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<pie_> abathur: i dont get it
<gchristensen> just fwiw I've canceled my zoom account, in case anyone was curious
<pie_> abathur: looks like sql to me
<pie_> or something
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<abathur> it does
<pie_> ok maybe i should have read the text
<pie_> makes more sense now
<abathur> the bottom half is more interesting than the top imo
<abathur> database with features like: Splitgraph lets your software query remote data by lazily downloading only the required fragments.
<pie_> huh
<abathur> Splitgraph tables are composed of delta compressed objects. Keep track of how your data changed through history at low storage cost and bring your datasets up to date without redownloading them.
<abathur> Splitgraph objects are immutable and content-addressable, allowing Splitgraph to automatically deduplicate data and store multiple versions efficiently.
<pie_> the goodness of lazy loading for datasets sounds like its gonna need a lot of qualifiers
<abathur> Splitgraph stores your data as columnar chunks in any S3-compatible object store, and Postgres only needs to keep track of lightweight metadata until you're ready to query it. Download data only when you need it, without the need for a bulky always-on warehouse.
<pie_> nice
<gchristensen> iiinteresting
<abathur> uh, yeah :D
<abathur> also the HN thread is a weird little who's-who of git-for-data atm
<pie_> is only sql wasnt the C of data languages
<pie_> or cpp maybe
<gchristensen> what
<pie_> no i have no alternatives
<gchristensen> sql is so good
<pie_> yes and no
<gchristensen> it is almost closer to prolog, no?
<pie_> also take everything i say with a big grain of salt
<gchristensen> usually I'd go for cheddar or ice cream but okay
<ashkitten> sql is good and i don't understand why nosql people are so set on reinventing the wheel
<pie_> im not a nosql guy either
<abathur> man it keeps getting better
<ashkitten> i saw a post about a nosql person inventing schemas the other day
<pie_> lol
<abathur> Switch between different versions of your data, capture changes, send and receive revisions and do it without rewriting any of your tools — just like Git.
<pie_> abathur: :3
<abathur> Datasets built with Splitfiles have all their sources recorded, meaning Splitgraph knows exactly where your data came from and when to rebuild it. Easily stay on top of your data, without drifting out of date when upstream data sources change.
<abathur> Rebuild data only if the sources have changed. Easily integrate Splitfiles into your CI pipeline to keep your data up to date and only download the changes to upstream datasets.
<abathur> be still, my beating heart
<pie_> they might want to change their website a bit to emphasize "git for your db" a lot more :P
<abathur> oh man
<abathur> Pet datasets are assembled and curated manually over the course of many years. This could be a production database, a mapping table or data in a CRM.
<abathur> Cattle datasets are clearly defined and have all their dependencies recorded. It should be possible to recreate cattle datasets from pet datasets. In the very extreme, it should be possible to delete all derived tables in a data warehouse and recreate it from scratch.
<pie_> whats up with that phrasing
<pie_> just call them leaf and intermediates
<pie_> sheesh
<abathur> pets/cattle per devops
<pie_> oh. my bad then.
<pie_> let me shake my fist at devops :P
<ldlework> heh I'm learning The Last of Us theme and it's actually pretty fun
<jtojnar> does anyone has a script for diffing diffs of branches befor
<jtojnar> e and after rebase?
<gchristensen> oh that sounds great
<jtojnar> including figuring out the branch base (from a pull request)
<jtojnar> not sure if GitHub tracks pre-force-push base, though
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<pie_> looks like the hn thread contains some caveats
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<pie_> gchristensen: hugohadfeld has qr code example https://github.com/bcbnz/pylabels/network
<pie_> this doesnt look too bad
<pie_> gonna try this after getting fed up with attempting manual libreoffice work
<gchristensen> oh neat
<pie_> the reportlab documentation is bad
<pie_> it exists but its all over the place or something and doesnt have sphinx or whatever
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<pie_> gchristensen: ok this stuff is actually decent if youre looking at the source
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<energizer> pie_: there is a reportlab book ive heard is good
<energizer> mike driscoll
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<Shados> viric: is there a `ts` flag or something that will just cause the command to wait until the queue is finished?
