<adisbladis> I used to be in Hong Kong
<adisbladis> Now I'm in London too
<tazjin> we have a little London Nix meet this evening if you're around and wanna join!
<adisbladis> I'm going to a concert tonight
<adisbladis> tazjin: Another night I'm game though :)
<Taneb> London seems to be precisely too far away for me to go to meetups :(
<adisbladis> Taneb: How far?
<Taneb> adisbladis: Cambridge
<Taneb> It's an hourish on the train to KGX
<Taneb> Any closer and I'd be a regular attendant
<adisbladis> Taneb: Yeah that's really borderline
<tazjin> Taneb: would you make the trip down for a proper meetup with talks?
<Taneb> tazjin: if it starts at 7:30 at the earliest, and doesn't go on too late
<Taneb> Well, s/7:30/a time by which I can get there if I leave work at 5:30/
<tazjin> cool, I'll keep that in mind. Considering to organise something about Nix + k8s & Nix + GCP soon
<Taneb> Fridays might be easier for me, I don't need to be up early in the morning so I can stay later (I like to get a good night's sleep and be up early before work)
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<gchristensen> infinisil: I rolled out znapzend to the rest of my systems last night
<gchristensen> and promptly dumped a beer on one of them as soon as I pressed enter on the "start a backup now" command
<infinisil> Lol
<adisbladis> Thank god for backups! Oh wait...
<gchristensen> the backup did manage to finish
<gchristensen> but obviously starting a backup caused the beer spillage, so if I had not started the backup I would not have dumped the beer
<tilpner> znapzend used magic to force you to test your backups?
<gchristensen> naturally
<infinisil> Hehe, I want to see a backup software that randomly intentionally corrupts the original disk just to make sure you know how to restore from backups
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<__monty__> Clearly you exceeded the Balmer peak.
<gchristensen> I hadn't had any yet :(
<gchristensen> and I lost it all!
<__monty__> : O The tragedy!
<__monty__> I guess the Balmer peak *is* symmetrical so you clearly hadn't had enough yet.
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Should have backed up the beer ;)
<gchristensen> I had cold spares
<etu> Or backed the beer up to have it further away? :)
<gchristensen> hah!
<__monty__> ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
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<adisbladis> gchristensen: Reminds me of something funny... When TPB was taken down by the police it took two days to get back up, when the server admin was drunk in the server room it took five.
<gchristensen> haha
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<srhb> So, erm, why does this work? `git checkout any-words-go-here-followed-by-g$somesha1`
<gchristensen> hmmm
<srhb> The `-g` is significant, somehow.
<gchristensen> well I suppose it is special-casing to support checking out names spit out by `git describe`
<srhb> Aha!
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<infinisil> Interesting
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<pie_> what does starring / watching a github repo do
<drakonis> shows on your favorite repos list
<drakonis> its mostly... useless i guess?
<drakonis> there's people with hundreds of forks and repos watched
<tilpner> Watching notifies you of changes/PRs/issues
<tilpner> Can be useful if you care about the repo
<tilpner> But don't do it on nixpkgs
<pie_> lol
<samueldr> starring is like bookmark (though is public), far from useless
<drakonis> really dont do it on big repos though
<samueldr> also starring shows on your feed, so it helps discovery in a way
<drakonis> repos with a lot of churn
<pie_> i havent done it yet for anything but i have one or two on my repos so i was wondering
<samueldr> I have been made aware of a few repos via stars from people I follow
<drakonis> hm, neat.
<samueldr> I also have used my starred repos list to find a repo I didn't remember anything about except that it was relevant to my problem
<infinisil> It also just shows appreciation and is a great way to help open source developers feel motivated with their projects
<samueldr> that too, internet points all around
* tilpner says not to watch nixpkgs
* tilpner watches nixpkgs
<tilpner> Not a single notification in a minute though
<drakonis> well nothing happened in a minute!
