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<ivan> https://github.com/mozilla/nixpkgs-mozilla/commit/3889ee6a2f91bcb85f525f44d5fc1ffafa52c372 just noticed fixed output derivations were implemented in the mozilla overlay
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<adisbladis> ivan: Mhm?
<ivan> like it says, you can use it in hydra now
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<elvishjerricco> How good would a raspberry pi be as a factorio client? I figure its weak CPU is probably not good enough for any kind of complex world, so it can't handle the server logic. But the graphics requirements of the client are probably pretty low, so if the client doesn't do much of the CPU work then I'd wager it could be a pretty good client.
<elvishjerricco> I guess the more general question would be: Does the factorio client use as few resources as I'd guess it does, both CPU and GPU?
<elvishjerricco> Lol nevermind. Of course they don't support Arm, and obviously you can't compile it yourself.
<elvishjerricco> Still, I guess the same question holds for any small intel SBC
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<samueldr> for some game-y workload like that, it might hang solely on whether the GPU is involved or not on those SBCs
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* etu made a thing on the internet based on his ZFS setup: https://elis.nu/blog/2019/08/encrypted-zfs-mirror-with-mirrored-boot-on-nixos/ :)
<etu> My first blogpost on that site that isn't hello world
<averell> nice :)
<etu> I've heard that gchristensen likes when people make blogposts and stuff about nix, so it's been on my list of things I want to start doing and do more
<gchristensen> I do like that =)
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<eyJhb> To make dinner or not to make dinner..
<adisbladis> make: *** No rule to make target 'dinner'. Stop.
<eyJhb> s/rule/food/
<eyJhb> I got cookies
<etu> eyjhb: Where are you at now?
<eyJhb> Simmershavn :p Found a place for 1250 SEK/night
<eyJhb> .......
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<eyJhb> And I am only staying till tomorrow. And just arrived after I think around 8 hours in car :D
<eyJhb> ffs, if I don't go now I never will.
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<eyJhb> Anybody seen "The Queens Corgi"?
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<samueldr> I love to build outdated webkit for a random SDK I'm trying to package :/
<eyJhb> samueldr: which package?
<samueldr> which SDK I'm trying to package?
<eyJhb> Yeah
<samueldr> connectiq
<etu> eyjhb: haha, 1337% faster :D
<samueldr> I was already surprised to see it worked on linux
<eyJhb> etu: I will become leet! :p Would be quite awesome with that boost
<eyJhb> Is everything just called "IQ" now?
<samueldr> nah, I'm still samueldr, and you look to still be eyjhb
<samueldr> unless you become eyqhb
<eyJhb> eyjhbIQ
eyJhb is now known as eyJhb
<eyJhb> Damn it ZNC..
* samueldr is confused
<eyJhb> Sometimes my ZNC gets DDoS'ed, so it reconnects, but for SOME REASON insists on reconnecting with nick "eyjhb" instead of "eyJhb"
<eyJhb> Or was it the IQ part?
<samueldr> the nickname thing
<eyJhb> Ahh...
<eyJhb> Does it make sense now?
<samueldr> weird, I figure znc itself needs to be configured
<samueldr> yeah
<eyJhb> Does. Does this work?
<eyJhb> eyjhb++
<{^_^}> eyjhb's karma got increased to 1
<eyJhb> !
<samueldr> yes, that was found out the other day
<eyJhb> +1 - I still wonder if it is possible to do RCE on {^_^}
<samueldr> depends on what you think {^_^} is
<etu> eyJhb: yes it's very easy
<samueldr> it's a complex bit of trickery
<etu> > 1 + 1
<{^_^}> 2
<eyJhb> Well, it evaluates expressions, and might not be that isolated
<eyJhb> And the DB for karma most be stored someplace
<samueldr> the replbot+irc factoids bit might be
<eyJhb> > Give me all the karma
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'Give' at (string):256:1
* eyJhb close
<samueldr> though, in that case you're right, they're on the same system
<eyJhb> How powerful is the server {^_^} runs on?
<samueldr> that bot, though, is multiple subsystems working together through a rabbitmq
<samueldr> I don't know about the evalbot+factoids part
<eyJhb> Ah..
<samueldr> (the bit you're interested in)
<eyJhb> Guessing that is gchristensen ?
<samueldr> that's running on infinisil's stuff, graham's running the bot itself, channel advance thing and github notifications thing
<eyJhb> Hmm, okay, just curious
<eyJhb> Also etu, started looking at salaries for civilengineers after we talked about it shortly. I really really really want to be done soon
<eyJhb> Do we actually have any resources for... Learning nix expressions?
<eyJhb> Nix pills?
<samueldr> when I started, I found chapter 15. Nix Expression Language from the nix manual was useful in understanding what was what
<samueldr> before finding that chapter I was a bit lost about naming things and what they meant
<eyJhb> > let attrs = { a = 15; b = builtins.throw "Oh no!"; };
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', at (string):257:1
<eyJhb> Am I blind?
<eyJhb> samueldr: thanks, saved the logs :D
<samueldr> eyJhb: blind about what?
<samueldr> > let attrs = { a = 15; b = builtins.throw "Oh no!"; }; in attrs.b
<{^_^}> Oh no!
<eyJhb> samueldr: just no clue why it threq a error
<manveru> > let
<samueldr> let expressions need all parts `let ... in`
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', at (string):257:1
<samueldr> and I guess that the "unexpected ')'" is from the "harness" of nix code to make this work behind the scenes
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<eyJhb> Ahh, thanks :D
<eyJhb> > let attrs = { a = 15; b = builtins.throw "Oh no!"; }; in "The value of 'a' is ${toString attrs.a}"
<{^_^}> "The value of 'a' is 15"
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<tazjin> eyJhb: if you find something is missing in the nix-1p doc, please file an issue!
