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<worldofpeace> eyJhb: This Friday
<samueldr> it's so hard having to type 2020
<samueldr> fingers: let me help you, mechanically type 2 0 1 9
<samueldr> brains: noooooooooooo, backspace
<samueldr> brains: again!
<gchristensen> yesterday during the maintenance I managed to write a different different date for each snapshot. like 2019-01-07, 2019-01-09, 2020-09-08
<ivan> "where's that file I just downloaded?" as I stare at my 2019 folder
<infinisil> samueldr: *laughts in programmer dvorak*
<infinisil> s/laughts/laughs
<samueldr> how's that helping with the year?
<gchristensen> I think infinisil is saying it makes every number equally difficult
<gchristensen> :P
<infinisil> Hehe
<samueldr> the numpad isn't mapped to numbers?
<infinisil> Nah 2 and 0 are right next to each other, for pointy finger and middle finger
<infinisil> On the number row
<gchristensen> I never did understand that change
<infinisil> s/pointy finger/index finger
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<samueldr> when writing a post/article, be sure to actually follow all links on your rendered version and validate it points to the right location :)
<infinisil> That calls for automation!
<samueldr> automation can't know if it points to where you intended it to!
<infinisil> Ah yeah
<infinisil> I had in mind to check 2xx
<gchristensen> samueldr: it would be cool if your round-up included a list of all the phones supported, in addition to the mention of a new phone being supported
<samueldr> oh, I could link to that page
<gchristensen> if not listing all the devices, saying "bringing it to X devices"
<gchristensen> the idea being try to sucker someone in right away by listing their device
<samueldr> that's a good point
<samueldr> yes
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<gchristensen> also, finally, ff72 comes out fixing the weird scaling bugs when plugging monitors of different scale, and also fixing the "I clicked a link in my terminal" crasher
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<ar> ff72 (well, .1 or something) also fixes a security bug
<ar> also: https://twitter.com/campuscodi/status/1215020566656299011 - >* In a now-deleted tweet, Qihoo 360 said there was also an accompanying Internet Explorer zero-day with these attacks
<ldlework> I made this, https://i.imgur.com/ARGRVLZ.png
<ldlework> anyone here got access to crazy gpu resources at a university or something that could be used for training gpt2 models?
<Taneb> gchristensen: I didn't realise there were that many Final Fantasy games
<yorick> ldlework: google colab can do that for free
<ldlework> yorick: got any resources
<ldlework> lol thx..
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<ashkitten> samueldr: do you know if anyone with a cosmo has interest in mobile-nixos yet?
<samueldr> I don't know
<ashkitten> besides me, since i don't have mine yet
<samueldr> though the previous device adisbladis had some initial interest
<ashkitten> the gemini?
<adisbladis> Yep
<ashkitten> neat
<adisbladis> ashkitten: I've had nixos running on it
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<ashkitten> hmm i wonder if desktop firefox supports pwas yet
<ashkitten> i hope that the cosmo and pinephone will inspire devs to work on linux telephony
<adisbladis> ashkitten: The gemini/cosmo kind of sucks...
<ashkitten> how so?
<adisbladis> Too dependent on hybris
<ashkitten> what's hybris
<adisbladis> ashkitten: It translates regular glibc syscalls to bionic libc, pretty much
<samueldr> mainly used to allow usage of binary blobs
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Those devices rely on the android HAL for pretty much everything
<ashkitten> ah
<qyliss> :(
<ashkitten> that's unfortunate, but we can still work with it yeah?
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Yeah, just needs more work
<adisbladis> (and limits your software choices in terms of comopositors and such)
<ashkitten> oh huh
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Think the nvidia driver situation on wayland
<ashkitten> i was trying to get away from that already on desktop :/
<ashkitten> well, either way i'll have a fun phone with a keyboard
<ashkitten> honestly what may end up happening for me is using my cosmo for normal usage with android, and messing about with linux on my pixel xl
<ashkitten> plus i can install linux alongside android on the cosmo
<drakonis> the nvidia driver situation might improve soon
<ashkitten> how so?
<drakonis> there's a gtc session involving their plans for linux support
<ashkitten> ah yeah
<ashkitten> id forgotten
<ashkitten> if they keep to their word there i'll be pleasantly surprised
<drakonis> they have devs committing kernel code right now
<drakonis> not a lot right now
<samueldr> AFAIK it's all conjecture what the talk will actually mean
<ashkitten> honestly, if they decide to support nouveau i may have to reconsider what i said in the past about never buying nvidia again
<samueldr> so there's no word to keep yet
<ashkitten> fair enough
<samueldr> just tempering expectations as there's been so much conjecture about it
<drakonis> oh dear god they have people commiting to nouveau now
<samueldr> the most information we can get is that they're likely to have given or to give the information to nouveau to work with the signed firmwares
<drakonis> again
<samueldr> that's the base level of expectations, anything more is simply great :)
<ashkitten> i don't have any good expectation of them, given their past business practices
<drakonis> this year will be so strange because nvidia is paying people to work on linux kernel stuff again
<drakonis> the most important thing is pushing the signed binaries necessary for reclocking on hardware released after kepler
<samueldr> I think they've always been for the jetson stuff
<drakonis> this isnt jetson code though
<jared-w> huh, pinephone looks cool
<ashkitten> ah yeah because nouveau currently runs like garbage due to not being able to reclock, yeah?