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<joepie91> "Microsoft loves open-source!"
<srk> :/
<srk> was lauging on the 'death hug' before .. :D
<srk> joepie91++
<{^_^}> joepie91's karma got increased to 16
* srk had a success recently regarding 3d printer fw credits https://github.com/prusa3d/Prusa-Firmware/issues/2625
<{^_^}> prusa3d/Prusa-Firmware#2625 (by sorki, 9 weeks ago, closed): Give credit where credit is due
<joepie91> heh
<joepie91> srk: that seems to have been resolved well
<joepie91> this one also was picked up very well: https://github.com/finogeeks/Ligase/issues/27
<{^_^}> finogeeks/Ligase#27 (by joepie91, 3 weeks ago, closed): Licensing issues
<srk> indeed, nice as well! 'The commit history has been squashed into a single "init" commit' this was also the case of Prusa-Firmware for some reason which only made it worse as you can't see the list of contributors scraped from the history
<adisbladis> joepie91: Microsoft only loves open source they can sell...
<joepie91> srk: yeah, it seems to be a common issue, usually happens when something has been developed on internally with questionable source control practices
<joepie91> srk: with Ligase I was fast enough that it could still be trivially rectified (as in, they didn't have much history of their own yet)
<joepie91> for more developed projects, it's more difficult...
<joepie91> adisbladis: well, not just that they can sell, also that which locks people into their ecosystem :P
<adisbladis> That too
<adisbladis> I'll believe they truly love open source the day they release the source for windows/office
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<gchristensen> libreoffice calc is hilariously bad at printing
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<gchristensen> I might just startup my macos vm just for numbers
<philipp[m]> Is it true that there still is no way to let PRs formally depend on each other in github?
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<hexa-> philipp[m]: you can set one to wip and reference the other one, but that's about it
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<philipp[m]> That's what I did. I guess they don't want to take on the complexities.
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<monsieurp> I ran into a Github app that does exactly that
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<andi-> I think it is about time to setup a cronjob that curl's https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/49 every 5 minutes to make sure it is cached on GitHubs page whenever I try to access it. Can't see any more unicorns.
<{^_^}> rfcs#49 (by edolstra, 49 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0049] Flakes
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<savanni> Do any of you know what libgbm is or what derivation it lives in?
<savanni> This is in the context of patching up an electron app where the electron executable itself needs libgbm.
<c74d> Wikipedia suggests it might be part of Mesa: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesa_(computer_graphics)#Generic_Buffer_Management>
<savanni> Huh. Well ,looking at the derivation I see some other things that are familiar. Electron in npm does come down with `libVulkan` for instance.
<savanni> Then maybe all I need to do is to add mesa to my rpath.
<savanni> Oh, yeah, that did it!
<savanni> As soon as I added mesa to a `makeLibraryPath` command, and then used the result in `patchelf --set-rpath`, that got that library linked to the binary, as well.
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<slack1256> I've thinking on cool stuff I could do with `unshare` that doesn't involve containers, has anyone an idea?
<srk> private networking :)
<philipp[m]> What is unshare?
<srk> man unshare :)
<srk> Linux namespaces
<slack1256> philipp[m]: try this on a shell `sudo unshare --fork --pid --mount-proc bash` on inside execute htop ;-)
<slack1256> s/on/and
<srk> slack1256: lol, just what I needed
<slack1256> srk: The thing with private network is that I don't have a good mental model on how networking is implemented in general.
<srk> slack1256: well if you enter network namespace you don't even have a loopback :D
<srk> so you can start by adding one, then adding few dummy ones :)
<slack1256> Oh, cool
<slack1256> Yeah I will try that.
<philipp[m]> Ah, thanks. Forgot that that tool was called that.
