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<colemickens> joepie91: do tor hidden services next please :)
<colemickens> same issue with private keys there
<joepie91> colemickens: there it makes a bit more sense though? as the keys do not need to be deployed on other systems
<joepie91> unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean
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<bqv> adisbladis: > The reason I can’t use eshell as my main shell is because pipes are directed through emacs buffers. This means they block emacs while running. Many times I will try and do something like
<bqv> > cat my_giant_file | grep string
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting ')', at (string):315:19
<bqv> > And that will lockup emacs. But if you are not piping a lot of data that shouldn’t be an issue.
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected IF, expecting ')', at (string):315:33
<bqv> Forgot, this one's a thing too
<bqv> Eshell is just not built for decent use
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<ldlework> I did a neat thing with Nix: https://i.imgur.com/oMdhLZ9.png I built some configuration that allows me to specify board-sizes, and difficulty settings for leela-zero. Builds different versions of leela-zero for the different board sizes. Then it fetches the currently strongest network. It then runs a python script on the network to produce resized networks for each board-size, then encapsulates
<ldlework> all of that into individual wrappers, allowing me to setup sabaki with a variety of engines at different strengths.
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<cole-h> Oh, you finally got sabaki working?
<ldlework> Yeah with appimage
<cole-h> Oh, heh
* ldlework shrugs.
<ldlework> I'm going to expand on this to automatically generate the sabaki config too, with the engines already setup.
<ldlework> Then I'm going to do the same with katago which is an engine even stronger than leela-zero
<ldlework> I might even throw in GNUGo in for fun.
<ldlework> :P
<cole-h> :D
<ldlework> I wish I was smart enough to do fully declarative configs
<ldlework> But I just get so confused.
<ldlework> These settings should also be mkOptions but I don't understand how to use submodule options yet.
<ldlework> Someone should write a really good tutorial on mkOption, or I should probably just read the docs a few more times.
<ldlework> Either way, this is coming along pretty nicely.
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<cole-h> ldlework: https://github.com/cole-h/nixos-config/blob/nixos/options.nix mkOption isn't that hard to me... :P
<cole-h> Saxsquatch is real: https://youtu.be/QgIa8nosE4U
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<samueldr> I think I cracked the case folks
<samueldr> tried to plug a usb drive, wrong orientation, switched it up, wrong again, switched... wrong!
<samueldr> USB won't plug in the hdmi port
<gchristensen> :o
<samueldr> this is how type-c got invented
<cole-h> samueldr: looool
<gchristensen> they wanted it small enough to fit in type-c?
<gchristensen> oops, hdmi
<samueldr> nah, they wanted it so you can plug it in the same receptacle as your display
<samueldr> without thinking about the consequences
<samueldr> the subtext is that even if the device now fits, you can't know if it'll even work
<samueldr> think about recent GPUs, they have a type-c receptacle!
<samueldr> can you plug your usb drive in there?
<cole-h> You're telling me I can't charge my phone from my GPU?
<samueldr> I don't know!
<samueldr> nobody knows!
<samueldr> remember kids, when wishing upon a monkey's paw, DON'T
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<ldlework> I got automatic Sabaki config generation now: https://i.imgur.com/6Mwd7YG.png
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<ldlework> I got support for katago, leela-zero and gnugo now, https://i.imgur.com/ElYxUbC.png
<ldlework> Pretty happy with all this nix. I'm downloading neural nets, resizing them, generating configs, generating shell-wrappers, patching C sources to support different board-sizes...
<ldlework> And it all works!
<cole-h> Are you telling me... It Just Works™?
<ldlework> ya!!
<ldlework> I should learn how to write quality Nix modules
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<sphalerite_> joepie91: you can pre-generate them though, mkdir /tmp/net && nix run nixpkgs.tinc_pre -c tinc -c /tmp/net generate-keys
<sphalerite_> joepie91: then you only need to deploy once.
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<joepie91> sphalerite_: yes, but that's precisely my point. you pretty much *have* to do that if you want a vaguely ergonomic deployment process, so what's the point of having some magical auto-keygen code in the service that mainly just gets in the way of debugging?
<joepie91> I see no case in which the keygen code is actually useful
<sphalerite> joepie91: if you're not using nixos?
<joepie91> sphalerite: but then you wouldn't be using the NixOS service?
<sphalerite> oh right, it's a nixos-specific behaviour?
<sphalerite> then idk. Maybe tinc fails to start without keys?