<drakonis> yes
<drakonis> like massive crap
<ashkitten> so it always runs at the lowest possible clock speed
<samueldr> drakonis: I was saying that since you said "work on linux kernel stuff" but I don't think they ever stopped
<ashkitten> but nouveau is broken in other ways on newer gpus, right?
<drakonis> yes
<jared-w> I've never had good luck with it in general, tbh
<drakonis> there's a tegra specific driver on linux though
<drakonis> this is work specific to nouveau
<drakonis> nouveau doesnt do cuda
<drakonis> the whole thing is related to amd and intel being able to push nvidia out of the cloud compute market
<drakonis> no other reason to why
<ashkitten> i'd love to be able to run wayland on my desktop
<drakonis> same
<ashkitten> i'll probably end up getting an amd gpu in the future anyways because it has better performance for things i want to do, but i want to see nvidia get into free software
<drakonis> that's the plan here
<drakonis> hm, now i'm curious, i wonder if their initial goal is to bring up functioning ampere gpus
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Where do you live btw?
<adisbladis> I'd love to get my hands on a cosmo, if even only for a bit
<ashkitten> i'm in the pnw
<adisbladis> Hm, ok :(
<adisbladis> Too far away
<ashkitten> i'm sure you can find someone with a cosmo
<adisbladis> I wanna see just how much in common it has with the gemini
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Yeah but also someone willing to flash it ;)
<ashkitten> mine hasn't even been shipped yet
<ashkitten> dvorak cosmos seem to be among the last
<adisbladis> dvorak cosmos even <3
<ashkitten> i wonder if the cosmo will have usb power delivery for both usb ports or just one
<ashkitten> i don't want to have only one port that supports fast charging
<joepie91> I think someone in revspace got theirs already
<joepie91> in #revspace *
<drakonis> haha nvidia's implementing their eglstreams stuff on gbm
<drakonis> wayland has come to roost earlier
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<drakonis> not the proprietary driver though
<adisbladis> drakonis: Huh?
<adisbladis> Where?
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<joepie91> actually hold on, Peetz0r is already here
<Peetz0r> oh hey
<joepie91> adisbladis: ashkitten: for all your so-what's-the-Cosmo-really-like questions ^
<joepie91> :P
<Peetz0r> wait
<Peetz0r> should I just give the tl;dr?
<Peetz0r> the keyboard is weird. it takes a while of getting used to
<joepie91> one of the questions (see above) was about PD :P
<adisbladis> I'm more interested in the software stack and how similar it is to the gemini
<Peetz0r> I'm not yet sure if it's better than a good on-screen-keyboard-app on a right sized screen
<Peetz0r> oh wait there is no PD
<Peetz0r> there is some weird propietary mediatek fastcharging stuff
<adisbladis> Ugh -.-
<Peetz0r> also no displayport alt mode
<adisbladis> So that's the same as the gemini
<samueldr> :/
<ashkitten> Peetz0r: oh, i thought they said it has pd
<samueldr> phones with DP alt mode are so rare
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<Peetz0r> also it has two type-c ports and they do not behave the same. only one shows up as an android device
<Peetz0r> both work for charging, but afaik also not identically
<Peetz0r> but... nobody has questions about the keyboard?
<samueldr> wondering if it's because the OS doesn't configure them both, or if one really doesn't support being a gadget
<ashkitten> eh, i've used my friend's gemini
<ashkitten> keyboard isn't a concern to me
<Peetz0r> fair nuff
<samueldr> Peetz0r: wrong crowd here, operating system crowd in a way ;)
<Peetz0r> I could add that the keyboard backlight is very nice
<Peetz0r> also ashkitten I have a question for you. how well stabilised are your keys?
<Peetz0r> do you often get unintended double key presses?
<ashkitten> i haven't received mine
<adisbladis> Peetz0r: How do you program for the external display?
<Peetz0r> adisbladis: you pray to the Planet Computer devs and that's about it
<Peetz0r> ...sadly
<ashkitten> oof
<ashkitten> this is unfortunate. i gave my contribution under the premise that it was gonna be a more open platform than it ended up being
<qyliss> The Gemini or whatever it was called wasn't particularly open either, was it?
<ashkitten> i will definitely be using it, since i like the form factor a lot, but i'm not sure what i'll be able to do with it i guess
<samueldr> it's apparently a good conversation starter
<ashkitten> maybe i'll get a pinephone at some point for actual linux development, if the cosmo doesn't work out for that
<adisbladis> qyliss: Basically not at all open
<Peetz0r> Also some apps break when forced to landscape
<adisbladis> ashkitten: Btw, re compositors
<Peetz0r> funnily in my case only my bank app, and only the login page of it :p
<adisbladis> Kwin has hybris support, so plasma mobile will work properly once our hybris stack is up & running
<ashkitten> that's good at least
<samueldr> adisbladis: you saw my replies to your PRs using hybris?
