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<bqv> the most interesting part of this has been discovering parts of my system config that are conditional on running within emacs
<bqv> for example, i'm suddenly in a tmux session again! and it's using powerline (?!)
<infinisil> Oh god, I'm listening to a radio stream that does audio-leveling itself, and it's wayyy too sensitive
<infinisil> For slow music, you notice that it gets quiter at every beat
<infinisil> Makes it really awful to listen to
<bqv> D:
<bqv> normalize the stream
<bqv> the one situation where multiple layers of compression are acceptable
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<infinisil> I'm already doing that!
<infinisil> But my normalization is reasonable and therefore way too slow! (and I don't think I can adjust it)
<bqv> ah, shame
<bqv> this is weirdly freeing
<bqv> if i ignore the clipboard issues, i feel surprisingly unshackled by not being in exwm
<bqv> i still have no idea how to nicely configure xmonad
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<samueldr> blah!
* samueldr unsubscribes from issue
<samueldr> I hate vague issues about a vague problem that gets hijacked months after months with, to me, probably or obviously unrelated more or less vague issue about the same thing
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<samueldr> it ends up being totally unactionable, and a complete mess of clues for people with one of the issue that gets dumped into the same truckload :(
<samueldr> if only github allowed to split a ticket into a new one, like discourse does for threads, it would be more manageable
<gchristensen> close-and-lock-open-a-new-issue-please
<samueldr> but sometimes the original issue is still an issue to be fixed!
<samueldr> I really really like the "splitting topics" feature of discourse
<bqv> omg
<samueldr> uuuuh
<samueldr> what's up with that link?
<bqv> what about it? it's a wiki, as far as i can tell
<samueldr> it looks like a scammy site with "all errors and the solution"
<bqv> oh, yeah
<bqv> that was the "omg"
<samueldr> and I have a (blocked) iframe
<samueldr> ah, that's exactly it
<samueldr> it's not really a wiki
<bqv> i just pissed myself at "xmonad badaccess error" being a windows issue
<bqv> and the solution is to download their binary
<samueldr> dang it
<samueldr> I hope my logger doesn't get flagged
<bqv> huh?
<samueldr> for linking to that website!
<bqv> oh, yikes
<samueldr> it's probably going to end up in a list of malware sites at some point
<samueldr> (no worries, not really your fault)
<samueldr> (it's more a symptom of the state of the web)
<bqv> heh
<ashkitten> it seems to be a convention to change http to hxxp(s) when linking malicious sites
<samueldr> or evading link bans or similar :)
<infinisil> Huh, I'm surprised to learn that github actions is completely free for public repos
<infinisil> Like, I see no limitation at all
<bqv> gchristensen: ?
<gchristensen> ?
<bqv> What does that extban do
<gchristensen> it bans people who are banned in #nixos-mods
<bqv> Oh, interesting :)
<gchristensen> the other day I had to spend like 15 minutes banning people in different channels
<bqv> Irc is magic…
<gchristensen> the other thing I did is
<gchristensen> /msg chanserv flags #THECHANNEL $chanacs:#nixos-mods +Aiortv
<gchristensen> anyone on theaccess list of #nixos-mods can +o channels with that set
<gchristensen> so now srhb, niksnut, and I
<ashkitten> is it reasonable to pick out a specific subset of paths to mirror from cache.nixos.org if i were to set up a lan cache?
<ashkitten> i know it's more complicated because it's not actually a package repo
<gchristensen> you might just want a squid reverse proxy cache with a disk budget
<ashkitten> hm
<ashkitten> we are going to set up squid, i'm just not sure how useful it will end up being
<ashkitten> i guess it'll probably be fairly useful since my system is set to auto gc
<ashkitten> so for paths i frequently redownload
<ashkitten> (like the closure for discord, since i refuse to actually put the client in my nixos config)
<gchristensen> I .. don't feel good about running that program
<ashkitten> yeah, but i have to because video isn't supported in firefox
<ashkitten> and jitsi meet has problems actually maintaining stable video
<gchristensen> maybe unshare your ~...
<ashkitten> are you suggesting it's snooping in my files?
