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<samueldr> welp, seems I won't be able to put a bios_boot partition pointing to the location of the firmware for easy access and updating; the LBAs for partitions start at FirstUsableLBA, and AFAICT there's no way to make holes in there
<samueldr> hmm, anyway... it seems it won't work, the kernel won't pick up partitions with that hole... and haven't checked with u-boot :/
<samueldr> or hmm, it worked fine with another tool
<drakonis> the only authoritative source on github stats is state of the octoverse
<drakonis> and this year's hasn't been released yet
<drakonis> the next one is 4 months away
<clever> samueldr: that reminds me of problems i had a decade ago on ubuntu
<clever> samueldr: due to quirks in the scsi emulation of pata disks at the time, the same physical disk would appear twice in /dev/ under different block devices
* samueldr straps in for a wild ride
<clever> if you enabled a swap device with normal params, the scripts on ubuntu would bug a bit, and enable the same swap device twice
<clever> but with different priorities (based on swapon order)
<clever> so it wont explode until you fill it up once, and start to fill it a 2nd time
<clever> but, i had a priority setting enabled on my swap
<clever> so, both instances had the same priority, and the kernel tried to stripe the writes, between disk1 and disk1...
<clever> and immediately overwrote data it was putting in swap....
<samueldr> that's not good
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<drakonis> oho there's a working lutris flatpak now
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<drakonis> trip report: compiling webgtk sucks
<Ralith> compiling gtk sucks; anything that touches webcrap sucks; webgtk sounds like a real disaster
<drakonis> it causes x to hang sometimes
<drakonis1> welp it just did
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<drakonis1> i wish we had a fully funcional lutris package because webgtk is not fun
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<colemickens> I wonder if GitHub's email notifications are intentionally lossy.
<colemickens> They fail to send them fairly regularly. I notice because I have them enabled for my own replies as well and I often don't get emails for them.
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<colemickens> I just wonder how many times I miss updates from threads that I won't see otherwise because I've never looked at my GH notifications.
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<MichaelRaskin> colemickens: I have seen enough data consistency failures from GitHub UI to be prepared to believe they just fail at keeping track of messages and don't care
<MichaelRaskin> Another data point: I am subscribed to Nixpkgs repo and skim the headers of the emails; GitHub seems to reset my email verification status (without messages from GitHub ever landing in spambox on the receiving side) — apparently from time to time they just fail at email badly and decide it cannot be their fault, right
<ivan> I've seen GitHub serve an outdated patch when adding .patch to a PR URL
<MichaelRaskin> The same — for _days_
<joepie91> eventually consistent, with emphasis on the 'eventually'
<joepie91> :)
<MichaelRaskin> joepie91: Actually, in that case I think if I didn't do an extra push, GitHub itself would never correct the out-of-date-ness
<joepie91> MichaelRaskin: hey, there's technically no time bound on 'eventually'!
<MichaelRaskin> joepie91: there is, if the service closes down before convergence…
<eyJhb> Does anybody here have experience with Mac OS X and deleted paritions? Currently fidling around with Testdisk, but it doesn't seem to want to find the deleted partitions...
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<averell> I got one lying around for a month too, if anyone's feeling like it :) #59512
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/59512 (by averelld, 4 weeks ago, open): Rstudio upgrade
<averell> mis...
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<aanderse> averell: if no one else gets to it before i do i will try to actually review the contents of the PR tonight (as opposed to simply validating the program runs)
<aanderse> tonight = now+12 hours~
<averell> thank you :)
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<infinisil> It might be time to try rocket league again, see what's broken this time
<infinisil> Yay I can play :D
<infinisil> I was able to turn off the steam-controller specific config
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<samueldr> don't you hate it when you've been looking at something and forgot to use `--pure` with nix-shell and the whole time you've been testing with impurities?
<infinisil> samueldr: Yes!
<clever> samueldr: i dont install anything development related, so it cant be an impurity
<samueldr> not only do I need to re-run the tests... I need to re-thing my conclusions :(
<samueldr> I do not either!
<infinisil> Well I more often have such failures because I'm in a double nix-shell
<samueldr> but one was transmitted from a package
<clever> and i let nix-build's sandbox test things more
<clever> infinisil: i recently helped somebody solve an issue where the user ran nix-shell, in bash, in nix-shell
<samueldr> in my use case I would have preferred to use nix's sandbox, but needed network access :/
<clever> and when they left the inner most shell, they didnt realize they where in a 2nd
<clever> which caused problems
<infinisil> There should be a nix.conf options to make nix-shell's --pure by default
<infinisil> s/options/option
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<samueldr> I disagree, because most of the time when it's used as a development shell, it would cause a bunch of pain; imagine nix-shell -p ruby and then not having $EDITOR
<infinisil> Although, I don't have my vim in a pure nix-shell
<samueldr> yeah
<infinisil> Damnit!
<infinisil> How about all nix-shell's being --pure, but with a configurable default extra buildInputs
<clever> i use screen, and run nix-shell and vim in seperate tabs
<samueldr> though in my case purity wasn't absolutely needed... until I realised my environment tainted the test :(
<samueldr> in my case I need to put vim inside the nix-shell for the plugins to pick up the compiler and tools (rubocop, eslint, etc)
<infinisil> I'm still a bit conflicted about this, should editor integration be part of a development environment?
<samueldr> not sure I know how I'd send the required environment to the editor
<infinisil> Partly yes, because you need certain versions of tools, but partly no, because everybody wants to use their own editor configs
<samueldr> but yeah, I assume the editor is impurely available for the developer
<samueldr> though I also make "binstubs" available for tools; e.g. in the project `bin/rubocop` uses `shell.nix` and the nix-shell shebang to provide the right rubocop
<samueldr> so in that sense the environment from the shell isn't required as long as you use the right binstub
<clever> i try to avoid using #!nix-shell, because of the overhead of re-evaling the nix, and it can cause weird things if you dont pin nixpkgs, and then a nix-channel update casues it to rebuild things, rather then use the copy you where developing with for the last hour
<clever> related,one of my projects recently worked in nix-shell, but failed i nix-build
<clever> but after re-loading nix-shell, it failed there too
<clever> because i had updated my channel, and one of the deps became incompatible
<samueldr> all pinned through the project's default.nix
<clever> i slapped a pin in to fix it asap
<clever> and then looked into why, fixed the new version, and updated the pin
<samueldr> sure it adds overhead, but easier for some devs in the end, so I give them the choice
<MichaelRaskin> If there is a usable enough and pure enough nix-shell (or similar) setup, we could have package tests that test a deployment that can be also used directly
<MichaelRaskin> (With NixOS tests there is always a bit of uncertainty as to which differences in the configuration are even relevant)
<MichaelRaskin> What a pity, runc needs setuid-root newuidmap/newgidmap for starting containers without root
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<gchristensen> oh cool, #!nix-shell is a valid channel
<drakonis> claim it for the dominion of nix
<pie_> pggg
<pie_> * pfff
<drakonis> how's your wine management project going?
<drakonis> uhh
<drakonis> nix wine manager or whatever
<pie_> nothing new in the past few weeks but i should probably push some changes that i dont ahve on github yet
<pie_> i want to get back to it but ENOTIME
<pie_> i keep making more work for myself and then wonder why i have no time for anytihng :p
<andi-> you can still fix it :-)
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