<ashkitten> i was planning to probably use kwin
<ashkitten> er
<samueldr> (I'm assuming you're eternally busy or something like that)
<ashkitten> plasma mobile
<Peetz0r> brb afk - feel free to add more questions in 30-ish minutes
<adisbladis> samueldr: I've seen it but didn't feel motivated enough to work on it for a while
<samueldr> I understand :)
<samueldr> I'm working on generations support in stage-1 to better work on that
<samueldr> it's not fun, for now, needing to build a new system image only to test something
<adisbladis> samueldr: I think it would be nice to move hybris & friends to nixpkgs already
<adisbladis> It would be nice to have binary cache
<samueldr> once it's been proven to work
<samueldr> we do not want churn in nixpkgs :)
<adisbladis> samueldr: Well, I have successfully used it on top of gemian ;)
<samueldr> impurities ahoy ;)
<adisbladis> samueldr: Verified that no gemian libs are loaded
<adisbladis> But OK, fair enough
<samueldr> I don't remember what were the issues, it's been a small while, but I had issues with hybris, which could be user errors
<adisbladis> samueldr: The thing is you need that damn android container
<samueldr> not sure it's required
<samueldr> at least, for GPU
<samueldr> once I circle back to it, it'd help to talk about the issues
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<FireFly> the form factor is great, but when I tried someone's gemini a bit I was a bit disappointed in the keyboard personally... hmm
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<adisbladis> FireFly: The keyboard is OK, what sucks is you need to open the clam shell to see whos calling ;)
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<FireFly> ouch..
<FireFly> though not a problem if you virtually never take calls :p
<adisbladis> FireFly: Same thing for pretty much every notification though
<adisbladis> I think that's gonna be nice about the cosmo
<FireFly> *nod*
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<Peetz0r> Well, the notifications are a bit weird
<Peetz0r> it basically only gives you the icon, not any text
<Peetz0r> and it also goves you icons for apps running in the background that aren't really notifications
<Peetz0r> gives*
<Peetz0r> also it doesn't do anything useful for the alarm clock, you have to open the clamshell to snooze or dismiss
<Peetz0r> I hope all of these things (and some other things) get fixed in cover display firmware updates
<Peetz0r> also it's slow. it's as slow as it was on that video where everyone was quick to point out it was a debugging version running on a prototype
<Peetz0r> well, the real thing is equally slow. <10fps I think.
<Peetz0r> scrolling trough contacts is painful
<FireFly> ouch
<Peetz0r> (it does have a nice UI for calling and contacts - but almost everything else is very... unfinished)
<Peetz0r> I really *really* hope they open this up to us - they have clearly shown that they are not great at writing firmware themselves
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<wildtrees> Peetz0r, the cosmo communicator runs at 10 fps or the gemini does?
<Peetz0r> the cover display on the outside of the cosmo communicator
<Peetz0r> the main display is perfectly fine
<Peetz0r> since it's my main phone I will not be trying any other os on it, since I require things that are Android/iOS only such as whatsapp
<Peetz0r> sadly but true
<Peetz0r> otoh, I might switch to a setup that I keep whatsapp on a old spare phone at home and just use Whatsapp Web in the browser on the cosmo
<Peetz0r> which could enable me to run anything else - if it gets 4G and voice support on the linux side
<Peetz0r> might actually be worth looking into
<wildtrees> Peetz0r, can you send and receive calls without opening the cosmo?
<Peetz0r> yes I can
<Peetz0r> if I survive the horrible scrolling trough the contacts on the cover display ;)
<Peetz0r> (for the top 5 recent
<Peetz0r> (for the top 5 recent ones, yes easily)
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<wildtrees> Peetz0r, tried any of the nix on droid things on it yet? ;) my scrubby phone I have is only 32 bit though and the things I have seen need 64-bit arm to run
<Peetz0r> haven't tried anything but android yet
<adisbladis> Peetz0r: nix-on-droid is not nixos-mobile ;)
<samueldr> mobile nixos**
<Peetz0r> I haven't tried either yet
<samueldr> mobile nixos doesn't *require* 64 bit, just that you won't have a binary cache
<adisbladis> samueldr: Something something peoples front of judea
<Peetz0r> oh I do have termux, but not with nix inside
<samueldr> adisbladis: haven't seen life of brian yet so this falls flat
<Peetz0r> I have seen it but that might have been >10 years ago :p
<Peetz0r> can't remember the reference either
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<adisbladis> Aww
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<worldofpeace> adisbladis: I like to watch it maybe once a year, you're not alone on the joke 😄 we stan monty python
<worldofpeace> (oh no, I can't believe I said stan)
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