<gchristensen> all I know is its CEO is shady as heck and that it takes a lot to be subject to a class action suit for fraud and invasion of privacy
<ashkitten> ah
<ashkitten> anyway gchristensen did i mention i have 10Gbit fiber in my apartment now?
<gchristensen> no.
<gchristensen> take it back
<ashkitten> but it's so overkill!
<ashkitten> it was actually... fairly cheap and easy?
<ashkitten> we got a lot of 6 fiber ethernet cards on ebay
<ashkitten> and some 10Gbit sfp+ modules
<samueldr> and here I'm proud of having recently done gigabit all the way around
<gchristensen> I'm not even sure I have consistent gigabit :x
<abathur> here I am hot-gluing microSD cards to pigeons to beat a gigabit
<colemickens> gchristensen: whoa I must've missed some Discord news!
<gchristensen> colemickens: discord's ceo's prior company
<colemickens> interesting. I'm thinking about your "it takes a lot", but reading this synopsis, I wouldn't be surprised to find lots of companies are doing the same thing. I wonder what got them caught in particular
<samueldr> I never said I had consistent gigabit! I think I do though
<gchristensen> colemickens: that is why I assume it takes a lot
<pie_> MichaelRaskin: didnt you say datamatrix can do arbitrary sizes?
<pie_> Im trying to use dmtxwrite and its being annoying
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<bqv> Hmm
<bqv> Xmonad is a haskell app
<bqv> Taffybar is a haskell app
<bqv> Whats stopping me from just adding a taffybar thread to my xmonad config
<bqv> I don't want a separate bar app, but I still want a bar
<pie_> MichaelRaskin: huh. apparently datamatrix, or at least this reader, handles a squished datamatrix just fine
<MichaelRaskin> pie_: -s should allow you to set a size out of a reasonably diverse list of options
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<MichaelRaskin> Only specific sizes are feasible, and the data should actually fit in the available bits, of course
<MichaelRaskin> DataMatrix has some nice properties w.r.t. squishing, yeah
<MichaelRaskin> I do have a feeling that libdmtx is plain better at recovery than generic open-source QR-code libraries. But of course that time when I had to write custom code to recover damaged QR-codes, the counterparty was laughably bad at scanning, too, so maybe I do not have a fair comparison.
<MichaelRaskin> (The one time I needed to mass-recover DataMatrix codes was with them printed with top row cut off…)
<Arahael> Wouldn't the simplest way to recover those be to have someone re-draw the calibration dots?
<Arahael> Those orientation dots, whatever they're called.
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<MichaelRaskin> If we were talking about «someone», we could just have people type the numbers printed nearby…
<MichaelRaskin> (which we did for the few percents of most annoyingly damaged codes)
<MichaelRaskin> But we kind of wanted to avoid large scale manual entry where we could…
<MichaelRaskin> BTW, repainting the dots is what my code did first (well, after general image-registration stuff to find the code), it… was not enough
<Arahael> Sad.
<bqv> I guess i'll just try it
<MichaelRaskin> Arahael: the scanning was done _hilariously_ wrong
<MichaelRaskin> Half of the scanners had very local automatic black/white threshold detection, i.e. most of the area of the anchor would get recognised as uniformly coloured and therefore white
<MichaelRaskin> I mean, sure, I repainted the anchors, but they were not the only damage.
<infinisil> c74d: Yeah, those aren't very limiting imo :P
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<elvishjerricco> With macos working on the same chips as iOS devices, I wonder if jailbreakers will figures out how to get macos running on iPhones and iPads. That'd be pretty cool
<MichaelRaskin> Or Apple makes them the same system in a couple of versions…
<elvishjerricco> They're on record saying they don't want to merge the platforms. Though that may have just been a statement for the time, since they would have been years away from accomplishing such a merge at the time.
<srk> sphalerite: yup, iirc we've had to enable hidepid for lxc host in shared env
<energizer> i want something like Dropbox for my personal stuff but i have enough data that i'm in business pricing realm which is too expensive. is there an alternative?
<energizer> youd think everyone would be offering something like this, but google still doesnt
<Arahael> energizer: You could either sync to s3 directly, or are you willing to host the data yourself?
