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<colemickens> my PSU seems to be dying? But it only affects me when certain games start up and they ramp the GPU to 100% immediately, and PSUs are annoyingly expensive and hard to find right now.
<cole-h> Oof. That's no fun.
<colemickens> I keep hoping that I'm wrong but it's hard to come to any other conclusion.
<cole-h> If I was a millionaire, I would but you a new PSU. Unfortunately, I'm not :-(
<samueldr> ugh, really, xiaomi phones made starting july 2018 need to wait for 720 hours, 30 days, to be unlocked??
<colemickens> That's nice of you, but it's less about money and more about feeling bad contributing more e-waste for this "problem" that ought to be avoidable with sw.
<cole-h> That's a good point.
<cole-h> Is it time to hook your computer up to a battery bank, and charge said battery bank by riding a bike or something? :D
<cole-h> Ooh, maybe even one of those hamster wheels :O
<samueldr> gotta love wolfram alpha, can do complex maths, and here I am inputing things like "168 hours from now", or sometimes even dumber, just xMB for y minutes
<samueldr> useful to get speeds
<cole-h> I do the same
<cole-h> Sometimes I even do things like `13 * 1.0725` to see what $13 would be after tax :D
<samueldr> (assuming a state)
<cole-h> Sales tax, so it's higher than just state tax :P
<samueldr> it shows up "sales tax rate" in the input
<samueldr> which is why I sent, though it doesn't show what it is
<cole-h> Local sales tax is higher here
<cole-h> 7.25 the town over, 7.5 where I live
<samueldr> heh, that's the thing I wasn't exactly sure about
<samueldr> here taxes like that can only be set at the provincial level
<samueldr> but really, cities/towns can also set taxes? that *definitely* explains why prices are not with sales taxes in your country :)
<cole-h> lol
<samueldr> imagine printing a flyer for every combinations!
<gchristensen> netboot.nix is so much better than building a whole image on every try :')
<samueldr> can you netboot my phones?
<gchristensen> and resholved.
<gchristensen> samueldr: hmm.........maybe!
<samueldr> can't really, though I guess once we have kexec going, it should be possible to do something about that I guess
<samueldr> though a pinephone, if u-boot ends up gaining usb support, and has support for an ethernet dongle you own...
<samueldr> (usb support on the pinephone)
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<sphalerite> samueldr: I usually use units for speeds/time remaining
<cole-h> https://i.imgur.com/SnBUUsn.png Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
<cole-h> I just want unstable to update >:(
<Shados> colemickens: what brand psu?
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<eyJhb> colemickens: Asking for too much
<eyJhb> Ehmmm
<eyJhb> Someone do a pingback if you can see messages
<eyJhb> ,ping
<{^_^}> pong
<eyJhb> Good bot
<eyJhb> {^_^}++
<{^_^}> {^_^}'s karma got increased to 0o317
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<colemickens> > colemickens: what brand psu?
<colemickens> Evga. It's actually under warranty, I forgot to call them.
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):318:1
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<eyJhb> THat must be awfull - https://youtu.be/vpTHi7O66pI?t=382
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<Taneb> Note to self: "native" has an i in it
<__monty__> There's no I in emulation.
<__monty__> Wait...
<Taneb> ;P
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<__monty__> joepie91: You like both XMPP and the Matrix protocol, right? Could you give a high-level similarities/differences comparison?
<joepie91> __monty__: wouldn't say I *like* XMPP, but I have worked with it :P
<__monty__> Hmm, maybe I misremembered. Thought you praised the standards at some point?
<joepie91> __monty__: biggest difference is that XMPP is designed as an ephemeral message bus while Matrix is designed as a decentralized eventually-consistent database / DAG
<joepie91> most important consequence of that is that things like message history and decentralized rooms are a first-class feature that is part of the design, rather than bolted on like in XMPP
<joepie91> downside is that handling the Matrix protocol (as a homeserver) means working with a DAG rather than a linear stream of events
<joepie91> philosophically, the two are also run very differently; XMPP is very much designed internet-protocol style, where people write specs and then implement them piecemeal in different implementations, and each piece is optional, more or less
<joepie91> whereas Matrix is a single coherent spec that gets updated regularly, with a reference implementation for both the server and the client side which, importantly, treats UX as a requirement (which is what Riot is)
<joepie91> from a format perspective, XMPP is XML while Matrix is - in the current version - JSON, although it is possible to represent it in other formats, and there is an experimental low-bandwidth binary format
<joepie91> but IMO the major difference, and what makes Matrix viable where XMPP isn't, is that UX is an integral part of the protocol design
<joepie91> the protocol itself is easier to work with for a client (it's JSON), but also protocol changes are made with the consideration of what it could mean for end-user UI, for example
<joepie91> and the decentralized-database approach to handling messages means that things like multi-device support, message history, etc.... just work
<joepie91> a downside currently is that the Matrix spec is not as well-defined as it should be, in some places. there, the XEPs still win
<joepie91> (the current SDKs for the Matrix protocol are also junk, at least in JS, but that's a solvable problem)
<joepie91> __monty__: does that about cover what you wanted to know? :P
<__monty__> Yes, thank you.
<__monty__> Is the low-bandwidth protocol something clients/servers need to negotiate or something the entire network will switch to?
<joepie91> __monty__: that's up in the air for now, but it is very likely that it will *not* be the default, because it makes the protocol a lot less accessible
<eyJhb> etu: what was the podcast link for the BTRFS sysadmins disucussing it?
<__monty__> That's kind of ironic since afair the goal was to make the network accessible in places with terrible connections? : )
<joepie91> __monty__: how do you mean?
<__monty__> They said HTTP and JSON were too heavy for communication during emergencies (floods for example) and in places that simply had bad connections, dialup for example.