<drakonis> the last commit, issue or pr was 4 minutes ago
<tilpner> I somehow thought it would also notify on comments
<drakonis> that's for when you follow issues
<tilpner> Ahh, there we go
<aanderse> some months ago i didn't know exactly what adding a star to a repo did either so i added to nixpkgs before heading to work one morning
<aanderse> my inbox was flooded by the time i got there -_-
<samueldr> ah, you must have watched :)
<aanderse> yeah
<samueldr> a star is benign
<aanderse> maybe that was it
<aanderse> so many emails in such a short period of time
<pie_> lol
<aanderse> though pretty cool to see how fast development of the project goes :)
<samueldr> a good repo to watch in the nixos orga is the rfcs one
<samueldr> (I also watch the homepage and infra configurations ones, though less useful if you're not interested in keeping tabs on those)
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<infinisil> I have to say, terminals and shells sure are nice
<infinisil> I just used `mpv **/*.mp3 --shuffle` to play all mp3's in a directory (or subdirectories) on shuffle
<infinisil> How would you do that with some file manager gui?
<infinisil> Yeah you could probably still do it, but this is so simple
<__monty__> Do those dirs contain files other than mp3s? Because doesn't `mpv .` achieve the same thing?
<samueldr> drag the folder on VLC
<samueldr> or in my case, use the iPod (3G, pre-touch) laying on the desk
<samueldr> it goes through the line-in of my computer, and routed in a sink to my bluetooth headset
<infinisil> __monty__: Yeah they do
<samueldr> ooh, that's one fun crash I just figured out how to reproducibly reproduce
<infinisil> Dragging a folder into VLC?
<samueldr> nah
<samueldr> completely unrelated
<samueldr> I had these weird crashes on my new computer with the touchscreen
<samueldr> hard to reproduce
<samueldr> but grew mad of them
<samueldr> any GTK 3 menu, opened in any way, when dismissed by *touching* (as in touch input) anything non GTK 3 will crash X
<samueldr> (with different backtraces from X)
<andi-> wow. I used to have that with sway 3 years ago..
<samueldr> GTK3 porting sway features to X11?
<andi-> the crash on touch
<andi-> but yeah maybe
<andi-> :D
<samueldr> (that was a joke)
<andi-> (I realized after I replied) -,-
<samueldr> though, only when dismissing a menu (might also happen dismissing any kind of overlay)
<samueldr> nope, only menus; those pop-ups with speech balloon like properties don't dismiss on touch outside the window (likely they're not a distinct X window)
* samueldr wonders how he's gonna debug and squash the bug
<samueldr> mainly how to debug a crash happening outside the process (likely) causing it
<Ralith> it shouldn't be possible even for a badly behaved client to make X crash
<Ralith> so that's certainly an X bug at minimum
<samueldr> likely, but the backtrace isn't consistent, likely something is thrashing the memory
<Ralith> how could a client thrash X memory?
<samueldr> not sure, don't know enough about X to say for sure
<samueldr> but the backtraces always are different, and always end up into pthread's funlockfile, with different messages traced beforehand, double free or corruption (!prev) or corrupted size vs. prev_size for example
<Ralith> in theory communication is over a socket and maybe the odd shared texture
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<Shados> I don't really get wayland's design. Instead of having one shitty display server, we get a dozen different shitty display servers that are simultaneously compositors to choose between, and also they all have slightly different, incompatible implementations of any behaviour or functionality that is beyond the scope of the very minimal wayland protocol spec...?
<Ralith> useful extensions should be standardized in turn
<Ralith> and I believe wayland compositors can be much simpler than X11, so much less opportunity for shittiness
<Shados> The display server functionality is simpler; the compositing functionality isn't really, and has to be done by the display server -- you could implement them as separate components internally, but there's no display server<>compositor protocol, so 1) few wayland display servers do it this way, and 2) compositors aren't portable across display servers. It just seems really damn awkward.
<samueldr> this is not a dig at either of systemd. x11 or wayland, read from it what you want, like a mirror; wayland is to x11 what systemd is to traditional inits
<Shados> Except I like systemd :P
<samueldr> I like systemd too :)
<Ralith> systemd is <3
<samueldr> the complexity is moved, new standards are new, etc
<samueldr> there are, I think, soooo many parallels to build
<samueldr> in bad and good ways
<Ralith> I'm not sure why it would be desirable for the compositor and the display server to be separate, that always struck me as very strange even before wayland came along
<Shados> Ralith: Because you want to survive compositor crashes, and because you may want compositors to be interchangeable
<Ralith> "you want to survive $THING crashes" can be used as an argument to make any $THING a separate process
<Ralith> and why would I want them to be interchangable?
<samueldr> make the cursor in my IRC client a separate process, please
<samueldr> (sorry, this was uncalled for)