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<infinisil> Ohh wow
<infinisil> So for one my internet wasn't working because the server isn't running anymore, but this isn't the only cause
<infinisil> Apparently my pc can bring down any netowork it's connected to..!
<infinisil> Everything works fine in our home net until i connect my pc via ethernet, at which point everything for everybody using the network stops working well
<infinisil> Disconnect and it's working again
<samueldr> only with your NixOS config or any OS?
<infinisil> I can even connect my phone via USB, turn on a hotspot, which makes my phone unable to access the web even!
<samueldr> (maybe check with the nixos iso?)
<samueldr> I think it's unlikely to be the computer itself, but something related to the configuration (hopefully?)
<infinisil> Well I haven't changed anything on my config for a while, and I'm not doing anything screwy
<infinisil> It started happening slowly over yetserday too
<samueldr> still, knowing it's the device or the system would help I guess
<infinisil> So i think it's broken hardware
<infinisil> I guess i can try an iso yeah
<infinisil> But I'm fairly certain it's a faulty network controller or so
<drakonis> time to trace the NIC
<infinisil> How do I do that?
<infinisil> I wanted to get wireshark to look at what's happening, but I can't download it without internet lol
<infinisil> Will have to use a memory stick or so to get data to it..
<drakonis> ya
<drakonis> you can use bpftrace or bcc
<drakonis> or any of the older tracing tools
<infinisil> Though there's no way this could solve the problem
<drakonis> there's systemtap but i don't think it can trace a nic
<infinisil> But would be interesting
<drakonis> i want to see how it is crashing the network
<drakonis> maybe its sending a massive stream of packets
<drakonis> does wifi work?
<infinisil> Hehe yeah
<infinisil> I don't have a wifi controller on this pc
<drakonis> oh, its a desktop
<infinisil> Ye
<drakonis> you could tether your phone and use it as wifi
<infinisil> Huh?
<drakonis> android and ios can provide tethering
<drakonis> connect it with an usb and enable tethering
<drakonis> it'll share the phone's connection with the computer it is plugged to
<infinisil> Ah yeah, but i already said that that didn't work either
<drakonis> oh, i didn't see it
<drakonis> that's not the same as tethering tho
<infinisil> (I called it makinga hotspot)
<infinisil> It's not?
<drakonis> no
<samueldr> infinisil: the PC accessing the network _from the phone_ made the network unresponsive?
<drakonis> hotspot lets other devices use your internet
<samueldr> if so, it's likely not a hardware fault
<drakonis> tethering allows a single device to access your phone's connection through a usb cable
<drakonis> hotspot is basically "your phone is now a router for a bunch of devices"
<infinisil> Um, so i turned on a hotspot from my phone so my pc can use it's LTE connection. This made both the computer and the phone's browsers unresponsive
<drakonis> hmm
<samueldr> feels configurationey
<drakonis> okay that's tethering i guess?
<samueldr> by using your phone's connection via USB, you wouldn't have your (presumably) wired ethernet in the loop
<infinisil> Well all of this worked fine for the longest time
<samueldr> did you try turning it off and on again?
<samueldr> (sorry, not sorry :))
<drakonis> ^
<infinisil> Hehe
<infinisil> Actually i didn't
<drakonis> the funniest part is that sometimes it works
<infinisil> Yeah actually this is probably the solution with the highest chance of working at this point
<infinisil> Maybe the network controller has some messed up state
<drakonis> which controller do you have?
<infinisil> How do i check?
<drakonis> i think lspci does it?
<drakonis> i don't think its available by default tho
<samueldr> nix-shell -p pciutils --run lspci
<drakonis> he has no internet
<drakonis> on the desktop
<samueldr> right
<infinisil> Have that cached fortunately :D
<infinisil> Lemme see
<drakonis> lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet'
<drakonis> this does the trick
<infinisil> Intel Cooperation Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V
<drakonis> ah, so you're running a ivybridge?
<infinisil> I.. am?