<energizer> i've been self-hosting since dropbox temporarily stopped supporting whatever filesystem i was on a few years ago
<energizer> but ive had enough of that
<Arahael> energizer: What is the problem you have with selfhosting?
<Arahael> energizer: How much data are we talking about?
<energizer> Arahael: large time commitment, poor uptime, poor bandwidth, moderate risk of permanent data loss, poor cross-device syncing behavior
<energizer> Arahael: around 3TB
<Arahael> Weirdly, I don't feel comfortale recommending "s3 sync" for that size.
<energizer> too big or too small?
<Arahael> s3 sync is curiously naive.
<Arahael> On the other hand, if you could mount an s3 volume into an ec2 instance, you could run syncthing on that, perhaps.
<Arahael> There's also backblaze, which I've never tried.
<Arahael> Oh, wow - Owncloud has s3 backends. That's another option.
<energizer> i dont trust syncthing
<energizer> in the reliability/quality-of-service sense, not the security/privacy sense
<Arahael> Yeah, I personally trust syncthing more than dropbox, but I'm not going to argue with youa bout that, this is going to be awfully subjective, and 3TB is a lot of data and I don't know what this data is.
<Arahael> That said, I'd probably trust dropbox more than owncloud. :(
<energizer> it may be subjective but dropbox has spent thousands of engineer hours working on edge cases; syncthing hasnt and it shows
<Arahael> Good thing about s3, though: You can let Amazon manage those backups nicely. S3 itself isn't going to be the problem - getting the data there and in particular sync'ing it, will be the issue.
<energizer> also syncthing requires me to have all my data on my laptop but it wont fit there
<Arahael> Ah, right, and that's the other thing there. Syncthing is clearly biased towards a typical linux system.
<Arahael> I use syncthing for my personal stuff, but it's *not* my backup system. I do my backups with rsync.
<energizer> right ive been using syncthing and rclone on my systems for a long time
<energizer> im just over it
<Arahael> Owncloud, and their clones, are the only thing I've found that compete with dropbox. :(
<Arahael> In that specific niche.
<Arahael> I mean, there's google drive, and iCloud, but...
<energizer> the only "but" is no linux client
<energizer> otherwise google drive would be fine
<c74d> there's nixos.drive for Google Drive
<energizer> same problem as Box
<c74d> I use it
<energizer> does it have a service module c74d?
<Arahael> It's a real pity that 's3 sync' is so naive. :(
<Arahael> The big problem with s3 sync, is that it has to iterate and touch every single file in order to sync it.
<c74d> I don't think so, but you could write the systemd equivalent of a cronjob to have it "push" a directory up on a schedule if that's what you want.
<Arahael> And I think it's one-way, only.
<energizer> tbh that's like saying its a pity that scp is naive
<energizer> it's just not even in the same league
<Arahael> energize
<energizer> arahae
<Arahael> energizer: Right, I mean, it's difficult to even find an alternative sync'er.
<Arahael> energizer: s3 has the advantage that aws themselves will ensure that the data doesn't get lost.
<Arahael> Plus, you can do naive per-file versioning, too. Almost dropbox style. (Originally, I think dropbox was backed by s3, but they use their own solution now, I think?)
<Arahael> I can see there's s3fs-fuse as well, but I don't think I could seriously recommend that.
<Arahael> It's a hardware appliance, from the looks of it, though
<srk> git-annex might be an option
<energizer> that's one i havent spent much time with
<Arahael> Oh, you can run the storagegateway as an VM appliance (eg, using Linux KVM), as it turns out.
<Arahael> Complex.
<Arahael> srk: What's the UI for git-annex like? I'd not normally suggest git for non-devs - not saying that energizer is not a dev, but I assumed the discussion was for a non-dev audience?
<energizer> i'm a dev
<energizer> git-annex-assistant has a web ui
<Arahael> Yeah, but I assumed that the discussion here was for a non-dev user case, ie, that this wasn't simply your personal stuff, but perhaps your organisation or family.
<Arahael> git-annex-assitant has a web ui? Nice.
<ldlework> Arahael: sick burn
<energizer> this is my personal stuff
<ldlework> :)
<Arahael> energizer: Ah! That explains why you're avoiding enterprise dropbox, then!
