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<gchristensen> I've been using cryptpad with 4 people over the last few days and it has been such a nightmare
<qyliss> :o
<gchristensen> the other day somebody added 22,000 words because of unendingly repeated paste
<qyliss> I've used Cryptpad occasionally and it's been... fine
<qyliss> I really wish it had a decent history UI
<gchristensen> I'm afraid to use the backspace key
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<samueldr> wow... github sucks... when you force push to a branch referencing a PR or an issue, it spams that PR/issue a lot
<qyliss> Yep
<qyliss> I've seen repositories that ban that in their CONTRIBUTING file because it's so annoying.
<samueldr> that... doesn't make sense? they're not contributing, how is the ban enforced?
<qyliss> it's not
<qyliss> it's more of a request
<samueldr> and what about the author when they want to start contributing? are they now marginalized in a bad way because of a weirdness of the forge software?
<qyliss> But mostly their problem was issues being referenced from their own repo, not other ones, IIRC
<samueldr> ah
<qyliss> yeah, I worded it badly
<qyliss> it's 2am :P
<samueldr> yeah, that makes more sense when it's across their own project that the "ban" is in effect
<samueldr> there's no good time to word things badly :)
<samueldr> or uh... all times are good to word bad?
<samueldr> now wondering about the limits of those cross-references
<samueldr> if I make a commit message with let's say a thousand references
<qyliss> oh no
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<eyJhb> How is the documentatin for Emacs scripting?
<etu> How do you mean? elisp in general or?
<eyJhb> General, adding things to Emacs
<eyJhb> Sitting here with Vimscript and hating it, and there is no good documentation
<etu> Emacs overall has really good documentation, it's also built in and if you know how to use it's easy to discover things.
<etu> But Emacs is also a quite old program, so some things have (with todays standards) quite weird names.
<eyJhb> E.g. currently stuck in weird implicit sentences in Vim, "call it like a method" OK, HOW?!
<eyJhb> Well, anything is better than vimscript atm.
<LnL> I've written a bunch of vim plugins but feel like I still don't understand any vimscript :p
<Taneb> I've just seen https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0552/ (reproducible .pyc files)
<Taneb> Is nixpkgs using it?
<LnL> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set by the stdenv so should be
<Taneb> Ah, good to know
<eyJhb> LnL: I will ping you later then! Shouldn't have outed yourself :p
<eyJhb> Gym now :p
* LnL hides
<srhb> andi-: What's going on in Darmstadt? :D
<srhb> Two morph issues from the same city within minutes... Suspicious!
<andi-> srhb: well I reminded hexa about opening his issue ;)
<srhb> thanks :-)
<andi-> srhb: I am writing on another one that I ran across just now
<srhb> Great!
<andi-> srhb: I believe issue 101 is kinda related to my issue 100 ;)
<hexa-> ohai \o
<srhb> Yeah, sounds like it :)
<andi-> srhb: to be clear: If we can agree on some way forward I might be able to implement that ;)
<andi-> I do not esxpect it to be done by you folks
<talyz> eyJhb: The elisp documentation is really good and you can get the documentation for defined functions, variables, etc interactively in emacs :)
<kgz> who had the nixos anarchy tshirts at 36c3?
* etu bought one :D
<etu> Very happy with it
<kgz> will anyone have one to buy at fosdem?
<kgz> I'm regretting not getting one at congress now
<lassulus> I guess not, but anybody can print them if they want to
<etu> I think they ran out
<etu> But don't quote me on that
<kgz> sad times
<lassulus> yeah we ran out
<lassulus> but we wanted to do reprints
<lassulus> sadly none of us is at fosdem
<FireFly> aw
<pie_[bnc]> what in the world is going on here https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/01/14/icann_org_redacted/
<monsieurp> lol
<monsieurp> what else would you expect from ICANN?
<monsieurp> they own the fucking DNS infrastructure of the web
<monsieurp> they do as they please with it
<monsieurp> In April 2019, ICANN proposed an end to the price cap of .org domains and effectively removed it in July in spite of having received 3,252 opposing comments and only six in favor.
<monsieurp> I rest my case
<monsieurp> next time you hear someone talks about "the open internet", tell him to eff off
<pie_[bnc]> sure but why do it so sketchy
<Taneb> To hide further sketchiness
<monsieurp> $$$
<monsieurp> the dollar bill
<pie_[bnc]> inb4 jeff bezos
<pie_[bnc]> personally buying .org
<das_j> pie_[bnc]: He didn't even get .amazon yet
<das_j> whoops, I'm wrong
<monsieurp> ICANN has been putting a lot of efforts into cooking up some funky domains recently
<monsieurp> emoji domains
<monsieurp> yep, this is tomorrow's Internet
<Taneb> monsieurp: that is a link that I am conditioned to avoid clicking
<__monty__> Totally worth it in this case, Taneb.
<monsieurp> poop.la
<monsieurp> anyway
<monsieurp> :/
<monsieurp> pie_[bnc]: so you were moaning about ICANN right?
<pie_[bnc]> sort of
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<eyJhb> LnL: you cannot hide from me!:D But my current problem is with popup_menu... It is showing in some weird place, and I need to get the choice directly in the same function (don't care about it being async)
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<LnL> eyJhb: back in 30
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<LnL> lol
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<gchristensen> any imagemagick people? I have a png with a transparent background, and I'd like to extend the size of the picture by adding more transparent background on two edges
<gchristensen> that is called like, canvas resize right?
<joepie91> gchristensen: I don't recall the exact operation, but a voice in the back of my mind says "don't forget to explicitly specify the background color as being transparent)
<joepie91> "*
<gchristensen> `convert` is too powerful :P
<gchristensen> it seems that when I layer 2 images with background transparency it doesn't reset, and literally stacks them. hrm.
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<eyJhb> LnL: you there?
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<LnL> eyJhb: back, alltho I'm not really familiar with popup_menu
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