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<Diogenes-> gchristensen: Speaking of bash, I'm really enjoying all the gotcha's Jenkins shell step has
<Diogenes-> Let's see, mapfile/readarray doesn't work, can't declare functions, etc
<Diogenes-> Wonder what else doesn't work...
<gchristensen> oh good grief
<Diogenes-> gchristensen: Yeahhh. Also really fun since I had to spend all day figuring out, how does one skip a whole bunch of stages, and only execute one if a timeout of user input happens
<Diogenes-> That was fun
<Diogenes-> Learned some good stuff though, looks nicer too
<Diogenes-> gchristensen: Okay cool, I don't think arrays work either
<Diogenes-> fsck
<samueldr> are you sure it's supposed to be bash?
<samueldr> it could be another posix compliant shell
<Diogenes-> It is, I've explicitly declared #!/bin/bash and checked the shell var
<samueldr> (I don't know jenkins)
<samueldr> fun!
<Diogenes-> It defaults to posix shell (dash on my system), but I've explcitly set it
<Diogenes-> Eyep
<Diogenes-> So now I need to write to a temp file, and do some more magic to get a single dang comma seperated line...
<Diogenes-> Cool, tr to the rescue
<Diogenes-> Thank you oh holy `tr '\n' ','`
<gchristensen> Diogenes-: is this executing a script in your repo? or something you're typing in to the jenkins UI?
<Diogenes-> gchristensen: Inline bash in a sh step in a declarative pipeline jenkins file
<Diogenes-> Planning to move these out to seperate scripts soon I think after all this fuss
<gchristensen> ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
<Diogenes-> Make it easier when we finally move off Jenkins
<Diogenes-> Yeahhhh
<averell> where to?
<Diogenes-> gchristensen: More fun, seems [] and test technically don't work either
<Diogenes-> :D
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<samueldr> I'm not actively removing the dead code, and gutting out features from the software, it feels so good to remove daemonization and pidfile handling code
<Diogenes-> gchristensen: So that was a fun bug.
<Diogenes-> So for a multi-line string in jenkins, if the `#!/bin/bash` isn't on exactly the first line it won't switch over to being used
<samueldr> can't muster the search terms, are there tools or options for gcc/clang to error on ifs without braces?
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<tokudan> is hydra stuck? last update to 19.09-small was 3 days ago and I don't see anything broken in the jobset
<tokudan> hmm... actually release-19.09 hasn't had a commit in 4 days, that explains it...
<gchristensen> tokudan: release-19.09 is the channel version, only pushed to after updates.
<gchristensen> there is a problem, thanks for noticing
<gchristensen> guh and a bug in the tooling made the monitoring not notice
<tokudan> i thought release-X is the source for the channel update?
<tokudan> nothing beats human monitoring, as long as speed does not matter ;)
<gchristensen> ehh you're right
<gchristensen> https://hydra.nixos.org/job/nixos/release-19.09/tested but there are DEFINITELY updates that should have been released.
<gchristensen> there is an actual problem :)
<tokudan> oh, good. thought I'd rang the bell for nothing :)
<gchristensen> nope
<gchristensen> now I just need to find somebody who knows perl
<drakonis> i got someone who knows perl
<drakonis> i'll run it through him
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<gchristensen> welp
<gchristensen> today is ending significantly worse than it started
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<gchristensen> firefox's new PiP mode is great
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<ldlework> anyone see The Lighthouse (2019) yet
<ldlework> welllll you should
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<eyJhb> The first day of January, I flooded my kitchen three times
<eyJhb> The first time wasn't my fault, but the pipes slipped from each other under my sink. The next two, just being a idiot. - In relation to gchristensen
<ashkitten> how's everyone's year going
<ashkitten> oops, it's very late
<eyJhb> ashkitten: summary of mine is above :p
<ashkitten> ow, just read that
<eyJhb> And exams on tuesday :| So I want to go back to 2019
<ashkitten> i don't
<ashkitten> let's keep rolling through until things are better
<eyJhb> But yeah, that was me just beeing a idiot. Placed a bowl with the tip over the edge of the sink, and turned on the water, so it just flooded outside...
<eyJhb> Yeah. That's the only way to go about it. But Signal Processing with a lecturer who can't teach is no fun
<eyJhb> How is your 2020 going ashkitten ?
<ashkitten> i've just been hanging out with friends and playing smash, so it's pretty decent
<eyJhb> Smash? Smash Bros?
<ashkitten> yup
<eyJhb> Wait... Since the 1. of January?