<drakonis> i dunno really
<drakonis> i looked up the datasheet
<drakonis> its from 2013
<samueldr> though not sure it's relevant
<samueldr> would just reboot
<samueldr> the dmesg log should be safe in journald anyway
<samueldr> for consuming
<infinisil> I'm thinking it might be smart to first collect some traces before rebooting
<infinisil> s/smart/interesting
<infinisil> nix-store --import and --export can finally get some use :D
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<infinisil> nix-store --export $(nix-store -qR $(nix-build --no-out-link '<nixpkgs>' -A linuxPackages.bcc -A linuxPackages.bpftrace -A wireshark)) > store
<infinisil> Gonna try bcc bpftrace and wireshark
<infinisil> Oh come on, it doesn't want to import the zpool I put the store files in
<infinisil> I feel like somebody is intentionally putting hurdles in my way
<infinisil> Okay so I have wireguard running
<aanderse> i feel like half the community is on vacation right now
<infinisil> But right now the problem is gone..
<aanderse> sounds wonderful
<infinisil> I am here hello :)
<aanderse> hardly any PRs coming in lately
<aanderse> i mean compared to the usual onslaught
<samueldr> eh, they'll wake up in a week that 19.09's cutoff is coming
<samueldr> :D
<infinisil> Oh! samueldr and drakonis (who is gone now), I think I see what's happening now
<samueldr> configuration with wireguard going screwey?
<infinisil> Oh I meant wireshark
<samueldr> ah
<infinisil> The problem just started happening again now, and after a while of the flaky connection, everything stopped working
<aanderse> samueldr: right? still a few things to get in before then!
<samueldr> aanderse: start pushing bits out of your $EDITOR into the githubs :)
<infinisil> samueldr: ARP "Who has Tell"
<infinisil> is my phone (the router in this case)
<infinisil> And is my computer
<aanderse> samueldr: mhm mhm
<infinisil> Not entirely sure how that makes sense, but it seems my computer advertises itself as the router
<aanderse> i'm finally ready to move ahead with my one pr, thanks to infinisil++ ^_^
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 120
<infinisil> :D
<aanderse> also, any mariadb/mysql experts in the room?
<aanderse> *if* https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/65222 is gonna get merged we should merge it soon
<{^_^}> #65222 (by Izorkin, 3 weeks ago, open): mariadb: update packages
<aanderse> real soon
<aanderse> switching the mysql.connector-c package to be more other distro naming friendly aka libmysqlclient
<aanderse> among other things
* infinisil heads to #networking
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<infinisil> Well I give up, rebooting didn't fix anything
<infinisil> I think my NIC is broken, I might go to a local (trustworthy) computer shop to get it looked at and replaced
<infinisil> I'm no hardware expert xD
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<infinisil> I'm back to getting GitHub server errors again lol
<infinisil> This time: "Fastly error: unknown domain: github.com. Please check that this domain has been added to a service.Details: cache-mxp19828-MXP""
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<infinisil> WHAT, there's no network problems on windows..
<infinisil> I'll definitely have to try a NixOS iso now..
<infinisil> I shall stop the rants now
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<pie_> infinisil: cmon rants are great
<pie_> something something x11 style vulnerability on windows? :P https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2019/08/down-rabbit-hole.html
<pie_> (probably a stretch)
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<adisbladis> aanderse: My guess is that we'll start seeing more PRs coming in now that the freeze for 19.09 has been announced
<adisbladis> Iirc that's the way it usually goes
<aanderse> which will line up perfectly with everyone getting back from vacation :-)
<eyJhb> Sooo infinisil, how is life treating? :p
<infinisil> Couldn't be better!
<eyJhb> Sounds like it infinisil ! :D
<eyJhb> * or anyone that reads danish.. But generally.. Apps and developers who think that the backend API is secret.... God damn it
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<makefu> joepie91: here is a better place, you will be at the CCCAMP?
<joepie91> makefu: ah let's continue here then :P
<joepie91> pie_: oh, you're going to camp also?
<makefu> joepie91: that is unfortunate, i still have the USB stick in my bag :D
<joepie91> oh, heh
<joepie91> makefu: if you put a sticker saying "joepie91" on it, and drop it at the HSNL assembly with someone who's a revspace member, it'll find its way to me :)
<makefu> okay, i will try that :D
<joepie91> (they'll just put it into my storage box at revspace)
<pie_> joepie91: ye
<joepie91> pie_: ah. are you going to congress also?
<pie_> joepie91: considering it but unsure
<pie_> moneeez
<joepie91> I'm not going to camp after all, so won't have na opportunity to say hi there :P
<joepie91> an*
<pie_> ya i saw :(
<joepie91> pie_: where you travelling from?