<joepie91> hey y'all can we not do the stale bot thing on nixpkgs please
<joepie91> extremely unhappy with this change
<joepie91> I don't know who set this up, but stale bots are a terrible idea and I'm pretty sure that a discussion about this was had before discussing the issues with thenm
<joepie91> them*
<sphalerite> joepie91: yes a discussion was had: https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/51
<{^_^}> rfcs#51 (by ryantm, 40 weeks ago, merged): [RFC 0051] Mark stale nixpkgs issues
<joepie91> sphalerite: no, there was a discussion *before* that
<joepie91> I didn't even know this crap advanced to an RFC
<joepie91> this shit is super hostile to users
<joepie91> advanced to a serious RFC*
<joepie91> ah, seems the "close the issue" was removed from the proposal? this is not obvious from the bot message at all
<sphalerite> yes, that it was
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<steveeJ> I'm getting a weird rust compilation error. does this mean phf requires glibc 2.29? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/ekNzGDOJ/
<steveeJ> it get's a bit weirder. `ldd `which rustc` | grep 'libm.so.6'` gives libm.so.6 => /nix/store/sc7lh1dhvd7fg28d7dxwsqzfcinnr6j5-glibc-2.30/lib/libm.so.6 (0x00007fe954839000), which is neither 2.29 nor 2.27
<steveeJ> and a bit weirder again. when I add the `--release` flag to cargo the error goes away.
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<eyJhb> Ohh god the weather
<eyJhb> srhb: are you dying as well?
<drakonis> hot or cold?
<eyJhb> drakonis: hot, and mostly because I get the sun at 04.30...
<eyJhb> Which heats everything up, and it is like it is inside my room
<gchristensen> it was just 5C this morning :(
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> oh, huh.
<gchristensen> a couple hours north of here it was -4
<gchristensen> last week it was 30
<eyJhb> I can turn on my radiator, I cannot take my skin off
<eyJhb> Rather cold than hot, at least in my opinion :p
<gchristensen> same
<eyJhb> Currently 24C here
<drakonis> its cold indoors
<drakonis> but kind of warm outside if you're standing in the sun
<eyJhb> And I think 14C in the night
<eyJhb> would love that
<eyJhb> THe cat is also being a jerk and pracicing her vocal cords for no damn reason
<eyJhb> Would love that in realtion to drakonis
<gchristensen> sigh, reading PRs where github has chowdered the diff sucks so much
<eyJhb> Chowdered?
<gchristensen> uh, heh, right. slang for chopped up, or messed up
<drakonis> its also a type of food
<eyJhb> But how can a PR diff be chopped up? :p
<gchristensen> eyJhb: "messed up"
<eyJhb> Show me a PR :p Want to see a example of it :)
<gchristensen> git doesn't let you record the fact thaht you renamed one function and added a second, it just dynamically creates a diff between two points
<eyJhb> If you can
<gchristensen> so you can't record what you meant to do, via diff, to make review easier
<gchristensen> reviewers just have to suffer through what git calculates
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<eyJhb> Took me SOOO long to see the problem
<eyJhb> Might have helped to full view the image
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<MichaelRaskin> gchristensen: interesting observation: The Original Git Workflow assumes review on patch files, and pull requests for large pre-integrated sets of changes from trusted people.
<viric> curl: option --http3: the installed libcurl version doesn't support this
<viric> :b1
<eyJhb> Daaaamn
<eyJhb> How many servers do actually support http/3?
<viric> As of February 13, 2020, Cloudflare supports HTTP/3 draft versions 23, 24 and 25.
<sphalerite> gchristensen: I interpreted "a couple hours north" as "a couple degrees north" at first…
<eyJhb> But does FF and Chromium?
<gchristensen> MichaelRaskin: yeah, and unfortunately ditched those patches as soon as they were applied :(
<JJJollyjim> ^ so basically the whole web :P
<gchristensen> sphalerite: "a couple of seconds north" :P
<eyJhb> JJJollyjim: yeah, but if browsers are not ready for it, theeeen
<MichaelRaskin> gchristensen: Not ditched, but stored in the ML archives. Note that The Original Git Workflow correctly (in the context) assumes that the complete repo git history is so huge you have no chance of surviving long enough to read a noticeable chunk of it
<sphalerite> gchristensen: hm, I'd have thought minutes. Isn't a nautical mile (same order of magnitude as a land mile iirc) one minute of arc in some direction?
<gchristensen> sphalerite: not clue :P fair
<sphalerite> gchristensen: so maybe even full degrees :D
<viric> eyJhb: in firefox it's not enabled by default, but you can enable it in about:config.
<viric> (the option is there)
<viric> yes, I tried enabling and going to blog.cloudfare.com, and in 'network' I see http/3 in headers
<viric> after two 'reload' it appears that that web site is not answering (or firefox doing something wrong) :)
<eyJhb> viric: works fine on multiple refreshes here
<eyJhb> But I guess we are also running some really recent builds
<viric> how does it work? does firefox try first http/3?
<viric> on timeout, http/2?
<viric> google also answers http/3 fine
<viric> "HTTP/3 uses the token "h3" to identify itself in ALPN and Alt-Svc."
<viric> I see it's still a draft.
<tilpner> Hey hexa-, did you write the go-neb module tonight(TM)? c.c
<hexa-> tilpner: sadly no :<
<hexa-> I'm collaborating with maralorn on that and we haven't been able to meet up for that yet
<tilpner> Did you deploy it without a fancy module, or no deployment at all yet?
<steveeJ> self-answering my rust compilation issue: uninstalling and reinstalling rust using rustup has solved the issue. I tried that because I saw this in strace `stat("/home/steveej/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=322, ...}) = 0` before it accessed the 2.27 glibc paths. something in the toolchain directory must've been stale
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<hexa-> tilpner: not deployed yet
<__monty__> Youtube also supports QUIC.