<energizer> yup
<Arahael> ldlework: You mean, I messed up, or? :) (I don't understand the "sick" slang - you mean in the american sense, where it's "awesome"?)
<ldlework> "energizer is not a dev"
<Arahael> Ah, I was "not saying" that!
<ldlework> heh
<ldlework> i actually read right over "not saying" but I'm up at 4AM so forgive me
<Arahael> Heh, fair enough. I'm a dev, myself, but there are plenty of times where I'm looking for non-dev solutions, I assumed this was one.
<srk> hehe, yeah, assistant should give you dropbox or syncthing experience
<ldlework> energizer: have you explored IPFS?
<energizer> ldlework: no
<ldlework> aight
<ldlework> it's a very confusing technology
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<Arahael> ldlework: ipfs, isn't everything there public, though?
<joepie91> ldlework: IPFS is basically more granular bittorrent
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<ldlework> I'm not confused about the core concepts or even the fundamentals of how multihashes and so on work
<ldlework> It's the ecosystem that is baffling
<joepie91> ah right
<joepie91> that I can agree with :)
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<abathur> oh, hmm, I missed a git-annex discussion, however brief; that doesn't happen often
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<evanjs> Ugh I need to start my own hydra or _something_ already
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<evanjs> If only so I can get (nixpkgs) master builds for stuff lazily, if not set up a channel that gives me stuff from unstable and that falls back to stable automatically for packages as needed
<evanjs> e.g. in the case of https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/89481, my machines would end up pulling down stable.YouCompleteMe, but the channel would be abstracted from such
<{^_^}> #89481 (by erictapen, 3 weeks ago, open): rustracer: fails on nixos-unstable
<evanjs> like it would just pull _whatever_ the server produced
<evanjs> Tired of switching to stable kernel when VBox breaks, etc
<evanjs> Though, that case in particular is interesting to consider
<evanjs> When NVIDIA or VBox don't build, what do I do? I have my machines set to the latest kernel. Do I update that to say "latest kernel considering NVIDIA, VBox, and any other applied kernel modules"?
<evanjs> That seems like it might make the most sense. Hrm. </rubber duck> lol
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<abathur> evanjs I've wondered (different solution, same problem) if there could be a metadata system that enables expressing something like "I'd like to update my channel, but only if the packages I depend on aren't broken" (or perhaps: but only as far as I can update without any of the packages I depend on being broken?)
<evanjs> exactly that. It's mainly VBox and NVIDIA (kernel modules), but often times other packages will be hit as well. rustraced and Discord come to mind as of recent breakages
<MichaelRaskin> Of couse, of those only VBox and rustraced have Hydra data
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<energizer> i want a network fileshare for my personal data. do i want cifs, smb, or something else?
<KarlJoad`> energizer: I would start by asking the question of what hosts you need to serve.
<energizer> my PCs
<cole-h> Host OS, they probably meant
<cole-h> Windows? Mac? Linux? BSD?
<KarlJoad`> I meant the OS you are serving to.
<energizer> linux, android
<KarlJoad`> As far as I know, if you aren't going to be using Windows clients, then say away from CIFS/SMB.
<energizer> why is that?
<KarlJoad`> From my VERY limited knowledge, other network file sharing systems are better.
<energizer> maybe i want nextcloud but i'm concerned that it has a php backend and *video chat*
<KarlJoad`> I can understand the video chat, but why's the PHP backend so bad?
<energizer> it's not that php necessarily causes it to be bad; but it's a signal
<KarlJoad`> I still don't understand why it's a signal, but OK.
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<aleph-> Okay, teleport service is almost setup. Nice
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<samueldr> UGH, user-hostile trash
<samueldr> there are multiple accounts syncing already
<samueldr> I don't want to "get started", and DEFINITELY don't want a reminder
<hoverbear> But you might want a new one!
<samueldr> and it's not like getting started has an easy way out
<samueldr> it's either scan a QR code or send an SMS
<samueldr> good, now what if I wanted to sync between laptops?