<pie_> right now, berling
<pie_> for ocngress, hungary xD
<pie_> my local friends ropes me into going to camp
<pie_> *roped
<joepie91> that shouldn't be too expensive, no? from hungary
<pie_> its just the whole ordeal :D
<pie_> ill be doing university again
<joepie91> right
<pie_> unless decide fawk this, after like a month
<pie_> ^joking tho
<joepie91> pie_: as far as the money part is concerned, if the costs are within reasonable range, I can probably pitch in :P
<pie_> well its not like i rent 5 star hotels xD
<pie_> we'll see
<joepie91> was mostly thinking travel costs - afaik it's not super expensive but I haven't checked :)
<joepie91> pie_: also, can strongly recommend apartment central for leipzig
<joepie91> their prices fluctuate a lot but they're not /super/ expensive and they're very comfy
<pie_> what id really like is to plan food this time such that i eat properly but not the congress seller food
<pie_> s/properly but/properly, //
<joepie91> pie_: this is probably only really useful for breakfast, but apartment central has a mini kitchen (incl. stove) in every room
<joepie91> it's near hbf though, not near venue
<pie_> i still cant cook :I
<joepie91> so you prob wouldn't go there for dinner
<pie_> i was thinking more restaurant-y....
<joepie91> the problem is that everything is a 30 minute ride away from the venue
<joepie91> :p
<pie_> yea
<pie_> otoh if you have someone to talk to it cant be bad :P
<joepie91> true :P
<joepie91> one of my dinners last congress was with NixOS people actually
<joepie91> restaurant in central
* adisbladis has tons of spare space for congress
<ar> will there be a nixos village at the camp?
<adisbladis> ar: https://map.events.ccc.de/#19/53.0325878/13.3056027
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/19 (by antono, 7 years ago, merged): Added ubuntu-font-family
<adisbladis> Though I'll be staying over in The Cold North https://map.events.ccc.de/#19/53.0318/13.30882
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/19 (by antono, 7 years ago, merged): Added ubuntu-font-family
<adisbladis> Heh, fun issue matching :)
<adisbladis> The Cold North will _also_ have lots of NixOS people :)
<joepie91> tbh I spent most of last congress either at the NixOS assembly or in a hotel room
<joepie91> so many friendly people!
<joepie91> also, maybe I should make a big light-up Nix logo/sign for next Congress...
<joepie91> we don't have one of those yet, do we?
<joepie91> (I'm thinking tinted acrylic, an actual thing in the exact shape of the Nix logo)
<joepie91> (with white sides or something)
<adisbladis> joepie91: I was thinking to make something like that before in the hackspace here. Then I stopped attending the hackspace :/
<adisbladis> I'd also think custom balloons would be awesome
<adisbladis> A Nixos logo floating over the assembly
<adisbladis> :3
<joepie91> heh, I definitely still go to revspace
<joepie91> which has all the tools that would be necessary for this
<adisbladis> I don't think the hackspace where I live is very good
<joepie91> actually, maybe not tinted acrylic, just frosted/diffuse
<adisbladis> They have lots of tools & stuff, but no real community
<joepie91> because RGB LEDs :D
<adisbladis> <3
<joepie91> ah yeah, more like a fablab then
<joepie91> revspace is really a hackerspace
<adisbladis> Well, yeah...
<joepie91> very strong on community despite its high organizatioin
<joepie91> organization*
<adisbladis> Except it supposedly used to be a proper hackspace before they moved
<adisbladis> And lost 50%+ of all members
<joepie91> ah, damn
<joepie91> yeah that's rough
<joepie91> not surprised that the community broke down then :/
<adisbladis> I don't think the leadership realised just how important location is
<joepie91> yeah...
<adisbladis> It's almost 1.5h for me to get there from home
<joepie91> revspace moves every few years, but always within strictly the same area
<adisbladis> And I live pretty centrally located
<joepie91> like, within local public transport range
<joepie91> (by NL standards)
<adisbladis> Revspace seems really nice :)
<joepie91> it's 1h for me to get to revspace from a different city :P
<adisbladis> I mostly associate revspace with the lackrack, I remember you guys having an awesome wiki article on it
<joepie91> oh, quite possibly, that was before my time though
<joepie91> and probably two locations ago
<joepie91> current location is suuuper nice, see also pics :P
<joepie91> super pleasant space to be in
<joepie91> (after a lot of hard work ofc, the place was delivered as a blank space)
<joepie91> (didn't even have walls)
<joepie91> or well, it had a few walls, but not the most important ones
<adisbladis> Anyway, at the current rate their money will run out in january
<adisbladis> Which I'm not so sure what to think about
<adisbladis> Maybe they'll move again
<joepie91> yeah, not surprising, if they lost half their membership, and presumably therefore also half their income
<joepie91> that really sucks :/
<joepie91> adisbladis: which space was this btw?
