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<drakonis> happy new year..........
<drakonis> 3 hours to go and no lights in here
<drakonis> stuck with phone mobile data
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<gchristensen> woohoo snow squall
<gchristensen> "About 14 hours remaining" iOS..!
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<tazjin> how come haven't CNAMEd howoldis.herokuapp.com to howoldis.nixos.org? 🤔
<tazjin> also, happy new year everyone!
<gchristensen> tazjin: have you seen status.nixos.org?
<tazjin> gchristensen: nope, that's neat!
<gchristensen> let's PM, I have questions
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<pie_> infinisil: is there a bot alias for that yet
<pie_> * ^
<infinisil> For what?
<pie_> status.nixos.org / howloldis
<gchristensen> I wouldn't want to do that until status.nixos.org has the great text from howoldis
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<etu> ,stuck pie_
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<Diogenes-> And steam suddenly broke for no reason. Always fun >_>
<drakonis> works fine here
<Diogenes-> Eh I'm on an older version of nixOS I think
<Diogenes-> Hmm, complaining that libav.so is missing
<Diogenes-> Err, libva*
<Diogenes-> Guess I'll try overriding and adding that in.
<Diogenes-> Ugh, course this happens just as I'm gonna play a game
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<adisbladis> Yay, I just tagged the first release of poetry2nix: https://github.com/nix-community/poetry2nix \o/
<adisbladis> There is a PR to include it in nixpkgs https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/76646
<{^_^}> #76646 (by adisbladis, 3 days ago, open): poetry2nix: init at 1.0.0
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<Diogenes-> Hmm, seems something is broken. Lovely
<Diogenes-> So I guess you need to override the package for opengl 32dri and add libva to it.
<lassulus> hardware.opengl.extraPackages32 = with pkgs.pkgsi686Linux; [ libva ];
<Diogenes-> However seems a test is failing and causing it to not build >_>
<Diogenes-> lassulus: Yeah that's the one.
<Diogenes-> Okay that was a weird fix. Had to upgrade to unstable, then do another upgrade with libva enabled.
<Diogenes-> And nope, new bug. Fun. Can load steam but now my library doesn't appear... sigh
<sphalerite> vaguely related: I was surprised at how well steam and a number of steam games work on wayland
<Diogenes-> Sigh. Why does something with steam always break. This is 60% of why I don't vidya
<Diogenes-> Anyone else get a plain black screen for your library on 20.03?
<Diogenes-> In steam
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<sphalerite> Diogenes-: will test shortly
<Diogenes-> Oh it's to do with the new library UI. Of course
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<sphalerite> Diogenes-: works for me
<Diogenes-> Ugh
<sphalerite> play free-as-in-speech games included in nixpkgs instaed? :p
<Diogenes-> But Witcherrrr
<Diogenes-> :p
<Diogenes-> Guess I'm being bad and grabbing my work laptop
<drakonis> have you tossed a coin to your witcher?
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<Diogenes-> As soon as it finishes downloading on work laptop
<Diogenes-> Hope it runs
<infinisil> Who would be interested in a Minecraft server for Nix people?
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<infinisil> Well tbh, I myself wouldn't even play much, I just occasionally have the urge to play
<ldlework> infinisil: have you tried AI Dungeon
<infinisil> nope
<ldlework> infinisil: http://beta.aidungeon.io
<ldlework> talk in second-person, asssume the game adds "You " to the start of your input
<ldlework> (You ) grab my sword and approach the shadowy figure.
<ldlework> oops
<ldlework> (You ) grab your* sword and approach the shadowy figure.
<ldlework> then it works best
<infinisil> Why email?
<infinisil> It asks my for my mail
<Diogenes-> Man I wish I knew what was up with steam.
<Diogenes-> New stupid library UI is borked. Can't open my library at all
* Diogenes- sighs
* Diogenes- has spent 7 hours fiddling with this now
<ldlework> infinisil: shitty