gchristensen changed the topic of #nixos-chat to: NixOS but much less topical || https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-chat
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<gchristensen> anyone around with noscript installed?
<infinisil> gchristensen: Me
<infinisil> If you're still looking
<gchristensen> cool
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<manveru> Diogenes-: i got steam working here...
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<Diogenes-> This is with the new UI? Neat
<gchristensen> wow
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<cransom> i saw something somewhere about reiserfs still getting development. a comment on the story i read mentioned something about 'killer features'.
<gchristensen> boo
<__monty__> gchristensen: Not exactly a friendly reception in #pass o.o
<gchristensen> meh
<gchristensen> yeah, but oh well
<__monty__> I've tried looking for help there with an issue I have with pass but got no reaction other than "stop asking about your problem."
<gchristensen> #nixos is really great :)
<Diogenes-> Could be worse
<Diogenes-> Always #C or #go-nuts
<Diogenes-> manveru: Yeah didn't work. :/
<Diogenes-> With native set to false it always fails for me. Complains about remote packages being missing
<Diogenes-> But with native set to true, it builds. Course the library UI is still broken
<Diogenes-> Guess I'll just go install ubuntu
<infinisil> __monty__: What happened in #pass?
<gchristensen> I don't really want to rehash it here
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<samueldr> ugh, I hate reading code that's full of commented dead code :/
<joepie91> samueldr: easy rule: if it's in version control, just delete it
<joepie91> :P
<samueldr> that's not my code, obviously :)
<samueldr> simply important (to me) code that runs at boot time
<samueldr> in another distro*
<joepie91> submit a PR!
<gchristensen> delet it anyway? :P
<joepie91> "cleaned up code"
<gchristensen> and if it isn't in git, throw it in git
<gchristensen> then delete it
<samueldr> I might skip it anyway as it doesn't seem to do what it looked like it would
<samueldr> I need something to multiplex console output during boot time
<joepie91> Git: it's basically Schrodinger's Trashbin
<samueldr> oh, no, it looks like it does what I want
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