<srk> tool and a syscall as well
<slack1256> A syscall? I thought it was basically some extra flags on clone
<sphalerite> slack1256: that too, but unshare can do it for the calling process without creating a new one
<slack1256> Oh
<ashkitten> "It looks like it's due to a stock issue. As far as we know, we should be able to ship Dvorak devices in the coming 1-2 weeks when more stock arrives in Europe."
<ashkitten> sigh
<savanni> What what? dvorak devices???
<savanni> Are these standard keyboards with dvorak baked in, or are you referring to something else?
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<philipp[m]> I'm 99% certain they are talking about normal keyboards with dvorak key caps.
<philipp[m]> The other 1% is it's HiFi systems specifially designed to play music composed by Antonín Dvořák.
<ashkitten> savanni: cosmo communicator
<ashkitten> with dvorak keyboard layout
<savanni> Oooo, that looks amazing!
<ar> ashkitten: i've stopped using my cosmo
<ashkitten> oh?
<ashkitten> savanni: yeah it looks good but they're really bad at communication and they've had lots of production and shipping issues. i was meant to get this last year.
<ashkitten> ar: why so?
<ar> ashkitten: the protective film on the screen started peeling off by itself, and the screen cracked (https://arachnist.is-a.cat/c/e65417270c8957a6d14bb76735d8e9396d2b86a6.jpg) and the metal hinge support thing got bent or something and doesn't snap back into place (https://arachnist.is-a.cat/c/002f6c852b7b51fabbbc162920419aaf057424a9.jpg)
<ashkitten> oof
<ashkitten> have you managed to get a hold of planet?
<ar> between the current situation (→ shipping issues/delays), rather sad stories on the fb group about their support, and their evident lack of support for their devices in general, didn't bother
<savanni> :(
<ar> also, battery life got rather sad recently - barely enough for a full day, and that's with the device mostly sitting on my desk; cover display interaction issues, like, it's impossible to disable touch support and animations on it - and both of these would improve the experience dramatically, and people have said that from the release
<ar> the cover display has a bit of its own ui, but it's not very responsive, rather laggy, and has a bunch of "good idea, bad in practice" things - like camera preview (for selfies? but it's delayed by about a second, and color space is limited)
<ar> also, firmware upgrade process on the cover display seems rather fragile. after the latest android update, it took me 3 hours and multiple attempts to upgrade it
<ar> (what eventually worked, was enabling "do not disturb" and airplane modes)
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<ashkitten> hm
<ashkitten> that's unfortunate
<ar> also, at least with android, keyboard layouts for the hardware keybaord are a compile-time option, and some of the differences between us-qwerty (the keycaps i got mine with) and pl-qwerty (what i used when writing polish) were pointless, and the pl-qwerty layout being a bit annoying in general
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<samueldr> oh no
<samueldr> kinda what I assumed for another keyboard-toting android device, but this one too?
* samueldr sighs
<ashkitten> i wish they'd just open source the cover display firmware
<ashkitten> a lot of people who own the cosmo would be more than willing to fix all its problems
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<samueldr> I wish they'd get mediatek to give the source that they are legally obligated to for the dtc_overlay binary in the kernel source tree
<samueldr> because of this, AFAIUI it can only be built using cross-compilation, or using qemu binfmt x86_64 emulation for that binary
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<adisbladis> The planet computers devices are ridicioulsly badly engineered
<adisbladis> I noticed yesterday while using wired headphones on the gemini for the first time that it's insanely noisy when not playing any audio
<adisbladis> You hear electrical noise in your headphones -.-
<samueldr> how else are you going to leak your private key material?