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<gchristensen> who are the shepherds on rfcs#49? there are so many posts you can't really even find them
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/49 (by edolstra, 45 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0049] Flakes
<viric> I want to do a small electronics thing with a pi and some sensors and switches and choosing components is sooooooo time consuming
<gchristensen> viric: painful, right?
<viric> really annoying
<eyJhb> Anyone that masters Matlab and regressions?
<viric> I found sparkfun the easiest
<viric> How are people "makers" enjoying this thing of choosing components in a web catalog?
<cransom> shopping is fun.
<adisbladis> This is why china wins
<adisbladis> You can actually go out to a market and buy shit
<adisbladis> Better than same day delivery
<gchristensen> adisbladis: jealous. I literally cannot even buy resisters within 50 miles of here
<viric> And you either over-buy or you will be short in some component
<viric> probably no matter whether you over-buy
<cransom> radio shack was my last resort when it existed locally. now, i buy boxes of things just to have local stock.
<gchristensen> I just gave up
<adisbladis> gchristensen: When I moved away from HK I stopped building electronics
<adisbladis> It's simply no fun when there are blockers that takes days to resolve
* joepie91 also has a home collection now for this reason...
<viric> I'm planning for two months to get all this right
<gchristensen> yeah exactly
<viric> all this time is roundtrip of buying-receiving and probably with relevant overcosts of delivery service
<cransom> arrow does fast shipping for things. depending on what you want to do. the impulsive 'lets put this together' isn't a thing. it lets me plan a bit more though.
<viric> And I found web catalogs impossible to "browse" for the options
<gchristensen> personally I have a very hard time with online shopping. imagining the pieces fitting together, etc.
<viric> Sections, dozens of pages, ...
<cransom> last weekend was fixing all my temperature sensing around the house... and not in my house. i'm watching other people's outdoor weather stations now with rtl_433 dumping an mqtt feed into home assistant.
<viric> I spend a lot of time testing search terms, and seeing what comes out
<eyJhb> Considering setting up a little box where I live, which would allow someone to say they would like X resistors. etc. and have it open 24/7. So that you alwayys can get these basic components
<gchristensen> eyJhb: I want to do that too. like a vending machine, at the local coworking space
<eyJhb> I need to drive 120 km to the nearest store for resistors etc.
<viric> eyJhb: you have to be in a really crowded place to make money from that
<eyJhb> gchristensen: precisely!
<cransom> hrm. basic components vending machines.
<eyJhb> I live in the forth biggest city in DK, not that big
<gchristensen> anyone know if it is possible to specify storage paramaters to libvirtd declaratively?
<viric> maybe best would be a network of near people sharing components
<viric> hacklab club and everyone with some stock
<eyJhb> But we have a university, where many would love this. Also, play your cards correctly, and companies will use it as well
<viric> eyJhb: but each component will give you what? two cents?
<eyJhb> Don't really care about making money :p
<viric> Ah then good luck
<eyJhb> But depends on the amount they buy
<viric> They may buy enough to not rely on you anymore :)
<eyJhb> If they buy 100+ then here you go. very special price for you :P
<viric> I just don't want any stock of electronics...
<eyJhb> Maybe? But I know that a lot of companies near Aarhus use a local shop, when they just need some components for a prototype :D
<viric> so this project will probably end up bad. Lt's see
<viric> eyJhb: that's not a daily sell
<joepie91> eyJhb: I've actually been considering setting up a vending machine that does this + other "shit it's 3 at night and I need a _____" things
<viric> I can imagine that there are people that can use a webshop quickly and knowing what they need. That takes a lot of time and projects to master, though.
<joepie91> cables, socks, etc.
<viric> I guess I'd pay someone to "I want to assemble this. Can you buy me all components?"
<joepie91> viric: that would be lcsc, no?
<viric> does that exist?
<joepie91> I think they do that
<joepie91> they sell components, and they sell assembly service
<joepie91> presumably that middle ground is also an option
<joepie91> (haven't used them, just going off what I've heard from others here)
<joepie91> anyway the component purchasing problem is basically the npm library problem but with a much longer feedback cycle :P
<joepie91> and much higher costs
<viric> so, I want a HAT for my Pi with ready to use surface temperature sensing, AC current measurement up to 30A, and water flow sensor 1/2" screw-pipe.
<viric> Ah, and AC voltage measurement.
<joepie91> I guess this goes more in the direction of "design a PCB for me"
<viric> I spent one day in that looking at catalogs
<joepie91> fiverr? :P
<viric> I can imagine that being expensive, because usually those services are for companies ready-to-pay
<viric> so I can understand there is no middle ground between doing it on your own or paying like an enterprice for a prototype.
<joepie91> well hence suggesting fiverr
<viric> do you think that fits? mh
<joepie91> which is full of "I want $thingThatNormallyOnlyCompaniesBuy but cheaper and I don't care about the quality that much"
<joepie91> and there do seem to be PCB designers on fiverr
<viric> ah never heard of that
<cransom> viric: did you want to learn to do that stuff, or did you just want the board for that to happen?