<adisbladis> The space is also absolutely enormous, they could have gone to a space half the size but mor central
<adisbladis> joepie91: London Hackspace
<joepie91> oof, london isn't easy either, I imagine
<joepie91> space-wise
<adisbladis> Meh, it's doable
<adisbladis> Lots of industrial areas around town
<adisbladis> Maybe not as big as the current space..
<joepie91> right, but centrally?
<joepie91> adisbladis: btw, if you're ever in NL, do visit revspace! we like visitors and not speaking Dutch is no problem :)
<adisbladis> I can have a few beers and pretend to speak dutch :3
<joepie91> lol
<joepie91> adisbladis: trust me, you won't manage to convince a Dutch person :D
<joepie91> the Dutch are experts at fishing out what someone's native tongue is
<joepie91> lol
<adisbladis> I'll have fun doing it though
<joepie91> (to the frustration of ~everybody who tries to migrate to NL and can't immersive-learn the language because everybody keeps speaking $nativeLanguage to them)
<joepie91> (and yes, this is really a thing :P)
<adisbladis> joepie91: Same problem in Sweden tbh
<joepie91> ah, so it's not just NL :D
<joepie91> but yeah, we have a few members who effectively don't speak Dutch, even
<joepie91> actually been actively trying to reach out to people who don't speak Dutch, by offering tours in multiple languages on our last open day's leaflet, though that didn't really yield much result :(
<joepie91> that render is a bit broken, but eh :P
<adisbladis> So annoying... I have a job running in a CI enviroment that's completely freezing (it's reproducible every time)
<adisbladis> Yet I can't reproduce it locally :S
<andi-> adisbladis: is that by chance while retrieving things from the binary cache?
<adisbladis> andi-: No, it's emacs freezing while saving a file
<andi-> adisbladis: I debugged a similar issue with flokli the other day and found out that disabling HTTP/2 fixed it there…
<andi-> :/
<andi-> emacs in the CI environment?
<andi-> ah, that makes more sense
<andi-> At first I thought people might be using emacs as a test runner :D
<adisbladis> andi-: I've done that too ;)
<adisbladis> Describing the testing pipe using org-mode
<adisbladis> It's _really
<adisbladis> Really, really nice :)
<adisbladis> It's like all those pipeline-as-yaml except awesome
<flokli> adisbladis: disabling http2 doesn't work on the latest nix release
<adisbladis> Well, http2 was not my problem in this instance
<flokli> Ok
<sphalerite> joepie91: I definitely need to drop by whenever I'm in the area, also because I'd like to meet you irl sometime :)
<joepie91> sphalerite: :)
<joepie91> make sure to let me know when you're around, my revspace visits are... inconsistent
<joepie91> given the 1hr travel :P
<adisbladis> Nixos hackathon
<joepie91> well I mean
<joepie91> revspace is hosting a gnome hackathon soon
<joepie91> so why not a nixos hackathon :P
<adisbladis> <3
<sphalerite> joepie91: are you coming to nixcon?
* adisbladis does not remember joepie91 placing an order
<joepie91> sphalerite: probably not
<sphalerite> aww
<joepie91> adisbladis: huh?
<adisbladis> joepie91: I think I would have remembered you in the order list is what I mean
<joepie91> "the order list"?
<adisbladis> For Nixcon
<joepie91> OH
<joepie91> right :P
<sphalerite> is that public information? :/
<adisbladis> sphalerite: I would not have said anything if it was a positive hit
<adisbladis> sphalerite: Or you mean the orders? That's not public.