<adisbladis> These random bits right here are my jam
<energizer> that happened on ~2015 dells too, there's an alsa setting to fix it
<adisbladis> Luckily I mostly use BT headphones on mobile
<adisbladis> Most phones have pretty terrible audio circuitry tbh
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<adisbladis> energizer: This is not white noise
<adisbladis> It sounds like RF interference
<energizer> right, it sounds more like a modem
<energizer> people on the arch forums/wiki said that amixer command worked for them, i couldnt get it to work in nixos
<adisbladis> I hate to say this but when it comes to laptops the only manufacturer with good audio is apple
<cransom> that's disappointing because i have a mini (running macos) where the line out sometimes disappears after it sleeps. if you switch the output in software somewhere else, sometimes it comes back.
<abathur> ooo, got my blloc ratio invite
<energizer> how do i transfer files from my android device over usb to nixos?
<cole-h> adb pull
<adisbladis> To elaborate on what cole-h is saying, I'm frequently using jmtpfs
<abathur> I don't recall if I had to change something, but for a while I just need to connect and put my phone into file transfer mode and open it in dolphin or whatever and drag and drop
<abathur> i.e., no longer using jmtpfs
<adisbladis> abathur: That should work too, depending on your DE & file manager
<samueldr> there's as many good and bad ways to do it as there are on Linux :)
<adisbladis> Dolphin & the gnome file manager has their own vfs stuff going on
<abathur> right; just throwing it out because I think I'm ~ "stock" in that sense
<adisbladis> Dolphin is pretty magic
<adisbladis> If you're using kdeconnect it's even more magic
<samueldr> I setup syncthing on my phone to sync things... no, really, to sync photos with one way copy so I can clear older ones from the phone, and another folder with notes
<samueldr> though it's not really fit for generally transferring files
<energizer> $ adb devices -l
<energizer> List of devices attached
<energizer> what am i missing?
<samueldr> for `adb` you need to enable developer mode
<samueldr> and then enable usb debugging
<energizer> is there a less-work way to do this?
<energizer> i just want to get my files
<abathur> do you have gnome/dolphin on your nix?
<samueldr> MTP
<energizer> abathur: i'm not running gnome DE
<energizer> dolphin is just a file explorer, right? i can just install that?
<abathur> I won't pretend to have looked into what layers matter wrt to its ability to browse the device
<adisbladis> energizer: You'll need additional services to get mtp running with dolphin
<abathur> if it's just dolphin then presumably
<abathur> <3 adisbladis
<{^_^}> adisbladis's karma got increased to 103
<adisbladis> So for now I'll recommend trying jmtpfs
<abathur> I can second that jmtpfs at least worked for me in the past
<abathur> hmm
<abathur> have you already put the device in file transfer / mtp mode?
<energizer> i dunno
<adisbladis> energizer: No lock screen or anything like that enabled?
<abathur> at least on stock android there's an option in the notification drawer
<abathur> so when you pull down it'll say it's charging via usb or whatever, tap for options
<abathur> that's where you can change the USB mode
<energizer> adisbladis: the screen lock is enabled but unlocked
<adisbladis> Ok, that's not it then
<energizer> no relevant notifications
<abathur> if you haven't specifically changed the USB mode, it should just be in charging mode
<energizer> it is charging
<abathur> it's under "USB Preferences" in my settings menu if I search
<energizer> USB configuration: MTP
<abathur> oh, well
<adisbladis> It's never too late to give up and chuck it in the blender
<abathur> the ratio launcher has me geeking out so far
<ldlework> Should I take IPFS seriously?
<infinisil> ldlework: Yes!
* abathur squees
<jw358> can someone link me to some post about someone actually using nix on wsl2?
<jw358> not nixos, just nix
<pie_> jw358: ping me if you see something
<Ashy> jw358: i haven't tried it on wsl2 yet but i use it a fair bit on wsl1
<Ashy> on wsl ubuntu that is
<Ashy> the IHP haskell web framework recommends nix on WSL ubuntu as their only supported windows option: https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/installation.html#windows
<aleph-> Hmm stupid question, why would I not be able to run binaries under ~/.nix-profile/bin/ in a shell script run by my user?
<aleph-> Err wrong channel
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