<tazjin> most of us suffer from the curse of knowledge, we don't know what people who aren't as experienced with Nix don't know
<tazjin> missing and/or unclear
<drakonis> write a book, thanks in advance
<samueldr> books are outdated, at best, in my experience
<tazjin> I wouldn't be a good person to write a book because I can't read most technical books, they're too verbose
<drakonis> they're good for bringing people up to an expected level
<drakonis> or rather, raise the bar
<drakonis> i have tried experimenting with phoenix framework in the past and came out with the impression that it implicitly requires the book written by the framework's author in order to actually do anything decent with it
<eyJhb> tazjin: soe just write to write. I keep finding some of my friends writing wall-of-texts, which are not needed
<tazjin> I realised nix-1p is missing a section on operators
<tazjin> particularly `//`
<tazjin> TIL about `->`
<tazjin> does anyone use that?
<samueldr> I've often seen it in assertions IIRC
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<drakonis> nix-1p would make a fine nixlang in a nutshell chapter in the new docs
<tazjin> which new docs?
<drakonis> we talked about this last month, not sure if it has gotten off the ground yet
<drakonis> back in june
<tazjin> what was the idea?
<samueldr> about when in the log?
<drakonis> 13:24
<samueldr> ah, the whole "let's move off docbook but stall on the biggest bikeshed" high level convo there was
<drakonis> what color is the bikeshed
<drakonis> okay, that didn't go anywhere
<tazjin> on the bikeshed, I think that using anything other than Markdown in 2019 is documentation suicide
<tazjin> it excludes almost all driveby contributors
<drakonis> that's the same problem as not using git in 2019
<tazjin> hi, I work for a company that doesn't use git
<tazjin> well, mostly
<drakonis> your company uses a git wrapper
<drakonis> and svn
<tazjin> no
<drakonis> google changed that?
<tazjin> I haven't seen any svn around, but I can't conclusively say that there isn't any
<tazjin> the monorepo itself is run on an internal system that is API-compatible with perforce (there's a public whitepaper about this somewhere)
<tazjin> anyways, that's going off-topic
<tazjin> what I wanted to say about the markdown thing is that yes, I understand that docbook has all sorts of theoretical fancy features
<tazjin> but we don't actually use them for much
<eyJhb> Does tazjin work for Google?
<drakonis> yes
<samueldr> maybe let tazjin answer?
<tazjin> and having up-to-date, easily editable content is more important (to me) than running doctests or some such
<tazjin> eyJhb: yes
<eyJhb> tazjin: why no git?
<samueldr> hrm, having a hard time understanding what's missing for the simulator to work... I think it's likely that it needs some control software that's only in the eclipse plugin :/
<tazjin> eyJhb: we store most code in a single repo, which is of a size that git could not scale to, also git is newer than the repo - https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub45424 for details :)
<tazjin> on the reference manual vs. instruction guide thing
<tazjin> I think it's possible to chunk it reasonably
<tazjin> so each (small) section can be read like an instruction guide
<tazjin> but without requiring context of the other sections in order
<tazjin> that's how I tried to write nix-1p, but I'm not sure whether it worked out (difficult to get a 3rd-person view on it if you wrote it)
<eyJhb> tazjin: Ahh I heard about that at one point. Seems massive to have a "monorepo"
<tazjin> I think it's the right thing to do for proprietary code where you need to synchronise a lot of developers on a private project
<tazjin> for open-source individual repos is easier
<tazjin> Nix has this cool ability to make "distributed monorepos", you can trivially keep some code in the same repo as your build config, while also pulling in code from the outside (and still pinning it)
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<eyJhb> tazjin: hoping you don't have to have it all locally :p
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<tazjin> eyJhb: that wouldn't be possible on most desktop computers :P
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<eyJhb> Nope, just read it as 86 TB from the link jeg sent :p
<eyJhb> Also if one thinks default Git workflow into it, it must be hell!
<eyJhb> But, propelry not how it works
<samueldr> oh, got it, and it works
<tazjin> I'm changing the nixery.dev landing page to an mdBook that will explain concepts like "how to set up a Nix repo for your company" etc.
<tazjin> this kind of thing is always exciting because Nix makes all sorts of things trivial, like I can just pull in nix-1p into a page in the book with a handful of lines of Nix
<tazjin> <3
<samueldr> I want to add some kind of `connectiq.mkDerivation` in the future, but this, at least, allows you to use the SDK https://github.com/samueldr/nix-connectiq
<samueldr> though I think it's going to be annoying considering there's a signing key involved, not sure what's the best to do about that
<tazjin> maybe make it a NIX_PATH entry?
<tazjin> because I assume people would bring their own signing key
<samueldr> I was thinking about how the key would end up in the store
<samueldr> not sure if it is even an issue
<tazjin> I remember some discussion about keys in the store from NixCon last year
<tazjin> not sure what became of that 🤔
<samueldr> it might not be an issue I need to concern myself with
<samueldr> tbf, I'm not sure I'd recommend their hardware, but I didn't look the gift horse in the mouth too closely
<samueldr> (if only for the fact that I can't just replace the firmware outright)
<samueldr> though they are interesting
<samueldr> a completely different world
<samueldr> it's not just slapping some linux, and adding more cruft to it
<tazjin> samueldr: is it a custom OS?
<tazjin> also, https://6362ec0b.ngrok.io - WIP
<samueldr> AFAICT, yes, the same than on their GPS hardware
<tazjin> hah, rate-limited by ngrok
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