<samueldr> aaaaand, they must have never tested this, or broke it
<hoverbear> Admittedly I fix that by openinga new tab and just keeping going
<samueldr> (oh, it unbroke)
<hoverbear> Can I make SPectacle upload to an s3 bucket?....
<samueldr> sure, but since it wants to remind me, maybe it will if I ignore it
<samueldr> these are dark patterns
<samueldr> and again mozilla has proven they are not above using them :(
<hoverbear> Based on my interactions with dozens of Mozilla employees over the past 5 years I would say everyone agrees that the leadership/marketing at Mozilla Corp are very, very out of touch with the rest of the foundation.
<samueldr> that's a sad thing to hear :(
<hoverbear> But then again the executive is too busy rolling in cash to notice...
<samueldr> I mean, good to see people *are* caring, but sad to see the corp doing this
<hoverbear> samueldr: Mozcorp CEO compensation was 2.5mil in 2019... It was under 400k in 2008. Their marketshare dropped 20% during this time.
<hoverbear> (I can only talk about the CEO since other numbers aren't published)
<hoverbear> :shrug: I have mixed feelings about Mozcorp. I love the other teams at Mozilla dearly though <3
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<aleph-> :/
<hoverbear> They're kind of in a bad financial situation. In 2008 most of their money came from papa Google
<hoverbear> Now it's more diverse, which is good :)
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<gchristensen> hoverbear: I'd like to write an async program which schedules things to run a certain time period in the future, and where these timers could be canceled
<gchristensen> any fav. libraries?
<hoverbear> How long in the future? ns? us? ms? years?
<gchristensen> minutes
<energizer> what language ?
<colemickens> I would give so much money to make kryptco actually OSS
<aleph-> Heh saw that q in #python
<aleph-> Thinking, think there's a timer/cron lib you can use
<arahael2> gchristensen: minutes is far enough in the future to be a bit tricky, but not far enough that you need o worry about weirdities involving timezones, calendars, leap seconds, etc.
<aleph-> gchristensen: N minutes from proc start time?
<aleph-> Or from a predetermined timedate?
<aleph-> s/timedate/datetime/g
<gchristensen> N minutes from when an event enters stdin
<arahael2> ah, yes - the key question: using a datetime offset... or a timespan from "now".
<aleph-> gchristensen: Could maybe use threading.timer
<aleph-> Just wondering how to get that to work event-based...
<aleph-> Maybe as a callback func~
<arahael2> how many of these events do you have? if only a few... spawn a new thread and just sleep.
<aleph-> I'm out of touch with event-loop stuff now. So not really sure there.
<aleph-> Yeah what arahael2 said might work
<gchristensen> arahael2: oh that is a cute idea!
<aleph-> Oh now this reminds me of some multi-threading stuff in python at work I saw
* aleph- has PTSD flashbacks of that code
<aleph-> Probably the worst bit of code I've ever seen
<arahael2> gchristensen: keep in mind that unless the language has ultra efficient threads, such as haskell, that will be an expensive solution, however if there are only a few not so bad.
<aleph-> ^^
<arahael2> aleph-: could always be worse.
<hoverbear> gchristensen: I agree with arahael2
<aleph-> arahael2: When I say multithreaded/proc. Here's a loop, let's subprocess.run() some other python files in the dir
<aleph-> :I
<gchristensen> hoverbear: skip async, spawn threads, sleep?
<arahael2> aleph-: throw a bit of COM into that. ;)
* aleph- shudders
<hoverbear> gchristensen: Fire a systemd timer
<gchristensen> way too heavy
<hoverbear> Oh comon you want to start a threadpool in a rust binary
<gchristensen> not necessarily!
<arahael2> gchristensen: what language, though?
<hoverbear> You want to run a timer in async rust which necessitates at least 2 threads
<gchristensen> I kinda want to do it in rust
<aleph-> Do eet. :)
<gchristensen> hoverbear: I can't guarantee the timer will fire, because its parent cgroup might be frozen
<aleph-> What's the prog for?