<viric> well I have a university degree about electronics and that stuff
<viric> I just don't know "what is in the catalog" to build things. This supplier has this but not that, the other supplier the opposite, and of course there are hundreds of paths to achieve the same, from you solder all to easy to plug and play
<joepie91> viric: I guess that if you have insight into the electronics yourself, hiring someone to do a quick job on Fiverr in KiCad or w/e and then double-checking the design yourself could be a cost-effective approach
<joepie91> you benefit from their experience on what parts are available, and still control the end result yourself
<viric> After spending one day in catalogs I think I will order and see the outcome. That will allow me to value the work of a specialist better
<viric> But judging from internet content it looks like there are plenty of people ENJOYING this thing of buying components and assembling something. They make even many idiot useless devices at will.
<viric> that's shocking
<joepie91> lol
<gchristensen> viric: people with more time than you I guess :)
<joepie91> we have a few of those at revspace I think
<joepie91> people who enjoy this
<viric> gchristensen: it's not only time... it's a lot about the EXPECTATION of the outcome of time investment
<viric> I can see myself at university or college years having 1) the time and 2) little expectation of what comes out from my time
<gchristensen> yeah but I used to find that stuff fun .... but stopped once I started to just have it work than have fun spending time on making it work
<joepie91> looks like Reddit's "our servers are broken" page just... broke...
<viric> gchristensen: I agree
<joepie91> 🔥🐶
<viric> my expectation on time may be of a completely out-of-loop value. Plenty of my time goes by and with unnoticeable outcome.
<viric> for example, what damn connector is that? https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32700907900.html they don't tell
<__monty__> Some PCB fabs offer components.
<cransom> i typically end up cutting off the connector and using whatever my default is for the application.
<cransom> if it's home grown already, i don't see a point in keeping to random standard of a component off aliexpress.
<sphalerite> gchristensen: the shepherds should be mentioned in the metadata at the top of the RFC file generally, if not we at the RFCSC haven't been doing our job ;)
<sphalerite> gchristensen: so in the case of flakes, domen, alyssa, shea and John Ericson
<gchristensen> ah, cool, thanks
<viric> cransom: I imagined doing that as well
<sphalerite> joepie91: huh, interesting — I guess one could ask for non-printed circuit designs as well, with deliverables being a parts list and complete assembly instructions for a prototyping board
<infinisil> What if there was a tool to extract all text from PRs
<infinisil> So you could easily grep through it in a single vim buffer or so
<eyJhb> Can we agree that 30% is NOT low battery?
<__monty__> No, you should definitely charge before that.
<MichaelRaskin> Depends on the device, I guess
<eyJhb> Phone
<eyJhb> ANd not allowed to upload images to Dropbox because of it
<__monty__> Dropbox threshold should probably be 110% : p
<eyJhb> Should use something else like Syncthing etc. :p
<eyJhb> Why does zip not support unzip?.. (the command zip)
<adisbladis> eyJhb: Dropbox may bail out on low battery, but Syncthing depletes your battery ;)
<eyJhb> adisbladis: then that is no problem!
<joepie91> sphalerite: yeah, not sure that'd be much different from PCB design though
<eyJhb> No battery' no problem
<joepie91> sphalerite: like, if you ask me to give you a detailed description of solving a particular problem with code, that handles edgecases... I'm gonna write code :P because that's much simpler than reasoning through it and taking notes in English
<__monty__> eyJhb: They probably figured a two command UI was fine.
<joepie91> likewise I can imagine a PCB designer finding their PCB software to be the easiest way to take notes for their BOM
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<joepie91> and so you'd still end up with a PCB design
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<sphalerite> joepie91: right fair enough :D
<bqv> infinisil: am i missing something, isn't that just github search
<sphalerite> bqv: github search involves a lot of clicking
<sphalerite> at least to get to the exact context of your search string
<sphalerite> it also doesn't support regex
<bqv> i guess. not exactly a use case i've ever had. can't imagine searching PRs in particular for anything more than a few keywords
<bqv> i don't generally even use advanced search for something of that scope
<eyJhb> __monty__: It is not OK :(
<__monty__> sphalerite: You can grep some codebases using grep.app.
<infinisil> bqv: You can search through a PR's comments with the github interface?
<sphalerite> eyJhb: why not? There are probably cases where saving the space for a compressor when you only need a decompressor makes sense.
<cole-h> infinisil: Not explicitly, but sometimes a search turns up a PR without the keyword in the title, but it does show up in the comments.
<infinisil> Yeah so that wouldn't be very useful for finding things in the PR
<infinisil> I'm specifically talking about PR's that are too big for github to fully display by default, like rfcs#49
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/49 (by edolstra, 45 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0049] Flakes
<qyliss> I just search my mail
<qyliss> I should watch the repo, but then add my own filters for stuff that's relevant for me, and just immediately archive the rest
<qyliss> That way I'd build up a full index
<infinisil> I guess that works if you were already subscribed from the beginning
<qyliss> yeah
<qyliss> would be cool to be able to backfill it
<infinisil> I really wish there was a github TUI
<eyJhb> sphalerite: but then I would have a single zip, and a unzip, where zip would have all the features whereas unzip only unzipping features. Not sure about the naming of zipzip for zipping files using zip, but it can only zip
<qyliss> I imported all of the nix-dev mailing list into my archives some time ago, despite having never been subscribed.