<sphalerite> yeah I do mean the former bit though
<sphalerite> hmmmm
<joepie91> I smell an information disclosure vulnerability :P
<adisbladis> ^_^
<adisbladis> Tbh I'm considering just making that thing freezing a regular old cron job
<adisbladis> (systemd timer)
<adisbladis> Far easier to debug
<adisbladis> It's triggered on a timer anyway
<manveru> adisbladis: guess i should ping you for this: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/go-modules-issues/3721 :)
<adisbladis> manveru: I have very little to do with `buildGoModule`
<adisbladis> Other than trying to get rid of it
<adisbladis> I'm hoping to hack some more on vgo2nix next week when I'm off work
<adisbladis> And fix most remaining known bugs
<manveru> :)
<manveru> ok, thought you might know more, i'm also not involved in it
<adisbladis> manveru: Looking at it close I think I do know a bit more..
<adisbladis> These FOD-abusing packaging methods needs to die :/
<joepie91> FOD?
<sphalerite> fixed-output derivation
<joepie91> ah
<manveru> ah... the wonderful world of templating engines...
<manveru> i really like the go templates, but doing static analysis of them is impossible :|
<manveru> https://baturin.org/projects/soupault/ looks pretty cool
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<das_j> is anyone running knot on nixos?
<gchristensen> yeah
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<das_j> gchristensen: Do you manage the records via nix?
<gchristensen> oh sorry, I don't run knot.
<das_j> oh
<gchristensen> I was thinking kresd
<das_j> nah, that's what ajs124 is doing in our setup
<das_j> but thanks anyway
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* infinisil expected "I don't run knot, but you only asked if *anyone* ran it"
<adisbladis> I do knot
<das_j> adi
<das_j> whoops
<das_j> adisbladis: With the records in nix?
<sphalerite> das_j: I think it was a pun.
<das_j> wow
<das_j> too tired
<das_j> thanks for that hint
<adisbladis> :D
<sphalerite> das_j: fwiw, I run bind and generate my zone file using nix.
<das_j> do you have a link?
<eyJhb> Feels so weird being home again
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<gchristensen> if any of y'all are on the tweeter and interested in retweeting this one: https://twitter.com/grhmc/status/1162059586129600514
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<eyJhb> I have one follower, who is inactive I guess....
<gchristensen> retweets tells twitter its valuable, even if you only have one follower
<gchristensen> no wonder Hungarian notation fell out of style. its sorting algorithms are SLOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2D9aJRBY4
<__monty__> Hehe.
<pie_> *you* try dancing at 2 GHz!
<cransom> i assume the performance speed is accurate after the spectre/meltdown/etc patches have been applied.
<manveru> i wonder how the new zealand haka version would go
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<manveru> seems like the guy who made styx just completely disappeared in 2017 :(
<manveru> wonder what happened to him
<gchristensen> who did it?
<samueldr> ericsagnes
<gchristensen> ahh right
<manveru> his company website is still up, so i guess someone must be paying the bills
<manveru> ah, and i just found https://www.l-lab.jp/lambda-coop/docs so the most recent sign of life is from march 2018
<manveru> and his nick is in #nixos :D
<manveru> the trail gets hotter!
<samueldr> (his last github activity was in september of 2018)
<infinisil> As part of my bisection story, I'm now in the minimal graphical installer, checking out Plasma
<infinisil> And damn, it looks pretty good
<infinisil> Has been pretty smooth all around
<infinisil> Maybe that's old news to you all, but it's the first time I'm in Plasma
<gchristensen> tomorrow (1900UTC, 3pm America/New_York) will be the third office hours, with tazjin talking about Nixery: https://github.com/worldofpeace/events/blob/master/office-hours/office-hours.md
<manveru> samueldr: :)
<manveru> yeah, just wanted to know if he's still in tokyo, would be cool to meet sometime
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<infinisil> Slightly crazy idea: Have a Nix builtin for calling a pure Haskell function, usable like this: `builtins.callHaskell "nixMain expr = 10" "test"`
<infinisil> The function would have a type like `nixMain :: NExpr -> NExpr`, where NExpr comes from a hnix
<infinisil> And it would get run with SafeHaskell, so you have the guarantee that it's pure
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<ashkitten> i keep looking at the systemd v243 roadmap and it seems to grow more issues every time
<ashkitten> i need it to release so i don't have to rebuild 500+ packages
<ashkitten> oh wait
<ashkitten> there's a bios update
<manveru> infinisil: for hnix?
<manveru> what's the status of that anyway
<infinisil> manveru: I was thinking actual nix, but yeah it might only fit in hnix