<hoverbear> Ah hah fair
<gchristensen> aleph-: I want to rewrite my crappy "freeze the program I'm not looking at" program in to something else
<hoverbear> gchristensen: So I don't see why you need threads etc. Just use a normal sync rust sleep and have it be an ultra-lgithweight proc
<hoverbear> When you change focus you can just exec it each time
<gchristensen> it is a long-running process reading events from IPC
<gchristensen> and I want to be able to cancel the scheduled tasks
<gchristensen> and 2 threads isn't so heavy, is it?
<hoverbear> Nope =D
<samueldr> it's two many
<hoverbear> I mean it's not a good use of threads but it's not worse than something else
<arahael2> not even a crowd of threads!
<gchristensen> hoverbear: I guess I coudl setup kafka
<hoverbear> gchristensen: LOL wat
<gchristensen> and rabbitmq with delayed message support
<hoverbear> Are you high
<hoverbear> :laugh:
<gchristensen> maybe a small k8s cluster on gcp
<hoverbear> gchristensen: Run a docker container
* colemickens mfw when the google support person tells me who Google partners with for their voip backend
<gchristensen> oh that one I actually *can't* do
* colemickens maybe this is public info?
<gchristensen> colemickens: oh cool who? :)
<colemickens> Bandwidth?
<gchristensen> hm
<hoverbear> gchristensen: how is this thing happening anyways? Are you like launching this when the program dies?
<gchristensen> hoverbear: docker doesn't, afaik, support cgroups v2 and cgroup.freeze requires it
<hoverbear> Or on change focus?
<colemickens> apparently, after 12 years of the google voice rollercoaster, Bandwidth has deemed my number incapable of porting from Fi->Voice.
<gchristensen> hoverbear: no, it will receive an event every time I change focus
<hoverbear> gchristensen: Can you just exec it every time?
<gchristensen> I need to be able to cancel the timer :/
<gchristensen> based on other future events
<hoverbear> gchristensen: You would have a PID of it and it could search in it's own namespace or something
<gchristensen> ehhhhhhhh
<arahael2> colemickens: isnt that a legal requirement there? to allow porting?
<hoverbear> gchristensen: Polling sockets and timers isn't really "fast" in any world
<gchristensen> it is really ideal to have it be one process
<hoverbear> Ok :)
<hoverbear> So let's do it no big deal
<gchristensen> becuase I can't guarantee I won't freeze everything _but_ this one process
<hoverbear> tokio or async
<hoverbear> or smol
<gchristensen> smol looks nice
<hoverbear> Ok!
<hoverbear> gchristensen: I think https://docs.rs/async-timer/1.0.0-beta.4/async_timer/index.html will work?
<hoverbear> gchristensen: You can also find https://github.com/async-rs/futures-timer which is in async-rs proper
<gchristensen> so, actually, the thread-per actually makes a bit of sense and would be mostly asleep instead of polling
<gchristensen> I'll read these timer links!
<hoverbear> gchristensen: So want to have a daemon that just kicks off threads into a pool it tracks?
<gchristensen> yeah that might be just fine
<gchristensen> (if a whole process is fine, a thread is surely fine) .... hrm. I should just try some stuff.
<hoverbear> gchristensen: You could also try novel data structures with like calendar queues: https://docs.rs/calendar_queue/0.0.1/calendar_queue/
<hoverbear> So you'd have one timer and poll over it checking to reduce load.
<gchristensen> oooh
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<elvishjerricco> TIL about `boot.binfmt.emulatedSystems`. Now I'm doing the pointless exercise of building aarch64-linux NixOS with `--no-substitute` just to see how well it works and how long it takes :P
<hoverbear> gchristensen: The more generic https://docs.rs/futures-delay-queue/0.4.0/futures_delay_queue/
<gchristensen> so many good links
<hoverbear> =D
<gchristensen> I am a caveman banging rocks together when it comes to async
<hoverbear> Lol, me too to be honest
<hoverbear> I generally stay far away from async stuff when possible
<gchristensen> so are you saying async + timers involves a hot loop calling .poll()? surely it isn't
<hoverbear> No lol
<colemickens> omg bandwidth has what looks like webrtc support. me imagines a matrix<->bandwidth bridge.
<aleph-> Okay finally got my first service written. Now to iterate
<aleph-> Been wanting this thing for a while heh
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