<qyliss> And it's great! Loads of still useful context and discussion there I find if I search my mail for nix stuff
<MichaelRaskin> Then of course some percentage of notification emails will get lost
<cole-h> https://i.imgur.com/5tu2ZGA.png Almost... there...
* cole-h 's hair turns grey by the time this is done.
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<pie_> tenderize and roast
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<eyJhb> cole-h what are you doing?
<cole-h> Restoring my windows10 VM disk from a backup because I forgot to move it when I switched to NixOS lol
<cole-h> Luckily I had ran a backup literally just before
<eyJhb> rm -rf windows10
<eyJhb> :D
<cole-h> I play vidya with my friends, and some of them have super restrictive DRM :')
<eyJhb> rm -rf $(friends) :(
<cole-h> :'((((
<eyJhb> Just had to apply for a grant, for a organisation. The sums were in dollars to begin with, but changed to DKK afterwards. They did not change the total. So instead of 140.000 DKK, it was 20.0000 DKK. A bit of a difference
<eyJhb> > DKK 140000
<{^_^}> "485101400.000000 VND"
<eyJhb> > DKK 20000
<{^_^}> "69300200.000000 VND"
<eyJhb> :D
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> > DKK 200000
<{^_^}> "693002000.000000 VND"
<cole-h> :D
<eyJhb> Also regarding gaming, haven't gamed since I got a injury from it. Hadn't gamed for 2 years or so, played for 30 minutes and then 1 year of recovery and still have injuries from it
<__monty__> Did you play some sort of exploration VR game and walk out your window?
<pie_> eyJhb: egh damn thats some hardcore rsi?
<cole-h> eyJhb: :( I'm sorry
<pie_> __monty__ that would be better wouldnt it
<cole-h> I can't imagine not being able to play video games with my friends... :(
<eyJhb> __monty__: Nope, Aven Colony.... pie_ Not RSI apparantly, they have NO CLUE what it is
<eyJhb> That is why I got a shoulder injury from it as well. Treating something they knew nothing of
<pie_> 0_0
<eyJhb> Well I can now, but it will hurt quickly
<pie_> :c
<eyJhb> And if I don't train every other day, my entire body will pretty much start to hurt
<pie_> who needs video games anyway
<eyJhb> That that sucks when you are sick
<pie_> oh wow
<pie_> that doesnt sound computer usage related though?
<__monty__> Bizarre. What about that game in particular triggers it?
* joepie91
<joepie91> I've noticed that my body tends to tense/cramp up when I play games
<joepie91> haven't been able to figure out why
<pie_> <joepie91> *exists*
<__monty__> joepie91: Stress?
<joepie91> like, I'll be playing Minecraft for an evening, perfectly relaxing, just with a goal in mind, and after a few hours I'll have a sore jaw from constant tension
<joepie91> it's bizarre
<joepie91> __monty__: it seems to happen when I get into "getting stuff done" mode... but specifically in games
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<pie_> might also be bad posture and sitting in front of the computer for a long time? idk im just making stuff up
<pie_> i notice things like that on myself sometimes
<joepie91> I mean, my posture is generally bad :P
<joepie91> not just during games
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<pie_> I just realized, has anyone considered having the stale bot only add the stale tag and not actually comment?
<lassulus> people are not notified on tag changes, I think a notification raises more awareness for the PR
<pie_> yea
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<energizer> is there a fido2 key that has a creditcard-like form factor?
<viric> a credit card sonds like not fitting well into usb
<tilpner> hexa-: Sorry for disappearing on your earlier
<tilpner> My server locked up after nixos-rebuild switch, and it took me a while to get there to reboot it
<tilpner> Not sure what's going on, logs are clean and all I did was update nixpkgs and install go-neb. I see the appeal of IPMI now...
<tilpner> On the upside, go-neb worked on the first try
<hexa-> I didn't have anything to show for, so :)
<tilpner> hexa-: Ping me whenever you do get around to it? :)
<tilpner> (On GH, for review)
<hexa-> tilpner: certainly
<viric> __monty__: that's thicker than a credit card :)
<__monty__> viric: I heard the boys like 'em thick nowadays.
<gchristensen> that is no doubt inappropriate for this channel
<viric> :)
<viric> to the corner 15 minutes
<energizer> viric: it could be nfc or ble, doesn't need to be usb
<viric> a nfc-only key?
<eyJhb> I really want to play Aven Colony now after the gaming talk
<gchristensen> anyone want to see some Good Bash?
<ldlework> gchristensen: trick question
<samueldr> I do, every day
<ldlework> samueldr: after you fall asleep and enter the dream world?
<samueldr> also
<samueldr> oh
<gchristensen> yup
<eyJhb> `Your Dropbox folder is on a file system that is no longer supported.`
<ldlework> eyJhb: LOL
<eyJhb> Ahh, Dropbox you little ...