<eyJhb> Three days straight?
<ashkitten> well, with sleep
<eyJhb> But else, correct?
<eyJhb> Sounds awesome
<ashkitten> had a friend come over night of dec 31, slept over into jan 1, other friend arrived afternoon jan 1, first friend left that night second friend slept over
<ashkitten> they left this morning
<ashkitten> and i played some online with other friends today
<eyJhb> Still sounds lovely :p I miss those times, when I could actually do that + enjoy it...
<ashkitten> yeah
<ashkitten> i don't work so it's possible for me
<eyJhb> Well, my hands are just screwed up, so most of the time if I play games, they start to hurt
<ashkitten> also i've been excited and a bit hyperfocused since i can feel myself getting better all the time
<ashkitten> ahh
<ashkitten> rsi?
<eyJhb> That sounds awesome ashkitten ! Keep getting better :D
<eyJhb> Nope... Nobody knows what it is, I am just screwed I guess
<ashkitten> ah that sucks
<eyJhb> Multiple things have turned wrong since, and still have some "injuries" which roughly translated from doctor speak to normal "sucks to be you"
<ashkitten> ugh
<eyJhb> But it does however still sounds lovely :p Was it pizza party as well?
<ashkitten> my gf made some amazing tortellini with a cheesy tomato sauce!
<eyJhb> Games, friends + service?
<eyJhb> Living the life
<ashkitten> it was great
<ashkitten> one of the friends said they'd coach my gf with her preferred character (so long as she doesn't play it in casual play with them)
<eyJhb> Doesn't play it in casual play?
<ashkitten> the friend doesn't want to get destroyed in casual play :p
<ashkitten> they're a great coach but not as great at execution
<eyJhb> Ah, makes sense then :D
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<ldlework> adisbladis: you dear, https://github.com/nix-community/poetry2nix
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<adisbladis> ldlework: :)
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<adisbladis> I'd be very happy to hear about people using it now :)
<infinisil> Lol I just got religious spam in IRC
<gchristensen> ah dang, compton was removed :P
<infinisil> > compton
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/vhl4lvhy0dp9yg8r2vbi1fz4ny143cwx-picom-7.5.drv>"
<drakonis> picom?
<drakonis> > picom
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/vhl4lvhy0dp9yg8r2vbi1fz4ny143cwx-picom-7.5.drv>"
<infinisil> Huh
<joepie91> infinisil: same
<{^_^}> #74831 (by adisbladis, 4 weeks ago, merged): compton/picom: 7.2 -> 7.5
<__monty__> Is there any reason nix and swift don't mix?
<adisbladis> picom is a maintained fork of compton
<adisbladis> gchristensen: We switched to picom which is a maintained fork by the same author as the compton fork we were previously using
<adisbladis> Arguably it's the same fork, repo changed names
<gchristensen> I'm just kidding :)
<gchristensen> it was just a real moment of nostalgia
<adisbladis> Ahh :)
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<pie_[bnc]> is there something like audacity but for android, or a way to forward my phone mic to my computer
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<pie_[bnc]> whoa...apparently you can just connect a phone as an audio device using bluetooth / blueman, but it doesnt seem to work..
<pie_[bnc]> looks like might have to enable a blueman service
<ldlework> infinisil: I deployed my fork of AI Dungeon to Google Colab if you wanna give it a try
<ldlework> \o/
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<drakonis> niiiice
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<drakonis> i'd use that to conduct a rpg campaign
<ldlework> drakonis: try to push it
<ldlework> i've done some crazy stuff
<ldlework> this one time i was a wizard teaching a class, but then the school caught on fire, so I raised all my students into zombies and then my wizard rival called me up on the scying ball and started talking shit so i took my zombie army to his prison (don't ask me) and my zombie army overan it then i took the undead army back to my tower where I had them plant a massive vegetable garden
<ldlework> this other time i called up jesus and told him to meet me at the park and he asked me what the meeting was for and i told him we were gonna steal his dad's car, so we did, and then i kicked jesus out of the car and called him a nerd and drove down to hell to meet up with satan but satan wouldn't return my calls
<ldlework> it's actually a pretty incredible toy
<ldlework> just make sure you use second person in your inputs
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<jackdk> It's still close to new year's, so I'm just gonna say it. Happy new year NixOS people. So many of you work so hard and make my life so much easier. Thanks so much for all that you do.
<ldlework> true that
<gchristensen> <3 jackdk :)
<{^_^}> jackdk's karma got increased to 5
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<pie_[bnc]> \o/ ^.^ I concur
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