<__monty__> The binary protocol would reduce bandwidth and latency to make it a viable option in such cases.
<__monty__> (These are the things I remember from the presentation at FOSDEM, which must've been shortly before that blog post.)
<joepie91> that is probably what motivated the experiment linked above, but AFAIK it is not a primary design goal
<joepie91> that is, Matrix does not exist to provide low-bandwidth communications, though it would be nice if it could
<joepie91> the primary goal of Matrix is to be a viable alternative to modern proprietary messaging systems
<__monty__> Is the low-bandwidth not completely equivalent re functionality? Or is binary is harder to work with than text the only reason for not switching?
<__monty__> *protocol
<joepie91> __monty__: the latter; it's less transparent/inspectable, won't work in browsers, etc.
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<bqv> i absolutely love how the UK government has gone complete 180 on the covid tracing app stance
<bqv> from "the decentralized approach won't work at all, we need to develop our own in house centralized solution that stores all the data"
<pie_> idk if theres a good way to do this but why do people force push instead of incremental updates and then a squash at the end
<bqv> to "yeah that isn't working at all we'll just go with the decentralized approach"
<pie_> bqv: from what little ive read, all of them suck
<pie_> all
<bqv> probably, but the fact that they've contradicted themselves in the same week is hilarious
<bqv> although not remotely anything new, frankly
<pie_> maybe this is a good excuse to get a bunch of distributed systems funding
<bqv> i really hope so
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<infinisil> Anybody setting Youtube's region to something different than your IP would indicate?
<infinisil> Because do not worry, Youtube doesn't care about that when you do searches
<infinisil> Searching anything will change the region temporarily to whatever your IP would indicate!
<infinisil> Genius!
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<infinisil> (if you try this, pay attention to the little country letters in the logo on the top left, or alternatively, note how some search results are from your IPs country)
<bqv> just listened to Matt Hancock spinning propaganda to save government face on the total 180 they've done on the contact tracing app. their claim is that the google-apple app "isn't acceptable" because it doesn't record the distance, and the uk app doesn't work because "apple won't change their system"
<bqv> the hubris on these lads
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<bqv> oh, and that the app approach won't work at all because "people want to hear from a caring human voice, not an app"
<bqv> frankly i think people would be happier to not be infected, rather than rely on humans, who are notoriously terrible at everything
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<bqv> ahaha, i'm sorry, their claim is that what the in-house app brings to the table is "really sophisticated distance calculation algorithms"
<bqv> so... root mean square?
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<cransom> a tenner says they subtract the relative lat/lons from each other and call it great.
<bqv> probably
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<Taneb> This is why I always make sure to stand diagonally from people to minimize infection
<bqv> :D
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<eyJhb> Taneb: Look out, maybe you will give Trump a great idea!
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<bqv> it's been advancing for a while now, hasn't it?
<eyJhb> Last I saw it was couple of days ago it had moved
<bqv> hmm
<etu> eyJhb: Think it was this one https://2.5admins.com/2-5-admins-03/
<drakonis1> ah, that podcast
<bqv> cloud development bothers me so much...
<bqv> not because it's bad, i just don't like the idea of being locked in to a specific cloud
<bqv> but if you develop cloud agnostically, it's way worse
<bqv> that's just not a square you can circle
<bqv> but hey, anything over web dev
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<cole-h> eyJhb: For a second I thought you were talking about nixpkgs-unstable :(
<cole-h> lovesegfault: ping
<lovesegfault> cole-h: pong
<cole-h> Haven't looked at your config in a little bit -- do you use h-m's sessionVariables at all?
<lovesegfault> Yes
<lovesegfault> users/bemeurer/core/neovim.nix +5
<cole-h> Have you had any problems with them?
<lovesegfault> users/bemeurer/core/zsh.nix +41 and +43
<cole-h> They're not applying for me...
<lovesegfault> I don't think so, they work fine for me
<cole-h> OK, problem is with `useUserPackages`
<cole-h> Thanks for the sanity check
<lovesegfault> np :)
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<Taneb> bqv: cloud development is easy, you just need a large body of water and some sunlight
<bqv> :D
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<cole-h> lovesegfault: Ah, I found the problem.
<bqv> it seems bizarrely common for people who call in to the radio to have their fire alarms beeping
<cole-h> Cyberpunk delayed to Nov 19 :(
<bqv> oh, you just reminded me that the artemis fowl movie is out
<cole-h> No way
<cole-h> I haven't heard anything about it
<cole-h> Must have been bad
<bqv> june 12th
<bqv> it was delayed due to corona
<bqv> (and it's also terrible, it seems)
<cole-h> 10% splat on rotten tomatoes. F
<cole-h> I really enjoyed the books :(
<bqv> still gonna watch it
<bqv> for the same reason i watched sonic
<cole-h> Yeah, I probably will too
<cole-h> Sad that most books-turned-movies are bad (see also: Percy Jackson)
<bqv> heh, I never read that one, but yeah it seems to be the way
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<DigitalKiwi> infinisil: LPT: if you change it to india you can get youtube premium for like $1.30 USD and then change it back forever
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<bqv> australia being DDoSed
<bqv> ...like, all of it
<samueldr> sources?
<infinisil> DigitalKiwi: Lol nice
<infinisil> But youtube ain't getting a single cent from me!
<bqv> press conference earlier today in australia
<bqv> and apparently a call between them and our (british) prime minister about it
<samueldr> interesting, I was hoping for a technical break down :)
<bqv> i'm listening to the news break live on the radio, i don't think we've reached that point yet :p
<cjpbirkbeck> bqv: how can you tell the difference between regular aussie internet and ddos aussie internet? it's not like its amazingly fast even on good days …