<eyJhb> ZFS, no longer supported
<energizer> oh cute it almost looks like a programming language
<energizer> eh i shouldnt say stuff like that
* energizer grows up
<samueldr> energizer: good realization, it's not easy to internalise thise sometimes :)
<__monty__> eyJhb: Pretty sure it was never officially supported?
<gchristensen> <3
<gchristensen> eyJhb: you can create an ext4 zvol
<eyJhb> It was in some builds
<__monty__> Just ext4, ntfs and HFS?
<samueldr> gchristensen: I didn't search toaddr when I saw it, but I was willing to bet it was *that*
<gchristensen> haha
<samueldr> (()) and $(()) in bash is p o w e r f u l
<eyJhb> How I hate Dropbox atm.
<eyJhb> Anything else that can be used?
<samueldr> I think its main drawback is that it does only integer maths, so sometimes you have to be tricky and e.g. multiply by 100 first then divide by your percent, or 1000 for more precision
<cransom> Huh. `BASH_REMATCH`. TIL. why didn't they use it for L80 though?
<__monty__> eyJhb: It seems like a silly restriction but I've been told they have to put quite serious effort in engineering for each supported filesystem, because they just all suck.
<eyJhb> gchristensen: how can I do that?
<gchristensen> eyJhb: create a zvol (zfs creat -V ...) then mkfs.ext4 the zvol, then mount it
<adisbladis> eyJhb: I may have critiqued syncthing before, but it's actually pretty good.
<adisbladis> Re Dropbox I've said this before:
<adisbladis> Use proprietary software, get the proprietary experience
<cransom> did dropbox back off on their ext only support? they had release notes a couple years ago with active notices that the fs in use (if not ext) was not supported anymore
<bqv> adisbladis: vendor lockin and bankruptcy?
<adisbladis> Sooner or later the business goals of your software vendor is not gonna align with yours.
<adisbladis> bqv: Pretty much
<pie_> happens in open source too but at least you can sort of do somehting about it
<adisbladis> pie_: Yes. At best it's unlikely to happen. At worst a fork will happen.
<energizer> i have some issues with syncthing
<eyJhb> Done
<eyJhb> Now synching
<adisbladis> pie: And I can always stay on some older version of any given software that's more aligned with my goals
<adisbladis> That's not true of proprietary software
<pie_> right
<adisbladis> That doesn't exactly mean it's effortless, but at least doable.
<energizer> home-manager syncthing module is very incomplete
<eyJhb> 100 statemets I need to do accounting for
<energizer> nixos module doesn't support the password option, so anyone who can access your computer can see your files
<eyJhb> :$
<energizer> the conflict resolution rules are completely opaque to me, and i have no idea if they can result in data loss
<energizer> compare to https://dropbox.tech/infrastructure/rewriting-the-heart-of-our-sync-engine which makes it clear they've thought about this
<eyJhb> Well, I have the data on multiple devices and backups
<eyJhb> (I hope)
<bqv> Syncthing is pretty poor ux in general, imo, but its the trade-off for not having to spend all your money
<energizer> i dont think that having backups is an adequate solution to this problem. it should just obviously-work-correctly, not require me to hope that it does and *notice* if it didnt
<energizer> like, if git misapplies patches in a merge, nobody would say "that's fine i have backups"
<pie_> yeah if you continue applying changes to bad data backups aint gonna help
<bqv> energizer: I don't understand that password comment, syncthing requires two way aggreement to sync, and if someone can get in your machine, syncthing is kinda tangential
<energizer> bqv: on a multiuser machine, other user can read my files
<bqv> Oh I see
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<energizer> i very much believe "jamwt" here https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13857009
<bqv> I'm not gonna champion syncthing hard cause frankly I don't care enough, but I recall it being trivial and very obvious how to set it up so that it never deletes on conflicts?
<samueldr> I don't know about conflict resolution, but there is one major UX flaw: making machines see each others
<cransom> it's been a while, but syncthing never dtouched conflicts. i always had directories full of conflicted files
<samueldr> I always seem to need to restart one, or both, to make them take notice
<ldlework> I have been using Syncthing in a philosophy community to share resources and it's been OK.
<samueldr> (initial sync)
<bqv> cransom: exactly, I remember this too
<ldlework> Sometimes the initial sync can take longer than you would think, but it usually works out.
<ldlework> I have never had any problems, but then again, I don't want to have any either.
<samueldr> and note that the filesystem free space config for a directory does not override the global one
<bqv> samueldr: perks of p2p, aiui
<samueldr> bqv: perk is machines not being able to notice each other without any feedback as to why?
<ldlework> I really REALLLLLLLYYYY wish there was a competent, open-source, private tracker software.
<ldlework> For communities.
<samueldr> so the default 10% free space on a 1TB drive can be annoying as it won't sync and WON'T SAY WHY
<ldlework> Why is everything PHP in that space?!
<bqv> samueldr: sarcasm if not obvious
<gchristensen> ldlework: how about rt?
<ldlework> what's that?
<samueldr> well, it said why, but on the host
<gchristensen> request
<gchristensen> request tracker
<samueldr> all my hosts were at 100%, except one which was stuck at 99% syncing
<ldlework> link?
<gchristensen> youdon't want it.
<gchristensen> sorry
<samueldr> on the device where I was observing the 99% issue I had no way to understand why
<ldlework> oh was joke
<gchristensen> (but it isn't php)
<bqv> 99% bug I remember too, that was frequent
<joepie91> ldlework: software of questionable legality tends to have mainly (or exclusively) technically crappy offerings; the overlap between "people who are competent enough to write good software" and "people who are willing to take the legal risk and/or do not realize it" is very, very small
<ldlework> what is legally questionable about bittorrent?
<joepie91> it's a bit like how niche software is typically crappy no matter which vendor you pick; those who could build it competently are often also those who realize there's no bread in it
<joepie91> because the market is too small
<ldlework> i agree the market for private bitorrent CMSes for communities is small
<ldlework> but i'm not sure it's because legal implications
<joepie91> ldlework: many torrents, and the expected primary usage for centralized tracker software
<ldlework> i mean we're all aware people can use it for that
<ldlework> but transferring software is a thing that people need to do in this day and age
<ldlework> and while syncthing is nice, it requires you to take on the whole library at once
<joepie91> I'm explaining to you why people are hesitant to work on this sort of software
<joepie91> that is why
<ldlework> right i'm disagreeing and saying it's more likely that just the market is naturally small
<joepie91> the actual legality is almost besides the point
<bqv> I'm confused how you can emulate syncthing with bittorrent
<ldlework> what
<bqv> You compared the two
<ldlework> we have data we want to share among the community, but right now, getting added to the network means you take on the whole library
<ldlework> where as with a private tracker with things in indiviual torrents you can get what you want
<ldlework> they both transfer data over the internet.
<bqv> So does email :p
<ldlework> and relies on some central service
<ldlework> rather than everyone sharing the transfer and storage
<ldlework> and allowing members to come and go
<ldlework> email doesn't really provide any sort of self-service, etc
<bqv> Understandable
<bqv> But I wouldn't say theyre interchangeable
<ldlework> no, it specifically has properties that we lack now
<ldlework> so i agree
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<bqv> Perhaps syncthing with individual folders might work better?
<ldlework> the best you can do then is categorical
<ldlework> or the maintenance gets out of control
<ldlework> and that means adding each new person to each category
<ldlework> and removing each person from each category
<ldlework> not really tennable
<ldlework> An open-source mastadon/pleroma/mediagobling with a builtin tracker functionality would be so damn hot.
<bqv> Tbh I started to think at least for my use case, nfs might be a better idea
<samueldr> what sort algorithm should be used for attribute names when a list is sorted?
<samueldr> right now all-packages.nix, uboot* are all sorted, but I have a fun issue
<samueldr> should it ignore case?
<samueldr> or should it order according to ` | sort`?
<samueldr> or uh, :sort in vim
<samueldr> oops, that should have been for -dev
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<bqv> Should have sorted your irc buffers
<samueldr> they are!
<gchristensen> sorting irc buffers and auto-closing chats after 2 days have made my life better
<eyJhb> Is there a way I can see how much a ZFS folder would actually be in size?
<samueldr> make new partitions until it can't fit into anymore
<samueldr> (oh, a *good* way?)
<gchristensen> df --apparent-size
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<ldlework> gchristensen: you were so hype about for like two days :P
<ldlework> for Go
<gchristensen> ldlework: I've been absolutely drowning ever since
<ldlework> i know i'm just teasing
<ldlework> i've seen it
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<gchristensen> I really like it
<ldlework> It's pretty grand.
<ldlework> now that we have a spec for Styx 0.8 I am procrastinating where I can
<ldlework> lol
<samueldr> * [new branch] f́̎̔̒̒̐̔̉o̴͛ͯ̄̀͂́͢o͐͌̓̽̃͑͌ͬ∶̨̜̟̠͗̓ ̱͉͗̂͒͐̚b̶̨̘͐̽̏̀̚a̶̛̩̥̪ͩ͒͜r̟͓̋̌̍̓ -> grahamc/f́̎̔̒̒̐̔̉o̴͛ͯ̄̀͂́͢o͐͌̓̽̃͑͌ͬ∶̨̜̟̠͗̓ ̱͉͗̂͒͐̚b̶̨̘͐̽̏̀̚a̶̛̩̥̪ͩ͒͜r̟͓̋̌̍̓
<ldlework> brave
<samueldr> someone's doing doubleplusungood stuff to their git
<samueldr> but I have a simpler solution
<samueldr> have a mixed park of macs and linuces
<samueldr> and have someone use `é` in a branch name
<samueldr> it will break
<samueldr> or, I should say, it may break
<samueldr> unicode normalization on the filesystem and some frontends IIRC
<__monty__> Ugh, the different normalization is the worst.
<samueldr> for people asking about he pinebook pro, this overview six months in pretty much matches with my opinions https://lobste.rs/s/rkfd2e/pinebook_pro_six_months
<samueldr> and most "real issues" are software-related, e.g. suspend not working appropriately, and being worked on
<samueldr> the only real issue that is software related, but "not being worked on" is perfs related... but I guess a good cgroups thingy that suspends other processes when they're not focused in the WM could help
<samueldr> or I know that using that tool that lets you set on which cpu cores a process runs also can help
<samueldr> so I guess that with some massaging and wrapper scripts on nixos it can be even better
<adisbladis> samueldr: You're giving me PTSD reminding me of bad handling of umlauts on macos..
<samueldr> mäcos
<adisbladis> samueldr: You know there are at least 2 equally valid ways to represent that string?
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> and then there's "normalization"
<adisbladis> Good.... Because the guy in charge of that data migration was not...
<samueldr> that may or may not be applied at some, all, or no levels
<samueldr> strings are hard
<adisbladis> And we ended up with a few TB of o with a modfier adding dots
<adisbladis> Instead of the literal ö
<samueldr> of only that? or added on top?
<adisbladis> Hm?
<samueldr> you had literally a file full of o and ¨, or that they s/ö/o¨/?
<adisbladis> Nah, the file contents were untouched
<adisbladis> But the filenames were converted
<samueldr> oh, I thought it was a few TB added
<adisbladis> From ö -> o¨ (but on top)
<samueldr> now I understand, it's filenames that were all screwed up
<adisbladis> So visually there wasn't any difference
<samueldr> (yeah, I didn't want to make this confusing)
<samueldr> (but there's no way it's not confusing!)
<adisbladis> Unicode <3
<adisbladis> 🌮
<samueldr> poetically, an empty rectangle here
<adisbladis> At least we can send tacos over IRC
<ldlework> better than an empty triangle!
<ldlework> (go joke)
<samueldr> is that like go fish?
<abathur> a go rewrite of the fish shell?
<adisbladis> Oh no
<energizer> a fish rewrite of the go compiler?
<gchristensen> this is a shame: libvirt supports ZFS as a backing store, but only if you give libvirt the entire zpool.
<gchristensen> warning: don't test this. it will try to delete your pool.
<viric> zfs is for computers that do file storage and nothing more.
<joepie91> oof
<immae> Hello there, since gchristensen (unwillingly) convinced me some days ago to migrate to ZFS, I took some time to create and write a process to migrate from a RAID1 system to ZFS system ensuring that no data loss occurs (but a temporary spare disk is necessary for that), feel free to comment: https://gist.github.com/immae/42ff208cc97c85a7e4b6ad7a34a25e42 . I may add it to some nixos wiki page if
<immae> you think it is useful. I only tested it in libvirtd so far, I still need a bit more confidence to do it in production for real :p
<joepie91> related to aforementioned failure mode? :P
<lopsided98> gchristensen: I use libvirt with zvols on the same pool as my rootfs without issue
<immae> joepie91: not completely out of topic, but only because zfs is often mentionned here nowadays
<gchristensen> nice, immae
<gchristensen> lopsided98: well... don't accidentally delete your zpool... because the code is there to do it.
<immae> gchristensen: you might be aware of that kind of question: can I add encryption to a ZFS volume *later* or do I need to do it at creation time? Also, if the password is the same for several volumes, will he ask me for the password several times?
<cole-h> 99% sure it's creation time only
<gchristensen> he first part: you hav eto specify encryption when you create the dataset (not the zpool) the second part I don't know
<cole-h> Dataset creation only, yeah
<immae> ok
<cole-h> I think sphalerite said "no" to your second question (when I asked it a few days ago) but I don't have any practical experience.
<cole-h> But you could also have a "key" dataset and put keys for your other datasets on it and only encrypt that one with a password
<immae> oh nice
<gchristensen> just make sure those files are well protected
<cole-h> I only barely remember my password because I haven't rebooted since I initially set this machine up x)
<immae> yes sure
<colemickens> gpg is an embarrassment
<colemickens> or rather, that we are all still stuck doing this to ourselves is embarrassing.
<bqv> hot take
<gchristensen> colemickens: yesterday I realized samueldr doesn't sign his commits and I'm inspire
<gchristensen> d
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<samueldr> I'm an inspiration?
<bqv> i took it as sarcasm
* samueldr should have cleaned up better today
<bqv> it made me chuckle
<samueldr> I think it's genuine, in a tortuous-or-maybe-not-that-much way
<joepie91> "haha only serious"
<gchristensen> truly inspired
<bqv> that didn't actually help disambiguate :D
<joepie91> in unrelated news, I am writing dependency chain analysis code tonight, because that is entirely a reasonable thing to do at 01:30 on a monday night
<gchristensen> I could just ... stop!
<joepie91> also I am about to solve a "toposorting a graph with a cycle in it" problem by just throwing away a random edge :P
<gchristensen> shipit
<joepie91> (in my defense, it is probably not even wrong in this case!)
<joepie91> more seriously... I have a graph of CSS and JS dependencies. the JS dependencies are permitted to have cycles and their processing order does not matter, but the CSS dependencies are not permitted to have cycles and their processing order does matter
<joepie91> so when sorting for CSS processing... the obvious solution is to just throw away cyclical JS dep edges :P
<joepie91> because otherwise you get this
<joepie91> so yeah... I probably will ship that tonight :P
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